Top Evidence of a CointelPro and MK-Ultra Targeting Program

  • Multiple Break-ins in multiple states.
  • Remote manipulation and setting of alarm to cause police show up to contribute to slanderous profiling and discrediting.   I was also charged each time they came out, so this was used as a form of financial assault as well.
  • Around the clock, dangerous vehicular mobbing and harassment in multiple states
  • Heavy police presence and harassment in multiple states
  • Persecution, harassment, surveillance, and DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) assault by neighbors in multiple states
  • Hotel break-ins and harassment in three states
  • Documented hand signaling
  • Blatant and persistent color-coding of vehicles and informants
  • Persistent license plate coding
  • Persistent hacking of all devices and computers
  • Identity theft and later theft of police report
  • Hacking of online accounts, takeover of Facebook account
  • IP addresses that trace back to the Department of Defense and US Army’s Fort Huachaca
  • Unusual frequency of cars and vehicles with military plates and stickers indicating affiliation.
  • Unusual frequency of US Army soldiers in fatigues in public
  • Unusual frequency of people carrying open guns around me in public
  • Unusual frequency of Satanic and Masonic symbology around me in public
  • Theft of new computers out of parked car and rental car that was stolen and later abandoned after it wouldn’t start.
  • Theft of expensive bicycles totaling out of garage.   The only person that had the combination to the garage was the maintenance supervisor.
  • Almost a thousand dollars in cash went missing while staying in a hotel
  • Destruction of computer equipment, in particular phone and any device that is used to document harassment.
  • Conditional blacklisting, extreme control and micromanagement of financial opportunities
  • Orchestrated harassment and psychological terrorism campaigns

Top Evidence of MK-Ultra Monarch Programming, neurological mapping and scripting

  • Persistent coding of names in local environment, in past, as well as online
  • Connections of names in recent experiences to people in my past
  • Continual manipulation of behavior using electromagnetically based technology
  • Persistent synthetic telepathy
  • Scripted, nearly identical repetitions of behavior that are coupled with telepathy in order to reinforce that they were induced by an external source


  • Thousands of dollars of transactions illegally made on credit cards.
  • A credit card cancelled by someone else and another one ordered in my name which I never received. This credit card and the person who ordered it was never determined by Chase.
  • All kinds of financial turmoil and fallout coupled with EMF harassment that made it difficult to concentrate. The combination of the flurry of problems I experienced wth the psychotronic influence created complete chaos in my life.
  • Internet on all devices and various phones from multiple service providers on complete lockdown for two months.
  • Daily harassment including vehicular mobbing and stalking, reckless driving, crowd mobbing, neighborhood noise harassment, same time exit-entry, electromagnetic assault.
  • Directed conversation that includes details of my personal sometimes daily life coming from people who should know nothing about me. Meant to be degrading and invasive.
  • Multiple Break-Ins into two different residences in two different states.
  • Two sentry safes broken into and rendered inoperable. On both safes, the metal bars that keep them locked were manipulated and on one partially dissolved by some type of chemical that leaves white powder residue.
  • Break-Ins into multiple hotels.
  • Harassment and remote electromagnetic assault in multiple hotels.
  • Break-ins to two cars, one I owned and the other a rental. Brand new computers were stolen out of both of them. The rental car was abandoned in an alley two days later, which then led to the suspension of my account.
  • Cell phones and landline phones tapped. Landline ATT tech confirmed that lines were cut.
  • Cell phone and landline phone redirection. Received calls from people who did not call my number. Would call back unknown numbers and the person said that the number I dialed was not that person’s number. Would also show up as a completely different number when calling people (e.g. I showed up once as Cedars Sinai Hospital, confirmed by person on the other side of the line)
  • A brand new cell phone that was not activated and would not activate on multiple attempts had a single contact in the address book with the phonetic spelling of my name. This falls in line with my experience that even without a SIM card, cell phones will show multiple bars as if they’re connecting a cell tower (or stingray device). Whoever was tracking me was in close enough proximity to inject a contact with my name onto a newly purchased phone without it being activated.
  • Bogus, cloned recordings when calling particular numbers, especially numbers that the people doing this do not want me to call.
  • Small combination box that was in my trunk when running an errand was discovered with multiple knife slashes on the lid.
  • Moving objects around my place so that I could not find them (called Gaslighting). Sometimes this was done to imply a veiled threat (e.g. art that my youngest son made was stuffed in a drawer).
  • Dozens of veiled threats.
  • Poisoning through air-based toxins in house released through vent or small cracks and holes in walls.
  • Food tampering from various restaurants as well as local household items due to break-ins while asleep.   Tampering led to sickness and severe stomach pains.
  • Mail delay, tampering, interception, which at times would make me late for payment on accounts that eventually led to penalties and cancellations.
  • Missing driver’s license (returned with LAPD return address in a plain envelope. I did not leave it there and when I called, they told me they weren’t sure who if anyone sent it to me.
  • Missing passport that showed up later.
  • Focused destruction of electronics and equipment. Equipment typically destroyed or corrupted was equipment used to gather evidence of crimes (e.g. Cameras, computers, recorders). Also focused on corruption of technology to increase day to day chaos and disarray.
  • Every computer, device, smartphone, etc hacked, corrupted, compromised and monitored. Often experienced real-time interference and interaction. A dozen computers, fifteen phones (including wife’s and son’s), several tablets, videocameras, etc. (24/7 Hacking, monitoring, and control of all phones, 24/7 Hacking, monitoring, and control of all tablets, 24/7 Hacking, monitoring, and control of all computers)
  • All credit card account and checking accounts closed. I believe the part of the point of creating all kinds of chaos in your life as well as remote influence technology is to make it difficult if not impossible for you to keep up with bills and accounts. Very out of character for me as I am typically highly organized and pay things on time. This then makes it easier to put the onus of responsibility on you and chalk everything up to a personal “crisis.” Moreover, once accounts are closed then it is more difficult for a person to go over statements and piece together what exactly happened, when and what transactions may have occurred illegally.


  • Loss of main client and source of income and consequently consulting business
  • Wife leaving at almost exactly the same time
  • A loss of all means of transportation including impounded then auctioned car, as well as two bikes stolen from garage.   Rental car also stolen, which lead to suspension of my account.
  • Neural technology hitting me so hard that it increased the chaos in my life until I could no longer keep up with the problems they were creating.
  • Orchestrated with calculated method the dissolution of all aspects of my life
  • Sustained high levels of stress and adversity, which make it difficult to improve my life
  • Took my livelihood away and continued to hit my brain so hard that it has been difficult to focus on generating revenue and improve my situation.  This is meant to be extremely degrading and humiliating. This is also coupled with innuendo that I will never be able to get more than a minimum wage job.
  • They took my transportation away including stealing my bikes so when I came to Shreveport I had no transportation. I expected to be here for no more than a couple of months but it became obvious to me after a while that I was being kept here and that that was part of the plan all along.
  • They take your livelihood away, then imply that you have to take some minimum wage shit job because you’re blacklisted.  Technology gets used on you and everyone around you to make it very clear that you can’t escape the matrix managing your life and the people in it, your opportunities or the lack thereof, your ability to concentrate, your ability to produce, pretty much anything that people would qualify as living is up for grabs.
  • I have no car, no health insurance, no income. I don’t have what I would typically have at my fingertips. I have been uprooted from my children’s lives and placed fifteen hundred miles away.   I live in a conditional prison and torture chamber.  My brain has been coopted.   My life is a perpetual exercise in psychological warfare and sabotage.
  • This is an extreme crime against a human being.  Physical, psychological, neurological degradation, abuse, and torture, and draconian control over all areas of a person’s life.
  • They have destroyed many things for me, inside and out.
  • It’s very clear that the negativity I feel on any given day is further reinforced with technology and then used to profile me and add insult to injury
  • You can be minding your own business and trying to live your life and like little parasites, bothering you, agitating you, irritating you, provoking you, they do not stop until they have achieved their subversive and destructive goals.


