Punitive Psychiatry: Silencing The Sane Few

This was recorded when I was still wrapping my head around this despicable program.

Mind Matters I believe was a covertly influenced title, because right after I chose it, Media Matters started popping up in the news. MM is also a 33 code, which I didn’t understand when i came up with the title.

My life gets Masonically coded like this and without my awareness and against my will, and I am calling it out and will continue to expose it.

The Masonic and CIA handlers who do this attempt to brand and take ownership of MK-Ultra Monarchs in this way.

They are sick, twisted, and sadistic criminal

TCR#203 MIND MATTERS #19 DEC 6 2016

Mind Matters with Ahmad Enani In this show, I will explore the history of punitive psychiatry and how it has been used to silence the outspoken, spirited, and often insightful critics of authoritarian and oppressive governments.

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