My targeting went overt in the spring of 2015. Since then, I have determined that I am in a lifelong, trauma-based Monarch MK-Ultra program that has strong connections to the uppermost levels of power in our government and the secret societies that drive this world.

Below is a log containing many of my observations from the last few years. This log is evidentiary and is an attempt to document and establish all patterns of crime, harassment, torture, and terrorism that have been covertly waged on me.

Everything I state here I would repeat without hesitation in a court of law and under oath.

Aug 22, 2016

News reports on skin cancer after being irradiated aggressively with DEW.  Media-coordinated veiled threat.

News report on FEMA.  Predictive Programming.

Overheard family on phone talking to a friend about someone saying “He’s dead.”

One family member said to another when asked about stuff for cleaning the toilet that she was “the Cleaner.”   I also had this cleaner reference in LA when a friend (in retrospect an informant)  said the nickname of a dude who stopped by his place was “The Cleaner.”  Acted like it was some Mafia reference.  I realize now that many of these situations surrounding that guy were part of the long-term CIA psychological operation.

Portlandia, season 5, ep. 10:

In one of the skits, Carrie Brownstein talks about how her daughter is going to do Teach For America out of college. I did Teach For America out of college.

They are trying to set off a motion-sensor alarm, very much like my ADT alarm that got set off remotely on several occasions and cost me twelve hundred bucks, courtesy of LAPD, a main perpetrator in my criminal harassment and profiling in Los Angeles.

In one skit, they are burying stuffed animals.  A family member spoke earlier today of graves and burial while on phone.

All CIA-Mockingbird media possesses an MK-Ultra Psychological Warfare and Programming layer.  I get programming reinforcement from TV, Film, News, all forms of media all the time.  Celebrities, TV personalities, Directors, Producers, Writers are often CIA assets and handlers.  There is a direct connection.

Aug 23, 2016

Family members dressed in all white. Masonic color-programming.

Family watching TV with finger to his mouth, which represents the “Keep Quiet” Masonic symbol.

Cars revving, incessant barking from dogs, and children screaming in the distance when playing basketball.  All noise anchors used to negatively reinforce actions.  These are persistent components of the psychological warfare campaign.

Skype account came up with bogus error for old account. Even though the email validated and it sent me a link to reset the password, when I click the link or do it manually I get an error. Bogus.

VPN Unlimited generating all kinds of errors today and I cannot get onto the internet with it activated. Moving back into off position when turning on. Only stopped doing this when I recorded it. No internet access unless it’s disabled. Has been working without issues until the last couple of days. Had problems with it in the past. Any software that increases security and privacy is often problematic.

Aug 24, 2016

Heavy assault last night. Searing pains to parts of my body. Discomfort in multiple areas, especially head. Using pulses on throat, which make me temporarily lose my breath. Also bizarre fluttering sensation in cartilage of nose.

Talked with Steve Kelley about heavy assault and frustration with inability to implement effective counter defense. He suggested windows screens and faraday cage, two options I was already familiar with.

Landscapers next door all day long. Trademark harassment tactic.

Train blowing whistle as I am typing.  The “whistleblower” PsyOp.

Went to run grab a soda and pick up some supplies from Michael’s Art Store. Usual vehicular mobbing and presence.


  • Custom black and red Corvette Stingray in Michael’s lot.
  • Fire District Ambulance in Dairy Queen lot
  • Two tandem U-hauls in empty lot on Ellerbe
  • Sherriff 251 at Ellerbe/Flournoy intersection.
  • Trucks pulling in to Constable’s property at corner of Ellerbe and Jennifer Lane.

RNM induced focus on Ted Nottingham and Thomas Drake

Overhear family members in den: “Is he dead?” “Yeah, he died young.”

The typical pattern is to subconsciously influence family into talking negatively about someone on the television or someone they know.  They will describe the person usually enough so that it anchors me in them so that I internalize it on a personal level. It’s a cowardly form of veiled threat that also serves to effectively discredit the victim. I am not reading into this or letting my imagination run wild.  This is a military Psych Warfare tactic that comes from an MK-Ultra Monarch playbook.  Psych trauma-based mind control roots.

Aug 25, 2016

Steve talked about the strength and magnetic qualities of spirituality. Talked about how it starts to attract people and they don’t know why. Likened it to a moth and a flame. Before going to bed, I turned on a night light. Within the pool of light on the ceiling, a moth appeared and was flying around.  Example of Synthetic Synchronicity.

Heavy Directed Energy assault last night. Fluttering sensation to cartilage in throat and nose. Temporary loss of breath. Major pulsation and pain to head and temples.

Family member taking a nap with one hand over one eye like the Illuminati gesture that is often seen in the media.

Moth flying around the room.

Huge HAARP storm. Thunder is unbelievably loud. Sounds like an explosion at times. Have had power go out on 4 occasions already, always when I am documenting heavily the control, harassment, and assault I experience. One time, the power went out for over 24 hours. Stayed at a Horseshoe Casino and Hotel that night and was assaulted with DEWs throughout night.  This is a place my dad frequents and is clearly owned by CIA and Masonic Mafia types.

Scripted Conversation from family:

“Those are dangerous. He better be careful or he might have an accident.”

“I think he’s dead.”

Watched “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” and the train blew whistle as I typed this. Has come by several times today.

Aug 26, 2016

Family member doing crossword and asking for help:

“What is deceived?”   I answer, “Snowed.”

This is a CIA tactic used to covertly communicate ideas.  It is used on me often.  Like a lead-in. A person will be subconsciously influenced to ask something and then my answer will possess Psych Warfare value.

Sensation of being dishwasher while doing dishes. Heterodyning.

Sensation of being waiter when carrying plates and glasses.  Heterodyning.

Neighborhood kids at top of driveway in line of sight while watching TV

One of the neighbors (Horans) pulled into their driveway as I arrived at our mailbox.

Watched the Matrix Reloaded and  Matrix Revolution.   This series seems to be strongly connected to my programming.

Aug 27, 2016

Pains in right side, pains in private areas, fluttering of throat and nose, pulsations to head, pressure and involuntary movement on teeth. Woke up cold though the temp is 76.

Aug 28, 2016

Heavy pulsating and wave-like pains over entire head. Intense for periods of a few seconds. Localized pulsating pain in left temple.

Watched videos on HAARP. When I showed a family member a video on weather manipulation and warfare he said, “It’s happening everywhere,” though he knew nothing about HAARP. Direct to Speech.

Aug 29, 2016

Toxic fumes in room and elsewhere.

Major internet problems. No internet at times. Clearly being sabotaged remotely.

VPN problems. Shows several servers in VPN Limited Settings with “Torronto” next to them and crossed out. It’s misspelled with two R’s. A couple of people I recently met and have had conversations with over the phone are from Toronto.

Keychain corruption. Password pop-up box was not working even though I know my password was correct. Had to open up a new user account.

Constant “Connect” and “Disconnect” notifications from firewall coming from and This is typically a broadcast IP but it may be used for something else. Also a notification that there is “Suspicious Activity” that is being blocked.

Had a doublespeak moment with an old friend today when he said  “Maybe you should consider a tactical retreat. I’ve learned how to tackle problems from the side instead of straight on.” Abrupt shift in conversation when I began to discuss what has happened to me.

Found out my younger son’s favorite teacher is named Daniel, whom he calls by his first name in class. Daniel was the name of my best friend growing up.

Aug 30, 2016

YouTube video on someone mentioned that he had an aneurysm while being targeted.  Subconsciously influenced into watching this to send veiled threat my way.

Sep 5, 2016

Heavy assault at night, especially around the head. Worked on creating some protection which helped some but was then attacked in other areas of the body in order to prevent sleep and cause discomfort.

Insects flying around and landing on screen (remote influence). Meant to plant the seed that I am nothing more than an insect.  Insects, dogs, cattle, animals, are often associated with people who are targeted.  Part of the psychological degradation protocol.

All kinds of computer interference. Outlook, Skype, and Textedit, as well as some security programs are crashing a lot. Any program used to document, communicate, or protect against these crimes gets hit.

Family member listening to Arabic channels all the time now after I showed him how to watch Arabic music on Youtube. This could be part of the “Potential Terrorist” frame-up narrative. I am half Middle Eastern but do not speak Arabic.

My harassment increased after visiting my family in Saudi Arabia in 2010. Many terrorist references have been made in different ways since this began. One of their objectives involves discrediting the target through various means, one of them being entrapment and setup.

The idea is to surveil a person and then manipulate them into fitting the preconceived narrative. So if they are trying to pin on you that you are a violent person, then they will do things to get you to react in aggressive ways and ideally assault someone. If they want to make you look like a terrorist, then they do various things to play into that entrapment narrative. Setup, framing, entrapment, and discrediting are main features of this program.

Sep 6, 2016

A good amount of vehicular mobbing and presence today:

  • Several cars with one headlight.
  • Two police cars and an Ambulance with its lights flashing
  • USPS truck with lights flashing drove by while waiting in line at CVS
  • Two teenagers in the vape shop. One resembled my older son. Wore black athletic socks pulled up like my son does. Other was decked out in red.
  • Several foot perps while driving. A man in a wheelchair with a missing leg in my line of sight.  They use disabled people in this program all the time to send veiled threats to a target.  Truly pathetic.
  • Action in CVS. Several people waiting in line in front of me. Nobody else in store. Man in front of me flicked his card under his chin at me. Guy at register crossed his hands in front of him after ringing me up. Masonic gesture that I get often.

Family member had mentioned the day before that there was some kind of recall on chocolate bars and maybe other items. Another family member today asked me if I could get something sweet from the store. I picked up Gold Emblem White chocolate Macadamia cookies from CVS. When I opened the cookies, there were milk chocolate chips in the cookies as well as white chocolate. There is nothing on the package that shows milk chocolate chips.

This kind of coordinated and synchronized experience is accomplished via technology. A person can be influenced to pick out a particular item, which then coordinates with the rest of the PsyOp.  This also happened a few months back when we got a phone call recording saying that “glass pieces” were found in certain Digiorno pizza brands, a brand we just happened to have in the freezer.

None of this is coincidence. These are mapped out, premeditated, veiled threat psychological terrorism scenarios. When targeted, these types of events are designed to close in on a person and make them scared that something they eat might harm or kill them. Continual psychological terrorism is a staple.

Sep 7, 2016

A lot of vehicular mobbing today. A number of cars with one headlight.

When pulling into CVS, Fire Engine no. 19 pulled in simultaneously and the driver walked in just before me. Young guy, short brown hair, stocky. Despicable that firefighters and first responders of all types engage in this kind of behavior on the job. We’re paying the government to harass and terrorize us.

The citizen informants and perpetrators are mind-numbingly repetitive. It’s as if they only know one script and nothing else. Have no minds of their own and poorly trained.

Part of the strategy to up the intimidation factor is to call in first responders and law enforcement if the citizen harassment is not working. None of it works on me anymore except to fuel my commitment to expose this for what it is. Most of these people do not possess the independence of thought to do anything but follow orders. Nor do they have the courage. If they did, they would refuse to take part in this abomination. If they fought for their freedoms as much as they did the dollar bill, the world would be a much different place. Their world view is entirely skewed and turned on its head.

Super slow response on printing and various programs. Typically I will experience interference while attempting to accomplish simple tasks, like printing up a spreadsheet budget. It took me a half hour to do something that would typically take 5 minutes because the program kept hanging and the printer was taking forever to print. This is due to total control of computers and devices, including printers.

My experience has been that anything with wireless capability will be compromised and controlled. I have experienced a lot of interference and problems when trying to print documents and this magnifies if I am printing something related to the harassment.

Read article about guy from Ferguson, Missouri who was discovered in burnt car with a gunshot wound. Later watched music video of Blue Oyster Cult’s Burnin’ For You which had a burning car in it.  Veiled threat through thematic repetition of content via Remote Influence.

Sep 8, 2016

Throughout this experience, it has become clear that technology is being used on the people around me in order to manipulate the outcome of particular events and to handle my life. My financial situation is completely controlled and those who are doing this keep detailed records of what I spend money on, what I purchase, how much money I have in my bank account, in my wallet, ad nauseum.

Because of the traumatic stress of the situation as well as the technology assaulting my brain, I have had trouble focusing on getting work. I am overwhelmed by all of crushing financial debt that has accumulated from the targeting.

When approaching family to temporarily help me out of this dire situation, I experience antagonism, lecture, criticism, degradation, you name it. When they do help me out, it is almost always a trying and stress-laden experience.

Their behavior is without doubt being controlled, and they have no idea. They are being used as mouthpieces, the equivalent of CIA handlers.  This tech is used in such despicable and criminal ways.  They are working hard to drive home that they are taking over my life and the people in it. They are criminal thugs with tech and deserve serious punishment for what they do.

I put a bedspread in the washer and a family member screamed, threw a lit cigarette in the washroom sink, and kept proclaiming that the bedspread would damage the washer because it was too big and because it didn’t “flip over” the way it was supposed to.

The washer was not damaged and there was plenty of room for it to normally complete the cycle. This is an example of manufacturing polarization of emotion between people, and it’s meant to be crazy-making and psychologically abusive. Events are created in such a way as to make one person angry over something ridiculous and minor. In these situations, it becomes impossible to appeal to any sense of reason and fact. That washing the bedspread did nothing harmful to the washer shows how irrational this reaction is. Now that I am aware of how this tech is used on me and those around, I am better able to deal with it when it hits but it’s still affecting. Obvious now, too, that these similar tactics have been used on me for a very long time.  My relationships have been micromanaged by handlers and sadists.

I discovered that I left the water faucet on in the bathroom. Tech-driven distraction from activity courtesy of this technology can cause this if one loses sight of what they’re doing. It is also possible that the pulse weaponry is used to push the handle up at night when I am asleep. I have seen this Directed Energy move heavy objects, including me, and it’s powerful.

Either way, seems there’s a deliberate attempt to ramp up antagonism.  A family member discovered it was on and started lecturing me and overreacting to it. This stuff means nothing to me anymore but it’s pathetic. It is a control tactic that is often used to reinforce the idea that if you do not behave the way criminal intel want you to behave, then they will make things more difficult by taking over your family.

I have no control over that, but I am not going to be controlled by anyone. This is all intel and military PsyOp, models of conditional control. I’ve been through it before and I’m sure I’ll go through it again. I committed to writing about this anytime it happens. What they want is the opposite and I will never give in to that.

What I also notice when the dysfunctionality and abuse ramps up, people have an almost uncontrollable impulse to interrupt you. It’s like speaking to a five-year old who can’t pay attention for very long without interjecting.

In this evil program, your behavior and actions are being scrutinized every moment of every day. It is extreme, obsessive, and relentless.  This is a fear-based and trauma-based control program that preys on one’s psychology and invades every aspect of human life.

Played Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Assassin for an hour or so.  Heavily coded game.  Video games are also used by the CIA to reinforce thematic programming.  Probably moreso on the youth these days than films.

Watched a YouTube video by Chris White that debunked David Icke and connected him with the same Luciferian agenda as Alice Bailey.

There is something demonic in the agenda that seems to be coming from multiple angles but it is coupled with technology that possesses equal influence. The technology can “possess” people and mimic spiritual encounters, alien encounters, and all kinds of other things.

Sep 9, 2016

When I commented that it looked like a family member was winning at Videogame Poker on the Roku, he said:  “There is no winner.”  He then went on as if he were the people behind the poker game saying:  “You think you’re better than us?”  This is meant to be internalized as a statement directed toward me from handlers and the people they represent.

Playing Assassins Creed: Rogue again, and there are all kinds of relations between the storyline and the narratives woven throughout my life. The plot revolves around the Knights Templar who have historical relation to the Jesuits.

At one point in the game tonight, there were enemies that were part of a gang that I had to get rid of. What do you think they were called in the game?  Gang stalkers! The main character, Shea, is an “Assassin who cares.” This character is intended to be related to me as that is often the Modus Operandi used in this program. I do not in any way think I’m some character in a video game, but this is the intention. 

I cannot get away from the narratives they push though. Knight’s Templar, Jesuits, Illuminati, Catholicism, all of these continue to saturate my experience whether researching, watching a film, or playing a video game. Heavy remote influence is always in play.

On the hacking front, the main character in the game whistled when I was not touching the button to do so. This indicates that someone else has mirrored remote access to the controls while I am playing. Two different consoles have been hacked that I know of, but it is likely that the previous one that had to be replaced was also hacked.

I have experienced hacking and gameplay manipulation on multiple games.  Tennis 2K Series and NBA 2K Series are two in particular. I noticed that the AI ability fluctuates at times. There is little doubt that someone is hacked into and playing as the computer. On my PS4, which was so inoperable that I could not even reformat it, I caught it connecting to the internet and changing internet connection and IP addresses from mine to someone else’s.

Like the computers, disabling WiFi does not stop the cyber-interference and harassment. On NBA 2K, the players on the team were changed to extreme sizes (both small and large) and I was not able to change teams or quit the current game. At that point, the only thing I could play on the machine was 2K14 and the same game would recycle with no ability to change it. At one point, I watched as all of my downloads and saved data were destroyed. The console was rendered inoperable.

Sep 10, 2016

Assaulted heavily throughout most of night into morning.

A family member was interrupting me quite a bit, in particular when I was making an audio entry about the harassment. This is a technique that is often used to negatively reinforce what you’re doing. So if I am documenting the harassment, those who are operating the remote influence technology will create an interruption.  It is deliberate and tech-driven.

She then asked me if I could close the door when she left. I said okay and then I heard her as I was walking away yell that she couldn’t open the door.  The door she just asked me to close. I immediately turned around and went downstairs and by the time I got there, another family member woke up in a nasty state, yelling at me and saying “How many times does she have to call you before you answer?” Crazymaking behavior.

The technology wreaks havoc on relationships. The sadistic handlers micro-manage situations in real-time. This technology has been used through much of my life on me as well as family and sometimes friends. It’s scope is worldwide and can tap into anyone at any point. No way to directly prove it yet but the patents and capability are documented if one does the research. Full disclosure of the unspeakable crimes against humanity these people commit with impunity and against innocent civilians would bring down every power structure on earth that secretly sanctions it.

Sharp pinpoint pain just to the left of left eye.

Stomach problems and indigestion all yesterday and today.

Watched first few episodes of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell, an episodic about two magicians who work for British Government and Royal Family. Many of the themes that are woven throughout my experience are present in these storylines. I have often received references to the word “King” since this began. Have seen bumper stickers with “King” on them, people mentioning the word king as well as telepathy and heterodyning to reinforce such innuendo.  This type of remote influence of gesture is coupled with induced perception that further reinforces this idea.

This idea then vacillates with the idea of being a slave or servant.  In one episode of this series, the butler who is black comes into contact with a malevolent spirit that possesses magical powers. The spirit promises that the servant who was born a slave will one day be king. He shows in a vision the servant’s mother in shackles who died while giving him birth. This is to reinforce that his mother was a slave and he was born a slave.

This is the surreal type of experience that is crafted on a near daily basis. I believe the slavery is meant to relate to what for me may be lifelong Monarch slavery. Much of these types of thematic, repeated are reinforced through film, TV, online videos, books, articles. Most of what I watch, read, or learn seems to be to be scripted and deliberate.

Sep 11, 2016

Painful pulses to head and ears. When hit in the ears I can hear the pop of the pulse when it hits. These attacks happen simultaneously with pops I hear in the wood in my room. Seems that the power and heat of the DEW depending on the level of intensity can cause certain solid materials to make a popping or snapping sound. Plastic and wood are the primary materials that do this.

This also makes the weaponry directional as I can locate exactly where in the room the pulse is moving through. Because the noise has come from multiple areas in the room and these are coupled with a simultaneous directional electric jolt, that means that the sources are multiple, which reinforces my theory that several neighbors are taking part in this criminal venture. It could also be drone or cell tower-based, but I believe close proximity and line of sight is preferred.

Sep 12, 2016

Pain and discomfort all over body. Got about one hour of sleep and then had to wake up for jury duty. The people in my neighborhood surveilling me knew this. Evil torture and terror protocols.

Set up a Facebook page for the radio show that I am doing with Steve Kelley

For many months now, I have become aware of how those who harass me use different sound techniques to negatively reinforce one’s actions. This stuff gets bizarre but it is methodical and persistent. One particular example is the use of audio pops coming from my headphones when on the computer. These pops are typically timed with something that I am doing that almost always relates to the harassment and manipulation I’ve experienced. The sound varies in volume and intensity. Sometimes it is soft, sometimes loud.

The objective is to anchor someone in the variations so that they begin to internalize that something they are doing is not liked and that the dislike corresponds to the volume and intensity of the pop. It can also be used to pull focus to the content of something I am doing, like watching a particular video online.

There is no reason that my headphones should pop like that. And it happens on more than one headset so the sound is either being injected from the computer, which is hacked, or from Directed Energy. This same technique is used on my Playstation, which is hacked. When I start an app, like Netflix, the TV speakers emits a scratchy hiss. This also varies in intensity and happens on a number of apps, not just one. The same injection of sound is happening and is meant to trigger a stress response and reaction.

All of these relate to the theory of psychological conditioning through negative reinforcement. Think of it like a parent getting angry and raising their voice. A child gauges how angry the parent is and how much trouble they’re in by how loud and intense the parent is. In truth, yelling at kids is the weakest form of discipline. Positive reinforcement is much more effective and long-lasting. In this program, negative reinforcement via trauma and fear-based control modalities is their primary approach.

When at the court house today for jury duty, the security guard blocked off the entrance to the jury waiting room and two men in orange prison jumpsuits and handcuffs walked past us. One of them looked directly at me when passing.  Threat-based,  Masonic theater in a courtroom.  Attorney later asked the jurors if they played chess and knew what a pawn was, then called on me to answer.  The black and white chessboard is known to represent Masonic duality.  Courts and the legal system engage in Psych Warfare theater against targets.

While playing Assassin’s Creed, I finished a mission and the mission would not end. Instead of one of the character’s following me out of the area, all of his soldiers starting fighting him. At first it was with swords, then they pulled out guns and started shooting him while he stood doing nothing. This kept repeating itself until I quit the game. This is full-fledged hacking of a game on the PS4. This cutscene does not happen at the end of this mission. When I quit the game and started it back up, the soldiers followed me out of the area normally.

Moreover, this is a clear intimidation tactic meant to instill fear and threaten a person with death. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a video game or not. This is psychological terrorism and a veiled threat. It seems the more absurd they can make it, the better, as it will discredit the person explaining it. What a person needs to understand is that when in this program, these kinds of subtle threats come at a target in myriad ways and are persistent. The accumulation of this kind of psychological terrorism induces stress and trauma over time. I have overcome a lot of it, but it’s still a form of terrorism and criminal.

Sep 13, 2016

Usual DEW focus on head and temples.

An insect got into the room and keeps hovering around my computer screen and periodically landing. The same technology used on people is used on animals and insects.  How they do with insects that are this small is hard to say.  Could be noninvasive neural tech.

The insect theme has been used many times. A family member  called me an “outsider” and an “insect” during an tech-induced argument.  He has never talked that way before to me.  Being used as an abusive vessel and mouthpiece for remote handlers.  Those who run this program specialize in using degrading, often hateful language in an attempt to destroy a person’s self esteem and well-being. Doesn’t work on me, but the message being conveyed is that I am nothing more than an insect. This is also reinforced by Pest Control vehicles that they put around a target. I find this ironic as they are the ones who do nothing but obsessively invade the lives of innocent people.

Whatever frequencies are being populated in my residence, there is a distinct difference in mood when I leave for an extended period of time. That leads me to believe that certain frequencies blanket my residence. There is technology still on me when I leave but not to the same degree. This level of frequency is maintained where people live to keep us in an unproductive down state, which feeds into their profiling model.

All kinds of issues when trying to recover data from cloud backups. I have attempted to do this with Cubby, Sugarsync, OneDrive, and Crashplan, and I have problems with all of them. I talked to tech support at Cubby and got nowhere. My account only shows 5gb worth of data when I think at least a hundred if not more. The perpetrators have destroyed much of my data  are making it very difficult for me to recover what’s left. When I do, I get error messages in the browsers popping up out of nowhere and for no reason.

My VPN keeps turning off on its own and then I will get a login prompt asking me to put in information regarding the VPN. This login prompt is not related to the VPN Unlimited app extension and is bogus. This has not happened for a while but when it does I cannot browse the internet. This is targeted cyberharassment and cyberterrorism.

The businesses I talk to that are supposed to be providing me with unbiased customer service are taking part in all kinds of sick and nefarious psy-op tactics. When I spoke with Cubby, the woman who was waiting on me said her name was Doe. My stolen identity and being a “nobody” — as in John Doe — has been communicated to me more than once.  The manager’s name was Dana. An ex-girlfriend’s of mine, her name is Dana.  The pin number that she gave me to remotely log in to my computer was 954852. Without the 54 out, you get 9852, which are the last four digits of my home phone number.  I get those kinds of subtle reflections and reinforcements all over the place, often times much more specific and blatant than this. I am trying to do something very simple, attempting to recover my data from accounts that were compromised and manipulated, and I get stonewalled and PsyOpped. This is what a government does to people it targets and it’s a disgrace.

