Summary of My Experience and Perspective (Februrary 2019)

A breakdown of my experience and understanding of it excerpted from a 2018 old email thread that included some highly visible people within the targeted activist circles:

I’ve experienced extremely advanced scripting of behavior and long-form programming of outcomes. My life reads like a carefully crafted film. They are without doubt scripting lives from birth, making and breaking people with tech that roots itself in Trauma-Based Satanic Ritual Abuse and Psych Warfare methods. Hive-minding synchronicity on a global scale, reinforced by an army of Illuminati, military intel and intel handlers and psych warfare specialists who take part in the transhumanist Monarch MK-Ultra ground operations. I would say that they are also wittingly or unwittingly programmed, most likely Delta to guarantee militant obedience.

They have put all this programming into me, my family, and my children and have attached major generational agenda to it, which I reject daily because it’s deceptive and wrong. DOD, CIA, Illuminati are the main players in my case. All TIs I think are in variations of “Ubermensch” and Super Soldier programming. The “Chosen Ones,” so to speak, which is also interestingly a term associated with Monarch Programming. It’s a eugenicist, master race movement as well as a depop genocide to usher in a Luciferian New Age and put the final nail in the coffin of social control with the mind as the final frontier for enslavement.

They are activating people around the world with all types of programming that goes back to birth. End Times and ET programming are big as they play into Biblical Prophecy and BlueBeam New Age agenda. Serves as a depopulation and One World “Unity” ploy as well. They are eugenicists and controllers who envelop all truths with layers of deception, an ancient and very sophisticated occultic practice, which guarantees their continued dominion.

The technology is way more advanced than just controlling behavior. It maps it out, orchestrates and cultivates belief systems and personality, scripts convergence and simulation of experience, hive minds ideas on a global scale, and manages lives from beginning to end. A tech-driven means of “playing Satan.” The idea is to digitize and synthesize all aspects of one’s existence, full spectrum internal and external dominance. They have moved from Controlled Opposition to Mind Controlled Opposition as the opposition of choice on the world stage. Anyone who isn’t willfully complicit in the Hegelian deceptions will no doubt be manipulated and programmed internally if they oppose what is happening with unwavering integrity.

I have seen this technology control weather, groups of people, every aspect of human behavior, and anything with a pulse. Brain to Computer and Brain to Brain Interfaces are central to my experience. Very disturbing and dehumanizing at times, which is the point. Master/Slave Mengele-style model and approach. My life is coded and scripted generationally with heavy Masonic, Luciferian, and Illuminati overtones and has been connected to major players on the world stage going back to childhood. The future is predictively programmed for me. Everything that is happening now was prefigured decades ago.

This is my experience and understanding. I am sure others will have varying perspectives but this gets reinforced daily for me. I have documented much of it and get tortured and marginalized because of the evidence I have accumulated since this went overt.