  • Reminders throughout any given day that my life is being manipulated in some way.
  • Granular control of my impulses and the impulses of people around me insert that unusual unnatural timing an intersection happens between me and other people.
  • All kinds of programming reinforcement when watching film or television.  This is used on me as a form of psychological warfare and predictive programming.
  • Varying degrees of telepathic terror doctrine that include threats of all types as well as techniques of degradation and abuse.
  • Influence of gestures and movement in a way that feels unnatural and is intended to bother and agitate.
  • I can talk about something that the handlers do and then as I talk about it they will attempt to manifest it in my behavior.  For example I can talk about influenced movement and then as I talk about,  they influence a gesture in a way that is detectable for me but not for others..
  • Anchoring me and hundreds if not thousands of visuals and sounds so that my environment has the capacity to be weaponized at all times.
  • Persistent covert communication and doublespeak using the people around me, media, signs, symbols, numbers, you name it.
  • Neurological signatures that can sustain extreme degrees of misery.  This could be considered a form of self-destruct and suicide programming.
  • Control of any and all aspects of internal and external environment in ways that are meant to be internalized negatively.
  • Dismantling of all aspects of life using technology and then maintaining severe financial stress and overall disarray in order to bring me closer to the edge.
  • Manipulation and interference in all relationships.
  • Parasitic, sadistic level of interference in my life on any given day. This interference is both external and internal.
  • Extreme and obsessive control of all relationships in my life. They can literally punish a person by making them aware that they’re able to control everyone around them and then shutting the people down to what they’re going through or getting the people to ignore the target. Even people who I know who are targeted and who understand this program have at times given me the cold shoulder. I do not have a single normal relationships since this started and kicked into overdrive. They don’t just handle you, they handle the people around you and they will make your life a solitary living hell on earth in order to try and control you. In that sense, every single person that is in your life becomes a potential handler once this program envelops your world.
  • My life gets predictively programmed by the experiences of people around me. Someone can go through something or claimed to have gone through something and then not long after that I will go through what they just talked about going through. Sometimes the people who share these things are lying I think. Other times telling the truth. It’s a mixed bag.
  • The CIA  uses the media to project potential outcome or consequence. They use that often on me in ways that are the equivalent of veiled threats. For example, I can watch a few videos and then I will find myself watching something where somebody gets shot or hurt in some way. And they are impulse controlling me to see things like that and that is without doubt a form of psychological terrorism that the CIA uses of people.  In the last three years, I have probably gotten several thousand of these  through conversations, media, telepathy, visuals and sounds.  It is unadulterated, state-sponsored terrorism of a human being.
  • This technology is always working on my brain to try and get me not to do things. And one of the things that it stands in the way of the most is documentation and evidence of this experience.
  • Constant subliminal suggestions, injected visuals, injected thoughts in order to reinforce whatever ideas they want to reinforce, whatever perception they’re trying to encourage, whatever association they’re attempting to trigger.  They don’t stop. They reinforce everything that they do externally with internal, neurological, behavioral mapping.
  • The absolute and total destruction of trust.  If someone starts to become trustworthy for me, then the handlers will do something, will coordinate and script some part of an interaction between me and that person to put them into question.   This is standard.
  • Attaching uncomfortable sensations to the things that I’m doing as a form of negative reinforcement of behavior.
  • Pulsing the walls or objects in the room, pulsing my headphones, pulsing my body, in order to trigger an association, to emphasize something that I am doing. This is a form of behavioral reinforcement.
  • Attaching influenced movement and action to a threatening idea, a potential outcome that is meant to be threatening to your well-being and overall life.


  • Patterns of red, black and white,
  • Pink color coding
  • Purple color coding
  • Orange color coding
  • Landscaping trailers
  • Trash trucks
  • Cement trucks
  • Coded and repetitive plates
  • Patterns of tactical driving around place
  • Neurally influenced color coding within residence
  • Police vehicles, first responders, UPS, FEDEX, USPS, SAIA, Wal-Mart
  • Patterns of dangerous driving
  • Roadkill
  • Scripted conversation that incorporates invasive personal details or commentary on one’s life, veiled threats, degrading doublespeak
  • Construction
  • Single Headlight
  • Samples of sonic whirring in background of footage compared to footage from others
  • Compare vehicular mobbing to traffic cam traffic