Over the course of being on the road for about a half hour, I passed two sheriffs, one small firetruck, one fire engine with its lights on and backing into the station. One of the sheriffs pulled over directly in front of me, turned his car around and pointed it in my direction, like he was situating himself to check cars for speeding. Their shady tactics are all plausibly deniable if ever accused of harassment but the patterns don’t lie. A person does not run into that many first responders and policeman over the course of a thirty-minute drive, half of which were in an area with little to no traffic, let alone every time they go out in public.

Sep 16, 2016

Serious pressure to my head. Had to sleep on the floor because it was so bad.

When I went into Capital One to deposit a check, a red-haired cop in civilian clothes asked the teller next to me to make a deposit to the “Sherriff’s Office”

Several trucks with trailers passed by as I approached Ellerbe from Jennifer Lane. Passed a work van parked on Ellerbe. The advertising on the side said “Shred-It.”    This is a PsyOp that is constantly communicated to me to pressure me to get rid of my documentation and evidence.

As I was walking out the door to deposit a check for a loan so I could pay my bills, Chase called. This kind of timing is meant to reinforce that your activity is surveilled and known. Whether the people in the businesses are complicit in this privacy invasion or they are being remotely influenced with technology is hard to determine. It is most likely a mixture of both. Either way, businesses are cooperative with the government in these programs and employees take part in the PsyOp harassment tactics.

Sep 17, 2016

Watching YouTube video “Targeted Parent Video 1.”  With these experiences, connections between your life are made with other experiences. The goal is to impose negative judgements of who, what, and how you were and are. In this case, it’s a video. Not clear whether it’s staged or not, but the parallels are notable. This woman discusses the polarization between her and her husband and how they couldn’t raise their kids well together.

This was an issue between my ex-wife and me but the manipulations happening in my life made this much more pronounced than it really was. We were actually good parents together. Woman also lived in California, which is where I lived. She also says she’s a soccer mom and was on a tight schedule. Jennifer my ex-wife often claimed the same. She says she wanted eight children. This is the number of children my first serious ex-girlfriend Aimee has.

There are many parallels as can often be the case when someone is targeted. The technology can subconsciously suggest various actions. This makes it easy for a person to start having uncanny experiences because you are being directed to them. It also makes it easy for perpetrators to orchestrate events that relate to one’s personal life. If it is purely random, then the people who are targeting me are looking for information that relates to the details of my life. When there are too many details that specifically relate to my biographical details, that becomes unlikely.

Custom plate read “RCPRCTY,” as in reciprocity. Pulled up next to me at a light. License plates are used for covert communication.

Sep 18, 2016

Directed Conversation from family:

“He almost reached the top three times but it failed, and everything crumbled.”

This is part of a narrative that is meant to relate to me personally. Throughout this experience, a PsyOp seed has been planted that if I get rid of the documentation and evidence that I have, then I will receive restitution for the crimes committed against me.  I have attempted to get rid of some of my evidence on a couple of occasions, but it is clear to me now that I was being heavily influenced while under extreme duress to get me to do so in the past.  Never again.  In any case, this conversation moment is meant to relate to this. The idea is to communicate with a target but in such a way that can be easily denied when pointed out.  It’s a form of brainwashing.

Facebook locked me temporarily out of account because it detected “suspicious activity” on my account. Curious what that suspicious activity is? Freedom of Speech?

Speaking with Steve Kelley tonight and he mentioned that Rodrigo Soto, another guy who does a TruthCatRadio show, has diabetes. Diabetes has been mentioned many, many times around me since this began. These guys do vitals on you and then through various means, will create repetitions of various illness and diseases to intimidate you into thinking that you are going to get sick in some way.

Its entirely possible to create all kinds of illnesses with Microwave technology, including cancer, heart attacks, even death. Since this began, some of those that have been repeated often are diabetes, cancers of all kinds, especially brain and skin, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, blindness, deafness. The list goes on. I am not going to live my life anticipating these possibilities, but it is beyond disgusting that people do this without thought to millions of people around the globe.

Very hot in my room tonight. Part of it is that they are increasing the intensity of the microwaves which heats up a person’s body and room temp. I think they also manipulate the AC whenever they want. 

Can tell technology is working on my emotional state and attitude today.

Sep 19, 2016

Sent today to Facebook via their help center:

Hello, My account was disabled by Facebook saying there was suspicious activity two days ago. I received no email re status and still cannot get into my account. The only thing I have done since this accounts was open is make posts and like a few pages. I am confused why it would be flagged with “suspicious activity.”   I am also confused why I have not received any email regarding the status of the account. Please email me re the situation. Thanks.

When I try to send the message with everything filled out correctly I get this: It looks like you forgot something or entered something incorrectly. Please make sure you’ve included all of the required info.

While trying to resolve and pay taxes today, I get a notice from the IRS in the mail regarding my 2014 taxes with a few thousand dollars added for penalties. I also got a spam email entitled “IRS Sneaky Tax Laws.” This is how this government-sponsored harassment and terrorism reinforces their level of control and surveillance of your life. I believe it is also a result of remote influence technology, which subconsciously suggests that I do particular tasks on particular days.

I have these kinds of “timed” events every day and often multiple times throughout a day. Is this what we spend our tax dollars on? It seems so. To target, harass, terrorize, torture and control citizens of this country. It’s all very old, stale, and predictable now but that doesn’t stop it from happening. The systems of repetition that they implement are meant to agitate a human being with ubiquitous and constant interference and intrusion.

The frequencies put into this house have been increased in the last few days. The level of pressure and pain to my head has dramatically increased in the last week. I can feel the pressure pressing down on my temples and parts of my face. I felt this same pressure years ago but not to this degree. This means that this has been going on for years. When you realize that your own government has taken covert but proactive measure to destroy your life, it changes your perspective. If any type of permanent brain injury or ailment surfaces over time, I will sue the U.S. government for all its worth. I don’t care if I win or lose.

Semis with loads on the back that resemble coffins. This is what I call death imagery. School bus at 7:30 at night behind me. This is to plant seed that my kids could get hurt. Disgraceful.

Family member came to my room to tell me before going to bed that if I wanted to “warm up” or “cook” something, to make sure to stay downstairs if I do. This is all about associating trigger words to being microwaved. She has no idea she’s saying it for that reason. These suggestions are all subconscious.

Sep 20, 2016

Could hear the audible pulses hitting a leather jacket that I used as a protective covering. The pulses occur every several seconds to once per minute. When I hear the pulse, I feel an immediate shock to my body.

Family member purchased BBQ Goldfish and made sure to put them in the cupboard in such a way that it was the frist thing I saw.  BBQ is used to reinforce the idea that I am going to be BBQ’d with microwaves.

Watched a video of a TI whose eye got hit very hard by something when in public and claims he can barely see out of it. Blindness is a common threat and I have had eye issues on multiple occasions. At one point, I had to wear a patch for a few days, after experiencing extreme, redness, pain, and watering to left eye.

Sep 21, 2016

The usual focus on head. Woke up with sheets off the mattress, an indicator that I was being jolted hard in my sleep.

When the technology polarizes emotions, it makes having conversations with people near impossible. I notice that people introduce topics intended to give rise to charged conversations. Direct-To-Speech is used to provoke a negative dynamic.

This time, a family member asked me what was in a box of something I bought. I told her that it was a device used as a defense against EMF radiation, to which she reacted negatively. What followed was an argument mostly scripted with tech, where things crescendo and end with her making degrading, insulting, and slanderous comments about what I’ve gone through.

I really don’t care anymore because I know exactly what is going on and I can prove it. But it angers me that this is happening to my family and to families all over.  Getting caught up in what they do, though, becomes malproductive fast. The opinions and language that they are controlling in my family mean less to me than getting to the bottom of how this program works and the proof needed to take it down.

A family member gave me phone when my son Ramsey was on line and said “Ramses the First is on the phone. King Ramses.” I have gotten this often in the last few years and here and there since he was born. This further reinforces the “Slave to King” programming.  I have a shower head that I purchased a while back to replace a broken one and the hose on it looks very much like the Egyptian staffs that ancient Egyptian kings and pharaoh are holding on the sarcophagi.  This is a Masonic pose that I get as well around me.  Tons of Egyptian references through media, too since this began. This is all crafted via remote influence and PsyOp-encoded media.  Real life as theater.

Sep 22, 2016

Very sharp pains to parts of head, face, and neck. Strong, sustained pressure on temples.

QuWave products are helping somewhat in terms of attitude and energy. The technology used on me is powerful and has variable intensity, so any time I invest in something protective, I experience some “backlash” in terms of assault. This is done to reinforce the idea that no matter what you do, you will still experience pain and it might be more damaging because they now have to overcome what you’re doing to protect yourself. I expect this but it won’t stop me from protecting myself. This program is a program built around the goal of inducing a psychology of submission and hopelessness. The torture via DEWs is a main component for accomplishing this goal.

Sep 23, 2016

Can hear the pulses popping my pillow. They seem to come in bursts. Serious pressure and pain to parts of my head, most notably temples. Woke up dried out, which is a symptom of irradiation.

Caught a couple of minutes of TV when downstairs, as I never watch TV. During that time, an advertisement for a show came on and one of the actors said, “Welcome to the CIA.”

Time Machine is stuck at “Preparing Backup.” After getting rid of the “Backup in Progress” file, this issue remains. This has happened on multiple occasions and is typical of the kind of interference I experience. The problems are being introduced behind the scenes and they are made to look like everyday computer issues. Sometimes they are but most of the time they’re not. It is also notable that the apps that typically get corrupted and crash are apps that involve security, privacy, computer cleanup, backing up of data, etc.

Oct 9, 2016

I have taken a few weeks off from logging daily activities of harassment and control but that isn’t because it wasn’t happening. I have been assaulted now every night for a few months and really every day since I’ve been in Shreveport and periodically for many, many years. The primary focus at this point is on the head area, with particular emphasis on the temples and the ears.

I have tested this many nights in a row. I purchased some sheets that have steel threads in the them which I loosely wrap around my head for protection. When I do this, I can distinctly hear the pulses hitting the sheets. The sound is similar to a pelt. This sound also varies in intensity and the intensity corresponds with the pain that I feel. It seems to me that these weapons can be adjusted to cover a varying surface area. When this is adjusted to cover a larger area, it feels like my entire head is being hit with and enveloped in a wave or energy.  Sometimes it is so strong that it jerks my head around. Other parts of my body too.

Right now, I am typing and the dog, which hasn’t barked for a while, is barking very loudly and nonstop as it did for months on end at various points since I arrived in Shreveport. This is meant to condition a target. The dog barking and the train blowing its whistle are two sound triggers used for conditioning. If a person is in an urban area, engines from cars are often used. All of this is to negatively reinforce behavior.  They often use these types of audio or visual cues to remind a target how “bad” it once was and how it’s now lessened, but this is nothing to be grateful for. This is a tool of terrorism and that’s how I treat it.

If they engage in this activity, then I document it.  Just now, the train blew its whistle. These are timed events. This is criminal noise harassment, and our government sponsors it. Citizens and government workers turned terrorists.

The dogs don’t really have a choice. They are being manipulated as well. They probably use the same pulse weaponry that is used on people and hit the dog with frequencies that induce an uncontrollable impulse to bark.  It could also come from another, more distant source, like cell or Gwen towers.

This is animal abuse. Any animal can be controlled. Movement, mood, impulse, all types of behavior. They’re using the same electromagnetically-based technology on animals that they use on humans. For several weeks at a time, the dogs barked for hours on end. None of this is random. All of a target’s environment is highly controlled and conditional.

Family got very angry and upset because I had differing views from them regarding Syria and the United States’ role in that region. These interactions are being remotely managed but the unaware remain unaware. I have found that the best antidote is to remain as calm as possible. Just about any kind of behavior, including word choice in a conversation, overall attitude, and physical movement can be micro-controlled. These experiences are like navigating a minefield.

This comes after a couple of days of me writing about my experiences in detail and working toward putting it in book format.  When being proactive in these ways, I experience various types of harassment and interference, like internet problems, manipulated behavior of people around me, noise harassment from neighbors, Directed Energy assaults, and various recipes of torture and terrorism.

The consequence is irrelevant now. I’ve already accepted that they do what they do and these things won’t change. We are living in a country that terrorizes its citizens if and when it wants to in order to try and control or destroy them. I will expose this.

Oct 17, 2016

Keeping up with writing on a daily basis when you’re targeted is hard. A person who is not familiar with what this program does to an individual must understand that when one is targeted, anything and everything they do in order to document or expose what’s happening to them is met with harassment, intimidation, retaliation, and consequence of all kinds.

Writing is no different. But that doesn’t stop me. Just makes it harder. I have now been assaulted on a nightly basis of which I am aware for almost a year. I now know that I have been periodically assaulted for much of my life. Once I realized this was being done, then it increased. That’s a usual M.O.

Case in point regarding harassment when documenting. One of the neighbors is hitting me with a pulse gun right now. Sometimes the angle that they use hits the plastic of a gaming console and makes a popping sound. They can do this in the walls too. These people are vile and don’t deserve to be called human. They should be locked up and the key should be thrown away. Their arrogance will eventually get the best of them.

Perpetrators behave as if they’re above the law because they have backing from the law, but the second that support goes away, they all end up in jail. If that doesn’t happen, then an all-out revolution will likely occur, which may be the plan. There’s just too much corruption and too many people know about it.

Gang stalking terrorism is an extension of that corruption and will eventually be destroyed. In the meantime, I put up with unspeakable acts of torture and terrorism, as do many others like me.  At some point, the world will become aware of this globalized nightnare and will focus squarely on these degenerates who behind walls and technology wage evil on the innocent. Such cowardice. Such a disgrace.

Oct 18, 2016

My video has been stuttering constantly on my computer for the last few days. Whoever manages my internet connection bottlenecks the speed or floods the network so that my bandwidth decreases and videos take too long to load. This causes the stream to hiccup constantly.

These perpetrators are terrorists. And they’re being rewarded for it. As usual, I was assaulted in my bed though not as severely as a few days ago. Again, this is a conditioning tool. The perpetrators are trying to get the target — me — to associate their actions with consequences delivered to the target in a number of ways. One of those ways is assault with Directed Energy. If the target documents too heavily or does a radio show about the targeting like I did today, then they will assault me more heavily to negatively reinforce the action.

This is the typical pattern. If it’s not all out assault, they may try to control the behavior of the people around me in order to manufacture dysfunction.  The unwitting subjects of this neural technology have no idea they are being influenced.  If you try to point out inconsistencies or contradictions in behavior, the reaction will be negative and often hostile.

Accept nothing, deny everything, throw out counter accusations. This is the modus operandi that these perps use. They turn people into mouthpiece, used as a conduit for the MK-Ultra handler. Much like a real-time Sims game.

The handlers want the reactions of friends and family not to make sense to you, to seem out of character and off-kilter. The more they can push the envelope of the personality of the victim, the better. On some occasions, it can seem like the people you are talking to are not themselves at all. Almost like they have been taken over entirely and possessed by technology.

I am one man with one experience, one life.  What I have undergone is the stuff of fiction and nightmares. No man or woman, no human should ever have to go through this and there are millions of us.

Oct 21, 2016

I just watched a video of a guy who at one point was very well spoken on the subject of Targeting, Gangstalking, and Mind Control. A few months ago, though, he sold out and it is pathetic to see. If you are targeted, there are oftentimes attempts to discredit you. This can be accomplished by wrongful declaration of mental illness, character defamation, slander, and wrongful incarceration.

A person is being tortured and terrorized and if they attempt to defend themselves and share their horrific experience, then that will in every way be used against the individual. In this young man’s case, he discredited himself by claiming that he was never actually gangstalked and targeted but rather that he was suffering from schizophrenia. Not only is he damaging his personal integrity but he is damaging the real and palpable plight of Targeted Individuals around the world.

My guess is that those in power who manage this evil program will use people like him as discrediting poster children for a defamation of the truth. If that doesn’t work, which I don’t believe it will, then they will look for ways to control the damage once the truth is out. No matter what is done to dismiss the claims of millions around the world, Targeted Individuals will someday be vindicated. It most likely won’t be clean and I’m sure many will get lost in the shuffle but it will happen. This secret cannot be suppressed forever. The truth has already gained too much traction.

Oct 22, 2016

I am getting irradiated nightly with enough intensity that I wake up the next morning feeling very depleted. Energy levels are low and awaken in a down state. This is not from something internal though the assault and the way it makes one feel does affect attitude. I continue to hear the pulses coming into my ears. The sound is unmistakable and can easily be captured with a recording device.

Nov 15, 2016

The last few weeks have been intense in terms of nightly assault. Much of the emphasis continues to be on my temples and ears and the head area in general. This is dangerous over time as these pulses irradiate the body which can in the long-term cause cancer. I have also had a number of people mention “cancer” lately. Cancer can easily be caused by these weapons.

I tested out some new protection for my head area mostly and it has helped, though I still feel the jolts. It is next to impossible to completely overcome these attacks without investing in very expensive material. Even then, they may still overcome it.

Anytime I move, the pulses follow me and continue to focus on the same part of my body, namely the temples and ears. When the material is hit with the pulses, it makes a clear sound.  They have precise surveillance on me and can see me in the dark.  When I move, the pulses stop for a few seconds but then pick back up and focus on the same part of the body.

They likely use some kind of thermal imaging for clear visuals and GPS and radar for precise location. When the pulses successfully hit a particular part of my body, the heat signature probably changes on their monitor indicating that they have successfully hit the target.  When I am pulsed, even if I do not react, they are able to hit the same spot again with much higher frequency after the first successful hit.  This makes me think that they have some kind of indicator that shows whether they hit me cleanly or not.

When I record the pulses and move the recorder close to the point of impact so that it generates the loudest sound, they often stop pulsing in that spot. This implies that they are watching every move I make and as a rule, limiting any incriminating proof of assault.

Family made a point to tell me that “Today is BBQ and baked beans.”

BBQ is mentioned when a more intense microwave session is planned.  Directed Conversation is often used to telegraph future consequence or communicate a veiled threat.

The same words are repeated often so that they serve as anchors for the verbal terror and veiled threat campaign. This is called Direct To Speech and is accomplished using neural tech, which influences the words a person speaks. This is similar to Directed Conversation, in which the perpetrator is aware that they are psychologically harassing someone, but in the case of Direct to Speech, the person is unaware that the words they are speaking are not their own.

Many of the words are used as PsyOps on the target and meant to intimidate via indirect threat of consequence. In the case of the words “BBQ” and “Baked,” the remote handlers are reminding a target that they will soon be microwaved with Directed Energy Weapons. “Cooked, eat, hot, oven, microwave, nuke, and toast” are also frequently used to signify the same. I hear this kind of language on a near daily basis, and they are coming from people who have no idea that a Targeting Program exists beyond what I explain to them.

Nov 18, 2016

Directed Conversation:

“That guy’s nuts.” This was by a family member when referring to a person on the show “Dateline.”

The themes of this show are very heavily scripted to relate to experiences I go through. More psychological degradation and warfare.

Nov 21, 2016

A lot of hacking interference today. Had to restart computers several times to get it to a functional state again. When I lock the Keychain Access, it will not lock the Local Items keychain. This is not normal and the user account that I am working off of was created only a few days ago because my past ones became too corrupted to function properly.

Slow degradation of functionality over time in an attempt to pass these issues off as “natural” is typical.  I have been on computers most of my life and have fixed hundreds of machines. I know when a machine is naturally corrupted or infected and when it is hacked and all of my machines are heavily hacked, monitored, and manipulated.


Interference and manipulation externally and internally has become a standard daily experience. Sometimes it’s heavy, other times light, always present. It’s hard to break this experience down in any manageable way so that people grasp the breadth and depth of it all.


Today has been a tough day. I have been assaulted and tortured every single night for several months. This was going on for years but covertly. Once I realized that what I was experiencing was not coming from me, the assault dramatically increased.

My sleep patterns have been severely disrupted, keeping me up throughout most and sometimes all of the night. At times, I have been assaulted through to the next day. Today, I was not able to fall asleep until around 1pm. Without protection, I don’t think I would have slept at all.

I tried to sleep on the bed, and they immediately started attacking my head and body. It seems today they were intent on preventing me from sleeping at all. I moved to the floor and was able to sleep for about four hours while still being attacked. My head, my throat, different parts of my body, my eyes, my mouth, my back, anywhere is fair game.

When they hit hard the shock of the electric jolt is not just painful but electrifies the body in such a way to sustain wakefulness. I can be on the verge of falling asleep, receive one of these heavier duty shocks, and be wide awake again. This is akin to MK-Ultra electro shock treatment that started in the early 50s but more resembles torture than treatment.

The difference now is that neighbors are being supplied with portable EMP weaponry that they can use to attack you from the comfort of their home. The same Satanic, Nazi terror and torture tactics remain the same.

What these criminals are doing to me and hundreds of thousands if not millions around this country and the world is hard to believe. They should all be in jail for a long time for their crimes.  Multiple neighbors take part and collaborate on these attacks. I can hear the pulses coming through the walls and from various angles. They surround the target in this way in order to make the truth less believable, to avoid incrimination pointing to a single source, and to ensure that they always have a clear angle on the target.

In order for the torture program to be successful, they must guarantee that the target cannot escape the assault and torture.  Anything less is unacceptable, as it gives someone a psychological and physical break, which would move a person toward recovery. Their programs effectiveness at traumatizing and breaking down the target would then begin to fail.

Anytime I shut my eyes, I am assaulted with pulses. They hit my teeth, shake the bed, jerk and jolt my head, anything to make it impossible to fall asleep. Their lives revolve around harassing and torturing another human being.

Dec 17, 2016

Today the sound harassment consists of dogs and trains, two noises that I was anchored in when I first arrived in Shreveport. At its pinnacle, the dogs barked for hours on any given day. The train has come by a half dozen times in one day. These are used for negative reinforcement and Pavlovian conditioning of the target.

Many of the techniques used are psychological. They are meant to inspire a target to associate their actions and behavior with these sounds. Over time, I become sensitized to these sounds and start to make a conscious connection between their action and sound harassment. Once this happens, then the perpetrators can try and use sound harassment to control the target’s actions or prevent them from doing things that these terrorists don’t want a target to do.

It’s a fear-based and trauma-based psychology. Loudly barking dogs and other types of loud aggressive sounds will induce fear in a lot of people. A person then reacts to this and if fear arises, it may prevent them from following through with whatever they are doing. For me, this always happens when I am documenting what they do and even more so when I share it. These techniques have absolutely no effect on me anymore, except that I see them as an opportunity to catch these perpetrators in the act. I document their harassment and torture to reinforce further proof of pattern and experience.

Dec 24, 2016

The level of energy, money, attention spent creating problems for me, trying to control and manipulate my life, is mind-blowing. Any appliation they do not want me using, they attempt to sabotage. I use a super simple word processor because the others are messed with in a way that interrupts workflow.  Now, on this one, when I choose a bullet for one line, it bullets the entire document on every line. Fascistic, parasitic, hacking and interference.

Been assaulted at times during the day now. They are focusing ELF on my body all day. The harder jolts happen at night.

Look back at the political abuse of psychiatry during Communist Russia and Nazi Germany.  In 1950s MK-Ultra program, electroshock therapy and sleep deprivation was standard.  Many lives were destroyed because due to permanently debilitating “treatment.” Today’s targeting is an evolution of that program, Now, neighbor informants do the government’s dirty work.  These people are sadistic. They deserve swift and severe punishment for what they do.

The pyramid, inverted pyramid, 666, devil’s horns, and other gestures are pervasive. News reporters, politicians, celebrities, and major world stage players flash them often. It’s an insider’s signal of affiliation and allegiance. The lies and deceptions are wide and deep.

The idea that Trump has come to save the day is another clever plot twist in this absurd global production. He’s playing a part, selected a long time ago. He throws up more hand signs more than any other president maybe ever.

Dec 26, 2016

My sons have been here for a week now. The assault and manipulation, as well as the vehicular and informant harassment and mobbing, continues. They try hard to provoke me while my sons are here. This is done to discredit me in their eyes.

The neural influence of the people continues. The black and red and orange combinations have increased, driving home the satanic and masonic forces that drive this program.

Whoever and whatever the primary components are, these people terrorize and torment innocent civilians as a rule and with impunity. They persecute us despite or maybe because of our qualities. They will use anything and everything against us. These are disgraceful human beings.

While outside playing basketball with my older son, the criminal perp next door came outside with a cigarette in his mouth and wearing all black.  They try hard to get me going.

