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  1. Hey Ahmad. I just finished listening to ur interview with Ramona an am currently listening to ur #4 on this website an I was hoping to speak with you an get some advice on my targeting an the best route on how to make people aware of my situation with an experiences in hopes to help myself an others most likely dealing with similar things. After listening to your story an experiences I am definitely dealing with everything your experiencing but definitely by different people an definitely not the government at least on the surface obviously there behind all of this. I’ve been aware of it for the past year an it’s 24/7 am mainly torture an mind probing am mapping. When you get some time could you please call or email me on a way that we could speak so I can get a little advice from you. Stay strong an your information is very helpful. Thank you. Ron. 410.961.9293 or R.szla6@comcast.net

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