  • A credit card cancelled by someone else and another one ordered in my name which I never received. This credit card and the person who ordered it was never determined by Chase.
  • Thousands of dollars of transactions illegally made on credit cards. I found out later that someone who I initially thought was a friend turned out to be a criminal and informant. I found out over two years later that someone who knew both of us witnessed him using my credit card and name to pay for an Uber ride. Not longer after the takedown period of this program occurred, I discovered that thousands of dollars of Uber rides had been charged to my card, one for a few hundred dollars.
  • All kinds of financial turmoil and fallout coupled with EMF harassment that made it difficult to concentrate. The combination of the flurry of problems I experienced wth the psychotronic influence created complete chaos in my life.
  • Internet on all devices various phones from multiple service providers on complete lockdown for two months
  • Daily harassment including vehicular mobbing and stalking, reckless driving, crowd mobbing, neighborhood noise harassment, same time exit/entry, electromagnetic assault
  • Directed conversation (i.e. people saying things around me within earshot) that includes details of my personal sometimes daily life
  • Multiple Break-Ins into two different residences in two different states
  • Two sentry safes broken into and rendered inoperable. On both safes, the metal bars that keep them locked were manipulated and on one partially dissolved by some type of chemical that leaves white powder residue.
  • Break-Ins into multiple hotels as well as noise harassment and EMF assault
  • Harassment and remote electromagnetic assault in multiple hotels
  • Break-ins to car and on at least on more than one occasion moved to another side of the street so that I got a ticket
  • Brand new laptop stolen out of car when it was not in sight, a clear indication that I was being surveilled and the theft was premeditated.
  • Cell phones and landing phones tapped. Landline ATT tech confirmed that lines were cut.
  • Cell phone and landline phone redirection. Received calls from people who did not call my number. Would call back unknown numbers and the person said that the number I dialed was not that person’s number. Would also show up as a completely different number when calling people (e.g. Showed up once as Cedars Sinai Hospital)
  • A brand new cell phone that was not activated and would not activate on multiple attempts had a single contact in the address book named “Amid.” My name is Ahmad. Whoever was tracking me was in close enough proximity to inject a contact with my name onto a newly purchased phone without it being activated.
  • With no SIM card installed, multiple cell phones showed multiple bars as if they’re connecting to a cell tower (or stingray device).
  • Bogus, cloned recordings when calling particular numbers, especially numbers that the people doing this do not want me to call.
  • Small combination box that was in my trunk when running an errand was discovered with multiple knife slashes on the lid
  • Objects moved around my place so that I could not find them, sometimes implying veiled threat (e.g. art that my youngest son made was stuffed in a drawer). This is called Gaslighting.
  • Dozens of veiled threats, often done in deniable ways. A number, though, were fairly obvious to anyone with a brain.
  • Air-based toxins coming out of ventilation in one residence and through the cracks in the wall in another residence. These toxins have different smells and induce different both sedating and stimulating effects. One felt like a powerful nerve agent. Another would put me to sleep without recollection ten to fifteen minutes after smelling it. On those nights, someone would come into my place and do something to make it clear they had been in my room while I was sleeping.
  • Food tampering from various restaurants as well as tampering of local household items after break-ins.
  • Mail delay, tampering, interception. One numerous pieces of mail, the envelopes clearly showed being resealed.
  • Missing driver’s license (returned with LAPD return address in a plain envelope. I did not leave it there and when I called, they told me they weren’t sure who if anyone sent it to me.
  • Missing passport that then later showed up.
  • Hacking and destruction of electronic equipment
  • Multiple routers hijacked and internet locked down regardless of router.
  • Every computer, device, smartphone, and wifi enabled device hacked, corrupted, compromised and monitored. Often experienced realtime interference and interaction. A dozen computers, fifteen phones (including wife’s and son’s), several tablets, videocameras, among others. (24/7 Hacking, monitoring, and control of all phones, 24/7 Hacking, monitoring, and control of all tablets, 24/7 Hacking, monitoring, and control of all computers)
  • All credit card account and checking accounts closed. I believe the part of the point of creating all kinds of chaos in your life as well as remote influence technology is to make it difficult if not impossible for you to keep up with bills and accounts. Very out of character for me as I am typically highly organized and pay things on time. This then makes it easier to put the onus of responsibility on you and chalk everything up to a “personal crisis.” Moreover, once accounts are closed then it is more difficult for a person to go over statements and piece together what exactly happened, when and what transactions may have occurred illegally.
  • Various transients while driving around Los Angeles were toting or hauling very elongated trash bags that were meant to look as if they had a body in them. This happened on multiple occasions over the course of an hour. On this day, I had been up all night looking for a hotel room. This was deliberate as a sleep-deprived target will be more emotional and reactive. Because they knew this, they piled on the threatening visuals in a concentrated fashion. Seeing a lot of what I term “Death Imagery” in a short period of time is an effective way to move a target into a fearful and reactive state. Though I was disturbed and in mild disbelief over what I was seeing, I did not fall for these tactics.
  • Reimbursement for September 2015 rent check stolen from my home. Subsequent to that not only did Joanne Novell (manager) and Elizabeth Mader (owner) of my apartment complex refuse to reissue the check but they then charged me September rent, rent for half of October, refused to give back our security deposit, and claimed I owed them over a thousand dollars for repairs.
  • When driving back from Malibu after not being able to find a vacant hotel, three cars were parked in front of each other next to a gas station where I stopped to get gas. No one was around them and they were covered with canvas covers. The shapes of the cars look like covered bodies. Not long after that, I turned down 3rd Street in Los Angeles and three stop lights at an intersection were covered with the same material as the cars and tied in the middle. They also looked like covered bodies. These kinds of disparate, seemingly unrelated associations are encouraged as part of the DSM profiling and discrediting campaign.
  • Handlebars on bike were loosened while shopping in Target. When I pulled on them they and came out of the socket completely. Nothing else was taken from the bike and there was no attempt to remove the combination lock from it. I was also followed out of the store by a semi-transient dude who kept talking about his phone and cell towers. In retrospect, he was clearly a perp and part of the theater. Since there was no indication of an attempt to steal the bike, it was clear that this was an example of targeted harassment and vandalism. Moreover, to loosen the handlebars requires a special bike wrench which also indicates premeditation.
  • Rental car stolen and driven around for two days then abandoned, all under my name. Brand new Mac Mini stolen from it as well.
  • Nearly run off the road on a dozen different occasions
  • ID Theft Police Report stolen from my files
  • At my apartment in Los Angeles, transients had been milling around my bedroom and harassing me constantly. They also were coming onto the property and in the courtyard. I caught them on two occasions but they took off. Finally, not long before I moved, Joanne Novell, the apartment manager said they were putting up surveillance in the courtyard. When I came home one day, I saw a huge piece of rectangle-shaped equipment nailed to one of the beams in the courtyard. She told me that it was going to hold all of the cameras. I never saw it with the cameras attached but without the camera, it look like a compressed coffin. I took a picture of it but the device where the picture was stored was stolen,
  • ADT alarm activated remotely several times which subsequently resulted in the LAPD charging me 1200 dollars.
  • ADT rep found two key fobs programmed into the brain interface of the alarm. I had only purchased one key fob and only owners are supposed to be able to purchase key fobs. This proves that my account was hacked and someone purchased or illegally obtained and programmed another key fob in order to disable or enable my alarm remotely.
  • ADT online account was logged into by someone else and information and settings were changed. I had never logged into the account online but there records showed that it had been logged into more than once. The ADT reps also provided conflicting information regarding this on different days, which was suspect.
  • Two bikes totaling 2500 dollars stolen from garage which was left unattended by Hugo, the maintenance employee of my apartment building, who claimed he found it open and left for an hour to get another lock. Bikes were in there the last time I checked the garage and the only person who had to combination to the lock was Hugo and anyone that he told.
  • Moved car around so that I got parking tickets and eventually had car impounded (first time that ever happened. Paid any tickets I received promptly for 40 plus years)
  • U-haul was towed even though it was not in a no parking zone. When I called U-haul, they claimed that someone called in and said it had been parked in the same spot for 48 hours. They then ended up trying to charge me several thousand dollars for storage of a friend’s items that were stored over an hour south of where I lived. The items were auctioned off
  • The neighbors above my apartment in Los Angeles “shadowing” me throughout the day and night. This is a technique of harassment that involves people moving from room to room when you do and doing so with unusual levels of volume, the near equivalent of stomping. This also involved such actions as turning on faucets when I turned them on, flushing toilets when I flushed toilets. The goal of this is too drive a person over the edge and to fit them in a slanderous DSM profile and to provoke extreme agitation so that they act out, at which point the neighbors can then counter-accuse you of being out of control or “hearing things” and subsequently report you to management or worse the police (both of which they did).
  • Very loud noise harassment constantly coming from the neighbors above like moving furniture, overly loud talking, sounds of loud machinery running, stomping on the floors, etc.
  • Tenants from various units within my complex as well as some in the neighborhood performing shadowing when I would exit or enter my apartment. For example, I would leave and someone else would leave at exactly the same time. Or someone would enter the gate as I was exiting the gate. Also, on the street people would be intersecting with me on the way to my car. Again, a crazy-making tactic that is used to incite a reaction out of you which will then be used against you as a counter-accusation of “imagining things.” This may be the case if it did not happen every single day and nearly every single time I came and went from my apartment.
  • Upon exiting my building, a car with its lights on would be sitting with the engine running about two doors down. Every day would be a different car. After this happened for weeks on end, I started to walk toward the direction of the car to get the license plate as It became clear to me I was being harassed. When I approached, I did so neutrally and invariably the car would zoom off. Clearly if this person were actually waiting on someone this would not have happened every time I did this but it did which was a clear indicator of methodical group harassment. What other possible motive could there be for a person zooming off except to avoid me possibly taking down their license plate.
  • Constant vehicular harassment (tailing, leading, flanking, zooming by at fast speeds) while driving anywhere. The cars were varied but often were pimped out or customized in some way, unusually and oddly dented up and banged, super expensive and exotic, everyday but very new cars almost always not much more than 3 or 4 years old at most.
  • An uncommon amount of disabled people passing by me any where I go. People in wheelchairs, on walkers, crippled and limping, etc.
  • Multiple break-ins to my unit in Los Angeles. Upon realizing my lock had been tampered with, this was confirmed by a locksmith. I then changed the lock and the second was also tampered with. When I changed to bump-proof deadbolt, the management was very adamant about getting a set of keys. Interestingly, my place was still broken into but subsequent to this lock without at times forced entry. From my perspective, this either means management carelessly left a spare of my keys in the basement which was easily broken into and often by transients or they were supplied a key either by management or someone related to management. It is also possible that they broke in while I was sleeping and made molds of my key but this to me seems less likely.
  • When leaving Los Angeles for Louisiana, the TSA seemed to be profiling me as they rifled through my backpack very aggressively. When I asked them why they were tearing through my bag, they responded rudely that they thought they saw a knife (“terrorist” profiling). When I mentioned that there was nothing in my bag that could be mistaken as a knife, they gave me a weak explanation that “sometimes the machine sees things differently.”)
  • Every owned electronic device, including smart phones, tablets, computers, consoles, televisions, and other electronics were hacked, compromised, manipulated, and sometimes destroyed if used to gather evidence of the crimes being committed. The total number of phones hacked over two years is around 15. The total number of computers is around 10. Total number of electronic devices compromised in some way rendered inoperable: 100+
  • Bike chain on my bike that was padlocked in the garage came off of bike on way to Target.
  • Bike handle bars came off of bike when trying to leave Target. The only way to loosen handle bars from a bike is with the use of a special tool. There is no viable motive other than harassment. The lock that secured the bike to the parking bars was untouched
  • Brand new computer was stolen from car. The computer was out of plain sight and the car was locked. When I came back to the car it was unlocked and the laptop was gone. The model of car was on older 2001 Audi A6 2.7T. My neighborhood and that particular street had many new and expensive cars parked. To break into a 14 year old car when nothing of value is in plain sight is not typical and with many other nice cars around does not seem likely.
  • On an almost daily basis for many months, I would exit the front gate of my courtyard apartment and a car regardless of time of day would be parked in the street just to the right of the exit. Any time I casually walked in that direction, the car would drive off. This often times would happen in tandem with a couple of cars turning the corner as I crossed the street. Most times the cars were not cars recognizable as cars from the neighborhood. Often they would be highly customized, sometimes very expensive, other times very beat up, and in some usually different from an off-the-lot model.
  • On a daily basis for many months, my neighbors Natalie and Sarah, who I didn’t know very well but was always friendly toward when seeing, began to make unusually loud noise upstairs and began implementing a technique called “shadowing.” With this technique, a person follows their neighbor, in this case me being below their apartment, and makes unusual and often louder than normal noise while you are in that room. I asked them on a couple of occasions if they could walk a little softer and they said yes but nothing changed. The level of sound was absurd, as if they were wearing very heavy shoes and stomping. Water would get turned on and off if I were at the sink. The toilet would get flushed or the sink turned on if I were in the bathroom. All of these techniques are used to increase a person’s tension level and to make them start to question their own perceptions.
  • Random business cards were found in my car when parked for a short while on La Brea near Wilshire Ave.


