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  1. Diabolical. Demonic. Spychopathic. Secret. Invisibe. 100% un-defeatable in they want. Yes – analog to digital existence. Get you to shred yourself by shreding your reality. Home is a black site.

    You are describing my reality. It’s a 24/7/365/and on, torture show. An entertaining adreanalchrome energy harvesting operation.

    To say that torture is trauma programming changes the perception by onlookers as being less horrific, or like it validates the torture as having meaning, purpose. It’s no longer just banal anymore. Human mutillation, sacrifice are being justified as a tool of enslavement for “the masters” who are severely mentally ill emotional monsters, murderes. (Jupiter eating his children type of thing.).

    Which forces one to either pledge their allegence to Satan/Lucifer, or accept an equalized equitable communistic society with invisible Oligarchs. Slaves and invisible, hands off, AI controlled and directed Oligarch owned satellite based reality creator. Satellites hooked up to mind clones who are programmed for outcomes for their entire lives, hive minded together. It is demonic possession and sacrifice of humanity through machines.

    A utopia creation machine with cloning technologies to take off planet to other worlds for the Oligarchs once earth is ruined.

    Who imagined this? Who masterminded this torture genocide holocaust Satanic Ritual Abuse trafficking pedophillia baby murder blood drinking infinitely cruel and severely mentally ill puppetshow? They need to all be put slowly through a meat grinder on public tv. And we can then all dance around in white long dresses with wings an halos, white tennis shoes, and sing “the Goyim know”.

    If nothing else, the people who rule the world and put crowns on their heads have fully exposed their game and true natures. Never again will there ever be any question about their plans for or perception about the 99%. Never.

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