RNM’d Snake

Just had a snake nearly strike me on a hiking path that I frequent. Looked like a cottonmouth. It lunged and just missed me. Was inches away when I looked down.

All of these incidents are neurologically coordinated. The satanic military and intelligence agencies have weaponized nature and they are able to tap into the brains of anything with a pulse.

Considering the pervasiveness of serpent symbolism for these criminals, any interaction I have with snakes is deliberate and mapped out. I have had many in the last few years since the targeting went overt. This was one of the closest and most dangerous.

This is an hour after being on the road and almost run off of it by several scumbags in monster trucks boxing me in and then trying to force me into an accident, all while interfacing with my brain to create neurological distractions.

The varied tactics of persecution, targeting, harassment, terrorism, torture, and sabotage, both internal and external are all mapped out and coordinated beforehand.

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