Most of the following situations are psychological techniques staged in order to intimidate and threaten though some were physically dangerous. All, though, were meant to induce an extreme response in me in order to turn the situation on its head and make it seem like I am the one acting in a suspicious or threatening and erratic manner. I did not fall for these tricks but was nevertheless affected to varying degrees. When these kinds of things happen on an almost daily basis, a person’s base stress level goes up and reactivity becomes heightened. Most of these people are paid crisis actors and informants (think Stasi of East Germany), but some i believe are career criminals, street thugs with felonies to their names, or miscreants who will do anything for a quick buck. Most, too, whether complicit or clueless, are remotely influenced with technology to fine tune the orchestrated event.

Through the use of remote influence technology that exerts heavy control over a target, along with a localized campaign to surround the subject with people who are either complicit in the harassment or are also influenced, an individual begins to experience a highly surreal and negatively charged environment that persists everywhere he goes. This is meant over time to destabilize the individual psychologically, emotionally, and physically which then may give rise to a situation that incites the target into acting out in extreme fashion and thus be labeled as suspicious or delusional by false and slanderous witness and testimony. In other words, it’s one big campaign of slander and setup and the campaign is your life. All of the techniques used combine to discredit a person when explained openly as they are by design meant to establish a highly surreal and incomprehensible environment that mimics various types of mental illness (psychosis, paranoid delusion, schizophrenia, etc.).

