The psychopaths behind these programs have taken every component of physical proximity torture and created a remote, electromagnetic, “no-touch” torture equivalent:


Jeanne Sarson, RN, BScN, MEd & Linda MacDonald, RN, BN, MEd…/266494860_ACTS_OF_TORTURE_Ri…

Some excerpts:

“Acts of torture by non-state actors, likewise acts of state-sanctioned torture, has the pervasive capacity to destructively humiliate and destroy all aspects of the victimized person’s sense of humanness and wholeness. Torture victimization can distort one’s sense of knowing one is a person. It can destroy one’s personality, dignity, Self-worth, Self-confidence, and free will. Spirituality and sexuality and one’s abilities to experience joy and beauty, to know success, to think freely, to function socially, and feel and/or be safe and secure can be altered, distorted, and severely compromised.”

To help us understand the co-culture of ritual abuse-torture families/groups we organized the perpetrator’s acts of torture—their victim’s ordeals—into three main categories: (1) physical tortures, (2) sexualized tortures, and (3) mind-spirit tortures. In each category are sub-categories with examples that describe some of the torture ordeals the women in our kitchen table participatory research project described as being inflicted unto them—mainly during childhood, but not exclusively—by perpetrators—the non-state actors—within the ritual abuse-torture family/group.

1. PHYSICAL TORTURES inflicted unto victims: a. Physical tortures that cause extreme and excruciating pain include prolonged and severe beatings; poking and pinching tortures; being dragged or lifted up by one’s hair; being hung by one’s legs or arms; having irritants like pepper blown into one’s eyes; being forced to remain in abnormal positions for prolonged periods of time while being kicked, hit, ridiculed, and laughed at; being scratched, marked, and threatened with a knife or other sharp objects; burnt with cigarettes, hot light bulbs, and lit candles; having body limbs twisted/bent into abnormal and painful positions; exposed to cold and/or heat tortures by being placed in a freezer for terrifying periods of time or being tied out in the hot sun for extended periods—sunburned; and, experiencing “falanga” which is beatings to the soles of the victimized person’s feet that causes severe and lingering pain which radiates up the legs into the knees, hips, and back making walking difficult and painful15. b. Physical tortures that cause extreme exhaustion occur with food and water deprivations; being kept awake all night; not allowed to sleep in a bed or have bedding for warmth; being placed in a room alone and bombarded with repetitive messages and/or glaring lights; subjected to prolonged and severe isolation, total silence, prolonged darkness, and/or confined spaces; tied down; forced to go to school or to work during the daytime then, after hours, forced into slavery, such as cleaning the tub with a toothbrush for hours, and/or being “rented” out at night—trafficked into the “sex” trade. c. Physical tortures that can cause permanent disability, permanent loss, and/or disfigurement can happen when both ears of a victimized person are beaten at the same time, this causes severe pain and possible permanent hearing loss (telefono);16 the twisting, pulling, or breaking of bones that can result in disability and/or disfigurement; forced pregnancy with forced abortions; and/or the irreparable damage to a victimized child/woman’s uterus that requires gynecological surgery, for instance, a hysterectomy. d. Physical tortures that cause fear and terror of immediate death such as electrical shock torture; suffocation to near death tortures; being choked to unconsciousness; threatened with drowning by having one’s face held under water or being submerged under water—in torture language this is called “submarino”17; use of guns for Russian roulette “game”; having a gun placed in one’s mouth, vagina, and/or anus and hearing the clicking sound when the trigger is pulled; having a plastic bag placed over one’s head and tied around one’s neck—torture language refers to having a dark bag or cloth tied over one head as “hooding”18; as a child being told to run out into the traffic (if injury happens it will be called an accident); and/or being forced to inflict cruelty/killing of animals with the threat from the perpetrator that this could happen to you—the victim.

