1. Spot on. I looked up “mind clones in behavioral health” and got the top hit of Mind Springs Health, then St. Mary’s Hospital and Grand Junction VA hospital. It is an evil, diabolical and supremely rapacious technology created by the entire life force, life work and totality of the entire life of and consciousness of a human being.

    I have had all brain torture. Torture to suicide, and the most egregious, psychosurgery to cut off all the experiences in my mind of what I love or desire.

    I agree with everything you say. 100%. However, I do not know how this will end. Or how far it will go before it is turned around.

    Life cannot be lived backward, in a backward energy drain. Yet this is what they strive to create in the target.

    The torture is so extreme on the energy system of the human being, that the words traditionally used to describe these atrocities no longer apply. We need a new lexicon to.identify and describe the breaching of our known reality and dimensions of harm in the torture space. Hannah Arendt came close to this. It needs further exploration and thought.

    Thank you for these stream of consciousness recordings. Very helpful.

  2. Correction – mind clones “take all of the human energy/life force education, intellectual property and talent sets” .

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