Specific Examples

  • Dozens and dozens of semitrailers hauling equipment that resemble coffins passing me on the street or crossing my line of sight at intersections
  • Dozens of SUVs with storage bins on the top that resemble coffins either passing my line of sight while driving or parking next to me at places of business.
  • Young black male, white T-shirt, somewhat thuggish, approached my car while it was parked near Formosa Cafe. As he approached, he gestured as if to be pulling a gun from the back of his pants. When his hands appeared in front of him, they were empty and he used them to tuck in his shirt. He was trying to look tough and menacing the entire time.
  • One of the neighbors had an inflated Reindeer in its front yard during Christmas. When I drove by one night, the neck was deflated and was resting across the rod iron fence. It looked like the reindeer’s neck was broken and impaled on the fence.
  • Next door neighbor burned a big bonfire of tented sticks in his front yard. This same kind of fire and arrangement also appeared down the street. A similar arrangement is on a flatbed trailer and hasn’t moved since I’ve been here. I found a near identical arrangement of small twigs next to my basketball goal when my sons were visiting me in Shreveport. Ritualistic and Satanic.
  • Chased a transient across the street who i saw outside of my bedroom at my Los Angeles residence. When i caught up with him, he acted very suspicious and nervous. While talking to him, a man pulled up in a van in front of Chase Bank where we were standing. The transient looked beyond me toward him and acted scared. When I turned around, the man got out of the van, was wearing black gloves and looked at me. Seemed to be trying to look like some type of Mafia character out of a B movie. He then very slowly reached into his van and pulled out a toolbox. This was done in a very provocative way to make me think he was pulling out a weapon and to get me to react.
  • Near a Carl’s Jr. in Burbank, I was parked and got mobbed by many vehicles. A few of them as they passed me put their hand in a gun position, looked and pointed at me, and pretended to shoot as they smiled.
  • When I was at a gun shop because my place had been broken into on multiple occasions and things felt dangerous, a guy would be next to me speaking very loudly and making it clear that he was an expert with guns. He would also handle the guns for an overly long period of time and practice aiming them. This happened on three different occasions. No matter where I went, the second I took a look at guns, someone would appear and behave in a similar manner. Typically they would make eye contact with me more than once.
  • I slept with a knife because of the break-ins and one day I woke up and my knife was opened and placed next to me on the bed. The door to my room had been unlocked.
  • I carried around a small combination box to keep my valuables in. On numerous occasions, I came back out to my car and found that the box had been reset to all zeros. Someone had to open my trunk in order to do this. On the last occasion, I went into the Wells Fargo bank and when I came back out, I opened my trunk and found that the box had been sliced several times with a knife.
  • A guy walking into the CVS in Shreveport walked right in front of me at a rapid pace and made sure that I caught the gun clipped to his belt. This became a theme and since have had four or five more examples of this. Security guards take part in this psych terror tactic as well. Also, employees in grocery stores with the sku reader guns attempt to use them in the same way, which is meant to destabilize and discredit. Like all aspects of this program, a person is anchored in associating seemingly benign objects with something fear-based. The more benign and far-reaching, the better, and the retelling of it will certainly label a person as delusional. This is always the point and a central modus operandi of the psych terror operations.
  • On an airplane, black man in gangster type clothing aggressively tried to open the lavatory door while I was using the bathroom. It was clear the bathroom was occupied as the sign said so. When I came out, I commented on this. He went off the handle and started yelling “You better watch out when we get off this plane.” Other people were clearly rattled by the situation and one woman commented on it when we got off the plane.
  • Nearly run off the road by a man when taking a taxi in Los Angeles. When I had the taxi driver follow him into the Pavilions parking lot and confronted him, telling him he nearly ran into us and caused the cab to almost hit a pole, he at first said that it wasn’t him. Then I told him that I followed him in there and I knew it was him. He then claimed that he didn’t see me. He acted very nervous the entire time. When I looked around, there were two other cars with their brights on right around him in the corner of the lot. I realized later that they were there to provide false and slanderous testimony on his behalf and against me if I started anything with the guy. The near accident was absolutely deliberate and would be considered attempted manslaughter.
  • A cab driver that I used on a couple of occasions in Shreveport, once while driving pulled out a knife just like the one I had carried for a while. He made some joking but off-color remark about how he might need to use it on me if I kept giving him trouble.
  • A cab driver that was called for me one night when I was playing pool mentioned on the way home that he had almost killed a guy who had beaten his wife, a friend of the cab driver’s. Also mentioned that he was in a motorcycle gang in his past.
  • I went through over a dozen cell phones from all different providers when my cell phone service was being hijacked and locked down. Regardless of provider, I could not get through. Changing the SIM card didn’t help either. One time, I drove around to an empty street to try and get away from traffic and activate the phone. The phone would not activate. When I looked in the contacts area of the phone, I saw my name. I had done nothing to the phone and it was brand new so someone had inserted my name into the phone remotely.In three different states, two in which I have lived for over six months, the people taking part in my harassment basically surround me. Front, back, left, right and above in either houses or apartment units. In my residence, because there is no one above, there are multiple drones in the sky some in the airspace directly above neighbors. I believe this is done to give me the sense that I cannot escape the harassment but also to be able easily to assault me in any room within the residence and to make it impossible to nail down the source as coming from a single perpetrator
  • Numerous close calls being hit by other vehicle while in vehicle, also reckless driving around me while running in neighborhood. Several years ago I opened my door and a bus almost ripped my door off completely and my head along with it. The bus driver got out of the bus and instead of asking whether I was okay immediately claimed it was my fault. The city also claimed that it was my fault though he was clearly way too close to my parked car when I opened the door. Possible that some remote influence was at work then as well. Probably a half dozen situations in cars where I have been in a near major accident.
  • Roadkill around my residence. Placed there as intimidation tactic, an attempt to anchor me in the idea that that could be me.
  • Constant quickly flickering brownouts in residence. Increases in frequency when i am doing things like documenting the harassment and abuse. Often times, seems to be in tandem with the air conditioning turning on. Unusual that the AC would induce that kind of power surge, as electricians just rewired the place and the AC unit was recently swapped out.
  • I have received countless veiled threats, many of which are cryptic but clearly intended to intimidate
  • Received a letter from Synchrony bank saying that they couldn’t approve my credit application because I was “Deceased.” I called the Social Security Administration when this happened and they said my records looked fine. This is a clear example of a deniable, veiled threat psyop, of which I have had many.
  • Through Directed Conversation and DirectToSpeech technology, people with earshot or in conversation frequently using certain words like: Kill, dead, blind, cataracts, deaf, cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, poisoning, break your back, heart attack, cooked,/oven/heat (in reference to Microwave assault)
  • Often people deliberately get into my line of sight in public who:
  • Are In wheel chairs (some fake)
  • Have broken arms or broken legs (some fake)
  • Are burn victims (one who was full body)
  • Have prosthetic limbs
  • Missing limbs

Optimum Health Institute, San Diego

  • Spent three weeks here in order to practice holistic health.  A couple days after settling in, the bathroom flooded and had to move rooms for a couple of days. The chapel was directly underneath my room. The management told me that the chapel was flooded as well because of the flooding that happened in my room.

Catalina Island, Catalina

  • Unusual activity on the island. Very rude management. A number of strange interactions with people around the island. At one point, a group of men at a house we walked past started heckling my wife like construction workers while staring me down. Clear orchestration.
  • Realized keys were “missing” on the boat ride back. Jennifer and the boys were leaving for South Carolina and I was supposed to take them to the airport. We were stranded in the parking lot for two hours because the manager locked our keys up and no one could access them. She finally agreed to come up and get our keys after a long and circuitous phone conversation. During that time, a security guard came by and said that someone had said something to him about me yelling and was wondering “if everything was okay.”

Holiday Inn Express, LA

  • Several hundred dollars in cash went missing in my room. I had grabbed a room there one night with a friend because we were trying to save some money and I was trying to get away from the madness at my place. This person took my license without my permission after checking out with it.
  • Phones were being manipulated. When I was talking to the front desk, the phone cut out. The female employee at the front desk said she had tried to call my room on multiple occasions but couldn’t get through. I asked her to write down the situation and she did.

McDonalds, LA

  • I walked from an Air B&B to McDonald’s because I needed to get my license from a person I knew (who I now believe was a complicit perpetrator). He had used it to check out from the Holiday Inn the day before where we stayed for a night and didn’t give back. There were foot stalkers throughout the entire walk. When I got there, I was mobbed by perps. While in line, a number of them started whistling, a trademark anchor of this program. Never seen that many people in McDonald’s. This individual was taking a while so I called him. He told me that he was looking for me but couldn’t find me so he left my license with a security guard outside of the Musician’s Institute next door. I never once saw him enter McDonald’s. I went outside and someone yelled my name as i walked past. It was the security guard. How did he know that I was the person on the license out of all of those people on Hollywood Blvd? I questioned him and he gave me attitude and acted smug. There was another M.I. employee there as well as another security guard. One guard was dressed in typical guard uniform and the other in Musician’s Institute clothing. Who would leave someone’s license with a total stranger like that? I kept walking down the street and then I saw my supposed friend in the distance. We went back and forth over the situation and I told him I was thinking about calling the cops when I had learned that he took my license then left it with some stranger. He told me to go ahead and got pissed and stormed off.