2. SEXUALIZED TORTURES inflicted unto victims: a. Rapes inflicted during violent family/group “ritual and ceremonial” gatherings, rapes by siblings, and rapes by the same gender which, for some victimized persons, can be experienced as being more victimizing and traumatizing; rapes inflicted when perpetrators force child victims to participate in child-child sexualized atrocities for the entertainment and pleasures of the adult perpetrators; and/or the forced exposure to and/or the forced participation of victims in the sexualized group torture of animals and/or persons. b. Using objects such as a gun, knife, broom or mop handle, tree branches, toys, plastic markers, and kitchen items such as a spoon or fork as tools of torture to forcibly penetrate the victimized person’s body. c. Using animals and fake and/or real insects, reptiles such as snakes and bugs to terrorize victims by placing these on/in the victim’s body; forced bestiality19 with trained or “pet” dogs; the use of house, farm, and circus animals for pedophilic and/or adult pornography; and the killing of pets and other animals to be used in ritualized sexualized “ceremonial” practices; and the forced exposure to and/or forced participation in the sexualized torture of others. d. Using body fluids as instruments of torture by forcing the victimized person to suck, eat, or drink animal and/or human vaginal fluid, sperm, blood, urine, feces; and/or forcing victimized persons to smear or be smeared with urine, blood, or feces; or be smeared with soiled kitty litter. e. Sexualized enslavement and trafficking of victimized persons into the pedophilic/adult “sex” trade of prostitution and pornography by being rented/sold into sexualized slavery by family/group when an infant, toddler, child, youth, and as a captive adult; forced nakedness; forced involvement in pornographic skits, movies, snuff movies, and/or pornographic pictures; and threatened that pornographic materials will be used to expose and discredit the victim if they ever try to tell. f. Exposed to and forced participation in sexualized torture ritualisms by being forced to take, to use, to sniff, and/or be injected with mind-altering drugs—alcohol, pills, “sugar” (cocaine), intramuscular and/or intravenous injections; subjected to painful cleansing ritualisms during which the victimized child’s entire body, skin, and all body orifices were scrubbed with stiff brushes and irritating solutions; in a violent family/group gathering the victimized child is given an enema then forced to smear feces over another child-victim’s body; be urinated on during violent family/group gatherings; enforced cannibalistic practices—for example, the victimized person’s vagina is cut, blood is mixed with alcohol, then the victimized person is forced to drink the mixture and/or is forced to engage in Self-cutting then to suck their own blood. g. Necrophilic tortures to heighten “dead-like” necrophilic sexualized pleasures by choking victims to a state of unconsciousness, or over-drugging to cause temporary paralysis so victim remains motionless during sexualized tortures; forced contact with perceived/real dead animal and/or human bodies; forced killing of an animal or forced involvement in what the victimized person believes to be real, not sham, killings and the eating of animal, fetal, or human flesh.

3. MIND-SPIRIT TORTURES inflicted unto victims:

a. Insider schooling/training depends on the idiosyncrasies of the ritual abuse-torture family/group. It can involve active indoctrination of the children with organized teaching and training sessions about issues such the family/group’s superiority; about the dangers and inferiority of outsiders; about how to act and be perfect during the violent family/group ritualisms; about the use of insider language, symbols, chants, and songs; creating controlling belief systems such as one about the all-knowing powers that relate to a satanic or luciferian-based theme. A child might be taught to know their role as “the chosen one” or “satan’s child”, be expected to know and respect roles of others within the family/group, for instance knowing and respecting the person who is satan, or the high priest, or high priestess; the trainer, re-programmer, controller, terminator, enforcer, guard, server (sets up the altar), sitters or servants who act as “babysitters” to control a child or a captive adult, or the older women who carry out tasks directed to them by the men of the family. Indoctrination serves to enforce the normalization of all forms of torture and reinforces the family/group goal of perpetuating the cycle of the RAT family/group co-culture.

b. Programming tortures such as hypnosis and post hypnotic suggestion,20 mind-control conditioning,21 and mind-altering drugging22 given as early as infancy in a baby bottle, are all tactics used to distort a victimized person’s cognitive, emotional, psychological, behavioural, aesthetic, and spiritual growth and development, to render them powerless, as well as disorientating their world-view. All these processes can combine to form a state of “mental enslavement”23—of just doing, of feeling and being robot-like (robotization).24 For instance, “Questioning wasn’t allowed, you just did as you were told—you obeyed, you were loyal, and you were taught to do everything for the family/group,” was a common repetitive theme voiced by participants in our kitchen table participatory research project. As was the verbalization, “I felt like the walking dead, a zombie.”

c. De-spiritualization and de-humanization tortures attempt to destroy the personhood and will of infants, toddlers, children, youth, and captive enslaved women by using humiliation and degradation tortures; by treating the victimized person as a discardable object, a thing, or an “it” (objectification); and/or treating them like an animal distorting their beliefs and perceptions to the point the victimized person may believe they are an animal or that they will have animal babies (animalization);25 by forcing the victimized person to witness and/or be exposed to the degradation tortures of others; by their forced exposure to and/or involvement in sham and/or actual torture/killing ritualisms of fetuses, children, and/or adults, and/or the forced cruelty/killing of animals. These family/group tortures inflict chaotic over-whelming “crazy-making” ordeals that terrorize, horrify, and robotize. These ordeals are commonly reinforced with isolation and deprivation tortures and cruel inhumane experimentation tortures. By inflicting brutal and painful tortures in combination with mind-spirit tortures, perpetrators can shatter the infant’s, the toddler’s, the child’s, the youth’s, or the captive enslaved adult’s wholistic26 relationship with/to Self. To survive the victimized person copes by developing creative and complex disossociative responses.