They will look for anything to do in your line of sight. This time, it was drilling holes on his back porch. Thy have been keeping the garage door open the last few times as well. Methodical repetition is key to establishing anchors and triggers. Open doors, open trunks on cars, open garages, are all used often.  They go for stuff that sounds ridiculous when described.

The intel handlers specialize in driving a person’s mind with sequences of negativity. Negative internal reactions and thought patterns of all types are used. Thought implantation and sequencing is standard. They implant thoughts, then attempt to frame a person with the thoughts that they’ve implanted. It’s like a shady mafioso version of Minority Report but in this case, the thoughts are not my own.

The potential for inhumane and criminal abuse with this technology in the wrong hands is great. This is demonstrated on me every day. Our government, security contractors, and the organized criminals they’ve lent this technology to are bound to silence.  As such, proving this remains difficult. Any attempt to tell this truth without censorship is met with aggressive discrediting.

There isn’t a severe enough punishment for the hijacking of another person’s life and mind.

Dec 31, 2016

Took my sons fishing today and the criminals were particularly active. The managers of this program and my targeting continue to put lowlifes and thugs around me wherever I go. This has the dirty signature of the CIA all over it. Pure domestic terrorism. Children don’t matter to them. If anything, they ramp up everything with my sons in town.

Many gangster thug types around us these days.  A lot of tricked out cars driving recklessly. DHS, intelligence agencies, and local law enforcement use thugs to terrorize people.

They’ve used the same thugs to break into my residence in two different states. I do my best to keep my sons distracted from it, but my older son started to pick up on stuff. I explained things in the best way I could. What is a parent supposed to do in a situation like this? Our government is the number one perpetrator of domestic terrorism. We are headed for a new Nazi Germany that is more ominous than the first. This is a terrible period of our history as a country. It will go down in infamy.

Dude’s truck today next to a fishing hole we went to had covers on his seats that said “Bone Collector.”

Ridiculous fireworks around our place tonight. The perpetrating neighbors use opportunities like New Year’s Eve to engage in aggressive sound campaigns. These huge thunderous booms sound much like explosions or gunshots. This is a veiled threat PsyOp.

When we were fishing earlier today, there were several gunshots in the distance as well.  Any chance to create threatening noise around me is taken. I live in a rural area, so gunshots and aggressive barking dogs are two that they can more easily blend into the surroundings. Helicopters, planes, trains, vehicles of all types, anything they can use in ways that feel aggressive and increase presence they do.

Our country has been weaponized and people don’t see it.

We discovered when we went outside that the fireworks were coming next door. Tyler, the man who rents this place is a major perpetrator.  When I inquired in person about the super loud fireworks, his friend sat that they were “artillery shells.”

Very odd vibe from this man and his family from the beginning. They moved in two weeks after I arrived. His wife is redheaded which has been a theme throughout my life and is trademark to this Luciferian movement. I’ve studied my life and this program enough that I know these details are never accidental. Red is a favorite color of theirs.

They also have a huge fire burning in the front yard, which they have done before, even in the summer. Fire is a big Luciferian symbol and used around me a lot. Veiled threats and innuendo of a residential fire have been used often on me. Directed Conversation about fires will be coordinated with people around our neighborhood burning fires in their front yard.

What do you think they world would say about these practices if the masses became aware of this? Two young boys who are being targeted along with their dad while minding their own business and trying to have a good time for the few weeks they see each other all year.

Rather than give a target time off, these dirtbags increase the harassment when I am with my kids. Is this something that our society now condones?  Have the majority of Americans gone fascist and terrorist?

I hope not. But there is a solid percentage that thinks it can take the law into its own hands, act as judge, jury, and executioner, and do whatever it wants to whoever it wants whenever it wants. What an abomination to humanity.

I can’t think of a more evil act than to bring children into this.

Jan 10, 2017

This is a compilation of several different examples of the train harassment.  This is a major anchor for me and is used in different ways to attempt to negatively reinforce my actions.  The frequency, intensity, duration, tone, and style of the “whistleblower” often varies depending on intent.  This is a key component of Behavioral and Operant Conditioning.  The trains are used all over town to maintain presence around me.   They are heavily involved in this MK-Ultra Trauma-Based Program.

Noise Campaign Compilation – Trains

Jan 14, 2017

When a person see that their life is manipulated, just relaxing and being yourself is not easy.  My moment to moment behavior is scrutinized, judged, abused, threatened and terrorized all day every day.  My world – both external and internal — is tightly controlled.

The technology that I have experienced defies comprehension. Mind reading, physical manipulation, thought implants, synthetic telepathy, impulse control, and behavioral mapping are standard. I have been consciously aware of this for a year now.

It’s clear this goes way back, most likely to birth or before. As I type now, I am having trouble hitting the correct keys. This is a direct result of neural interference. At other times, my typing is nearly mistake-free. There is a spectrum of degradation and augmentation that this technology travels.

Our government has worked hard to create the perfect crime. It is incredibly difficult to prove and intentionally sensational. The more exotic and surreal, the more outlandish sounding, the less likely to be believed.  Honest, intelligent analysis and disclosure is met with derision, slander, and if they feel particularly threatened, criminal institutionalization and incarceration. Every day I deal with this ever-present threat.

Military and intel are masters of psychological warfare. Part of that warfare involves constant intimidation tactics.  I have learned to overcome and ignore most of it. If the target becomes immune to the trauma-based psychological operations, the handlers hijack one’s neurology in an attempt to induce the desired response.

This includes taking over one’s inner voice and thought process, which is a form of brain entrainment. My brain is tapped into and manipulated in real-time. I have yet to find a way to stop this from happening. I am dealing with around the clock, internal terrorists who interfere with my thoughts, my emotions, my attitude, my perception, my personality.

I am an experiment to them, a vessel for their programming. I am the main character in their video game, and they take sadistic pleasure in seeing how much they can remotely control me. How does a person escape this? Our brains have no firewalls. Once they are tapped, these agencies can track us anywhere in the world. We are nodes and receivers that cannot be turned off.

Can people wrap their heads around the scope of this?  Millions of people are dealing with this every day and no one is doing a thing. Why? Are those in power being controlled in the same way?  Are they equally programmed? Or are they just blackmailed and compromised, too greedy, too power-hungry, that they overlook or worse promote this unprecedented crime against humanity?

No human being should go through this horrible experience. Many are who don’t know it. They were covertly manipulating my life for over forty years before I picked up on this. Because it works on a subconscious level, they can blend their trauma-based programming into a person’s life without conscious awareness. We are conditioned to perceive negative experiences as bad breaks, negative emotions as depression, anything bad in life as happening naturally. We assume that our own behavior, our own emotions, our own choices could never possibly come from a source outside of us.

We are wrong.

Jan 15, 2017

The Neural Tech is used often to disrupt concentration and focus. Any time I do things to expose and prove this experience, they hit me with frequencies to make it much harder to follow through.

I liken it to a neurological scrambling device. They have broken down behavior in terms of frequency, so they understand that various frequencies can be injected into a person to disrupt the natural cognitive and neurological. This could be as simple as beaming a frequency toward that generates fatigue, or it could be more comples, like manipulating impulse, emotion, motivation, and thoughts.

Combining distractibility with memory management and then the impulse to do something else can cause person over time to forget what they initially intended to see through. This can be overcome through organization and conscious awareness of their tactics but continued assaults and torture can lead a person to giving up.

The MK-Ultra methodology is the same: break a person down in order to control behavior and increase suggestibility to programming. This is done to a target daily and increases in intensity when fighting back.

I woke up today and felt pain in the middle of my back. I continue to wake up and feel very low energy. As I write this, the pain became noticeable again. I am assaulted to reinforce veiled threats in conversations and other modes of communication that threaten with harm of various types.  So I can see a commercial that talks about back pain and then for several days in a row, my back gets hit and I wake up in pain.

They read my thoughts as well. They will also influence others into saying something that relates directly to a thought I am having. These coordinated synchronicities are purely driven by technology..

Jan 16, 2017

I have not felt well all day. Low energy, sluggishness, a stomach ache. I woke up out of it. There is no reason for me to feel this way except for the frequencies hitting me throughout the night. The ringing in my ears has been persistent lately.

Watched an interview with Max Spiers that discussed Project Oaktree. I have gotten innuendo on multiple occasions that I am connected to Spiers.  The children that were a part of this project were born in the 70s as was I. This program connects to Eugenics ideology and in many cases might involve genetic and DNA manipulation that goes way beyond tech-driven programming.

I am getting pulsed any time I close my eyes. These criminals adhere to a torture-based MK-Ultra style electroshock treatment that use pulse microwave weaponry to accomplish remotely what used to be done in physical proximity. Any time I try to protect myself from their assaults, they hit harder and do whatever necessary to overcome the protection. These are Zersetzung and Monarch Programming tactics designed to encourage the victim to give up and give in.

Was invited by Steve and Dave Robbins as a guest on TruthCat Radio tonight. As they wrapped up, Steve recommended Ozzie’s “Crazy Train” and Talking Heads “Burning Down the House.” In recent days, I have had a few references to fires.  This is thematic veiled threat for me. I have smelled burning wood as well around my residence on more than one occasion.

Ozzie could be a reference to OZ Monarch Programming, and as a kid, I listened to Ozzie Osborne’s song “Crazy Train” often.  It was clearly a part of my CIA music programming. The kid whose dad was a cop and most likely a local handler turned me onto Ozzy Osbourne and KISS when I was seven or eight, although I never really liked heavy metal.

He has done a few other things like this as well and I am starting to question his true motive. It could be tech-driven PsyOp as well. Endlessly frustrating that I can’t prove it either way.

When your life is manipulated the way mine has been manipulated, you find yourself surrounded by duplicity. They can be nice, friendly, supportive, and still duplicitous. It’s the utmost betrayal and disrespect to lie to a person about who you really are. I realize now this has been the case with many in my life.  Sad.

Jan 18, 2017

This program creates a persistent atmosphere of conditional consequence. Psychological and physical torture, trauma, and fear-based techniques are used every day on me with the goal of modifying behavior and personality. Another goal is to condition fearlessness. In that sense, the program is highly militaristic. Black Ops programs that covertly program Sleeper Agents, Super Soldiers, Manchurians, Monarchs, do this kind of thing. World stage figureheads are also conditioned in this way I believe.

While playing backgammon, a family member forgets that I went first, then starts counting very slowly and one by one. This is synthetically induced symptoms of dementia. It is forced, deliberate, and contrived. It can be switched off in an instant.

Commercial comes on about diabetes. Commercials about diabetes have been on the TV a lot. Will be interesting if I learn that I do have diabetes at some point. My vitals and other physiological measurements are taken remotely.

Commercial on blindness. I have had Directed Conversations about eye surgery on a number of occasions in recent days.

Me TV in particular has shows on the TV that almost always are shows that I watched religiously: Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, MacGyver, Good Times, The Andy Griffith Show, Three’s Company, I Dream of Jeannie, Chips. This channel was kept on for months on end in the den. They are connecting me to childhood programs that I grew up with as a part of programming reinforcement and ritual.  In a way, they are covertly affirming that they have been in my life going all the way back.

When trying to sleep last night, I got jolted in the throat in such a way that I could not breathe. I could feel the electrification around my throat area for 15 to 30 seconds afterward.

At about 5 in the morning, I received hard shocks to my head and burning sensations around my body, as well as a crawling sensation under my skin that makes it impossible to get comfortable. This may come from nanotech in my body that has the ability to move around when excited. It’s either that or my body is being pulsed in such a way to induce this sensation.

Also, I looked out the window and noticed a light on in a house further away and behind our house that I had not seen on before. For a light to be on in the middle of the night like that is almost always intentional and meant to be provocative. The neighbor directly behind me keeps his light on all night.

This was exactly what the neighbor above my bedroom and adjacent to our apartment did in Los Angeles. The Jewish Center behind our building in LA kept their light on in a huge back window all night even after I asked them if they could turn it off because it was shining into my room. The house behind me here has a similarly huge window and they keep the light on all night every night. This kind of mirroring of environment is a component of this program.

Jan 19, 2017

When I woke up today, I felt horrible. After an hour, I feel fine. Today, though, I was wobbly when I got out of the bed. I have had this experience too on a number of occasions. There is no natural reason for this and is most likely due to a combination of Directed Energy assaults and Hypnotic Programming.

A rodent has been scurrying around and gnawing on the wood in the walls. I have not heard this in many months. The last time, I looked for the source and found nothing. The idea me being a “rat” for outing these criminals is a recurring theme. This seems to be another bizarre CIA PsyOp that plays into that idea.

The more bizarre the better, as it adds to the unbelievability. I think they are remotely influencing a live animal to move around and gnaw on wood when desired.  They could be projecting sound, too, but this sounds like a real animal.

Got an email today that had a document in it with password protection. It was from Odio Corporation and addressed to me. Had icons for invoice and payment. Email was from Prairie Intl, which seems to be a trucking and transportation company. I had some unusual charges on my card that I disputed when this first hit that were from a shipping company.

Jan 20, 2017

External hard drive failed, backup failed. This has happened many times and is a result of deliberate corruption. Had to reformat the drive and erase all the data in order to use again.

While outside today for about a half hour or so, continual activity from various sources. This activity increases in frequency when I went outside and does not stop.

The entire time someone was using an extremely loud cutting saw, which I have gotten on many occasions since here and from various neighbors.

Very loud hammering of some sort from a house somewhere behind our backyard.

Very loud revving engines in the distance as well.

Seven planes overhead, one a military plane flying fairly low. Also, a smaller Cessna type plane circled over our airspace three or four times.

Dogs barking.

Kids yelling next door.

Very loud truck pulling up into the subdivision next to our back yard, then backed up, and took off.

Pulsing assaults to my head minutes after closing eyes on couch in den. I can go to any room in the house, and I am still pulsed. This is external always, as I put something solid up against my temple and can hear the pulses.

Stuttering internet when watching video. Internet light was red and down earlier today.

Jan 21, 2017

Assaulted heavily when trying to sleep. They are hitting my throat so that it reverberates throughout my head and neck. I lose my breath as well.

Woke up again feeling sluggish, dehydrated, and irradiated. This has been going on for years but now I am aware of the source, which is pulsed, EMF radiation. This induces cancer in a person. I have also been waking up with dark circles and bags under my eyes despite sleeping for several hours.

Walked into den and caught the TV for a second. The channel was on the Vanderbilt and Florida game. Vanderbilt had just beaten the Florida Gators 68-66. I went to Vanderbilt.  These kinds of subtle connections are timed and deliberate. In the same way that people drop info about your life in conversations, the CIA does the same with media.

Scratching animal noises are coming from the wall again. Animals like humans can be influenced with neural technology at will. When this technology is disclosed to the public, that will become very obvious.

Trying to watch training videos from Lynda.com and the video reloads every five to ten seconds.  I am trying to develop skills for work and I cannot watch the training videos because those hacking my computer attack my internet.

I am monitored 24 hours a day and my actions are continually scrutinized and often responded to.  This is an example of that. Standing in the way of people getting things done and improving their situation is a tactic the Stasi used and why they called their operations Zersetzung, which literally means “erosion.”

During the initial takedown period, for a few months, my network was hijacked, I had little to no internet access, I lost serious amounts of data, and my ability to stay organized amid all the chaos they created plummeted.  To this day, I still have not been able to retrieve hundreds of gigs worth of files.  Doing this to a person’s life can ruin someone permanently.  It is a serious crime and local law enforcement and the DHS commit it with impunity.

Throbbing headache today. This came about an hour after a family member asked me for Excedrin for a headache that she had. This is induced by EMF pulsing to the temples and other parts of the head. The timed coordination is a PsyOp and meant to reinforce the fact that the headache isn’t natural.

When playing basketball, the kids were outside being obnoxious. The older brother made a point to unwrap something and then move into my line of sight to throw it away in their trash can outside. The idea of throwing away my evidence of their criminal activity and harassment was a seed planted long ago. Right before that, a family member used the phrase “get rid of it” during a conversation. There is a trash business here that is called “Get rid of it” and has those words painted on the front of its dumpsters.

When I stopped playing basketball and went into the backyard to relax outside for a few minutes, the neighbors in the back were also outside walking around. A younger daughter stayed outside to play on the trampoline. This I think is the same girl who made an off-color remark to my sons while we were playing frisbee outside when they were visiting.

As I walked back inside, the older kid next door made sure to ride his bike almost onto our property in front of me. These tactics are meant to provoke an aggressive reaction.  That they use children in this way is truly shameful. Remote influence technology is could come into play as well but the neighbors adjacent to us know what they are doing.

Extreme assault to back of head and neck. Burning sensations to various part of the body.

Jan 22, 2017

While playing basketball, the neighbors to the right came out of their house, got in the car, turned on the lights (pointed in my direction), and stayed in the driveway for fifteen minutes until I stopped playing basketball and went inside. Right after they did this, their dog barked incessantly and the train blew its whistle. This is coordinated sound and visual harassment meant to increase agitation. I can’t say whether the conductor streams surveillance on me or is instructed to do this but the timing deliberate in its precision.

I stepped in the den for a couple of minutes while toasting something and on the TV was a commercial for Shriners showing kids with disabilities. The Shriners is a Masonic organization. A number of months ago, I got a random call from the Shriners organization asking me if I wanted to donate money to the cause. This group claims to be all about charity but is directly connected to those who harass and terrorize and send veiled threats to innocent civilians. I have had many Freemasons around me and harassing me. A number have thrown out Masonic gestures while in my line of sight.

Pulsing sounds in the walls throughout the day. Pulse the window frames as well.

Skype shows “unavailable” though my internet connection is good. Says it doesn’t recognize my sign-in details but the email address associated with the account is correct. When I sign into the web version of Skype, it works fine. This proves that the local Skype app is being manipulated.  There is no other reason that Skype would be inaccessible.  This has happened several times before.

Jan 23, 2017

A few minutes after I woke up, two planes flew overhead and the train passed by.

In the past few hours, several planes have flown overhead and the train has come by four times.

Internet is sluggish. Pages taking a while to load.

I cannot keep the Autocorrect in the TextEdit app disabled. This is an indicator of manipulation. Many times the words automatically change to another word that does not really make sense as a first choice.  Intel has used this before on me as a PysOp and a form of covert communication.

Internet stuttering while playing video.

Another induced headache today via EMF.

Can hear the pulses hitting my headphones. This typically sounds like a kind of crackling but is not caused by anything rubbing up against the headphones. The pulses can be adjusted ranging from pin points to several inches in diameter. When I place a solid material against my temples, I hear pulses hit the material in a spraying pattern. Anytime I begin to record the sound, the pulses diminish.  Those surveilling and assaulting me back off at any attempt to gather evidence of their crimes.

Small jolts to various parts of my body throughout the day.

Minutes after I began playing basketball, a family member drove up. The technology coordinates intersections between people. Those tech is used to mimic the behavior that perpetrators employ in order to confuse the situation and provoke false accusations.

As I walked past the den, a special was on about children in hospitals.  Impulses are injected to so that I catch something on the TV that has Psych Warfare value. I have received numerous veiled threats regarding my children since this began. The CIA uses TV programming to reinforce this.  It’s a favorite choice because of its deniability and psychiatric profiling value.

While sitting outside for a few minutes, several cars with super loud engines passed in the distance. For me to hear that kind of volume, the engines have to be tricked out the accelerator all the way to the ground.

Family member, talking about Trump, “He’s gonna get himself hanged. He’s a liar, he likes to create conflict, he doesn’t listen.” This is an example of Scripted Conversation.

The same person brought up Trump again out of nowhere while having dinner. The tech drives conversations in order to move people toward arguments and tension. Topics that they know will antagonize are brought up with much greater frequency.  The conversation quickly devolved into this person talking about how I don’t believe anything on the news, and then going off on me. Crazymaking scenarios.

Jan 24, 2017

Manipulated dreams last night.

Not long after waking up, a plane flies overhead and the train goes by.

Woke up with an unsettled feeling. This is often due to technology on a person’s brain while sleeping.

Random jolts to various parts of my body, typically limbs.

FB logged out on its own.

When logging back in today, my email address was recognized as valid which proves that there is manipulation and an injection of bogus error messages when it has said in the past that the same email was not recognized as a valid account. Because I make a number of posts regarding my targeting, Facebook is messed with often.

Pages are loading very slowly and often hanging.

Very loud banging of cabinets and other noises coming from other family members. This is tech-driven behavior and is another example of noise harassment that works as an anchor and trigger when repeated with method.  Anchoring a target in aggressive or loud sounds is a form of negative reinforcement and operant conditioning. I get this a lot while preparing for the radio show. The people being influenced are entirely unaware.

Firewall shows “Suspicious Activity Detected.”

Screen blacked out when logging back in.

Unusual smell in my room.  Smells like burning wood. . This comes off a week where I have had many house fire references, something I’ve had at different point throughout the last two years.

The usual toxin smell is back in various parts of the house.

Family member is lying on the couch with his fingers to his lips in a way that resembles the Illuminati “Be Quiet” gesture.  Tech-driven influenced gesture.

Spotify volume just faded in and out though I did not touch the volume.

When logging back in from screen shutting off, the screen pauses for several seconds before authenticating my password and pulling the screen back up.

Right after doing the show, I sit down and can hear the pulses hitting my headphones. This is a daily occurrence but varies in frequency and concentration.

Opera browser, which has been working fine for weeks, is now opening up then shutting down. On the Mac ribbon, it animates in a way that is not natural to the OS.

Jan 25, 2017

When going outside to play basketball, the neighbors again had their car running with the lights on during the day. This time, there was no one in it and the car sat there for about fifteen minutes before they came out. They then milled about around the car before getting in.

One of their sons got on his bike at this point and started riding around in the backyard on the grass in my line of sight while I was shooting baskets. When they left, several cars passed. The usual color black, red, white Satanic and Masonic combinations.

Also, a family member pulled up in the driveway at the same time. The tech is used on family to create these kinds of timed events.  This covers for the premeditated orchestration and makes it more difficult to discern who is wittingly doing such things.

While out, the usual vehicular presence and theatre. On my route, several policeman with their lights flashing were standing outside of their vehicles on the side of the road. A couple of minutes later a police car sped across the intersection in front of me. Staged accidents, police presence, and first responders blazing by with their lights flashing is standard in this program.

When picking up Chinese food, the guy waiting on me engaging in some theater.  When he handed a customer his food, he came out from behind the counter and gave him a bag but did so with one arm behind his back, in a very formal way, much like an aristocratic butler.  He also interacted with me in a very formal and unusual way. This is a tiny Chinese takeout place, not some fancy restaurant.

At 11pm, the power went out in my residence. This is a punitive tactic that has been used on me multiple times.  The power companies are complicit in this.  Like everything else, it is deniable and can be explained away with ease.

In Los Angeles, the power went out around the time they were breaking in and terrorizing me around the clock.  The weather was clear, and the power had never gone out for the nearly eighteen years prior to that that we had lived in that apartment complex.  Clearly orchestrated.

This is a fear-based terror tactic meant to plant the seed that something might happen while the power is out.  The goal is to provoke aggressive or erratic behavior that can be profiled by the neighborhood snitches and informants.

On one occasion, I called the power company and they gave me a lame excuse that someone had hit a pole, which caused the power to go out in the entire neighborhood. They also would not give me even an estimate as to when the power would come on again. The power stayed out for 24 hours.  This is without doubt a fascist retaliatory tactic used on targets.

Jan 26, 2017

Power went out again briefly today.

The neighbor at the corner was burning a fire in his front yard.

A very bright, low-flying drone was moving with me along one of the streets.

Several oncoming cars blew by me at fast speeds without moving over.  Very dangerous.

A truck with a trailer on the back pulled out of a street as I ran by. Trailers are often used around a target in this program.

Dogs barking aggressively throughout run.  The dogs in immediate vicinity of our house at times have barked for hours on end in the middle of the night.

Jan 27, 2017

Almost got run off the road while running more than once. I was running with the phone light on so there is no reason for the cars to drive that dangerously close and to me and at such high speeds.

Usual vehicular presence when in town. Man in Kroger parking lot had a trailer attached to the back of truck with a mound of dirt in the back that was obviously supposed to look like burial dirt. This kind of death imagery I get often

Police car 217 parked with no one in it while driving down Youree Ave

Law enforcement, probably driven by DHS and LEIU, watch closely everything I type on this computer. When I put things down like the car numbers of cop, I experience interference or stuttering.

I think this particular car has been around me more than once.  In LA, one in particular followed me off his beat and outside of LA and into Culver City once.  A constable lives up the street, and it’s likely that  some of the informant neighbors have backgrounds in law enforcement.  Police are heavily involved in local gangstalkiing.

Jan 28, 2017

Train blew whistle loudly several times today, including 530am in the morning.

Was assaulted and kept up all night until around 7am.

