Veiled Threat of Poisoning

This is an example of a tech-driven veiled threat coming from unwitting family. I enter the room and the news is on and the family member says “Putin’s rival was poisoned. He’s in a coma.” I asked who was behind it and he said “They don’t know but they want to get rid of him.”

Navalny was a fierce critic of the government. Is it real or just more staged nonsense?

I don’t know but other people, including those on the world stage, are used as anchors in these types of agenda-driven Monarch operations. I get anchored in a particular person and then they get talked about in negative, degrading, or threatening ways. It’s done in such a way to be internalized as if they are talking about me.

It’s a standard tactic in the psych abuse, terror, and torture playbook that is used by the CIA et al. It has been used on me now for five years.

This also comes off of several days in a row of working hard on evidence to prove the targeting around me locally.

I have been poisoned many times since this targeting began, so there’s precedent.

The tech and agent-driven psychological warfare of this program never stops. I have been threatened too many times to count. Sometimes they follow through, sometimes they don’t. The idea either way is to keep the possibility of it alive in the target’s mind.

Judeo-Masonic CIA, FBI, DHS, Mossad cowardly scum terrorists. They belong at the ground floor of hell.

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