Break-Ins, LA

  • Lock was messed with. Hired locksmith who confirmed this. When lock was taken off, it was clear that the wood had been chiseled in areas. When I asked him if he would go on record for a police report, he said he didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Lock was changed.
  • Lock was messed with again. Second locksmith came out. He was able to open the door with a lock pick in two minutes. Changed the lock again and replaced it with a bump proof lock with combo on the lock. Joanne Novell the apartment manager was very emphatic about getting the combo to the lock. Realized that someone was getting into the house by using the combo. Removed the combo option. At that point, I began to notice that the windows were messed with as it seemed whoever was breaking in was having a harder time with the lock. After a while, though, I would come and notice that some things had been moved around. At this point, I believe people were getting into the place through the windows and the door. I started to prop a door against the door to prevent people from coming in and secured the windows. This made it difficult for people to get in while I was there but they still entered my residence any time I was gone.
  • Installed ADT with motion-sensitive alarm that could detect movement on windows as well as door and detector in hallway. Alarm was activated to “Away” mode while I was inside, which meant the motion detector would go off when I walk through the hallway. When I woke up and exited the bedroom, the alarm went off on multiple occasions. Even though I disabled the alarm quickly, I still got charged by the police. ADT rep came out and found an extra key fob programmed into the terminal. I had only purchased one and I was the only person on the account. This means that someone else either illegally purchased and programmed a second key fob or purchased a second one under my name. I talked to ADT and they said they had no record of this. They also said that they showed a record of me logging into the online account and changing information. I never logged into this account. The range of the key fob is 200 feet so this means that someone in my apartment complex or a nearby residence was manipulating my alarm.


  • A homeless guy sitting on the side of the Hollywood library was wearing clothes like me as well as a skull cap like one I often wore. He also had a miniature guitar next to him. I owned a miniature guitar.
  • Several men passing me with hair styles like mine. When I got almost shoulder length hair cut, I began to see “me” lookalikes with shorter hair
  • Multiple people walking on sidewalks with hoodies very much like ones i often wore in Los Angeles.
  • A guy at FedEx Kinko’s sat down next to me at the computers. He began complaining about the computer and how something suspicious seemed to be going on. When I was there a few days before, I had informed them was a suspect “chat” program running in the background as well as obsolete certificates and browser. He used some of the exact phrases that I had used on that day. When I commented on what he was doing, he acted nervous. Paid actor.
  • I observed multiple women in different locations and states who were walking and gesturing like my ex-wife Jennifer. They also carried purses very much like a purse she owned and had shirts tied around their waists like she often wears. Paid actors.
  • Numerous examples of kids that looked very similar to my sons placed around me. Once, at a hotel in Valencia where I stayed for a night, a boy around my 14 year old son’s age approached the counter while I was working on the public computer. He had an uncanny resemblance to my son. He also was clearly gesturing like my son. Paid actor.
  • When in Planet Fitness in Shreveport, a guy jogged past me in an exaggerated fashion clearly meant to mimic the way I run. I was running on the treadmill when this happened. He jogged right in front of me and then stopped right afterwards and resumed walking.
  • When jogging in neighborhood in Shreveport, a woman crossed the street in front of me to throw away what looked like trash. On her way back, she jogged in much the way I jog but in caricature fashion.

Influence of Animals

  • Various types of animals — dogs, squirrels, birds, insects, lizards, snakes, owls, etc — are remotely influenced using EMF and Neuralbased technology to created surreal, controlled environments for a target. Many are deliberate in terms of symbology, especially reptiles, owls, and locusts which have Satanic, Illuminati, and Biblical significance. All of this of course is highly denaible and can be used to discredit someone exposing it, but if one accepts that this technology has precedent for being used on people, then it should logically follow that animals are vulnerable to influence as well.


  • I have had green lizards around me for a couple of years with unusual frequency
  • In Mt. Shasta, my sons discovered a unique lizard very near the cabin I rented for a month
  • In Shreveport, I have pictures of my son holding a lizard two years ago. In the last eight months, A green lizard has been seen sitting on the window sill for periods at a time. I have also seen them inside the home as well as in various places around the house.


  • This seems to be a way of communicating anger over what I am doing and occurs during periods of heavy documentation. Notable too is how they use landscaping equipment that is also very high pitched and aggressive sounding much like the buzzing of a wasp.
  • Found a red wasp crawling on my bathroom floor. The windows were closed. Since people break into my residence while I am sleeping, I believe was placed there the night before.
  • Found a red wasp crawling in my bedroom. The windows were closed.
  • Heard buzzing sounds like wasps inside the wall at the head of my bed where my head is while sleeping. There is no clear entry into this wall. Not able to determine whether there was a place inside the wall or whether the sound was being projected.
  • Found a yellow jacket crawline in sink in kitchen. The windows were closed.


  • The word rat is often used to make a person who is trying to expose this horrific program seem like they are rats for doing so. Rife with irony as this program centers around a snitch culture akin to the secret Stasi of East Germany.
  • For a couple of months in Shreveport, my parents and I both heard what sounded like a scurrying rat inside the corner part of the wall in my room and in the corner part of the ceiling in the kitchen. There is an opening in the wall of one of the attics where a rat could have squeezed through but when looking into that area with a flash light, I could not find or hear anything. I would then go back to my room and the scurrying sounds would start up again. Ether a rat was hiding in there or the sound is projected or coming from some other planted source.


  • Many times, I have found a single insect flying around me in various parts of my residence. Just like the other animals, it seems that remote influence technology makes it possible to control flying patterns of insects as well as birds. Insects seem to be meant to plant the psychological seed into a person’s head that they are nothing more than an insect compared to the people wielding this technology and managing these programs. Add to this a remotely influenced moment where my dad called me “an insect and an outsider,” something he has never done before, and it becomes clear that technology is at work on many levels.


  • An an unusually high volume of locusts throughout the day and night. Increase in volume when I walk outside. This, along with many other silmiar recent experiences, seems to play into what I call the End Times Narrative.


  • An unusually high volume of chirping and often near my window. Sometime they are there, sometimes they are not. They tend to be near areas I am in most frequently (e.g. bathroom, bedroom). At one point, when I suspected my mind was being read and aimals were being inlfuenced, I asked telepathically to move the bird close to my window. Within ten seconds, the bird flew over and landed on the window sill.

Weather Warfare

  • Abnormally loud thunder. Extremely long rolls and claps that do not sound natural at all. Feels like some version of HAARP is at work
  • Uncanny timing sometimes between thunderstorm and my particular activity that day. Incredibly hard to believe but this program banks on everything coming out of a targets mouth sounding unbelievable. Manipulated weather is nothing new. This falls in line with the supernatural narrative that unfolds for a target. Most targets if they believe that evil spirits (e.g. Satan, demons) are the source of their problems, then they will stop trying to expose human perpetrators. Storms tend to come if I am documenting what is happening or expressing my experiences to someone. Very bizarre but true. Nature, in my case, is used as a weapon of intimidation and as an excuse to cut the power out when it happens as well, which has happened over a dozen times in two years.