Saw La La Land tonight. Waiter in restaurant that we ate in afterwards subtly flashed devil horns as he passed us. Two people eating next to us were wearing black and red color combos.

Group of people in area were talking loudly while recounting story about shooting a deer with a shotgun. Also mentioned their fifteen-year-old child. My oldest son is fifteen.

While driving back, a cop car was parked in a empty lot with no one in it. Another policeman crossed in front of us at an intersection. An ambulance pulled up at T-section as we passed.

Jan 29, 2017

Train goes by and blows whistle minutes after I sit down to my computer.

Sharp burning sensation on leg after being jolted. This is typical of microwave pulsing that happens throughout any given day.

A number of very loud cars with ridiculous sounding engines in the distance.

Aggressive driving around me while running. Cars driving over the speed limit and speeding up when passing. Not moving over to let me pass though they can clearly see me.

Pulsing my throat to cause temporary loss of breath

Extreme electrical jolts that caused my body to jump and jerk when almost asleep.

Involuntary movement and jerking of my head.

Involuntary movement of front teeth.

Shocking and burning sensation of various parts of body, including back, eyes, feet, legs, neck, and head

Pulsing of temples.

Heating room with microwaves to make it hotter and uncomfortable.

Dehydration and drying out of skin from persistent irradiation. Caused itching and discomfort.

Light-headed several times when standing up today. At times, it’s so severe that I have to concentrate to maintain steadiness. It is clear to me that this is not natural.

Jan 30, 2017

A minute after waking up, the phone rang twice, then the train blew its whistle.  These are anchors.

Extreme assault and sleep deprivation through 8am.

Burning and itching sensations throughout body.

Extreme jolts an electrification to the back and side of the head.

Pulsing throat which causes loss of breath.

Jerking of body with heavy pulses to legs and arms.

Electrification of back

Pelting sounds to temples that can be heard hitting wood that is used for protection around head

Train came by and blew whistle six or seven times throughout the night until 6 am. This happens a couple of minutes after I begin recording audio journal entries into my tablet, which indicates that the conductor has access to audio surveillance.

Remote influence of birds, causing them to chirp directly outside of window and next to my head in the morning. At certain points, multiple birds will do this.

Jan 31, 2017

Went for a run at a nearby park and had the usual perp activity around me. One pulled off on the side of the road in front of me, got out of his truck, then asked me if I had seen his dog.  He didn’t have a dog. I passed him twice. When I first passed him, he was heading to his vehicle. The next time he was approaching me from the opposite direction on the running path. Dogs are often used in conversation and meant to relate to a target, as if we are all no better than animals and to be treated as such.

Calling someone a dog in many cultures is a very degrading and insulting thing to do. I had one neighbor, who is clearly involved, refer to her dog as “dumb as a fox.” Another while I was driving home with my kids, was in the middle of the street at night.  When I asked him what he was doing, he said he was looking for his dog, who he said was “nuttier than a fruitcake.”

Had a couple of drones and a helicopter, maybe military, in the air in my line of sight on the running path.  This park is near Barksdale Airforce Base, which I think has direct involvement. When I started to film the helicopter, it took off. Another helicopter was in the distance in the middle of nowhere by my house on the way back.

While on the road, two policeman passed as well as a fire engine with its lights and sirens on. When I passed a firehouse, the ambulance and fire engine had their doors open, another PsyOp anchor used in this program.

On the way home, a white corvette that I have seen before zoomed past me at full acceleration going about 90 miles per hour. I caught up with him as he turned on Leonard Road and got his license plate. Incredibly reckless and aggressive driving. Two motorcycles did the same thing when my aunt was driving in Las Vegas blazing by us at about a 100 mph on the freeway.

Feb 1, 2017

Crazymaking tech-driven experiences are meant to be illogical. No amount of reasoning will work on people whose brains are being driven in this way.  When it happens, people become hateful and abusive.  They can’t be reasoned with.

The handlers are sadistic abusers and psychological torturers. When the volume is dialed up, the verbal abuse is extreme. assholes.

Was able to sleep better using a different placement of protection. Seems I got around eight hours, which has been a rarity since this began. We’ll see if it lasts. Usually, adjustments are made and then I begin experiencing the same assault and sleep deprivation tactics as before.

The ability of this tech to manipulate the behavior of people is unreal. You have to think of it in terms of remote handlers. The person reacting to me is being influenced by the reactions of the person that is remotely influencing their behavior.

This program thrives on creating dysfunctionality around a target. People lose their temper and get angry without justification. The technology is being used on the most vulnerable people in society as a rule, including kids and the elderly. This crime against humanity is unprecedented and unapologetic.

Aggressive driving and mobbing around me when going to the library. Similar activity in the library. The activity is persistent and relentless and the only way to overcome it is to desensitize oneself to what they do.

Regardless of where you go, the insidious presence follows.. Today I had a lot of school busses. This is a veiled threat PsyOp used to plant the seed of harm to my children. I have had threatening innuendo regarding my children for two years straight. This is an utter disgrace and it’s even more disgraceful that they do so in such cowardly and deniable ways. That school bus drivers take part in this program is beyond shameful.

LSUS police getting out of car as I passed while leaving the library.

Guy in library wearing black and red. School bus outside in parking lot is covered in plastic.

Heavy assault throughout night up through 8am. The pulses were hard enough to move parts of enclosure that is used to protect head. Pelting sounds are easily heard when this is happening.

Feb 2, 2017

Woke up to loud landscaping equipment, similar to day before.

Last night, had an injected thought about moving to Europe, Poland in particular. A number of people I have met who claim to be targeted are in Poland. Today, when waking up and going to bathroom, I overheard a family member on the phone say “Europe.”

This technology is used on people to mimic symptoms of known illnesses, diseases, and disorders. This is coupled with Directed Conversations, where the same trigger words like cancer, diabetes, deafness, blindness, heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure, among others, are repeated with unsusual frequency.

The criminal handlers take the documented symptoms and then attempt to induce those same symptoms using remote EMF weaponry. Our government, security contractors, and organized criminals are using technology to harm, injure, and murder people with impunity, deniability, and near invisibility. This program is connected to Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, global population control, and the depopulation agenda. This is covert genocide.

Feb 3, 2017

A lot of vehicular harassment when driving to the park to jog. A couple of first responders blaring sirens when passing. Sheriff 412 pulled up on Ellerbe at light when I did, then turned off on another road and several minutes later re-emerged onto my route just in front of me. This indicates that law enforcement has real-time GPS on me at all times.

The usual theatre while in Kroger, people walking past me in ways to grab my attention, often staring in my direction even when I ignore them. They made their usual, insidious presence known around my car when arriving and departing.

Extreme assault to my head when initially trying to sleep, so much that I yelled out in pain and anger. When I get hit that hard and with persistence, the muscle around my temples where they focus get swollen and puffy.

April 30, 2017

Scripted Conversation moment from Starbucks patron: “Yeah, he’s a lost cause.” “What was it about a month and a half ago they were trying to get rid of him?”

Man and woman get up and leave in my line of sight and make sure I see the book they are carrying entitled “Money.”  This is a part of what I call the bribery or buyout narrative.   The idea is that if I get rid of my evidence and stop exposing what they are doing, they will pay me off.  CIA and Mafia vibe. As the couple leaves, another guy passes me with a book entitled “Queen Elizabeth.”  This guy has been in here numerous times and his behavior is purposeful.   The Masons and the CIA communicated ideas indirectly and covertly, never directly.   Some are legitimate, others aren’t.

Xfinity WiFi throughout parking lot with dozens of connections attached to them when scanning with Open Signal app.

May 2, 2017

Pulsing in the walls while documenting. Pulses in headphones while documenting. Train whistling multiple times throughout day. Toxins pervading kitchen.

Woman standing in front of me when I walk in to Barnes and Noble wearing a “Love Pink” shirt. Two women seated in cafe, one wearing a solid pink shirt, the other that reads “Fire” on the back. Woman walking across the street in my line of sight while in cafe wearing pink shirt. Pink color programming is heightened today.  Being associated with “Peace” and  “Love.” Male, long hair, college kid maybe, seems to like getting into my line of focus while here. Gets tutored by older Asian guy. Both often do things to grab my attention. Tutoring and teaching, both of which I have done in the past, are being put around me thematically.  This program is often suggestive and controlling in terms of what it tries to focus a person on.  Part of their behavior modification protocol.  Seeing if they can get people to do things. Older man sits down in the middle of them, sporting black and red headphones, another Satanic combo used often around me.  This is a typical perp move.  Every other table in the cafe around them is vacant, but he sits next to me in my direct line of sight and in between two people as they are talking.

A lot of vehicular mobbing. Guy zoomed by me in left lane then cut in front of me, then got in right lane and took a right. Very deliberate and meant to intimidate. So I followed him in to the parking lot. He and group of guys and a girl pulled into a restaurant. This is what they do if you follow them after something like this. Has happened on a few occasions. I waited for him to get out of the car. Very aggressive acting until I asked him why he zoomed past me and cut in front of me. Then he turned into a cordial demeanor. Typical tactics of informants in this program. I stay neutral now in these moments though neural tech is working hard on me and trying to amp up aggression.  He was wearing a red shirt — Airforce — that said on the bottom, “Middle East 2016”. They recruit a lot of young people, many military, into this informant network. It is a military operation in  every way.  They have militarized the communities and instructed them to harass and terrorize innocent, listed civilians.

Two random transient, vagabond types driving three-wheel bikes with packs on them on as I passed. Almost hit them. An often-used tactic of this program is to put pedestrians or cyclists in your way and then create distraction using RNM in those moments to catalyze an accident. Very dirty tactics. When I asked them what they were doing and mentioned that I could barely see them and almost hit them, they told me that they were biking 1800 miles across country from North Carolina. North Carolina has been a state that has come up for me often since this began. My ex-wife is from South Carolina and her brother lived in North Carolina for a while. We visited him once.

Policeman zoomed passed me with lights on at about 100mph on Ellerbe road when driving home.

May 3, 2017

Major HAARP-managed weather.  Lightning, heavy rain, very unnatural and loud rolling thunder.  Not natural at all.

May 4, 2017

A lot of pulsing the walls yesterday. Whistleblowing train several times. Heavy Directed Energy assault last night. Kept up until 7am. Consistent and loud pulsing of walls in last few weeks. Cars revving in the distance.

At Barnes and Noble, guy in orange shirt sitting in cafe when arrive. Later went outside for a second and same guy pulled up and got out of car.  Orange translates to 33 in Gematria and is the primary color of Masonry.

Extreme coughing fit after food went down the wrong way. Throat is raw and voice is hoarse afterwards. This is the day before doing a big podcast on targeting that I will be co-hosting, which leads me to believe that it wasn’t accidental. They worked on my throat often while doing the radio show last year. This neural tech can control all kinds of things, including physiological functioning.

May 5, 2017

Podcast fell through today. Hacking and interference throughout day. Train blowing whistle several times and cars revving engines and zooming down street while waiting for guest, who ended up not showing up. Super loud landscaping as well.   The neighbors use equipment that is obnoxiously loud and coordinate this as if they are reacting to things that I am doing (e.g. Podcast), as they surveil me twenty four hours a day.

Family member started to lose temper over nothing while eating.  Neural tech-induced.

May 7, 2017

Found a dent in the back of the car a family member rented. This is the criminal informant system at work, trying to create problems for people in a concentrated fashion.  The car’s in the shop after almost flipping over, now the rental car gets dented in a parking lot hit and run.

Guy at restaurant had on shirt that said “savage” on the front. A number of people arriving with babies. This has been a theme for me. One couple sat next to us with their baby and in my line of sight.

Getting pulse pops to my headphones every time I open Skype now, especially when communicating with fellow Targeted Individuals.

May 8, 2017

Getting pulsed and shocked throughout the day from ceiling fan and vent area. The fan makes noises that are not typical. When this happens, at times I will feel a shock to my head.  Same with the AC vent. Not clear whether something is in the fan but it’s possible. Because this is not my place, I can’t get to the bottom of it in the way I typically would. This house is rigged from top to bottom, though.  That is without question.

May 9, 2017

At Barnes and Noble, changing trash in front of me again. “Get rid of it” theme that is promoted around me all the time, implying that I need to get rid of all the evidence that I have of my targeting.

Truck that said “ATI” in the side as in “A TI” turned in front of me on way over.

Guy with “Vandals for hire” t-shirt sits in between me and a girl when there are tables available everywhere.  Typical crowding tactic.  When I asked him about that, he said it was because of the plug. I told him that both plugs were being used and he pulled out a surge protector.  They come prepared. Made a phone call after he sat down and pointed the camera in my direction in an exaggerated fashion. They hire people who don’t really know what they’re doing beyond what they’re told to do. It’s sad and pathetic and exactly how fascism takes over a country. Focus on the most desperate and most impressionable. And give them a sense of false power and superiority and they will do anything you ask them to do. Other guy in Barnes and Noble is having some long, drawn out directed conversation to about “strategy.” And playing a game with black and white tiles, which is a Masonic nod. Barnes and Noble clearly uses its book displays for programming purposes. Every time I come in here they shift things a bit to reflect themes that they have woven around me.  You basically have a system that is in place on every level and has already indoctrinated the country into a kind of programming haze. When the veil is lifted, the focused, purposeful, and agenda-driven intent becomes obvious.

May 10, 2017

In room with fan on high and cannot feel the air. That is a clear indication of being microwaved.

Dogs start barking when I enter the bathroom. AC clicks on as I exit. This kind of micro-control of one’s environment reinforcea the idea of everything being tightly controlled and surveilled.  It is a form of Chinese water torture that also anchors action in sound, which has programming motives.  These kinds of synchronous events ebb and flow in frequency depending on how hard they are working on me.

Half dozen one-light bandits on the road while in town.  Fire medic and police SUV  in lot when I pulled into Starbucks. Heavy vehicular mobbing. They pulled out all the stops today.  Aerial presence as well. Two vans in a lot had “Zion” on the side of them.

May 11, 2017

For the last year and a half, the CIA has been using the media in conjunction with neural influence to make sure that I catch a pointed period of television that a family member keeps on around the clock. This has been used as a part of the psychological warfare protocol, including reinforcing a programmed narrative, sending veiled threats, intimidation, and psychological harassment and terrorism in general.  This is then coupled with forced speech commentary by my family while watching a particular program. All media possesses a weaponized layer to it, so I could walk in at any time and possibly feel somewhat psy-opped by it, but these moments are timed with purpose. It is a confluence of impulse control in me, forced speech in my family, and a chosen moment on television communicating an idea covertly that reinforces a theme which has already been established. Family watching a show very much like Dateline, involving a man who killed his wife.  These CIA-owned shows are used for psychological warfare purposes and are used to plant the seed of me being framed as a criminal of some sort.

Forced speech moments from family today: “He only got 6 years (in prison)?”  (I get threatened with prison as a consequence often) “She only got 75000 for being disabled for the rest of her life?”  (The idea of “settling” has been thrown at me in different ways.  75000 was an initial number used around me when the bribery angle started being used.) “He deserves to pay all of that back and then some for what he did. Probably take him the rest of his life.”

Leaf blowers from nearby neighbors. The equipment that is used is always louder than normal. Incessant and loud bird chirping today. This is due to remote influence tech.

Massive hits in the last few days in the head and chest areas. Body is being shocked so hard that my entire body jerks when this is done. Heavy hit to chest just now. This is energy. When it happens, it feels like a heart flutter and I experience a temporary loss of breath.

Pulsing of window rail after messaging a person I know who is targeted.  Coupling the pulsing with an action is a form of programming reinforcement and often used to emphasize thought or action.

May 12, 2017

Family member ran into the garage door.  First time that has happened. Tech-driven neural disruption and distraction while trying to organize evidence of crimes and targeting. Few minutes of overhearing news: Knee replacement and pain. Woman in Barnes and Noble wearing “Love Pink” shirt standing in front of me when I walk in Guillotine on TV when going into family member’s room. Barnes and Noble often has books on display that relate to my life and what I am going through. Book titles are used as commentary often and are a form of indirect communication and programming. On display in Barnes and Noble: You are a badass. I use the word badass often. On display in Barnes and Noble: Girlboss. I just started watching this series last night.

May 13, 2017

The last several nights I have experienced extreme assault to the head and chest. These attacks feel like they are at an intensity where they can do permanent damage. I have had extreme assaults before, though the intensity of these shockwaves and pointed attacks feel like they are at a higher level.  Huge pulses that cover a decent amount of surface area envelop my head and chest area.

On more than one occasion in the last few years, I have knocked liquid over and damaged my computer. This is something that as an IT consultant I am very careful not to do. What I know now is that this is a result of subconscious neural influence that affects one’s focus and physical coordination, as the patterns and techniques have become clear over time. Today this happened again. I reached for my water and knocked it over on a number of hard drives that have evidence of harassment stored on them. I was able to retrieve them in time, but this is clearly a tactic used in this program to get a person to destroy their own evidence. That is how insidious this targeting program is. If they don’t break in to destroy evidence, then they will attempt to manipulate a person’s behavior in order to accomplish the same goal.

A family member is talking about “cooking” shrimp in a “toaster oven.”  These trigger words are often used to telegraph the idea of being cooked by microwaves, as if you are in an oven. They have been used countless times on me and are a result of neural influence of a person’s speech, as this person is not aware at all that those words possess double meaning for someone targeted.

May 14, 2017

Injections of misery and extreme agitation today. This is a form of internal torture that is put into me in varying degrees of intensity and discomfort in order to punish me for doing certain things like exposing these crimes against humanity.  It always happens when I am pushing back hard, which is exactly what I am doing now. That, along with severe disruptions in natural cognitive flow are signature of my torture protocol.

When playing basketball outside, absurd levels of barking from a neighbor’s dog. At its peak, multiple dogs would bark in tandem or staggered when outside for hours. Also, various neighbor’s kids start screaming at high intensity. It’s unclear whether they are influenced with tech into doing so or instructed. Probably both.

The neighbor behind me is clearly complicit, but whether he tells the kids outside to do this is questionable. The parents may suggest they go out and play while I am outside. Not possible to determine. All I know is that this is a tool of psychological threat that is used often because I have kids. It’s a very cowardly tactic used by intel to associate their yells and screams with potential harm to my children.

Heavy disruption of focus which I believe is based on impulse injections and subliminal directives. It’s like a synthetic version of ADD, where it becomes extremely difficult to concentrate on any particular task for an extended period of time.

Toxins in bedroom. Seems that there is some sort of release system within the ventilation system. They can flood the kitchen and bedrooms with it at any given time. It is always in relation to what I am doing and is a punitive consequence. It’s also some kind of nerve agent, that I think is intended to make me more excitable, which they will couple with neurally induced misery and anger so that they can maneuver me into a preconceived behavioral profile.

May 15, 2017

Kids screaming outside again.

A lot of degrading and threatening telepathy today. Also, when I focus on documented crimes and organizing evidence, which I am doing now, I experience neural disruptions and interference as well as emotional agitation, all accomplished with real-time neural interference.

Severely blasted last night with DEW, the night before doing a podcast on targeting. This is a clear tactic that has been exacted on me many times. The jolt was so hard it felt like a blunt physical object hit my body and head. Kept me up all night.  Another tactic. When I do something that these lowlifes want to prevent, they further destroy my sleeping patterns so that I wake up extremely late.

May 17, 2017

I have been waking up feeling sick, very out of it, most likely due to a combination of DEW-induced radiation.

Noise harassment. Neighbors using loud skill saws and lawn equipment.

Repetitive chirping near window.  Same tech used on people is used on animals. Both have been used often for me.

Upload of noise harassment failed. Trying again…

May 18, 2017

Heavy attacks last night. Keeping me up later now.  Waking up later. They plan sleep and waking up with precision.

Sleeping patterns are conditionally controlled and used as consequence. Making me wake up later in order to fulfill slanderous “deadbeat” profile.

Louder pulsing in wall throughout the day.

Firetruck, police SUV, and undercover cop while out. Undercover cop made sure to exit Circle K so I could see his gun.

Employee working at Circle K wasn’t at register when I entered. Came out of back room and said “I’m not dead. Not yet.” I responded, “I like living on the edge.” wanted to gauge her response. When I say things like that, I will often get a telling reaction.

May 19, 2017

Family members are acting way off today. The tech will shift mood entirely in people but it seems to limit the personality and lessen dimensionality of behavior. Feels like sampling because it’s almost identical each time. It may also incorporate brain-to-brain influence.

Kids in house behind ours screaming in backyard.

Room heated up and uncomfortable all day.

Upload of pics continues to fail from tablet. Now showing as grayed out when typing tex

This is an example of imagery used around me to resemble a wrapped body. INSERT PIC This kind of imagery has been rampant around be since my targeting became overt.  Remote Neural Manipulation is used on family members in this case to make sure that these kinds of items are in my line of sight.  Very precisely timed so that I will see it. The same kind of imagery is also used in public in multiple ways. I have dozens and dozens of these and it is clear this a purposeful psychological terrorism tactic. CIA,  Satanic, deliberate.  Death Cult modus operandi. This imagery is also coupled with increased frequency of weaponized directed conversation and direct to speech. Words like, “Death, killed, murder, and other types of injuries and illnesses run in tandem with this kind of imagery. It is always proportionate to how much I am pushing back against these deranged criminals.

Psychological terrorism is a favorite tool of theirs in my case.  The telepathic terror doctrine is also incorporated along with the external terror doctrine.  It is not pleasant but I have desensitized myself to just about all of it. Because of that, they tend to increase torture as well.

Big pulse in wall when trying to use CrashPlan, a backup program that stored my data and got hacked when my life was taken down.

May 20, 2017

When I came into Starbucks in Barnes and Noble, a kid similar to my son’s age was playing with a stack of books. When he walked away, the one book with the spine in my direction said “Stalin and Hitler.” I looked at the stack and there were books on the Greek islands and Hitler.

May 27, 2017

Took a break from daily logging so I will summarize the last week. The assault has continued and has increased in intensity. The hits to my chest and head at times have been massive, to the point where my entire upper body is electrified for several seconds. When I wake up after a night of this, my body feels damaged.

The neural manipulation also has been persistent. Persistent telepathy, often times degrading and agitating, as well as persistent synthetically induced down states. This is not depression. This is satellite-based and localized directed energy focusing on me throughout a day. The direct-to-speech doublespeak has also picked up. All of this is predictable and I have experienced a number of ebbs and flows in terms of degree of neural and physical attacks and torture. Because I am preparing to expose in detail what the perpetrators of these crimes do, I am receiving consequential torture.

I moved back to my original bedroom two nights ago, as the attacks were getting more substantial in the room that I was in. This could have been a remotely influenced choice, as the attacks have gotten worse. Still, I will stay in here as I moved all my stuff and need to protect it from break-ins, which have been frequent in the past and may increase again because of what I am doing.

Lawn being mowed today. Landscaping equipment used around a target is done so with unusual frequency. At its height neighbors were mowing their lawns or something else that involved noise almost daily.

Family member makes it a point to say that the AC is out in the game room and then makes sure to drop targeting keywords like “hot,” “burned,” and “fire” while explaining it to me. Makes it a point also to say I shouldn’t mess with the thermostat because turning it on could cause a fire. This is a typical veiled threat, meant to plant the seed that someone could break in (which they have done often), turn on the thermostat, and start a fire. What a bunch of nonsense. Typical fear based psychological tactic often used in this program.

May 29, 2017

Power got cut off for over twelve hours after speaking with another target.  This has happened before as a retaliation tactic. The power has gotten “cut off” for me ten times in the last two years and in two states, at one point for 24 hours in the heat of the summer. This often piggybacks on severe HAARP weather as a cover story, though not always. These are Fascist tactics that have been used on numerous occasions with me.

A heated verbal altercation as well with a thug informant who nearly hit my car, which was an “aggressive” profiling setup and one they used on me as well in Los Angeles. Neural tech is always used in these moments.

Almost ran off the road when a remotely influenced raccoon darted in front of my car. They have used animals on many occasions to get me into an accident.  A while back, three deer darted in front of my car with my kids in it and one swiped the side door where my youngest son was sitting.  I had four animals at one point dart in front of my car in a span of several minutes.  Anything with a pulse can be influenced with this tech, and my environment is heavily simulated in this manner. There is mapping and scripting technology involved.

Jun 5, 2017

Family member talking to her cousin over the phone when I walked into the room: “How does that song go? Deeper in debt,”

Because of neural distractions, I have not been keeping up on logging.  This is typical of the way this tech is used. It can create hyper-focus and then severe distraction. They model it on symptoms of ADD, which I though a few years back I might have. Clear to me now that it has always been symptomatic of neural tech. This became particularly clear when I noticed that specific patterns were being set for me and then I was given telepathy reinforcing that the remote handlers were establishing and maintaining these patterns.  For example, I would get “You’ll wake up in four hours” and four hours later, with no alarm, I would wake up. Several days in a row I would wake up at nearly identical times, then it would shift depending on how much punishment they wanted to exact on me for what I was doing in terms of documentation and exposure of what they do.

