Human and Child Trafficking Gatekeeping Psyop

This narrative is being mainstreamed and spearheaded by the Kabbalistic and Masonic mafia, who own this material world and all human trafficking operations in it.

Ashton Kutcher is a known Mason and a Controlled Opposition figurehead. He has been filmed with a cap donning the Masonic emblem. I have gotten signaling from all of these celebrities, which tells me they are all versed in Monarch Programming.

Many are victims but cooperate and take part in these sick and twisted operations because they are brainwashed, they are programmed, they are blackmailed, they are threatened, they get rewarded for doing so, and they are devoted to the Luciferian New World Order agenda. Very much like generational abuse, the torch is passed on and kept within “the family.”

Entertainment industry is an MK-Ultra industry. Media is a persistent MK-Ultra operation.
The world operates like a Monarch Program and this becomes clearer if and when programming gets activated in you and you study it closely.

People who are targeted are in various iterations of Project Monarch. We all have programming in us. The entire world arguably does. Some with more specificity and agenda than others.

I have hard proof and both direct and indirect connections to many celebrities and high-level people around the world, including institutions like Stanford, the royal family of Saudi Arabia, the royal family of England, among others.

I reject their agenda and continue to expose the deepest levels of their deceptions, which is why they have put me in such an intense physical and neurological floating box of control, accompanied by intense slander, threats, brainwashing, programming, manipulation, terrorism, abuse, and torture, all designed to keep me contained, stressed, confused, and worn down, in hopes that I will eventually give up and give in.


The targeting experience is a programmed experience. Every single one of us has remote intel and military handlers and programmers assigned to us. Our brains are interfaced with twenty four hours a day, often covertly, and in ways that we may often perceive as our own natural behavior.

The human trafficking and save the children narratives being popularized are pre-programmed distractions from the real truth, which is that the entire world is a highly simulated slave-trading, prison system, a totalitarian hierarchy run by feudalistic eugenicists and sadists. Human beings around the world are covertly and remotely programmed and being used as vessels and covers for satanic agenda, including the ones you think are real and fighting the good fight.

The most allegedly powerful people in this world are being programmed and trafficked into positions decided for them at birth. They have no real power, outside of what is given to them. Individuals don’t matter to those at the top except as opportunities for sport and pleasure and as fronts for pushing agenda.

The only way to have any chance of affecting real change in this world is to see it fully for what it is.


  1. Hey Ahmad, I’ve left you an email and a few more comments on the site. Thanks for all these posts. It’s an incredibly surreal and insane existence for those of us subject to this disgustingly evil program.

    I was just writing to say thanks for your site. I listen to the podcasts and they’re really, really helpful. A lot of this I have suffered myself. Especially with the even more twisted schemes and scripts that they like to run. My take down happened around 5 years ago and has ruined me ever since, to the point my health is in the gutter now and I’m barely getting by. At my lowest point though, I know exactly how they operate.

    These programmers, pretended to be helping me. Giving me little crumbs here and there, what I was unaware of, due to the isolation from everyone around me, was that this was conditioning to accept the trauma and mind control. Normalising the totally immoral acts that they were perpetrating against me.

    I’m looking forward to more podcasts and I’ll check out your videos, when I can, I’m really ill unfortunately, so videos are difficult. Podcasts on the other hand are far easier to follow.

    All the best man.

    I just wanna say thanks for it all again. Also if you have any more podcasts to upload, that’d be great. I find myself re-listening to them because there are so few that understand it this well, yet alone articulate their experiences. I’m sure others see it this way as well.

    1. Hey Jim,

      Thanks for your comment and your emails and the kind words. Means a lot when what I share is helpful for others going through similar experiences. I apologize for not getting to your emails earlier. Dealing with the usual stuff.

      I am very sorry for what you have gone through. If you want to talk sometime, let me know.



  2. Neural trafficking via biotelemetry /rfid nano controls. These are happening to me, my mother and sister. They vibrate our brains like an almost constant wave of small punching to the brain. They are trying to clone and control our brain waves . Reengineer our brains. We are rhesus negative family and they cannot clone us. So they are approaching it this way. They are destroying my life and this is a tortuous death. –

    1. Neural trafficking absolutely. I see it too as a kind of neurological communism. Hive-minding and superimposing their authoritarian, slave-driving ideology onto our brains.

      Sorry to hear you are being tortured severely. They have hit my family as well, including my sons and parents. Generational programming, but I am the only one who they want to see it. The tendency is to shut down friends and family around the target to isolate and program more effectively.

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