d. Growth and developmental distortions is a technique used by perpetrators to cause chaos, confusion, and enslavement in their child victims. For example, a RAT torturer who teaches a child to believe that at age seven they become an adult distorts the child’s relationship with/to them-Self in that they do not perceive them-Self as a child. Enforcing such a distorted belief system facilitates the pedophile’s sexualized torture of the child via the rationale, “I have to teach you now, before you become an adult, so you’ll know what to do when you’re a woman at age seven.” It also pulls the victimized child into the perpetrator’s normalization of pedophilic violence thereby manipulating the child victim into believing the sexualized torture pain and suffering represents “normal” relationship activities. As Sara stated, “for 40 years I believed I was an adult at seven, to realize that I was just a little child when they tortured me is a shocking and painful reality.” Sara’s statement not only reflects her physical and sexualized tortures, it highlights the RAT perpetrator’s torture of her mind and her spirit.

e. Suicidality is a tactic RAT perpetrators teach to their child victim in an effort to secure the child victim’s silence of never telling. Teachings fall under the guise that suicide—Self-sacrifice—is the ultimate gift the child can give to the family—to satan—because Self-sacrifice is an honour, a virtue, a way to peace, and a way to prevent from becoming a traitor to the RAT family/group. Should the victimized child or adult ever try to tell or “be tricked” into telling by an outsider the risks for suicide attempts are extremely high because of this prior suicide conditioned-programming. Conditioned-programming tactics normalize suicide as a way of coping. Additionally, the risks for suicidality increases if the victimized person experiences re-victimization. When speaking with several participants about their primary re-victimization ordeals one participant stated she had been tricked into visiting a minister and his wife and when she arrived experienced an “healing” exorcism which left her so traumatized she attempted suicide. Another woman stated she had suffered sexualized torture27 inflicted by healthcare professionals that had used the knowledge of her RAT family/group programming vulnerability, for instance the woman reported that one therapist had counselled her on various ways to commit suicide.28 The therapists had explained how, if she slit her wrists in the bathtub “all the pain will drain out and run down the tub drain”. She also reported the “professionals” had taken her driving in her car “to practice” how she was to drive her car over the bank and into the water so “she would have peace”, and that they had reinforced her conditioned suicidality programming by detailing how she was to jump off one of the Halifax bridges and into the water “wearing a white nightgown”. A Halifax bridge, the Macdonald Bridge, has been identified as a site frequently used by some persons who commit suicide.29

f. Evilism tactics use the vulnerability of a child’s innocence. RAT torturers entrap their child victim by manipulating this innocence—they can trick the child into believing that they have monsters or demons within and/or they will turn evil if they ever tell on the family/group, for example. This mind-spirit torture tactic makes the child fearful of them-Self, reinforces dissociative responses from their own body, entraps the child victim to bond solely with the family/group, and to believe without question the teachings of the family/group.

g. State of captivity torture is nourished within the infants, toddlers, children, youth, and captive enslaved women of the RAT family/group. Perpetrators draw on the attachment needs of infants/children—needs for connection with their prime caregivers, “the family”. This attachment is full of incongruencies—life-threatening torture ordeals interspersed with moments of abusive “kindness”. Starving for connection the child becomes a captive victim. There is no escape. They need love, caring, and approval to survive. They must adapt to the family environment for the family/group enforces isolation from “outsiders” which forces the child victim to further bond to their torturers. In the child victim’s efforts for love and approval, to receive some kindness and recognition, to nourish their Self-esteem, they may try to do whatever is asked of them. If they do their best, if they “do perfect”, during the violent sexualized family/group ritualisms—“rituals and ceremonies”—or “do good” when they are “rented out” during their pedophilic exploitation, they might win snippets of approval from their torturers—their prime caregivers. Starving for love and approval and the need to survive, attachment bonding becomes mixed with Stockholm syndrome bonding30. The evil-based RAT pedophile/family/group, if successful, has achieved a bonding relationship with the victimized child, trained “the perfect victim” who will become the captive adult—enslaved, exploitable, a financially renewable resource!

h. Enslavement and modern day slavery31 occurs because the RAT torturer considers they have rights of ownership over their child or captive enslaved woman victim thus they have the right to use victimized persons as slaves for various forms of exploitation, such as financial and sexualized exploitation. Financial exploitation means all monies earned by children or woman victims, whether from legitimate jobs or from exploitation, goes to the family/group. Infants, toddlers, children, and youth are rented out into the off-street sexualized pedophilic exploitation and pornography market and captive enslaved women are trafficked into off-street and on-street adult pornography and prostitution “sex” trade. Enslavement also teaches the victimized person to believe they are owned by their torturers, that they are bonded to their torturers, and that they need to “do good” for the family/group. They commonly do not realize they have a right to monies earned, even from legitimate jobs. For instance, Sara, an adult woman with a professional career, did not know that her salary belonged to her. She reported all wages were given to her parents—the ritual abuse-torture family/group—who then supplied her with the bare essentials including food. Groceries were taken to her monthly and were so sparse that she needed to ration them. She reports that although she lived in a separate dwelling she was only allowed to use the bathroom once after she got home from work and would never dare break this rule because she believed the family were so powerful they knew of her every move. A life-time of being subjected to totalitarianistic rules reinforced by acts of torture, terror, and horror used in her conditioned-programming successfully kept her a captive, enslaved, and exploited adult .

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