The last several days have been full of distractions. I have been sleeping better since I tried some new protection for my head but because of that, the people who assault me retaliate by hitting harder other parts of my body. I can tell that neural tech  is being used on me to make me late on deadlines, in particular my taxes. It’s like putting a wedge in between me and things I need to do. This can also be accomplished by dissipating energy and maintaining down state with frequency combos. The neural tech is being used on me often to degrade or augment as a tool of control and conditional reinforcement. I try hard to ignore this and move through my days without any kind of conscious attention paid to it, as it is clear that the perpetrators want to entrain me in that paradigm. Just about everything in this program is meant to establish a false paradigm of behavioral response that takes one out of their natural existence.

Dogs have started barking throughout the day again.

Jun 8, 2017

Loud leafblowers throughout day, especially when working on solutions for how various TIs can document and collaborate.

Jun 15, 2017

A lot of influence in the last few days.  Mapped out synchronicities have picked up.

Severe shocks to my body, namely head. They are also violently jerking my body around with the pulse weapons.

Talk of fires has increased again. Death talk as well. The usual fear porn, psychological terror tactics.  Which will all be outed soon enough. These lowlifes will be exposed for what they do.

Extreme ringing in ears in the last couple of weeks as well. I read recently that this indicated scanning of your brain. Not sure of all that it’s used for but there could be some merit to that. The reality is they are scanning and influencing my brain any time they want.  Even when the ringing subsides.

Few seconds of walking into kitchen, overhear on TV in den: “When going into cardiac arrest”

Jun 16, 2017

Heavy synthetic dreams the last few nights. Seems to be a correlation between the dreams and the level of influence the day after. This would make sense in terms of hypnotic programming occurring while sleeping.

Family member asked if the WiFi was off when it wasn’t. This is typical of how these lowlifes operate. Sending indirect threats of potential outcome, as in the wifi and internet will be turned off by them, which has happened before.

Train has come by five times today. The harassment and neural interference is conditional and picks up when doing something that is not preferred, like uploading the podcast that exposed these criminals.  It follows an Operant Conditioning model.

Jun 17, 2017

A good amount of neural interference today, especially gesture influence. This tech emphasizes off-kilter gestures that are meant to jar a person and give them the sensation that the gestures are being imposed on them. This is an insidious practice that is employed by these sadistic military and intel agents often in my case. It’s possible as well that the days when I sense more influence that this is a result of pre-programming that occurs while sleeping. The reason I say this is that it seems there is a direct correlation between the level of synthetic dreaming and disrupted sleep and the influence that I feel that day. I think it is a combination of pre-scripted programming and real-time interference.

Jun 19, 2017

Family member tells me she’s going to bed early because her ear is bothering her. Typical of this program is for the people around you to start experiencing health issues when documenting and being proactive.  This was coupled today with extreme vehicular mobbing, terror doctrine telepathy, and media and directed conversation psych warfare.

Jun 20, 2017

Been getting hit a lot lately with shocks to my right forearm when I am controlling the mouse.

Took a nap and woke up at 333.

Book I am proofreading is heavily coded with Masonic overtones.  Got shocked in the arm when highlighting the codes.

Jun 21, 2017

Siren in the distance outside the city limits.  Deliberate and after a morning of doing activism.

Jun 23, 2017

A lot of remote influence since my sons have been here.

While playing basketball, truck pulls into next door neighbor perp’s driveway, stays there for ten minutes, person briefly opens the door, then backs out, and leaves. Have never seen that truck in their driveway.

Jun 24, 2017

Very unusual HAARP thunder tonight. Rolling for a long time, up to a minute or so each time.

Being tortured hard and kept up through the night by Satanic, Nazi, Masonic neighbors. The pulses are directional, ground and house level, and powerful.  Just got shocked so hard that my entire body lifted and straightened out. This is while my kids are here for vacation.

Extremely heavy influence and programming of family these days.  Keeping me up late as well in order to profile and discredit as parent.  These vile human beings will be exposed in the gravest of detail. They will go down in history as a black stain on the human race.

Jun 25, 2017

Massive jolt to head last night. Hard electrocutions and pulses to body the last several nights. These pulses are forceful and reverberate throughout the part of the body they hit.

Direct-To-Speech is being used often these days on family as well. They are tapped into people’s brains at all times.

Painful dew hit to right side of head.

Internal and external harassment, computer interference, aggressive vehicular driving and mobbing, neural influence all has picked up since my kids arrived. I am dealing with CIA criminal Mafioso tactics always. These people do not care about anyone or anything. This is the precedent and they remain loyal to it.

Jun 26, 2017

Toxins have been in the house since my sons got here. This particular toxin I believe is a nerve agent. The smell is not pleasant.

Have been getting violently hit in the head after laying down to sleep in the last several days as well. The only way to curb this is to film it.

This technology affects everyone around a person who is overtly targeted. In that sense, families are targeted but the only one who is able to see it is the one who becomes aware of what’s happening and becomes overt. I don’t believe this is an accident. It is rooted in MK-Ultra methodology. Those around an overt target are used often as remote handlers. Others are tapped into in order to shut them down to the reality of what’s going on, which is necessary for psychological isolation.

Lots of triggers being used throughout days: lawn equipment, train, Directed Energy pulses around house, Scripted conversations, various techniques of psychological warfare.

Jun 27, 2017

Looked at watch at 911 pm. This has been happening often. The remote influence is used on me to reinforce Masonic coding. 911, 333, 444, 555, 33, 55, 66, 77 among others are popular numbers used as codes for me. The techniques used with neural tech in addition to the symbology placed in public reinforce these numbers often for me.

Jun 30, 2017

At Shreve memorial library. Library assistant comes over to where we are seated and starts putting books away very loudly. Drums with hands on the book cart. Ask him to keep it down and he continues to do it. Starts whistling, shelving books loudly. Typical of this fascist program of agitation. The point always is to bother a person who’s targeted no matter where they go. Invading one’s space or maintaining proximity is a constant.

Jul 6, 2017

The time that my sons have been in Shreveport has been great but not because the terroristic perpetrators stopped doing what they do. On the contrary, they have ramped up just about every aspect of their criminality. The vehicular mobbing has been relentless and dangerous on many occasions but I have ignored as much of it as I can.

On one occasion, an idiot on the freeway started jerking back and forth in front of us and driving on the shoulder. When I passed him, he later zoomed up next to us, stayed there for several seconds, and maintained close proximity, in order to scare my children. This lowlifes should be behind bars along with all these other criminals who have been given license to operate like terrorists and thugs with impunity.

Yesterday, an older man zoomed past us as I was pulling out of our driveway. Almost slammed into our car. Again, with my kids. I have been assaulted nightly and they have also injected frequencies into the room where my kids are sleeping, inducing insomnia. This is a repeat from the other times that they have been here.

The neural influence is palpable in all of my family. The tech is used on targets as well as all family members, including children. They do not care who they violate. Everyone is fair game. I also found myself with my kids at three different parks that are run by the Army Corps of Engineers. That’s no accident. The writing is on the wall regarding military influence in my life. It has been there since birth, along with the CIA, the Masons, and law enforcement. Generational and obvious. Everything in my life has been influenced, including the people. This is coupled with a blending in of agents and complicit informants who are duplicitous. As long as I sense the influence in me and others around me, I will expose all that I can. These are massive human rights violations that go back decades, maybe longer. I can say for certain with my experience that it has legs going back to the 70s and probably in some form post World War 2.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 1.48.18 PM.png592K

I get CIA-driven spam as well. “Sharks” is a thematic idea in this program and I was influenced to pay attention to these people for a while. Mark Cuban in particular. Note the pyramid hand sign.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 11.22.42 AM.png660K

Monarch Butterfly pic in reference to monarch programming

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.11.31 AM.png696K

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.11.45 AM.png586K

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.11.57 AM.png469K

These pics have blatant Satanic and Masonic symbology and come from a Facebook account of a guy who was suggested to me as a friend from someone I knew in Los Angeles who may be involved on some level.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.11.06 AM.png591K

Another Monarch Programming reference. I find it disturbing when they use kids to signal to me in this way, but it’s clear to me that I have been in this program since birth.


This is symbolism that is used on me around the house to plant the seed of being taken to court. The CIA handlers use the neural technology around a person’s house in order to generate these kinds of theatricalized and weaponized ideas. This is coupled with telepathic or subliminal reinforcement. It’s a form of psychological warfare that is also used in attempts to psychiatrically profile.

Jul 7, 2017

Guy in pink shirt crossing the street when pulling up to light on inner loop. Then got in white car that stopped in the middle of the street while traffic was passing him. Clearly done to grab attention.

Jul 9, 2017

Plane flying overhead day children fly back to Los Angeles

Phone flashed on at 11:11

Family member makes sure to emphasize that “there’s some concern about the weather today.” The CIA and DHS thugs who terrorize me know that I am aware of the capabilities of HAARP, so this is meant to provoke anxiety that something will happen to my kids on the plane. I know this because I get threatening telepathy as well as other types of veiled threats regarding my family and this has increased lately.

This is the day that my children fly back. The last flight experienced “mechanical issues.” When they arrived this time, they were delayed in the plane for an hour. When my kids arrived this time, they also mentioned to me that the plane landed really hard and it was kind of scary. This is psychological terrorism and it is used on me all the time. They will blend these tactics into “natural” behavior and conversation as cover.

Several dangerous situations on the road when taking my sons to the airport. These thugs specialize in orchestrating accidents and they don’t mind if children are in the car. One van zoom behind us in the passing lane then switched to the left lane with a truck just ahead and to the right of us, then jumped back into our lane. This was so blatant that my oldest son commented on it.

A number of others passed us going fast, with one moving to the right a bit right as he passed us. When merging onto the freeway, a silver car zoomed up next to us as we merged. This is also a trademark tactic that has been used on me often. When we were driving down the nearby main street, an oncoming car jerked into our lane for a moment over the yellow line. These people act like Nazi road terrorists. There aren’t enough bad words in the dictionary for them.

When in the airport, there were DHS perps all over the place as well as TSA and security making their presence known around me.  When I was seeing my kids off through the security check-in, I found myself standing in front of a trash bin. That is neural tech at work, which I am now instinctively aware of.  While standing there, a number of people threw things in the trash aggressively, which is persistent innuendo in this program when a person has evidence that they want destroyed.

Thunder again on a sunny day. Lights just flashed on and off.  The lights went out two times while my sons were here, one time was for six hours. We had to go to a hotel for the night because of it. All orchestrated. That’s 10 or 11 times since being in Shreveport. Fascist tactics of intimidation and control.

Several shocks to my legs with the same jolting sensation every time. This happened three times in a span of a few minutes right after closing my eyes because I was feeling tired. This is coming from neighbors who think they have the right to exact Nazi MK-Ultra tactics on me at will.

Jul 10, 2017

In a synthetic dream right before waking up, I was saying that I felt like my balance was off. Then when I woke up, I was physically off balance. This is a clear indication that things are being done to my body and brain when sleeping that affect me when awake. Using content of dream manipulations to telegraph what happens when waking up.

Ringing in ears is more pronounced of late.

Air conditioning is being turned off abruptly throughout the day.  Not sure how they are doing it but this place is rigged.

Painful pulse to my right temple multiple times yesterday and today.

Train has already come by twice today.  This marks he third time. The train “whistleblower” is a persistent auditory trigger and a form of covert and deniable psychological harassment.

Fan turning on and off all day long. Either accomplished using Directed Energy focused on fan’s mechanics and wiring the wiring is rigged.

Jul 11, 2017

Woke up and the fan had stopped working entirely. I find this curious as it has stopped working again entirely in the dead of summer. As I went to turn the AC on, the second I reach the thermostat, it makes a clicking sound to turn on before I can change the temperature. Then when I come back to the room, the train blows its whistle. This is an example of multiple coordinated, synchronized triggers in a short period of time to increase agitation and give one the sense that their environment and lives are being micro-managed.

Pressure on eyes feels off again. They use DEWs to work on my eyes and have done so many times. When I wrote that about my eyes, I got an injected thought of going blind. Then I closed my eyes for several seconds and got the sensation again. This is impelled by the neural tech and is typical of how they try and reinforce an idea to provoke a reaction and instill fear of potential outcome.

Body and brain feel worked on upon waking up. Back is somewhat sore.

Family members are speaking very loudly downstairs right after waking up. This is another agitation trigger, as the lowlife intel agents who influence them know that I am aware of this.

Loud ringing in ears today

Train has gone by six times today

Billing customer rep’s name from Inmotion hosting is Jenny, my ex-wife’s name. One of the CVS cashiers for the CVS near where I live is also named Jenny. I have had a number of women named Jennifer and Jenny since the targeting became overt. This is my ex-wife’s name. Her parents typically call her Jenny. Yes, it’s a common name but the frequency with which it is used on me is not natural.

Jul 12, 2017

Train eight times today. Train came by ten times yesterday. There is nothing normal about that. I increase activism, the “Whistleblower” comes by more often. Negative reinforcement and Operant Conditioning model.  Plain and simple.

Woke up feeling worked on hard while sleeping. Body feels worn out and sore. Having trouble focusing my vision as well. Also getting injected thoughts of blindness.  Messing with the pressure on my eyes. A person’s eyes don’t suddenly do this though I am sure a doctor would explain it away just like every other cover story for what this tech does to people.

Here’s an example of veiled threat and psych terrorism using email (I have had hundreds):

Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2017 21:25:49 -0500

From: Burial-Insurance <SophieDickensi825i@yahoo.com>

Subject: Get peace of mind for you and your loved ones

Sophie Dickens, the name also seems to be aligned with a lot of the name coding I get.  Sophie and Sophia connect to the mother Gaia New Age themes being pushed.  “Dick”ens is a Sodomite Programming sex code.   This I have broken down in other documents.  The world is saturated with these codes.  It’s a Satanic practice that goes way back.

What is clear is that all of the sound harassment, directed conversation, terror doctrine telepathy, negative neural influence, all of the various negative reinforcement triggers that the targeting program anchors a person in are used as degrees of punishment and consequence depending on what a person does. It never fails. This torture and terror program is clearly based on an action reaction model.   Degrees of conditional consequence.   Militant and fascistic.

Right arm being shocked and jerked with DEW when I close my eyes to rest for a minute. Pulses also waving over my head to give me a pressure headache.

Several pops in headphones while trying to get Lynda.com videos to load, which is typical of the methods of reinforcement that these terrorists employ. Just like the stereotypical terrorists, these sadistic intel agents are always looking to take credit for things that they do to you but in such a way that is deniable and untraceable.

Tech-induced anhedonia tonight

Jul 13, 2017

Family member asked me about the song by Freddie Fender “Wasted days and Wasted nights” which is coding meant to comment negatively on what I am doing. Also mentioned another song by Johnnie Ray who she made sure more than once to let me know was blind.

Neural tech agitation today

Jul 14, 2017

Sat down to computer after waking up from nap at 2:22 pm.

Louder ringing in ears yesterday and today

Jul 15, 2017

Today had a couple changing the diaper of their baby when entering a local park. The dude made sure to light a cigarette when I got out of my car. While running, another couple was in my path with the woman carrying a doll that looked like a real baby. The baby theme has been persistent.  This ties into bloodline and lineage programming agenda.

Jul 16, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 1.27.51 PM.png

I get Lincoln references often in different ways. My son on a basketball game on the PS3, for example, named the basketball player he created Abe Lincoln.  (This is also proof that my son is being influenced with the same technology.   I have hundreds of examples to prove generational MK-Ultra.) The idea of ending mind control slavery has been a persistent one via telepathy and in other ways.

The theme of blindness has been persistent of late as well FIX THIS Screen shot 2017-07-16 at 1.37.03 pm.Png This message says I can’t include my name or email address in my password when I didn’t include either.

Jul 19, 2017

Insect crawling on keyboard after doing podcast with TI Activists.  Remote influence of insects is a persistent theme used by the sadistic military intel gamers and programmers. The idea always is to try and associate me with being an insect. Same reason they put pest control vehicles around a target. My 80 plus year old dad at one point when being heavily influenced called me an insect and an outsider.  He is being handled by CIA intel at that point.  This is a thematic narrative an an example of the psych abuse and degradation protocol that is often used.

Jul 20, 2017

Heavy irradiation last night. Wake up and have to take time to adjust to the day. Hypnotic programming while sleeping is coupled with this.

While on the road, two policeman made their presence known. One past me at the intersection and right behind him was a commercial vehicle that said “House Call” on the side of it. This is covert communication and threat and is how they attempt to threaten and intimidate a person with potential outcome. This happened before when they impelled via tech an argument between me and a family member who got extremely irrational and called the cops. The remote handlers who oversee and orchestrate these situations are pure scum. Another cop car was directly across from me at a light. Typical intimidation tactic.

Extremely long and loud train whistle tonight. The fascist train conductor will vary the intensity, frequency, duration, and rhythm of the whistle to signify level of anger.   Same is done with the revving engines of the tricked out cars that Tis find around them all the time. These kinds of triggers that I have been anchored over the last couple of years are rooted in Monarch Programming methods that are designed to provoke a particular behavioral response. This is negative reinforcement behavioral conditioning.

Jul 22, 2017

Waking up barely functional from the programming while sleeping. Coupled with bizarre synthetic dreams and Directed Energy as well. I have been getting hit very hard while sleeping again. Shutting down people around me too, which increases psychological isolation. They follow a conditional and consequential playbook. They follow a cycle in order to condition me to the punitive consequences when I speak out and get proactive, which I am doing. It’s very predictable now. I liken it to a conditional prison and torture chamber, on the inside and out. Hell on earth.

Telepathy when watching footage of me sleeping and looking for visible moments of getting shocked with Directed Energy: “We’re going to have to destroy it,” (referring to the video camera that I use to capture the pulses to my body while sleeping.) Telepathy when watching footage of being shocked in bed: “It’s what we do when you fight back.” Telepathy when typing previous comment: “It’s getting dangerous.” These people are one hundred percent terrorists

Jul 23, 2017

Waking up again with blurry vision and unusual pressure on my eyes. This is DEW focusing on my eyes. I have gotten a lot of telepathy and Scripted Conversation regarding blindness over many months.  It ebbs and flows and now it’s picking up again. Typical of the terror doctrine that is employed throughout this abuse and torture program.

HAARP storm with heavy rain. This is often used as an opportunity to knock the power out.

Family member comes up to my room to let me know that “It’s soup and sandwich night.” This plays into the theme of being in a detention or concentration camp or a soup kitchen for the homeless. I say this because this theme has been reinforced in various ways. For example, family members starting making soup in a big vat rather than a regular sized pot. They claim that it’s because the pot broke but why wouldn’t they buy a new one rather than cook in something that is way too big for the amount of soup they are making.

This all plays into the psych warfare theater that is used across the boards to plant seeds of negative and consequential outcome. The neural tech will be used to create situations like this and look for a way to cover for them with plausible deniability or justification. I am not sure how the previous pot broke, but I have personally experienced the destruction of a lot of my equipment due to break-ins and vandalism so that is always a viable option. They can use the neural tech to induce a loss of coordination in a person in order to get them to drop something so that it breaks.

Jul 24, 2017

The popping feedback in my headphones has been nonexistent for the last couple of weeks. This clearly proves that it is externally induced and is meant to trigger agitation. Many of the triggers that are used in this program are subtle. It is often a preference, because if they can anchor a person in something that would otherwise be inconsequential, it works in their favor in terms of slanderously profiling a person as overreacting and being overly sensitive.

Reading Eleanor White’s TI Survey and when I got to this part of the survey I was jolted with DEWs: “Serious lies told, such as the target is a dangerous criminal or child molester.” The jolts I have determined over time are used to reinforce covert communication, which often comes in the form of threat-based psychological warfare.

AFNI debt collection. Customer Rep is named Cori, a Psy-Op refercence to woman who was clearly a plant and integral to the agenda-driven narrative connected to me. Said her name was actual when asked. Fully name is Cori Thomas.

When I was at Bed, Bath, and Beyond a while back, a woman named Chantal worked the register. The only other Chantal I know I met on Facebook when getting active about posting about my targeting experiences. Met her through Steve Kelley, founder of TruthCat Radio, where I did a radio show for a few months exposing the Targeting Program and other conspiracies.

A woman at the nearby CVS who works the register, is named Jennifer, my ex-wife’s name. It’s a common name but when employees start popping up around you in nearby places that they know you frequent, it’s not accidental. It is indisputable that this program puts people around me with names that relate to people I know. This goes back before this went overt. On a deeper level, mapping technology is being used to give rise to these types of synthetic synchronicities.

Jul 25, 2017

Body’s getting ripped up these days while sleeping. Wake up and can barely see. Hitting my eyes hard and using Direct-to-Speech to get people to talk about blindness. Happened before and always aligned to level of proactivity. Predictable lowlife playbook. Got shocked when authenticating Outlook, another mail client, after not being able to get Mac Mail to work. Mac Mail also “Quit unexpectedly” which is typical of the kinds of nefarious hacking tactics that have been used often for the last two years.

While doing this, I am getting pulses in the headphones while doing this. If these intel informants and handlers want to increase agitation and reactivity, they will flood me with multiple triggers. The subtler and more seemingly benign, the better, as it serves for better cover and profiles a person as being hyper-sensitive, overreactive, delusional, ad nauseum.

When I play back journal recordings, sometimes I will get an external source pausing the recording at pointed moments to heighten and reinforce. This time, right after I said “My life is scripted,” the recording paused. This is not a technical issue. They are able to tap into phones as well when WiFi is disabled, firewall is blocking all connections, no Sim card, and the device is in airplane mode.

Jul 27, 2017

Kept up all night with assaults and frequencies with hard jolts every time I start to doze off. Anytime DEWs are used to keep me up all night, the protocol is to create antagonistic and agitating situations the next day using neural tech on me and those around me. This is standard protocol. Sleep deprivation is integral to what these sadistic torturers and programmers do.   It’s an extreme form of torture that breaks the body and mind down over time.

Getting shocked and pulsed in headphones while looking at old screenshots and other evidence of crimes. Getting shocked and jolted in the back of the head when I start to doze off. This is not long after getting telepathy saying “Go to bed early tonight.  We’ll let you sleep tonight.”

This is typical and predictable and is an MK-ultra and Monarch Programming tactic meant to set a person up with expectation that is unpredictable and undermines confidence in outcome by introducing conflicting information and action.  Unpredictability or gaslighting one’s expectations leads one toward learned helplessness over time. Their tricks are old and tired. Nothing new. Nothing creative.  Everything they do I simply perceive as criminal.

Aug 1, 2017

Several days of heavier torture and neural assaults and disruption. Today I feel sick, the same kind of feeling I have gotten when eating food that has been picked up somewhere. My food has been tampered with on many occasions. People have broken into my place to do so as well as tampered with my food in restaurants.

The sewage smell has come back to the shower, which had disappeared for months. This is once again proof that these “experiences” are examples of a consequential psychopathic playbook. These people are Satanic dirtbags who come onto our property, tamper with our food, and put sewage in the well.

Aug 2, 2017

Getting jerked around with DEWs every time I  close my eyes.

Part of the CoIntelPro layer of this program involves creating problems for a person and then building on those problems until your life unravels into absolute chaos. These problems on the surface will look minor, but those behind these programs are orchestrating negative events in insidious ways that are covert until it’s too late. Over time, the accumulation of these events will take down a person’s life.

These Zersetzung “Erosion” tactics are coupled with internal MK-Ultra programming and influence that encourages polarization between the overt target, family, and friends, who are also targeted but without their awareness. If an overt target begins to point these tactics out to a family member, he or she will be shut down and often slandered. This aspect makes what they do especially evil. At all times, the goal is control. It is a Master-Slave Monarch Mind Control model. Same tactics. Same M.O.

Aug 3, 2017

Getting hit in the left eye today. Woke up with pressure and swelling of eyeballs again.

Clicks in my headphones often are used as a trigger to reinforce and heighten particular things that I do. For example, I can read something and if these handlers want to emphasize what I am reading (they are looking through my eyes and surveilling my thoughts), I will get a pop in the headphones.  The means of covert communication are many. This is one they use often when I working on my computer as I always have my headphones on. When this is done it is jarring, unpleasant, and aggressive.

Almost all triggers and anchors in this program have an aggressive edge to them, whether it’s loud landscaping equipment, dogs barking, revving engines on vehicles. This falls in line with trauma and torture-based tactics that are imposed on Monarch Slave children from age two to six. Same style and playbook and it’s clear these tactics carry over into adulthood.  Most who are targeted, especially those who are highly visible, are focused on in this way. These are military DOD and CIA operations.