The Train (aka “Whistleblower”)

  • Train near where I live is constantly blowing its whistle and at different volumes and with different sound patterns. This corresponds to my level of documentation and is a conditioning tool. The more I document things, the louder and longer he blows. Think “whistleblower.” Once a target is anchored in a sound and perceives that it is corresponding to what they are doing or not doing, then it can be used to control or prevent certain behavior, namely the documentation and expression of experienced harassment and terrorism. Doesn’t work on me but they still do it to provoke response and to agitate.

Barking Dogs

  • Dogs in neighborhood in Louisiana often barking for hours on end. This lasted for a few months and still happens periodically.  Like the train, this is another form of negative reinforcement conditioning. For example, when I am making a journal entry or organizing video footage the dogs will bark immediately and very loudly. One of the dogs is known roams onto our property and barks late at night. This kind of timing in animals is accomplished with the same neural technology used on humans to control behavior.

Rigged House

  • Electricity has gone out — one time for over 24 hours — with little info from utility company. This has happened over a dozen times in two years in two different states. The electricity went off in much the same way in Los Angeles, and did so at a time when my place was being broken into often and I did not feel safe. The intent is to induce fear in the target and get them to act out because of the anticipation that something might happen to them when the power is out. In that instance, I went outside to check and see what was going on. This action I know now was used to discredit me as informants in the neighborhood are prepared to take footage and then report the target so to establish a track record of “erratic” behavior.
  • AC turns off and on too early or too late for its set temperature. For example, the auto temp will be set to 74 but the temp will go up to 77 before turning back on. This is not normal and indicates that it is at times being controlled remotely. This unit is brand new so there is no reason for it to malfunction in this way. Moreover, on dozens of occasions I will pass by the AC and the second I do it turns on.  When it does so, it makes two loud, clicking sounds.  Various clicks and pops, often accomplished using Directed Energy Weaponry around one’s home, are two primary sound anchors.
  • Also, air-based toxins, both in L.A. and in Shreveport have flooded into my bedroom. The identical smell in L.A. I smelled in Shreveport not long after i moved. One of these seems to be some sort of sleeping agent as I would be unable to keep my eyes open soon after smelling it. Another that I have smelled periodically in Shreveport seems to be some sort of nerve agent as i feel more anxious and on edge not long after smelling it. This seems to come from the AC ducts in Shreveport. I have also smelled the same smell in my mom’s car coming from the AC. In L.A, because there was no AC in the apartment, it was coming from cracks in the ceiling or walls from neighbors or possibly through cracks in the windows from the transients that milled around my bedroom.
  • The water in both Los Angeles and Shreveport has at times smelled like sewage. In L.A., for the first time in eighteen years of living in the same residence, the water backed up in the kitchen sink and bathroom sink and smelled. This happened to a lesser degree in Shreveport, as the water supply is attached to a well. Instead, somehow someone has messed with the water that comes out of my shower. For many weeks in a row, it smelled like sewage. This only occurred in my bathroom and has come and gone on more than one occasion.

Fallen Trees

  • Eight fallen trees in about less than a year, four of which were in my neighborhood, one coming onto our property from a neighbor’s residence. This seems to have Satanic and Kabbalistic symbolic significance, as I get a lot of tree symbology around me. One of these occurred on the way to speak with a private investigator. Major vehicular mobbing on way over and people screaming at me to “Turn Around,” claiming that I couldn’t go through. I kept going and found out they were lying. That was in Los Angeles. In Louisiana, another tree down in the middle of a main street here. When I approached, people were outside flashing lights and yelling, “Turn around.”


This program centers around trauma in order to break down a person’s life with the overarching goal of controlling and programming a human being. The combination of physical torture via Directed Energy, Neurological Torture via Remote Neural Tech, and psychological terrorism via the Stasi/Cointelpro/Gangstalking informants maintains persistent trauma in a human being’s life. This combination dissociates someone from a natural existence, even if it fails to dissociate one’s personality.   

Common Results of Full Spectrum Trauma and Torture:

  • Stripped of all means of financial independence.  Sustained financial dissolution and chaos.
  • Stripped of all dignity
  • Zersetzung “erosion” of all domains of life
  • Stripped of independent, uninfluenced, and natural thinking
  • Absolute financial dissolution and chaos
  • Extreme slander and assault on one’s reputation, especially in the eyes of friends and family
  • Long-term dissolution of relationships (marriage, friendships, parental) done so with technology and in ways that are extremely difficult to prove.
  • Absolute invasion of all expected privacy and then reinforcement of this by throwing personal details of my life back at a person in conversations with people who should know nothing about me or my life (This can be accomplished with tech as well.)
  • Extremely cruel and persistent social isolation that ebbs and flows depending on how I “behave.”   A form of behavioral programming often used to handle me.  This is done in subtle, insidious, and deniable ways.   Difficult to determine who around me is doing this consciously and whose behavior is being orchestrated solely with technology.
  • Granular manipulation of all meaningful relationships, including those with my children.  The technology and programming in me is active in my children as well.
  • Attack on identity and sense of self using invasive methods of Satanic Ritual Abuse, Monarch Programming, Brain to Brain, and Brain to Computer Interface technology.
  • Psychologically abusive and degrading telepathy
  • Scripted, synthetic orchestration of experiences of all types
  • Orchestrated long-term crisis over the course of many years using neural influence and programming techniques in ways that are deniable.
  • Sadistic methods of insult to injury in order to further degrade one’s spirit and increase hopelessness
  • Around the clock surveillance and scrutiny of everything a person does.  Use of  degrading telepathic commentary to reinforce.
  • Non-stop profiling of actions and thoughts, actions and thoughts that are often influenced and provoked by neural tech and Directed Energy attacks. In other words, profiling a person with their own behavior, behavior a handler induces using tech.
  • Psychological degradation of all types. Degrading scripted conversation, degrading injected thoughts, degrading synthetic dreams, degrading behavioral manipulation.
  • Psychological terrorism in myriad forms
  • Frequent veiled threats of harm to me and my family in ways that are deniable and can be labeled as paranoid or delusional
  • Shut down by the corrupt and collusive systems of supposed protection, voiding all typical avenues of support for crimes of this nature.
  • Deliberate slander and misrepresentation by law enforcement, the psychiatric profession, and propagandized media
  • Persistent psychological warfare in all types of communication with other people who are either complicit in the intelligence operation around me or are being influenced by the same technology that acts on my brain.
  • Destabilization of any and all natural interaction through tech-driven manipulation of my behavior as well as the behavior of others.
  • Extreme irradiation and DEW attacks while sleeping. Extreme sleep disruptions and sleep deprivation.  I have not been allowed to sleep naturally for three years that I am aware of.  Sleep disruption goes way back though but at this point is extreme and blatant.
  • Maintaining a synthetically manipulated, technologically managed environment that negatively reinforces what a person does or doesn’t do throughout any given day.
  • Debilitating injections of frequency signatures that maintain down state emotions throughout an extended period of time, determined and imposed by remote handlers. A form of retaliatory neural torture, operant conditioning, and in its most extreme form, self-destruct and suicide programming.  For the record, I have never nor do I now have any intent of taking my own life.   


