1. Very good and informative information Ahmad. I know you to be right and true . And I trust you more than anyone in my life . Think of you everyday and sending energy and well wishes always. Lee

  2. I would like to be able to speak to you if possible. I cannot remember how I came across your website, but one of the things I am currently experiencing in my targeting is the fact that I am vulnerable as a single mother and that the targeting has involved threatening me and my children. Right now, every time I try to reach out to anyone, one of the perps will try to make me believe they are the person I have reached out to. At first I thought this was my own paranoia, but then it happened a few times repeatedly where it seems like if I communicate with anyone they will act like they are that person. It seems crazy to describe it but only someone who has been targeted in this fashion can understand it because these people have amassed everything and all their efforts seem focused on this and what they have been paid to achieve. I live in terror each day yet I also know that some of the threats are just that; at the same time, I live in an area where people do not have a problem killing someone who is a threat or gets out of line, so while I am not afraid because I have experienced this for so long and feel I have nothing to lose myself, I am afraid to leave because each time I do they will make a threat of some kind with the death imagery you described. This might involve crashed cars broke down cars threats in the media; recently, I just got angry about what I have to deal with and the article I saw stated that a family of the same size as mine all ended up getting Covid and were all in the hospital then the next day, they all recovered, then again today it was family of 5 all comes down with covid and some died. The other story was about a single mom who died of a heart attack. I have tried to leave the area just to get away and will see dead dogs on the side of the road that disappear. I have actually seen cars pull up beside the dead dogs that disappear not sure what this is about, I guess it is to say your children or you are dogs and this is you picking up your dead dog on the side of the road. I do not know. It is not normal, it is evil, and I am also being forcefully trapped here by my children who are being somehow manipulated into believing they too cannot leave. I have never experienced anything like this, it is a desperate feeling to want to leave and time and again be threatened or have your children be used to stand in the way. Then to receive threats in town or on the news, it is terror, plain and simple, it is terrorism. I really do not trust anyone and at this point it doesn’t matter, but before I posted a reply I thought this might be one of the perps trying to lure me into this only to trick me again. It is sick that I cannot even trust anything anymore.

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