Aug 4, 2017

Christie Aphrodite mentions Branson as a place she traveled. Branson is my son’s name.  These kinds of reflections are rarely accidental.


I was influenced to watch her many months ago. “Christ” code in her name as well.

Aug 5, 2017

Loud pop in headphones when trying to get VPN to work, which seems to have been corrupted. This is nothing new. Shocked in arm while trying to connect VPN. Those who hack my computer do not like VPNs at all.

The AC vents clearly have something coming out of them or through that pulses me.  When I close the vents, the pulse gets louder. This tells me that whatever is in there or above the vents has the capacity to change intensity.  This implies remote control.   The most likely possibilities  are an overhead drone or onsite rigging.

Sewage smell in shower for the last several days. Someone is coming onto the property and putting something in the well or somewhere between the well and my shower to make this happen. This has happened before and then disappears for many weeks. It’s part of the psychological degrees of consequence protocol and another way of emphasizing displeasure in what I am doing.   Toxins, sewage smell, pulses during the day, among others. They will dial them up or dial them down depending. Degrees of conditional consequence.

Aug 6, 2017

Big pulse to head when looking at book “Pharmageddon” on Amazon. These criminals sit in their homes with their weapons watching you, watching what you do, and then taking aim and blasting you to emphasize moments throughout a day.

Aug 7, 2017

Pulse and clicking in headphones when installing Webguard, an app that gets in the way of these intel punks and hackers tracking my every move.

Getting hit with massive pulses to the heart and head. Aneurysm and heart attack level intensity. These degenerate murderous scum torture with impunity and freak out when a person puts together compelling proof of their extreme criminality.

One of the most insidious aspects of this program is the way it emphasizes and heightens difficulties that you experience for which they are the cause. This is done in many different ways, all covert and deniable. They take credit for the bad things they do like terrorists. Just now as I am writing about not having internet connectivity, the perps around me make sounds using DEW pulsing to reinforce. They can also do this by making popping sounds in my headphones. These are two of the most often used around my room. There are many that they will use to reinforce experience in negative ways. These include dogs barking, train blowing its whistle, planes flying overhead, directed conversation, telepathy, media of all types, to name a few.

Aug 8, 2017

The lowlife intel handlers try hard to establish an atmosphere of conditionality.  I am having nothing but trouble with my internet connection. Then suddenly, the speed will shoot back up to normal. If I start watching videos on something that involves exposing certain parts of the conspiracies that they try hard to suppress, then the internet will shoot back down again. This has happened too many times and in too many areas of my life to think that it’s just random. These are Monarch Programming Operant Conditioning techniques where the goal always is to establish a relationship that is conditional and dependent upon the behavior of the subject.

Getting shocked to body while locking down firewall.

Beam burn to elbow while reading an article on deprogramming Monarch Mind Control Slaves.

Aug 9, 2017

Beam burn to wrist of hand scrolling with mouse while reading the Monarch deprogramming document.

Synthetic dream last night of several white tricked out cars pulling into driveway with gangsters storming our house with guns. One of the gangsters burst into my room with a gun. I charged him and he shot at me. At this point, I woke up flailing about. Typical violence and fear-based dream that focuses harm on a person. Using dreams to threaten a person that something terrible is going to happen to them is trademark CIA.

VXP350 license plate lead me into town and then led me back to my place. This tactic has been used on a number of occasions. The perpetrator is local and lives off Ellerbe road.

Aug 10, 2017

Listening back to a verbal journal entry, the recording stopped abruptly when I said “Slavery at birth.”  This was 10 seconds before the recording ended. My recordings get paused to emphasize certain parts of them but they are never stopped outright. This is on a phone with WiFi disabled, an aggressive firewall, and no SIM card.

Pulse pop in headphones while editing footage of the pulsed shocks that I experience when trying to sleep.

Have observed that the telepathy I receive picks up dramatically when doing things like cleaning. The idea of being a slave (aka Monarch Slave) is in line with this. Any menial work that I do, like cleaning, is coupled with this idea via telepathy and subliminal suggestion. The telepathy turns into a kind of chatterbot when I am doing this. These punk programmers will try and tell me what to do while I am doing it. Extremely intrusive and agitating tactics.

This also plays into the Master/Slave model where the handler is always attempting to dominate the monarch. These days, telepathy is a primary tool used by intelligence and military intelligence to reinforce Monarch Programming. If a person imagines that a physical human being is following you around and giving you obnoxious and degrading directives nonstop while you are doing something, it may drive home how lowly and infuriating these people are. These people have spent a lot of time for decades refining psychological warfare and programming techniques.  It is all an evolution of the same techniques used within illuminati and satanic families on their children, which gave rise to the formalization of the same techniques in project Mk-Ultra and Project Monarch.

Aug 11, 2017

Not long after coming to Louisiana, the perpetrators around me started using Directed Energy on my throat and trachea. After a point, I started to hear a whistling sound coming out of my windpipe, so it seems that they bore a tiny hole there. Now, at times when I get upset, they will hit that area of my windpipe so that it makes sounds that sound to my inner ear like crying or wailing. This program specializes in the bizarre and macabre.  Typical Satanic CIA creep factor.

Listening to a conversation when the audio hung at a pointed moment. The lowlifes who hack my computer can control this at will do this to heighten moments of video or audio.  At the same time,  my headphones popped from a DEW pulse. Like terrorists, the perpetrators take credit for the problems they cause.  They have done this on countless occasions.

Aug 12, 2017

The popping of my headphones has become a frequent trigger.  All of these triggers are used to negatively reinforce actions and to generate a behavioral response.  Once the trigger is established, it can also be used to make a person think that what they are doing means something when in reality it means nothing. This can be used to move a person toward false conclusions or to make choices based on the triggers and what they emphasize. Typically, though, they are meant to control, impel, or deter behavior. They usually have an aggressive tinge, much like the rest of this program, and take a person out of natural moment to moment existence. These are Monarch Mind Control techniques.

Aug 13, 2017

The most intense shock to my body, focused on my chest and heart, happened this morning. It was so massive that it jolted me out of sleep with me yelling in pain and the cursing at the top of my lungs. Over twelve hours later, and I still feel the residue of the shock. I would call this a kill shot, meant to induce extreme fear in a person. These are MK-Ultra tactics. The pulses are often used to intimidate, instill fear, and program.  High profile targets are hit every day. They need to keep the day-to-day and week-to-week memory in perpetual reset. That way, they can more easily program a person into repetitive states and tunnel-visioned experience. If a person fights back to any degree, they keep pushing the replay button.

The persistent focus on my temples tells me that they are using these EMF weapons in the same way they use electrodes for someone who is being treated with ECT therapy. Patients prescribed ECT complain of memory loss, sometimes severe and over many years. This is suppressed by the psychiatric profession and the media. When I get hit as hard as I got hit last night, it affects my entire day. Makes it difficult to get much of anything done. They lobotomize me for a period of time and deplete my energy and focus so that I move through the day like walking through quicksand.

Aug 14, 2017

When editing footage of pulsing to body, the headphones popped a half dozen times in a couple of minutes. This is a popular trigger these days.  Deniable and insidious. After editing footage and being kept up all night, I tried to close my eyes for a while and got shocked nonstop every thirty seconds. Hard shocks to my body again, around the heart area.  Electrifying entire body. Unbelievable levels of criminality and psychopathy.

Was able to sleep a few hours after being kept up all morning and into noon. Woke up to family telling me ATT was here and that someone called in to say the internet was down and requested to change the connection back to DSL. No one in this house did this. The Stasi CointelPro tactics are blatant in their timing but are carried out in deniable ways that cover their harassment and nefarious intent. They will say the order got confused with a request several days ago, which is a bogus lie.  The line was switched to U-Verse and that was the end of it. No one made any subsequent calls. This kind of sleight of hand runaround is something that I experienced non-stop for months in Los Angeles. This is Fascist Infraguard method and when the intelligence agencies, DHS, and whomever else are told to come down harder on a person, then the problems kick in.

Clicking sound on the computer at different times in the last few weeks. It’s hard to say when it happens where it is coming from. It could be a pulse or it could be feedback in the speaker.  Either way, it’s deliberate.

Aug 15, 2017

These sadistic programmers create deliberate parallels of behavior between people in my life.  This reinforces the fact that friends and family are being influenced in specific, scripted ways. The more I reflect on it, the clearer it is to me that this has been going on throughout my life.

Popping sound in headphones while signing up on a site for potential work.  I cannot do something this simple without this kind of intrusion.  This is the way handlers reinforce action and attempt to take ownership.  It’s a conditioning tactic and dominance move.

This program uses tech to influence me to watch something intended as a veiled threat.  Textbook CIA and Military psychological warfare and terrorism.  I was just watching a YT vid of a guy taking EMF readings in his home.  As I was watching, the video was then paused at the moment when the readings were highest. This is coupled with subliminals and telepathy implying that they are ramping up the microwave attacks.

What a joke considering this happens every night, but they do tend to increase in intensity when this kind of veiled threat gets thrown at me.  The idea is to telegraph outcome with the intent of dissuading particular behavior.   Threat-based and fear-based methods. They weaponize visuals in the same way they weaponize sound, including speech.  They operate out of a Satanic Ritual Abuse and MK-Ultra playbook.

All kinds of vehicular stalking and mobbing tonight, though the streets should be empty. Cop car zooming past me on a street.  In Kroger, same thing. People are trained to move around you in the same way on foot as they are in cars. If they are not trained, then they are tech-influenced.  I believe they blend the two.

Many neighbors are clearly involved, and this is reinforced by them entering or exiting their residence as I pass by. This kind of precision timing makes it clear that I am the equivalent of a GPS receiver. They could put a tracking device on the car but they don’t need it. The technology is in me.

The behavioral mapping tech also incorporates mistakes. For instance, if I forget something like I did tonight, and then I go back out to get it, I will still have the same kind of precise tactical driving around me. They are prepared for that because they script it into the experience. It is meant to drive home the degree of granular control they have over my life when desired.  They could accomplish this also with grass-roots, floating box surveillance but they do it with family that has no idea. Again, it’s a blend of both. If they map out an experience, though, there is no doubt they have the capability of incorporating mistakes and even sequences of seeming randomness.

Aug 16, 2017

Train has come by four times in the last hour and a half.

Constantly resting my hand on my stomach. Influenced Masonic gesture meant to trigger association with the “hidden hand” pose that is famously present in many historical pictures. Lots of influenced, Masonic gestures the last several days.  They attempt to induce this in me as well as family.  Hard to do with me because I. know what’s up but will still slip in from time to time. Been going on for a year and half. Shady.

Being kept up all night until late morning again.

When the lowlife domestic terrorists ratchet up the granular control for me, they bring attention to it in a number of ways. Forced speech, forced gestures, forced movement, sounds around the house, pops in the headphones, train blowing its whistle, cars revving in the distance, planes overhead, loud landscaping equipment, neighbors’ children yelling, phone ringing off the wall, family banging cabinets and making noise, family interrupting me and banging too loudly on my door, computer interference, influence of what I say and do, videos I watch, books I read, things I think about, people I talk to, conversations I have. There really isn’t anything they don’t touch. They are the most intrusive, invasive, sadistic tormenters, torturers, and agitators, of all that is human.

Second podcast by Bryan Kofron came out, which puts out some truth. He seems legitimate but as with everything else, I have learned my lesson when it comes to investing in any person or piece of information. He mentions a woman who worked at the homeless shelter he discusses, and her name is Cori. That strikes me as deliberate signaling.  Could be tech-crafted. Tough to discern.

Ringing in ears has increased in volume in the last couple of days.

Train coming by often again as well.

Dogs have started barking again.

Family member lies on the couch with finger to mouth in the “Be quiet” pose.  Went to the kitchen for a second, came back, and he now has one finger under his chin like a gun. This is the suicide pose. These are typical of the symbology used in the entertainment industry by celebs (finger over mouth, finger pointed to temple). It is indicative of MK-Ultra programming technique used to emphasize secrecy and implant seeds of consequence if I talk.

Getting hit with DEWs to ankle while writing about DEWs on the computer. This type of hit makes the muscles in the leg very uncomfortable. Nothing relieves the sensation.

I am kept up all night, assaulted and tortured. When I write about it, I get tortured more. This is the sad state of this nation. We have criminals roaming free and torturing people in their own bedrooms. And they’re paid by the government we supposedly employ.

The train is coming by nonstop again. Several times a day. He blows his whistle softly, loudly, and everything in between. These triggers operate in degrees. It’s meant to get a person to associate the level, sound, intensity, of visuals or audibles with the degree of aggression coming from these perpetrators. And it’s always meant to be surreal and unbelievable. It shouldn’t be though. Covert intelligence operations are designed to be deniable. And the more absurd, the better, as it makes for great cover.

A highly visible TI and friend today said that she wanted to take a break from the friendship. This is typical of what I experience. Though it may feel natural to the person and the antagonism or polarization is rooted in real interaction, it is induced and orchestrated with tech. It has happened many times and if I don’t “cooperate,” I get nailed in myriad ways, and that includes sabotage of relationships.

Aug 19, 2017

Been getting hit in the elbows with pinpoint beams that are painful. This is always when I am on the computer with my hands on the keys.

Loud pulse pop to headphones while editing footage of DEW attacks. Pulse to headphones again when exporting footage. Continue to do this when it has the opposite effect on me. I become more resolute in exposing what they do, not less, when agitated in this way.

A game that I play on my tablet is hacked and at times the pieces on the board change so that they win and I lose. The perps invade and interfere with every aspect of a person’s life and this includes all things computing.  So when I didn’t get the right pieces on the board, clearly a result of hacking and manipulation, I said under my breath “That’s BS. These people are hackers and cheaters,” A family member in the other room immediately chimes in with “Oh come on, that’s ridiculous.”

After all of the ways I have demonstrated and proven what is being done to me, it’s as if none of it sticks. Like your family and friends’ brains are being reset.  Which is quite possible, considering how much my memory at times has been worked on.  Whatever the case, this is typical of the crazy-making tactics that are employed in this program.  And they will use people around you to dismiss the truth of your experience. This is then used as an opportunity to provoke me into reactive outrage.

These intel handlers are very sadistic. They influence people around me to create impossible and emotionally charged situations and fallout.  Then they turn up the neural tech and watch people go at each other.

Aug 20, 2017

I am getting blasted super-hard again. The playbook is methodical. If I am moved into hardcore torture mode, I am kept up all night and wake up irradiated and dried out with swollen pressure on my eyes. This is in concert with severe isolation. Sabotage of relationships and locking me down into repetitive patterns of doing barely anything. The best I can do when this happens and I am unable to break through is to document it for a future lawsuit.

Aug 21, 2017

Pulsing in walls is starting up again. All triggers come in degrees and are meant to condition a person into anticipating negative outcome. Threat and terror tactics and doctrine. Consistent pulsing in wall of bedroom coming from right side of house. Another consistent pulse hits the wall of the bedroom to the left around the built-in cabinets. They can pulse anywhere but there are a few areas that they do so with consistency. This is meant to establish patterns of repetition in order to anchor behavioral response.

Family member warned me not to look at the sun during the eclipse because I “Could go blind.” this is another tired theme of harm and injury that is put around me all the time via media, Directed Conversations, telepathy, and DEW hits to my eyes. The blindness and homeless themes have picked up again. As well as prison, fire, and a few others. This program preys on a person’s psychology and looks for pressure points to attack.

One of the strategies of the neural tech is to impel a person to behave in certain ways in order to generate psychological reflection and response. It’s a kind of reverse affect on psychology that is then attached to subliminal suggestion and telepathy. For example, I can put my head in my hand and sigh and get a subliminal that I am down and out. They are infusing neurological signatures as well with this. The idea is to physicalize in order to evoke negative internalization.

Sometimes I find myself swallowing in a way that is off, which just happened as I was typing this. That is also a repeated technique. I will talk or write about something and then these handlers will use the tech on me to reinforce it by inducing it in real-time. Regarding the swallowing, it’s slow, measured, and effortful and they use the tech to get me to focus on it with heightened attention (In the same way that they direct attention with eyes when out in public). It’s a hyper-awareness protocol and it’s driven by neurological mapping. When I swallow like this, I get a subliminal as if I am swallowing with, say, a gun pointed to my head. And yet I have no emotion whatsoever attached to it. They are inducing physicalization it seems to encourage a subconscious affect on behavior. I believe this is an integral aspect of modern Monarch Programming methodology.

Aug 22, 2017

Getting hit with the full treatment when trying to sleep. Kept up all night again so I will write. I dream of the day these scum are in jail or worse. They are monstrous traitors. Treason is punishable by death, which is appropriate for what these psychos do. Getting hit with full DEW protocol. The EMF meter is in the red and points to the house behind ours.  All those around the house and directly across the street take part.

Pain around left side of chest and heart. Pulses to leg muscles, mainly quads that is very uncomfortable. Creates a crawling sensation in the muscle. Jerking my arm around hard with jolts. Sharp pinpoint hit to front left tooth that feels like it’s hitting the nerve. They have been doing this throughout the day today. Hard jolts to entire body that are visible on video. Pains and shocks to various parts of head. Shots to stomach that are like getting physically punched. Shocks to entire back that vibrate just under skin. Mild but jarring jolts that jerk my arms around the shoulder blade area during the day now.

Pulses during the day.

Degrees of consequence manifest in multiple areas when coming down on a person. Unwavering playbook that revels in the wrong.

When the neural tech and programming gets more blatant and heavy-handed, my days start to feel mechanical in every way. Thoughts, movement, speech, interactions. This is the future form of population control.  Robotizing people with tech.

Aug 23, 2017

When they hit me hard with the neural tech and DEWs and deprive me of sleep, which is often, my days are a major struggle.

I am getting hit from multiple angles fairly hard and the room is several degrees hotter, which means I am being nuked during the day. Blanketing me in radiation. These lowlifes cause slow growing cancer with their murderous ways.

We’re living in a global concentration camp that can activate at any time for anyone.

Train has been coming by nonstop in the last several days. Pulsing during the day has returned. I hope these people suffer for what they do.  Lowlife, thug criminals.

Dogs barking outside right after waking up again.

Pulsed to wake me up.

Feeling heavily irradiated and depleted when waking up. Been going on for a number of days now. When the torture moves up a few notches, this is what happens. It’s a methodical playbook.

Massive pulse to my head last night. Jerked and electrified my entire head. The physical force of these weapons is palpable. Shocks to body during the day. Jerking back and limbs. They hit bone in order to create sudden, aggressive movement.  It’s very bothersome and provocative.

One of the most psychologically abusive aspects of this program is to create problems for me, then put innuendo around me that it’s my fault.  The degradation and abuse can also come in the form of telepathy or even your own influenced speech, which they script like Directed Conversation to serve as weaponized doublespeak.

A good example is the way they have kept me on neural lockdown and a torture regimen as well as severe sleep deprivation to make it next to impossible for me to put together a string of productive days or to fight back with consistency. If I do start to make headway and gain momentum, it gets undermined. This is a form of torture. It also gives them the opportunity to degrade with language like “Loser,” “Deadbeat,” “Failure,” basically any kind of degrading label they can think of. And they will use people around me to use these kinds of words to talk about someone else but they are weaponized moments that are meant to be internalized as if they are talking about me.

These intel thugs obviously stand in my way in every way even more when I am calling them out on their evil ways without reservation (which is often). They know that if I move toward a solid, independent place again, I will shred their program and all the deceptions associated with it. So they keep me down until they feel they can control what I say and do.  If they feel they can’t, they will most likely move toward completely destroying me. I wish them many lifetimes of suffering for what they do.  They are the height of evil.

HAARP weather today. This thunder is never natural sounding.

Aug 24, 2017

Woke up again today depleted and dried out. Heavy irradiation causing loss of balance, extreme fatigue, listlessness. This is not depression, though the circumstances the targeting and torture create for me are. These are Directed Energy attacks.

Whistling sound in trachea today.

When I wake up after getting hit hard, I get a scripting of thought injections, all negative, all fatalistic. This is programming protocol. The idea is to blast someone, then give them thoughts that everything is hopeless, that they are trying to kill you, that life is over, and so on. It’s a form of psychic driving and at its worst extreme misery that resembles suicide programming.

They are transparent and obvious now when they do this. Impulse control is at work too. They will inject me with the impulse to speak about all the terrible things they are doing and with urgency. If they can manage to make me lose composure or get into a super-charged state with what they do, even better.  That feeds into and sustains their profiling model.

A lot of induced gestures in the last few days. This involves manipulating behavior, sampling and cloning it, then putting it back into a person, much like a computer plug-in. They treat people like programs to be written and rewritten.

Aug 25, 2017

Family, yesterday, while in the kitchen: “What do you do with mozzarella cheese, fry it?” This is induced speech that is used to telegraph outcome. That night, I was kept up all night with Directed Energy attacks and was “fried” with microwaves.  The entire room was kept several degrees hotter than the rest of the house. Woke up after a couple hours of sleep to shocks and pulses in room.

A lot of negative telepathy too. Visual images get injected and then I get shocked to emphasize the visuals. It is clear from these moments that at least one localized source has readouts of my thoughts and brainwaves. The Orwellian, Fascist nightmare was here a long time ago.

Did an exercise where I paid attention again to the number of triggers while doing things in a 10-minute time span. I counted several dozen at least.  When it is dialed up, the triggers are constant. Much of this has to do with implanted and weaponized thoughts that are attached to things I do. This technique takes things you would never focus on and brings them to the forefront while attaching something degrading and negative to them. An example would be when folding the laundry, I get the perception of being a slave or servant. Or when looking at my children’s pictures on the refrigerator, I get a flash of them being harmed.

Aug 26, 2017

Pulsing the keyboard of my laptop as I type. Pulsing the board that I use to protect my head with force so that it moves. DEW-induced muscle spasms in left quad muscle and area above left eye. Headphone-popping when editing video of DEW assaults.

Aug 28, 2017

Example of synchronicity that I have experienced often. Remote influence that uses tech to implement and weave themes, narratives, reflections into my life. When working at a high concentration, I can get connections like this from several disparate sources in a day. It’s scripting of experience.

Aug 29, 2017

Got shocked in leg while reading a past entry about innuendo of detention and labor camps. This theme has been promoted a lot for me and in many ways. We’ll see what happens. I certainly wouldn’t put it past these scum.  It seems to fall in line with their NWO Fascistic gameplan. The jolting of my body when reading is meant to emphasize what I am reading. It’s another way to drive home an idea and is coupled with things that I have written that involve negative consequence.

Anyone who surveils your thoughts in real-time, then zaps you with a DEW to emphasize what you’re reading and to try and psychologically terrorize you is a major loser. And criminal. As I was typing in the telepathy log the words “Save the World,” the cursor hopped back to the front of the phrase.

Walked into kitchen and overheard one family member saying to another: “They might screw Ahmad over if you don’t do something about it.” When I asked what they were talking about, I was called suspicious. This is a typical counteraccusation and slander tactic that is used by remote Intel. And it’s an absurd thing to say, considering I just hear them say that I would be screwed over.

Would that not compel anyone to ask what the person is talking about? This is an example of how these sadistic mafia thugs threaten a person with potential negative outcome if they don’t “Cooperate” and “Be quiet.”  It’s what criminals do when a person like me tries to expose their criminality. Not only have they marginalized my life and manipulated every imaginable element of my existence, but when I fight back, I get all kinds of threats to my future, my family, my life.

If this tech is on you, it’s on your family. I deal with remote intel handlers operating through family every day. In this case, they were talking about inheritance that might come to me when my dad passes away. I don’t even think or care about this stuff, but they obviously do and they use it as a threat-based psychological weapon. So they scripted this experience in order to drive home the idea that they could stand in the way of me getting any money if I continue to do what I am doing.

This kind of consequential playbook is persistent and is used on a person in many ways. Pure CIA thuggery mafia. I will expose their criminality. This program creates patterns in people. The technology is used to orchestrate behavior and experience in order to cultivate personality and behavior traits and habits. It is used in the most disgraceful, inhumane, and egregious ways.

The sadists who do this are always about control. They programmed me remotely and with tech and handled my life and the people in it. I see their ways and feel nothing but repulsion. They on the other hand, embrace their depravity and evil. Over time, if this tech is working on you from childhood, it is in essence dissociating you from your natural existence. This is Monarch Programming. This is transhumanism. It is diabolical and wrong and all those who do it should be locked up for life.

Aug 30, 2017

Nanotech and DEW discomfort in legs. When they do this, it does something to the muscles and I cannot get comfortable. The DEWs on many occasions have been used on me to move my legs and arms as if they are on strings.  They will straighten my leg out or toss my arm over my body. Then I get a subliminal of a puppet. As in Marionette Programming.  They do this while I am sleeping as well.  I have captured this on video.

