1. Everything you said happened to me too in New Jersey-USA. They used to enter my apartment when I was at work and poison my food too, I had many times food poisoning and stomach aches and severe loose of bowel movements, , so I was eating outside all the time. They used to break into my car all the time and sometimes they use to leave their urin in a bottle next to driver’s seat, it was warm urin. Cops and FBI never helped me with anything. One time I called Maywood Police about two cars with taintd windows stalking me for couple of hours, instead of them investigating these care, they arrested me for no reason and put me in a hospital. I was followed all the time by cars, drones and airplanes that shot me always with Directed Energy Weapons. My life in New Jersey-USA was a pure misory and torture. Even after I escaped to several European countries they stalked me with US airplanes, satellites and drones and shot me continuously with Directed Energy Weapons and Scalar Energy Weapons.
    Even here in Aleppo-Syria, I am still being tortured and attacked by US satellites and drones, in addition to my upstairs neighbor perpetrator : Samih Gerges, who works with the Syrian Intelligence Agency along with his family, with DEW, and I was attacked physically by him and his oldest son Michael.
    I understand your torture and suffering and completely sympathize with you Ahmad.
    May God bless you and protect you and all Targeted Individuals against such evil satanic Masonic criminals.

  2. Great show. You’re experiencing my program. I’m sorry this is happening to you. The torment is horrific. I know. I could have said everything you said here.
    Someone pinged my phone and I called them back. This is what I got for whoever is breaking all my digital equipment.
    Phone number to info ops:
    Ft. George, G Meade, MD
    (Goes to officer)
    104th Information Battalion
    Best of luck to you whoever you are. PS Are you brain chipped? Do you know if you have a neural lace? Would love to talk to you and maybe interview w/ you. I do have brain chip and neural lace. I would like to explore the consequences of others accessing my chip, liabilities, effects of removal, who is accessing it now, how to hold people accountable for medical care of it for the rest of my life, and am I safe to travel alone? Who is responsible for my future scripting and if I do things against my own best interest? And other legal quagmires of vast importance. Can I gain ownership and security lock over the chip? What else does it do? Can I access the positive effects? How? Who will talk to me about these things? … etc etc – thanks again.

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