  • Regardless of time and day, an unusually high frequency of cars. Primary colors are red, white, and black. Also orange, teal, purple, pink, neon green, yellow.
  • An unusually high number of cars with their high beams on during the day passing you and closely tailing you. Also custom high beams at night. Super bright and blinding when passing in oncoming lane or following closely behind, which is often the case. This is known as Brighting.
  • Incredibly well-timed driving patterns. Cars that drive in convoys typically of between two and ten but sometimes more. Drive at near identical speeds in order to capture attention. Sometimes one car will drive very fast relative to these in order to pull focus and intimidate.
  • Same time exit/entry When I pull into a place of business, someone will pull out at the exact same time and vice versa.
  • Cars pulling up t t-sections with unusual frequency. At the moment I pass a t-section, a car will approach. When the harassment increases in intensity, I can have several blocks in a row where this happens with extreme precision.
  • An unusually high number of oncoming cars with one headlight out and one dim light on. Single tail lights as well. Usually these are personal vehicles but commercial vehicles sometimes too.
  • Police and first responders frequently driving fast when passing and with lights flashing and sirens blaring.
  • Cars with big dents used to plant the idea of you getting into an accident.
  • Cars that are very weathered.
  • Cars with a window missing and covered by trash bag or plastic.
  • Cars revving their engines loudly as the pass you. Most of these engines sound customized for this purpose.
  • Cars driving slightly over the yellow line as it passes my car in order to intimidate and plant seed of potential head-on collision.
  • Police vehicle zooming off when in line of sight.
  • Police car driving slightly over the yellow line in oncoming traffic as it passes my car.
  • Police cars approaching me at high speeds from behind and getting on my tail then jumping to the other lane.
  • Customized and tricked out vehicles.
  • Extremely reckless driving. Cars often driving considerably above the speed limit in oncoming traffic or when passing you
  • Empty cars parked on the side of the street, often times at angles
  • Empty trailers parked on property.
  • Recurring vehicles:
  • Police vehicles and gangster type vehicles
  • First Responders (Ambulance, Firefighters, etc)
  • New cars, esp big trucks with loud engines
  • Commercial vehicles (Fedex, UPS, USPS, U-haul, Wal-Mart, Saia, Haliburton)
  • School buses
  • Pest Control/Exterminator vehicles
  • Trucks with trailers
  • Trucks with flatbed trailers carrying landscape equipment
  • Semi trucks carrying unusual industrial equipment
  • RVs
  • Semitrailers
  • Accidents that appear staged (I believe wrecked cars are towed out to locations or people are paid to have minor fender benders along your route. Could also already have vehicles with dents in them and drive to particular location.)
  • License plates with number combos of 66, 77, 88, 666, and numbers that combine to form 9 and 11
  • Custom military plates
  • Cars with Airforce, Navy, Army, Ranger, and Coast Guard bumper stickers
  • Cars passing at higher than average speeds my residence when in my line of sight through downstairs window


  • Police helicopters hovering around apartment in Los Angeles on a daily and nightly basis
  • Police helicopter flying low and near residence in Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Police helicopter flying low and near me while jogging near residence in Shreveport
  • Military planes flying directly over residence in Shreveport on an almost daily basis, sometimes more than once per day, for many weeks.
  • Five military black helicopters flying in formation directly overhead as I am jogging in neighborhood
  • Multiple drones above the airspace of neighboring houses on a near nightly basis


The DHS and Fusion Center informant network is very active throughout every city and state in this country. These people are trained in psychological harassment and terror tactics that possess high deniability. These operations are meant to be covert for the people around a target and overt for the target himself. This has been my experience across the boards. These informants are trained very much like crisis actors and they orchestrate situations and skits around a target that are often theatrical. The goal is to destabilize the individual and if possible, provoke them into doing something that can then be used to discredit them, or worse, throw them in jail or a mental institution. I consider their tactics extremely criminal, cowardly, and insidious in this regard. Not only are they terrorizing a human being in a collective fashion, they are then denying they are doing anything at all and using any accusations or exposure as an opportunity to add insult to injury by wrongfully slandering the victim.

All said, it should be noted too that the technology that seems to be in overwhelming numbers of people in my experience also possesses the capability of orchestrating situations around a target that are almost indistinguishable from the grass-roots informant operations. This further increases deniability and makes it all the more difficult for the target to accuse anyone of criminal wrongdoing beyond a reasonable doubt.

Specific Examples:

  • Regardless of time and day, an unusually high frequency of people wearing clothes colored red, white, and black. Also orange, teal, purple, neon green, yellow. People engage in the same kind of movement patterns as vehicles. It’s from the same playbook and is meant to anchor a person in ways that generate negative responses to something as ridiculous as a particular color of clothing..
  • People lighting cigarettes in cars while in my line of sight. Fire is a big symbol in this program, which is Luciferian and Satanic.
  • Color mobbing through vehicles and persons’ clothing (Main colors used are black, red, and white. Used intermittently: orange, purple, neon yellow, neon green, pink)
  • People in all types of business and service industries treating me negatively or creating various types of problems that make it more difficult for me to complete a particular task that requires their good faith cooperation
  • People with their backs to you and their hands behind their backs as if they are handcuffed.
  • People making it a point that you hear part of their conversation in public places. This is called Directed Conversation and the part they emphasize will either have some relation to private details of your life and past or contain some type of threatening language (e.g. tragic accident, death, break you back, killed, cancer)
  • People mobbing you in checkout lines, getting in front of you in order to agitate you into an aggressive reaction
  • People wearing blue latex gloves and other types of gloves. This is meant to intimidate. (e.g. Uber driver wearing blue latex gloves when talking to me and smoking a cigarette. Cashier at market wearing blue latex gloves when ringing up stuff.). There is no sensible reason for them to be wearing these gloves unless they’re obsessive germaphobes which would probably be their excuse.
  • I began to notice that people around me were doing physical and verbal impersonations of me as well as various friends and family. This included my ex-wife, sons, and a few friends. This I have determined can be accomplished on unwitting people via neural tech that injects behavioral signature’s into a person’s brain. It can also be accomplished using trained crisis actors and informants who study surveillance footage of a target and the people they know.
  • I began to notice people around me that had strong resemblances to me, my ex-wife, my sons, and a few friends.
  • Strangers glaring at you or giving you hard looks for absolutely no reason.
  • Policeman walking around you in various places and maintaining close proximity, often standing in such a way that their gun is visible. In one instance, a policeman came into a restaurant where I took my sons to eat and sat down next to my oldest soon.


  • Hard pulses to base of skull have done something to the bone.
  • When I move my neck around it sounds like tiny gravel being moved around, as if there are bone fragments from the pulsing.
  • Tiny hole in trachea from hitting my throat. Now at times if they forcus the DEW on that area, it makes a whistling sound
  • Weight gain from neural influence which causes shifts in hunger level.
  • Extreme radiation to my body on a daily basis. When hit hard, I feel half dead upon waking up. Very dried out. Obvious that I have been microwaved all night long. This happens after drinking several glasses of water during the day
  • Joint pain, muscle pain, knee pain. I would get hit in the legs and feet when running in order to make it harder to keep in shape.
  • Migraine headaches, which I never got before, usually localized around the temples where a stream of Directed Energy is maintained throughout the day.