When I open my window to check out the rain, I notice that the neighbor to the right has their white SUV pointed in the direction of our house. Seconds later, the woman who lives there comes out and gets in the car. Right after she pulls out of the driveway, another White SUV drives by just behind her. This is orchestrated theater using tech to influence me into observing it.

White and black are colors used to represent Masonic duality.  Associating white also with “Peace” and “Truce” has been a staple of their covert communication with me. I get tortured and manipulated every day. I have dozens of crimes committed against me every week. My life has been hijacked. My family’s lives have been hijacked. I get threatened and terrorized all the time. And then I get innuendo of peace and truce. There is no such thing when you are tortured, terrorized, and controlled in the ways that I am. They have the ability to stop everything at any moment but they do not. It’s a tyrannical program and I have tyrannical handlers who have done everything to break me and my life down.

Went into the game room and one of the weights on my weight bar had been taken off and a small one was put in its place. This makes no logical sense whatsoever and is typical of the creep-factor gaslighting that these derelicts engage in. You have to unscrew a piece in order to take this weight off and then you have to physically put on the other so this isn’t something that just happens. I asked a family member about it and he couldn’t give me a good answer.

When I pressed it, he started to get angry and said that “It doesn’t matter.” If I ever mention the possibility that people are coming into this house, he gets extremely volatile. This is how the neural tech is used to make your situation impossible and how these satanic CoIntelPro scum criminals get away with this kind of stuff. You are the one telling the truth of what’s going on and you get shut down because of that.

Aug 31, 2017

Misery injections. This is a frequency signature. Can be put into me at will. This is coupled with telepathy saying “Suicide programming” today. Will never happen but this kind of misery is extreme in its insidiousness. May all those behind these programs suffer tremendously one day. I have nothing but disdain for these sadistic pricks.

Sep 1, 2017

Getting hit in the throat, base of the skull, stomach, chest, and legs hard nightly.

Waking up bombarded with negative telepathy and injected thought.

Vision is off as well when I wake up. This torture program disables people.

Sep 2, 2017

Reading a book called “Black Terror, White Soldiers,” which so far has effectively shredded a lot of the watered-down rhetoric and entrainment that has been foisted upon me in the last year and change. Typically, if I read something that breaks down with power the programming nonsense that I experience, I get interference. This time, I got hit with fatigue out of nowhere while reading. I have also gotten direct interference within the Kindle Reader on many occasions.  Fritz Springmeier’s book on Monarch Programming and mind-controlled Illuminati Slaves comes to mind.

When I closed my eyes to rest for a minute, as usual, I am messed with. I will get shocks to my body to make it hard for me to sleep. If I still start to doze off, I get injected images and sound which is a form of hypnotic programming. This time it was a dream sequence of me climbing up a mountain and as I was doing it, I was jarred awake by my legs being moved (DEW and neural combo) as if literally struggling up a mountain. There was also a loud crack or shot in the distance, something I have gotten before. What this proves is that the DEW, the injected thoughts, and the neural tech are all coordinated. I think much of the capability is localized and what isn’t interfaces with remote command centers.

Forced speech, family member on the phone: “If the diabetes is bad, you know you can die from that.” Diabetes has been a theme for me. It is used often as a threat to a TI and I think can be induced. I know that this tech can induce sugar attacks, which it has done with me often, as well as weight gain. I have heard people talk about diabetes dozens of times since this began.

Sep 4, 2017

Reading a book called “No Ordinary Stalking” with Jen as the main character and victim.  This is my ex-wife’s name.

Talked with Eric Karlstrom today. Mentioned his dad and family had direct CIA and military connections.  Could be in the same program.

When talking to my dad about a game he plays, I asked what his highest score was on level 10, a level that no one has passed yet. He said he thinks “There is something wrong with the programming.” and that it is “Obstinate” and “Hopeless.”

This is typical Directed Conversation via tech mean to associate with my programming and how I am “Not cooperating.” It’s a reverse psychology tactic meant to get a person to feel badly about themselves because they are not cooperating with these sadistic lunatics and their deranged and abusive methods of taking over a person’s mind and life. This is the sick and twisted world that they have created for me.

Talked to a friend tonight who mentioned that her son’s name is Christian. “Christ” codes are used around me a lot.  It’s become clear to me that the Illuminati are influencing parents to choose particular names for their children to satisfy their programming objectives and the symbology that comes with it.  They did this to me as well.  This friend is also in the same MK-Ultra Monarch program.  This all plays into their Kabbalistic Ritual programming and their manufactured End Times agenda.

Sep 5, 2017

Determined that the reason the fan shifts in sound is because Directed Energy is cutting off the airflow. This became clear when the fan was close to me as the air hitting my skin all but disappeared. Researching Monarch and MK-Ultra, one of the aspects of torture is changing the body temperature and from hot to cold. This, coupled with being heated up with microwaves, demonstrates like many other aspects of this experience, that the program has its roots first and foremost in trauma-based programming.

Sep 7, 2017

I wake up every day and am affected by the DEW and neural attacks on my body. The process is right out of an MK-Ultra playbook. The shock treatment, synthetic dreams, neural entrainment and hypnotic programming. All combined, I wake up very negatively affected by this, sometimes feeling half dead. It can take me a few hours to adjust because of everything that’s been done to my body and brain while sleeping.

This is a massive crime against humanity and it is undetectable to an outside observer who is ignorant of this tech. Even with knowledge of the tech and its uses, it’s hard to distinguish. But the footage of my body being shocked in my bed is not.

The primary point of the DEW and neural assaults is to reset the memory and program a human being. The torture also stems from this, as it is a for of trauma to a person’s body, brain, and psyche.

Sep 8, 2017

Paul Marko mentioned in Techno 25 episode that they should get in touch with Trey Gowdy. Ani Kaspar also mentioned Trey Gowdy when we spoke a while back, as did Karen Stewart and Midge Mathis.  He is from Greenville, where my best friend and roommate from Vanderbilt Erik was born.  These details connect to agenda.

Massive shock to my body that jolted me awake. Arms pushed violently into my body. I am often woken up with shocks to my body and head.

Sep 9, 2017

These lowlifes shock me or pop my headphones with persistence to emphasize something I am doing. This often happens when I am researching and working online. This is a programming technique.

Spotify started playing on its own. Happened many times.

iTunes pops up with the window that asks a person to “Agree” or “Disagree.” The is a form of coded communication to plant the seed of engaging in something contractual.  Happened many time months ago during heavy entrainment and programming but stopped for a long time when it became clear I wasn’t budging.

Sep 10, 2017

These sadistic handlers will as a rule do things to me in order to muddy my focus and deplete my energy when I am in the mindset to get things done. This is happening today. Overwhelmed with fatigue. Had the goal of finishing the editing of a manuscript today, which I will still attempt, but the point is there is deliberate interference. The impulse control as well can be used to keep a person away from doing things that will get them ahead. These are the aspects of the program that need to be exposed. They are using tech in order to keep my life down and destitute and they are doing so with behavioral mapping and programming. Cannot get much more criminal and insidious than that.

I am getting a lot of negativity and antagonism in different ways in the last number of days. Cannot stress how nasty and evil this program is. The assault on a person is not just in the form of Directed Energy. The tech operators will hit your neurology, your relationships, pretty much everything. This is physical, psychological, emotional, and neurological assault, torment, and torture.

No matter what time of day or night, when I close my eyes, I get jolted and jerked around.

Sep 11, 2017

When I go to the tax website, they pop the headphones. When I look into jobs on ranches, they pop the headphones. I can be reading something that talks about someone getting hurt. Headphones pop. They use this just like all the other tools that they use to reinforce a moment and trigger a response.

Getting cooked in my room. Several degrees hotter in here than in the rest of the house.

Sep 12, 2017

Getting a lot of negative, degrading injected thoughts.

This tech is able to produce the equivalent of an at-will adrenalin or panic attack. Heart rate increases, a sense of anxiety increases, the basic symptoms are mimicked. It can happen at times when it makes no sense for it to happen. It’s obvious the programming and neural combo can hit me at any point. Like everything else in this disgraceful, criminal program, it will often be done in such a way as to attempt to blend into circumstance.

Sep 13, 2017

Kept up all night with frequencies and DEW attacks. Could barely keep eyes open and tried to take a nap. Was getting shocked but managed to almost fall asleep. When I did, I had a synthetic injection of someone saying something that ended with “He’s dead.” At that exact moment, I was shocked super hard. This means that that those attacking me in the neighborhood have direct access to the images that are being injected into my head. So they are either coordinating with remote intel who are   injecting thoughts and images or they have direct access to technology that can do this and are responsible for both DEW and neural assaults. It is impossible to synchronize a shock to my body in this way without direct neural access and surveillance. The timing is too exact. This has happened many times.

Sep 14, 2017

When thinking of my hard drive because the icon was “missing” from the desktop, I get telepathy that says “We’re going to fry it. We’re going to fry them all.”

Sep 15, 2017

Extreme attacks to body last night. Shaking me violently, heart rate shoots up from electrification. Heart attack level hits. Putting evidence together and getting ripped, which is typical of this program. Also, when protecting myself more heavily from the shocks to keep me up and hit my brain, I get blasted. These people are murderous psychopaths.

Watching footage and seeing clear hand signals from patrons coming out of store. When they do this, others enter seconds later.  They are communicating with military and police signals.

B958648 is plate on truck from footage of when a guy almost ran into me from behind then when I followed, stopped his car, in front of a house with a gangster-type sitting out front with no shirt on. These incidents are orchestrated beforehand. The neural tech impels a person into them.

Sep 16, 2017

Bombarded with telepathy lately. Comes in waves. Scripted and pre-planned often. Massive shocks to my body and heavy irradiation at night. Intense synthetic dreams. Syncing and stilted conversations and interactions picking up as well.

I have been harassed by trains with persistence for a year and a half straight in Shreveport, sometimes several times within a few hour period. This one is driving alongside me on the highway. This has happened many times. The neural tech is used to map out these intersections.

An example of a hotel door lock that is deliberately damaged and loose so that it’s easier to break-in.  I have experienced multiple break-ins and destruction or theft of equipment. I have experienced compromised locks on hotel latches often. Hotels are heavily involved in targeting and harassment. The management, maintenance, and room service often act like Fascist mafia thugs. Have not been in a hotel in the last two years where I did not get heavy DEW attacks, hacking and internet lockdown, nonstop theatre, persistent noise harassment, ad nauseum. I know many have experienced similar.

Sep 17, 2017







Example of a vehicle that tails me with military plates.

Sep 19, 2017

Getting negative telepathy and manipulation today as well as daily DEW shots to various parts of body. When this happens, I spend time on evidence. I may spend time on evidence regardless, but it’s guaranteed when I get attacked and manipulated.

Vibrating the bed behind my back with DEWs while I am watching footage of harassment and vehicular stalking. When this happens, electricity moves through my body. Jolts violently jerk my body when I close my eyes DEW creating localized pain in neck, heart, and other areas of body during day.

Sep 21, 2017

Hitting heart area while looking through footage of harassment and stalking. Lose my breath for a moment when this happens. Criminals posing as neighbors.  We are living in a country run by thugs.

On Techno Forum 27 today, they spoke of a pastor blocked by TSA, coming over to speak on behalf of Tis.  Claims he is also diabetic.  From India.  Kept over in Dubai. I stayed in Dubai for a night in my family’s flat before coming back to the States in 2010.   I have also been seriously harassed by the TSA and had all kinds of issues when I was in Saudi in 2010.   The telepathy I get often tells me that I am diabetic. (I do not have health insurance from being marginalized so I haven’t checked to see whether this is true or not). This is an example of mirroring that the CIA uses on me often.  All media comes armed with this layer.  Most if not all of these stories are fabrications.  We are living in a fully propagandized, MK-Ultra factory and the news is a primary peddler of this garbage.

Sep 22, 2017

Concentrated gang-stalking when outside playing basketball. As I came out of the garage, the Horans pulled into their driveway. Not long after, as the train started blows its whistle, a white truck drives by.  Then, an extremely loud engine in the distance. The Hunts next door pull up in their van second later. The family gets out. Son is color-coded in blue. Mom in yellow. Husband with black and white. Colors that are put around me all the time with purpose.  (I get thematic color-coding where the same colors are reinforced and heightened for a particular period of time).

Then the dogs start barking. Someone pulls into then Hancocks’ driveway. Then the Horans again. Small plane flies overhead. Owl hooting in the backyard.  Dude in a truck pulls into the Hunt’s driveway. Big guy in same color blue comes out and gives me a look.  Gets back in and backs out of the driveway, then pulls back in and gets out for another few minutes. I go inside to get a drink. Come back out and he leaves. When I start to go inside, Tyler, the husband next door, gets into his Masonic orange jeep and starts to pull out. This is an example of several minutes of concentrated and provocative theatre that is coupled with neural tech which attempts to greatly agitate me while it’s happening. It was all an abject failure but they try really hard nevertheless. Lame and pathetic. Collective psychological harassment.

Sep 23, 2017

Got hit hard last night with Directed Energy. Attacks on various parts of body. Jerking limbs around every minute or so. Kept up until late into the morning.

Chris Burton mentioned in his interview with Ramola that his company was number one supplier to SAP.  My dad’s side of the family owned and operated SAP Arabia. Chris’s cousin went to Oxford, as did Katherine Horton. Interesting connections.

Sep 24, 2017

Chris mentions a V2K persona named Doreen in interview. Relates for me to Doreen Horton, lifelong family friend, whose husband died of pancreatic cancer a couple of years prior to the targeting going overt for me.  I came back to Shreveport to spend time with him when he was very sick.  She is the only Doreen I know and they are the only Hortons I have ever known besides Katherine Horton.

Sep 26, 2017

Family member walks into the kitchen as I do and I notice that his pants are unzipped. I mention it and he says he just went to the bathroom and starts laughing, asking, “What? Did you think that I just forgot? That only happens to people who have lost their mind.”

This is a weaponized, influenced moment, as today I have been discovering my pants left unzipped after using the bathroom. This is caused via tech-induced memory disruption. They were doing this to me for a while in public when trying to profile me as a potential sex offender.

Sept 27, 2017

The following is an example of neural tech using impulse control and direction of attention along with subliminals to establish a covert veiled threat. I go downstairs to get a glass of water. When I leave the kitchen, I notice a pamphlet that says “The Burial Office” on it. It looked like it was related a family friend’s funeral. Then as I am leaving, I notice a picture of a baby near the phone, then I focus on my children’s pictures on the refrigerator. This combination of direction of attention is then reinforced with telepathic subliminal injections of harm to my children.

This is nothing new. I have probably experienced a hundred or more of these covert internal threats. The symbology around me when out in public can also play into this. It’s typical CIA mafioso tactics. With the tech, they do it in deniable ways that will be portrayed as a person imagining things. There is nothing imagined about this. I never experienced this before two years ago. These are deliberate and neurally-driven orchestrations. They can coordinate my behavior and senses like scriptwriters.  It’s real life as terror theater, which is a trademark of this dirty program.

Sept 28, 2017

I spoke to another TI today for a few hours over the phone. Interesting conversation overall. Getting quite a bit of the usual codespeak though. Talked about murders and deaths a lot. Hard to say whether there was any awareness.  Seems like a decent person, but I have been burned before. The way these interactions are orchestrated is always a red flag, which is why I have backed off of meeting new people. It’s never accidental. The person is either complicit or influenced. That I have to move through them against the backdrop of that unanswerable question is tiresome and infuriating.

She lives in Oregon, a state that has come up for me many times in many ways. She also, according to her, comes from Illuminati and Luciferian roots. In indirect ways, I feel like she was trying to correct my interpretations of what has happened to me and what’s going on in terms of the corruption in the world. Kept saying things like “I would look at it this way. There are good lines and rotten lines.” She was talking about Luciferian Illuminati. Maybe so, but the satanic, sex cult, death cult, Masonic movement that I have experienced has been extremely vicious and brutal. So that’s the Luciferianism that I have been bombarded with.

The other aspect, which is very shady, are people that I have recently met who are connected to Luciferianism and Masonry and hide their affiliation, pretend to be helpful, but end up being two-faced, shady snakes. That kind of deception is reviling to me. So what part of Luciferianism have I experienced that is good, honest, forthright, open, singular, and ethically grounded? All I have gotten is deception and manipulation.

If there is anything good in the people that are a part of this experience, it is not singular.  Rather, I get a lot of ambiguity and am forced to sift through the inconsistencies. I don’t like that. Over time, the relationships break down. Never seems to fail. Whatever facade is presented  erodes and unravels.  Either tech-driven or agent-driven.

I don’t like the question marks that surround any new relationship I enter. If this person had no idea who I was, then why would she after one phone conversation, say that I could stay at her place for a while to get away from this experience?  This happened on another occasion but not as quickly and it seems to be a form of handling. Don’t treat me like a fool. My senses are too acute.

A lot of neural interference is happening these days. They put frequency combos into me that will keep me doing next to nothing. If I have energy, I lose focus. They have different recipes for keeping a person unproductive. When this tech is proven to the world, not a damn thing I say will sound unreasonable. They have used this tech on my dad, me, and my sons. They have created parallels of experience and behavior. They focus on generations. Not just one person. Genealogical.

Sep 30, 2017

Been getting a lot of religious references and innuendo throughout this experience.  I call it Messianic Programming. Now I am watching this video and it talks about this guy, AJ Miller, who claims to be Jesus reincarnated and was a former IT specialist. I have had many “IT Specialists” around me lately.  I owned an IT Consultancy for many years. This is typical of the absurdist mockery and synchronicity that I get.

Oct 5, 2017


Brothers Pete (Mikey Day), Zeke (Alex Moffat) and Tristan (Ryan Gosling) love renovating houses and refusing to face their demons. In this skit, Ryan Gosling talks directly into the camera about coming over to the dark side. “Marionette” “Darkness beginning to shine” “Born-again” are a few phrases that stood out as codespeak.

Eyes are getting hit hard. Right eye is extremely red. Thick, watery fluid keeps flowing out.  Eyeball feels swollen in the socket. They focus on the blindness theme with telepathy and then hit my eyes. Typical sadistic Nazi BS. Hits every 15-30 seconds when trying to sleep. These hits are more violent. A number of extremely violent hits to the heart and chest area. These Nazi criminals should be tried for attempted murder.

Getting pulsed here and there throughout the day.

The pulses they use on me usually jerk limbs around. Varies in intensity.

Oct 7, 2017

This has been going on for a while but when I hear sounds coming out of headphones, they can reverberate through my body like electricity. Not sure how this is accomplished but it’s not natural.

Passive-aggressive and backstabbing tactics are used throughout every aspect of this program. This includes online gaming. I got into a game, for example with a very high level player in Risk. Expert, Master, and Grandmaster level.  Often this will happen and I will get ganged up on. Same M.O.  across the boards in this program. If they want to get really shady, they will request an alliance and then the next round, turn around and attack me. Often times I feel like I am playing with a bunch of 12 year olds. But I am fairly certain many of these guys are military. Psychological tactics. Amusing and lame. They don’t seem to be able to win without playing dirty.

This game is coded as well. The players’ names. I have taken screenshots of these and it’s obvious over time. That is the CIA, Masonic, and Illuminati way. Today one said “Will Estate.” This comes a day or so after a family member asked me for my phone number, saying she needed to update her will. I have given her my phone number many times. These moments are orchestrated in order to introduce information, often psychologically weaponized.

Oct 11, 2017

The tech works on all aspects of a person to impel them into down states. They will work hard on me to get me to do nothing. Then they will manipulate neurology to coincide with the inactivity. Physicality is also influenced to reinforce. I believe they approach a person very much like an actor would approach a performance. Except in this case, they are acting through me.

A typical technique of this program is to use telepathy to reinforce thought. So if I form an internal opinion of something, then the telepathy could antagonize that opinion or reinforce the opinion, as if those doing this to you are for or against your way of thinking. This all has programming roots.

Everything that is done in this program is motivated first and foremost by programming objectives. The DOD or CIA handlers are attempting to cultivate my thinking and perspective and the synthetic telepathy is a central tool in the process. Moreover, the thoughts that I have that are then followed by telepathic reinforcement may not be my thoughts. There is always a strong chance that they are scripted with the purpose of entrainment.

This is how diabolical and insidious these techniques are. They are taking over behavior covertly. Hijacking thought processes is a favorite. Because it is subconscious and can be made to feel natural to you, it is a very effective way of shifting a person’s attitude and perspective. These Nazi psychologists know that the more they focus me on particular ideas, the more likely those ideas are to become cemented in my memory which can then affect personality, outlook, belief system, ad infinitum.

Lack of responsiveness from other people is a technique that has often been used on me to try and control and censor what I say or to discourage me from bringing up certain things.  It’s a soft handling tactic that can be used by multiple people at once to drive home that people around you may be working in collusion with each other.  Typical bullying, gangstalking tactic and people who claim to be legitimate Tis have used it on me on many occasions.

Watching a video called Master Planning on Udemy by Timothy Kenny. In the lectures, he talks about AI, Black and White Kings and Queens, and pawns, among other things. Most MOOCs from Coursera and Udemy have these coded moments in them. Many of the teachers from Coursera drop the inverted pyramid in lectures. Academia is filled with NWO assets and they tend to incorporate their symbology and codespeak into their lectures. From the Master Planning video, he talks about AI, then the King moving on the board, and then chooses the position on the board as 33. Masonic coding.

Oct 12, 2017

Many jobs on Upwork have relevance to my situation. Using the tech to move me into certain choices and then putting scammers and agents in place to post jobs that have relevance to my situation.   It is most absurd. Very much like a floating matrix.  It’s an extensive CIA and DOD operation that has its hands in everything.

Was noticing today when watching a Techno Crime Fighters video that a highly visible TI resembles my roommate, Greg, in Los Angeles back in 1992. He mentions in this video someone he knew named Wongfellow. I lived with Greg at the corner of 31st and Longfellow.  I have gotten a lot of doubles and mimicry of people from my personal life since the targeting went overt. He also spent time in Palo Alto. Stanford is significant to my situation. Two of my cousins attended Stanford.  I was encouraged to apply to grad school there in my twenties but didn’t. I have been encouraged via telepathy in recent times as well to apply. The CIA, Mossad, and Masons — any intel group or secret society that specializes in deception —  do these kinds of things.

Oct 13, 2017

The Udemy teacher Timothy Kenny is now talking about “Nesting dolls” and “Systems of hierarchy” in his lectures.  Interesting language.

Oct 14, 2017

Getting pinpoint DEW hits during the day again. Hitting arms, legs, various parts of body. Kenny using “Over and over and over” phrase often. This is a phrase that has been put around me a lot since this began.  It is both agent-driven and tech-driven. I think that some of these phrases that are put around someone who has MK-Ultra and Monarch Programming in them are used as triggers to activate programming.  It’s impossible to say for sure.  The initials OOO also break down in Gematria to 666. Double and triple initials are often used as Masonic cipher codes.

In any event, many in academia have degrees of awareness and complicity. It is not just remote influence at work. I am taking another course at Udemy in editing and writing.  The instructor discusses Star Wars “Force awakens” and a few other examples that have programming relevance. Also does pyramid gesture with hands from time to time. He was a former journalist for Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. If you become aware of your programming, then it becomes apparent agents are in place in all walks of life. There is already saturation in our culture but this is further reinforced with the tech that influences my choices and maneuvers me toward them.

Oct 18, 2017

Timothy Kenny is now talking about cults.  This course is clearly loaded with a psych warfare layer.

Oct 19, 2017

The criminals ramping up triggers with greater frequency. Pulsing around the house, pulses in the headphones. All will be exposed over time. These lowlifes think that they can do whatever they want whenever they want with impunity and indefinitely. Wrong assumption.

The idea that what they do will stop, that they are ending things, is innuendo that they like to throw at me from time to time.  It’s a brainwashing tactic.  Even if it were true, the program remains conditional.  They make a person’s existence conditional.  Everything they do is built around conditionality and if the program stopped cold, the tech remains in all of us.  That is unacceptable.  These people are tyrannical, manipulative, pathological liars who will be exposed.

Oct 21, 2017

This is an example of programming reinforcement from multiple sources. The US Army perp from earlier in Starbucks sat in front of me with his open-holstered gun and his wife who was reading a book called “Fear Nothing.”  Made sure that title was in my line of sight. I was then influenced to check this page out.

Shirley is my mom’s name. This is the compose.ly standardized acceptance test. Not a very common name in my experience or one that is used in standardized testing situations. In any event, could easily be construed as random coincidence. The problem is that this kind of thing happens all the time for me and I am being subconsciously directed to these places. The scope of this operation is extensive

I am in a chat room with a number of alleged TIs.  Many seem questionable to me. Could be paid agents and perps. If they are unwitting, then tech is being used on them  because they are constantly saying things that reflect on my situation and provoke. Some of these agents act pretend they are targeted.  Fake TIs. Today, one was talking about having dreams of people coming into his place to kill him. This kind of psych terror language and veiled threat picks up depending on what I am doing or saying to other people. Right now, the frequency has ramped up.

The other day as well, a fairly visible TI apparently going through a court case, made a point to say “I don’t know which is better, tortures or criminal court…mental hospital or prison?”  Then another TI said, “or tortures AND criminal court.” These exchanges can be purely influenced but they are always meant to serve as veiled threats to the person reading them (in this case, me).  In the same way that they place visuals in a target’s line of sight, they place conversation exchanges in front of someone.  Skype rooms, Facebook groups and comments, Twitter, all social media are used in this way.  It’s another medium used for psych warfare purposes that is wholly deniable.  Same tactics are used in Directed Conversation.

Oct 23, 2017

The criminal perp activity and handling is very active now. When it ramps up, the dysfunctional and absurd interactions between people, family in particular increases. In step with the sadistic CIA and DOD psych abuse and slander tactics, family starts looking for things to criticize, pick apart, slander, judge, degrade, demean, ad nauseum. All meant to provoke, discredit, and degrade the victim as if I am the one at fault, as if I am the one being dysfunctional.

These lowlife handlers try very hard to treat me, a grown man, like a child. That is a big one for men, especially strong ones who would nail these punks to the wall without hesitation. They do things to me to try and keep me in a state of dependency and have done so in subtle psychological and not so subtle financial ways for many years. This also connects to programming, as it is clear now to me that I was brought back to Shreveport to relive trauma from my childhood.

The CIA attempts to tap into a kind of child altar to control the adult with greater success.  It’s possible this as a control technique is employed with all major players on the world stage as well.  There is footage of President Clinton getting his makeup done before an interview where his interaction with someone (possibly a handler) seems almost childlike.  That’s one of many examples if you pay close attention.

Two years ago, they fired up all cylinders and cut me off at the legs. They have worked hard to keep me there ever since. The mind control is absurd when they clamp down. People essentially become meat puppets and vessels for psych abuse protocol. This, along with DEW and neural attacks, can increase to nearly unbearable levels. Satanic trash that deserves the swiftest and severest of punishments.

Oct 26, 2017

Fascist train conductor has come by five times today. He is starting to come by again. I hope he keeps coming by. I will eventually get the names of every single conductor that has been on this route and has harassed me and any other targets in this area. These people are criminal thugs. The “Whistleblower” train is no doubt a trademark of this program as I have heard the train in the background of many videos of people who are targeted. Planes, trains, and automobiles. They are all used as part of the sound harassment arm of this Fascistic Domestic Terror and Trauma Program.

Extreme torture all over body. Pulses that shock and jerk parts of body. Every 15 seconds or so. Does not stop.

The following is from the screenplay I was hired to analyze and edit, written by a guy named Israel (Talk about a loaded name, considering I was persecuted and smoked out of my neighborhood of eighteen years by Orthodox Jews):

Dr. Sims (in his own voice):

“It’s really quite simple, detective Johnson. I control all of your internal organs. I control your nervous systems. I control your muscles. You can’t even blink without my permission. Do you notice that you aren’t even strapped into the chair? Truth is Detective, only 1 out of 400,000 people have the mental capacity and will power to break through this control.”

It’s absolutely incredible how brazen the CIA is.  This guy was recommended to me by a woman I met in a chat room of alleged TIs, and who is likely a witting agent.  This guy had me edit a screenplay that centers around a character who is being remotely controlled by the CIA. On his Facebook page, he is standing in front of a brick wall as well.  That’s another Masonic nod.  Brick is symbolic to Masonry (The Master Builders) and is often used in pictures to signal affiliation.

Oct 28, 2017

Amethyst is my birthstone. It’s also the first jewel that is “Earned” by a Monarch subjected to Jewel Programming.  A highly visible TI and activist, Melanie Vritschan, whom I have been in a number of email threads with since this began and who is directly connected to people I personally know, named her newborn daughter Amethyst.

In the overall Matrix scheme of things, that is interesting.  Seems on some level many TIs are connected, possibly since birth. I also was covertly influenced into watching a video with Laura Eisenhower with amethyst clearly placed in the background of the interview.  Placing objects, signs and symbols in backgrounds is a clear tactic used to signal to me.  The choice can be deliberate or covertly influenced but I have many covert agents in my life who know exactly what they are doing.  These tactics are connected to Neuro-Linguistic and Monarch programming. I was anchored in this with awareness starting in 2016.

Oct 30, 2017

Extreme theater, DEW hits, toxins and nerve agents in room, old standbys being brought back. These people are pathetic. Their program is pathetic. Their programming is pathetic. These handlers think that they are able to keep me at bay with these tactics. The opposite is true.

Nov 1, 2017

Doing a verbal entry and when I hit “stop,” the time reads 8:11.  88 code. This is a day after I posted on Facebook about the fake terror event where allegedly 8 people died and 11 were injured. Typical example of the synchronicity that happens when this tech is working on you. Impulse control and subconscious behavioral mapping are central. The surreal novelty of this has worn off. Now, it’s just stupid to me. Been happening a lot lately though. 33s, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 11:11, 12, 12, 2:11, 3:11, 3:22, and so on.  This picks up when these clowns want to reinforce their presence around me and their ability to manipulate my behavior.

The online Risk game I play had a teenage kid’s pic inside what looks like a five-pointed star. Last name was Ramsey. That is my son’s name. All my documented screenshots will see a courtroom at some point. Will have fun proving the operation that has been orchestrated around me. They get reckless in their arrogance and brazenness.

Lots of death imagery too on the road. They use loads on semis and luggage on SUVs that look like coffins. Lately they have been carrying two small ones side by side to represent my sons. Do these satanic clowns really think I can’t prove this stuff? Laughable. Anyone who takes part in these operations, whether they pose as two-faced fake allies or aggressive street thugs, will be exposed for what they do. The psychological terrorism that is waged in this program is an egregious crime, regardless of whether we overcome and desensitize ourselves to it or not. Psychological torture is as damaging and scarring as physical. Psych abuse can last a lifetime. Which is why a lot of veterans are messed up for life.

Hitting the upper lid of my right eye with DEWs.

Nov 2, 2017

Corey Feldman seems to be making waves with his new “Truth” movement and exposing pedophilia. This story strikes me as a coded reflection. I often get reflections in the media. I know others who have experienced this.  I’m sure it doesn’t stop there either. They pull from people’s lives all the time. I have had parts of my life show up all over the place. Films, books, TV shows, you name it. A guy who runs “Polarization Nation Media” channel on YouTube has a lot of compelling videos about coding and seems to have experienced this as well.  Either that or he’s a shill.

What’s interesting about Feldman is that he was nearly a client of mine when I was acting and doing IT Consulting in Los Angeles. I was supposed to set up a network for him. We had a conversation about it but it didn’t happen. I remember the conversations with him being a little off. Oftentimes too someone in the media will discuss details that have direct relation to my personal life. I am not reading into any of this, but I don’t discuss it much because I haven’t yet put all the connections and documentation together in a cogent, evidentiary format.  It’s highly discrediting without proof for obvious reasons.  Nevertheless, this story strikes me as a Masonic operation and a reflection as well on my situation.

When Feldman was doing interviews, he was wearing a black and white suit. That’s Masonic duality coding. He is also in the picture in the article below putting his finger up to his mouth, which is the Illuminati sign to “Keep Quiet.” One of my family members will get influenced with tech to strike the same pose while lying on the couch watching TV. I have taken numerous pics of the various poses that these handlers influence in my family. It is undeniable for anyone with a brain.

Interesting too that Feldman got pulled over recently in Louisiana and busted for drugs. I have been threatened with that as a potential frame-up. And I live in Louisiana. He claims too that he’s targeted and has received numerous death threats. The “realities” that are portrayed in the media are often expressed with a purpose. The media is rarely if ever used just to report the truth. Aside from the technology, it is their foremost tool for programming the masses. But it can also be used to covertly communicate and reinforce the programming of a single individual, as has been my experience.

I believe his name is coded too. The Felled Man. As in fallen.  And Corey is also a reflection of the female Cori that came in to my life as a plant in 2005. The CIA has used the media a primary means of communicating like this.  Living in Los Angeles and having worked as an actor, I also have direct experiences with a number of celebrities and established actors who have since the programming went overt been put back on my radar.  It’s a way of covertly reinforcing that their presence around me was not accidental.  It’s like a ritualistic hazing and humiliation ritual. Kabbalistic.

Noise campaign is ramping up today. Dogs haven’t been active for a while. When they hit them with frequencies, they turn a neighborhood into a Guantanamo vibe open-air prison. The loud and aggressive barking is a staple of this program as well as the whistleblowing train, loudly revving engines, wailing sirens, kids screaming. All ramped up when they want to provoke and destabilize the target. Tech-driven orchestration coupled with Fascistic Nazi psych-terror tactics. 

This comes off of me calling out Cory Feldman in the Skype chat room. He’s most likely another Masonic player feeding into the Controlled Opposition narrative. Managed like everyone else in Hollywood into being no more than an NWO mouthpiece, an Illuminati puppet called upon to do their bidding. Pathetic, especially because the real pedophiles roam free and call the shots. They throw a few fake world stage bones our way because they know it’s been enough in the past to keep us duped and pacified. Did Cory Feldman really get molested? Maybe. But he’s running the talkshow circuit in a black and white suit.  In that case, he is part of the deception, a mouthpiece for an agenda that takes on prisoners and uses anyone and everyone to achieve its end. Lowlife, base-of-the-brain thuggery posing as enlightened thinking and perspective.

Nov 3, 2017

These criminal thugs have worked hard on my eyes in the last few years. When they do this, my vision is blurry when I wake up, and my eyes are swollen. This is coupled with people around me talking about blindness. If something permanent happens to my vision, it will become part of the lawsuit.   There are probably hundreds of anchors that these losers have incorporated into my day to day life. I will break these down in detail soon. Suffice it to say, they are always meant to get into the psyche of a human being in an attempt to dominate them.  These people belong in lifelong jail.

Nov 5, 2017

The game Risk that I play is clearly manipulated.  At times, it is super difficult. Others super easy. I will also go through a series of games in the same order. There are clearly gaming trolls in these games who look to get you into a game they set up. The most blatant is when they have just one “Live” player and the rest are computer bots as opponents. In these games, the person playing opposite of me is clearly focused on defeating me at all costs. 

Nov 6, 2017

Truck passed me today with the words “Crusader” on it. Nod to the Crusades, which I have talked about often. The Second Crusades is part of the End Times Agenda.   My aunt today was wearing black and red flannel shirt. My mom was in Masonic black and white. It’s a color-coding circus. Color-coding of family is a staple.  Purely tech-driven.   When I asked my aunt today if anyone had ever approached her regarding me, she said “Uh-uh.” Not exactly an emphatic “No.”  A few seconds after, she put her hands in the shape of a pyramid.

I had never seen her do that before. Seemed awkward and forced.  Stunning. I don’t move forward with any of this without proof but there are concerns that extended family is involved.  It’s a shame that I have to even consider this possibility.  This aunt’s daughter, though, worked with Larry Ellison and Oracle for twenty years.  All the big CEOs are aware of this agenda and how it’s connected to me.  They are major NWO players.

Nov 7, 2017

Wanted to share how these lowlife sadistic handlers prime a person with ideas of consequential outcome. The big ones they promote often for me are death, death to my family, prison, institutionalization, and homelessness. All of these areas are fed in various ways to maintain the ever-present threat of any of these outcomes. This is done via telepathy, neural and DEW torture, Directed Conversation, covert visual communication, among others.

Today I had an interesting one that shows how they script experience and manipulate behavior in order to reinforce the threat of consequence in ways that are deniable. I went into the kitchen and the first thing a family member asked was if I had thrown away the coffee grinds container. I remembered that I had and then she mentioned that the spoon used to scoop the coffee was still in it and that she liked that one.

So I went out to look in the trash to see if I could salvage it. As I am doing this, I realize this moment was set up to give me the sensation of being on the streets and digging through trash. The overlaid sensation comes from tech-driven subliminal, telepathic and neurological sequencing.  It is a standardized technique.

In essence, they create the same kind of fear and threat-based theatre in one’s nuclear life as they do in public. This is one of dozens of examples of this. A staple of my program is turning every day activity, activity that a person wouldn’t ever think twice about when doing, into opportunities to degrade and threaten. Over time, they string enough of these together that it can define my day to the point that nothing feels natural and every experience is weaponized.

Emma Stone has also been someone that has been put in front of me often.  Red hair has been a theme in my life.  Luciferian and Kabbalistic connections to Mary Magdalene and Sophia maybe.  LaLaLand has some uncanny similarities and also stars Gosling, who is in a number of films that seem to have pulled from my past. Looked at her bio to see she has a brother named Spencer. Spencer Stone was one of my best friends in Los Angeles for many years. Grew up in Oklahoma with my serious girlfriend from college.  Her dad was a Federal Judge.

Nov 8, 2017


Electronic harassment – ‘Targeted Individual’ Richard Cain Hour One

Richard Cain.  Cain is a coded name.  As in Cain and Abel.  A family member was influenced to grab chicken from Cane’s often when I was getting bombarded with symbolism and coding.  Is this guy legit or a controlled opp intel shill?  Could be either. He could be unwittingly programmed for that experience like my life. Most on the world stage though have awareness.

This is a page from a manuscript of another person who was referred to me by Angela.  Her name is Ellishka Dixon and she gave me a lot of grief.  Start accusing me of bizarre stuff and ended up not paying me for the work that I did. Most likely another plant. Anyway, she talks about a number of things in this manuscript much like Israel’s screenplay, that reflect on my situation. Here, she speaks of “Mirrors.”


This is a Monarch Programming symbol. This entire manuscript could be mind-controlled. She claims to have channeled it. Channeling is a CIA psychological operation and if anyone thinks they are legitimately channeling anything, research Brain to Brain and Brain to Computer Neural Interfacing.  You are being communicated with by a remote handler.

In Ellishka’s case, I am not sure if she is witting.  She said some things over the phone to me that made her very suspect.  Agenda-driven “life” advice, which is something I have gotten often from different people. Discerning between complicity and cluelessness is always difficult.

Dan Albright was the name of my big brother when I was a fraternity member of the Kappa Alpha Order at Vanderbilt University.  I had no clue about Masonry or any of this back then but it’s clear now that being a member of that fraternity was covertly preconceived. Regarding the name, you could say that these kinds of “coincidences” are random but not from my experience.  Very little in my life is accidental and the Masonic CIA and Illuminati make sure to point me in the direction of reflections like this.  Many of the names on the world stage and in all media are coded.  People are often not who they seem.

Another Corey that came onto my radar.  I am a member of Wyzant and apply for tutoring positions here.  I have gotten quite a few perps on here requesting my services.  One was a total scam and caused me some serious problems.  This person is a tutor but that doesn’t matter.  He also went to University of Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania is an Illuminati hub.  Trump is U Penn.  I have a number of Penn connections.  It is significant and is usually a deliberate signal.

This woman’s name is coded to my son’s name Branson.  I get a lot of Brandon’s around me as well.  It’s not accidental. News reporters, journalists, and anchors, almost all have coded names.  They are in the business of lying to the public and promoting absolute fakery.

Nov 9, 2017

Inverted pyramid sign from both people.  The date is November 11th, at 11 am.  That’s an 11-11-11 code, which translates to 33.  This is an example of a company that is showing Masonic affiliation through numbers and hand gestures.   Hosted by John Ass-A-Raf.   The CIA and Masons like their Sex Cult Coding to reinforce Sodomite Programming ideas.

A person in a Skype group is talking to me about “Working the fo’ty hours now.”  I get a lot of what I call “modeling” from other people.  They talk to me about what they are doing and the implication is that I should follow suit.  It’s a form of soft handling.  The idea of “work” has been persistent.  These Directed Conversation moments are always either tech or agent-driven. I lean toward the latter with her because of a number of persistent PsyOps that have occurred between us.   That this person referred two people to me who wrote manuscripts that are direct reflections of my life experience further incriminates.

Nov 11, 2017

Ellishka is telling me over Messenger,   “Had to have my friend clear you out of my space. Its been almost impossible to do anything.  I don’t want to argue.  But I have been angry.  Don’t want that.  Haaaaa!  Oneness.  Remember Oneness.”

Uh…what? These kinds of exchanges with her became typical. She lives in Ireland, many thousands of miles away from me but was saying my energy was messing with her.  Incredible.  Notice the “Oneness” comment. I get that a lot. That has One World programming significance.  I have also gotten telepathy on many occasions saying “You are the One,” which plays into the Messianic Programming.

Over the course of 48 hours beginning with Ellishka, I had three different women around me throw language at me implying that I am doing something negative or abusive to them. This is textbook profiling.  Absolutely outrageous. I can easily expose these patterns and how they are contrived and baseless.

The Masons and the CIA tried to pull this same nonsense on me in Los Angeles.  They put three single women around my family’s apartment when my wife and I were having problems.  The technology was then used to ramp up emotions in hopes of creating volatile arguments between us.  The intel scum who destroy families and people’s well-being like this and then try and profile someone as a terrible person are deserving of severe punishment.   These lowlife intel thugs as a rule put people around me to create opportunities for subversive slander that has absolutely no basis in truth.  Standard dirty Intel tactics.

Nov 12, 2017

Woke up feeling terrible. Dried out. Sick feeling. Extremely groggy. A lot of negative telepathy when waking up.  Hypnotic Programming is very active in this program.  I think a lot of this comes from what they do while sleeping.  Synthetic dreams as well.   Here’s some dialogue from a TI (who also happens to be gay) in a chat room that I found questionable:

“Sex attacks: they did this on my anus many years, then on my rectum many more years, and the chemical shielding I found for men is a Testosterone blocker: Ciproterone.  Then since two months, they have gone deeper inside my colon.  This blocker was ineffective.  So I found another chemical shielding: Loperamide.  It slows down the muscles of the intestine, and the vibrations are very diminished.”

I am not saying that this person is lying or an agent, but the graphic nature of this language is odd to me.  The handlers that have been in my life I believe are connected to a militant and gay power structure.  I think the entertainment industry is similar, and this also connects to upper level NSA and CIA culture.   Mary Grigg’s in her interviews confirms this.

It has been my direct experience, as I was getting all kinds of disturbingly perverse innuendo from these people for a good year plus, which seemed like a very aggressive attempt to “convert” me. A lot of Scripted Speech around me talking about people being “gay” or “bisexual” or “transgender.” Add to that that I had kids around me when I was very innocent between the ages of five and seven, who encouraged all kinds of “playing doctor” perversions.  One of those kids’ dads was a cop and most likely my local Masonic handler.

So this doesn’t strike me as random dialogue.  It’s very pointed.  The Testosterone blocker comment is bizarre to me.  Sounds like innuendo of hormone treatment for a transsexual.  All of this for me connects to a bigger picture agenda, which is all about destroying that natural, heterosexual, procreative family.   That is an active goal of the New World Order.

Another quote from another TI in the same room:

“I think I can safely say that the CIA has an obsession with my ass.”

Yet another TI, same room:

“Agreed.  I got a CIA computer hack this weekend.  I was reviewing medical ear implants and all of a sudden, men’s penises in mesh underwear.  Total gay porn.”

All of these people and their experiences could be one hundred percent true, or they could be calculated Directed Conversation that plays into Sodomite Programming CIA Sex Cult themes. I get both. Make no mistake. These people are absolutely a Satanic Sex and Death cult and believe in phallic worship.  Just take a look at all the obelisks in the world.   This kind of language in a concentrated period of time is meant to feel weaponized. Considering what I have dealt with from these people and how I know they intend to condition people with this stuff, I move away from that kind of language, not toward it.

Nov 13, 2017

Portlandia is full of psyops that relate to details of what I went through. There are so many moments that it would take too long to list them. They know that I have watched that show in the past and think Fred Armeson is a comical genius.

In Season 7, Episode One, a woman is talking about helping them be good storytellers and mentions that she was an identity thief. Carrie Brownstein then mentions “Dumpster diving.”  This is what Joanne, my apartment manager who was an integral part of the takedown campaign in Los Angeles, called the homeless guy that hopped our fence and dug through the trash.   He was a part of the theatre in that place that was designed to provoke me into filing complaints that would later be used against me.

Nov 14, 2017


From the article: Background on the Internet’s most provocative and secretive truthteller  It seems unlikely that James Heikilla (aka Jim Stone, left) ever worked for the NSA James Heikilla “claims that the U.S. government denied him a passport because he was an NSA whistle-blower. He was actually legally forbidden from getting a U.S. passport because his court-ordered child support payments were in arrears.”

This article has all kinds of psyop reflections back to me. And I know Ken Adachi, who is mentioned, who also told me at one point that he is friends with Henry Makow.   Jim Stone, also called Jim Heikilla as in “High Killa.” These satanic clowns like to code their names.  Stone is a name used often.  They man who wrote the article is named “Freeman.” Another coded named (Free Man) that I have gotten on many occasions.

A woman named Ms. Freeman rented a place to my parents when I was four.  She would break into the place without permission. Very mean. Possibly a Satanist.

My life was overtly taken down in 2015 and I was taken out of my kids’ lives and transplanted  1500 miles away, where I grew up.  This was deliberate and directly related to Monarch Programming objectives.  My business was taken down too, and I have been struggling to survive ever since.

I am blacklisted but beyond that, they hit my brain so hard that it has been tough to maintain any productivity for the first couple of years of this going overt.  The neural tech is used in severely criminal ways.  It can paralyze a person if they rip you up hard with it.  And they have ripped me up hard.

In any case, this article mentions how this person wasn’t able to get a US Passport because of child support payments.  That’s another coded reflection.  I would give my life for my children and this experience has been intensely humiliating and upsetting because they are also suffering because of it.  These handlers use this over me as well to try and control and further degrade.   They are true scum.

I will not lie or cooperate with this deception, and I will never pretend that this never happened. I will go to my grave fighting to expose it.   These people invade my life in every way.  I am in a lifelong MK-Ultra program, and I get mocked through the CIA-soaked media for continuing to uncover and speak the truth. That may sound outrageous and unbelievable to many but it’s not. Not when they attach something to you the way they have me.

These people are passive-aggressive, Zionist Jews and Masons. Satanists, Luciferians, CIA, DOD. They have their hands in everything so if they want to ramp it up for you and envelop your world, they can and will.


Nov 15, 2017

My son wrote to me today when talking about his sports activities:   8 8th graders, 13 spots going out for the team   That’s deliberate coding and a sign of him being influenced by the same technology.   There have been countless examples of him and his brother being influenced.

Nov 16, 2017

Throwing a lot of telepathic terror doctrine at me in spurts. Neurological signatures also that give rise to discomfort, lack of focus, etc.

Nov 17, 2017


500 year-old illuminated manuscript code: cracked

Woman named “Cori” in this video. Been following this guy for a while.  Mirroring in his situation as well. Talks a lot about Sophia. Claims he is a gnostic. World stage connections.

Nov 18, 2017

The intel clowns are playing verbal recordings that I have made and turning on the screen of my monitor as I sit down to my computer much more often these days. Bunch of meddling bozos.  Part of the protocol is to give one the sensation of increased real-time presence in an attempt to try and psychologically close in on a person. Does nothing to me in that regard but they do it nevertheless.

Nov 19, 2017

Every time now that my timer on my computer goes off, my body is getting shocked. Not sure how this is happening. Could be nanotech or coordinating these moments with DEWs. Sick and twisted people.


Best attacks of wild animals 2017   Influenced into watching this as a reference toward the Animal Kingdom and predator-prey structure as an analogy to how these psychos perceive the world. They have done this before. Not very creative.   Extreme radiation last night. Woke up dried out like a prune. Feel horrible when this happens. Searing narrow point beams hitting my body. Heavy hit to my heart. Heavy hits to my body. A few less than a minute apart.

This person was in one of the first TI groups that I was a part of. The interactions with her were often questionable in the chats. Quite possibly a perp in disguise. Either way, she posted this, which seems to be a pretty blatant Monarch Programming ref, especially considering the butterfly.

Another TI shared this with me.  Said he took a screenshot from his phone at 4:44. For those who know Gematria, 44 is a destruction code.  The idea of a knight slaying the dragon has also been a persistent theme for me.  The David versus Goliath story.  I am influenced to look at the time often to reinforce Gematria coding

Lucky 13 seems to be a coded idea for me as well.  This is my son’s school, which also has signaled in different ways.  The principal of Larchmont’s last name is Emrani.  Mine is Enani.  My ex-wife bought me a shirt many years ago with “Lucky 13” on the back of it.  It was a shirt I wore often.  It’s clear to me now that this was influenced and a form of Illuminati branding.

Khan is heavily coded name on the world stage.  The Wrath of Khan.  Louis Farrakhan. Similar to “Con,” which is also often found on the world stage. I thought about applying to Khan Academy as a teacher the year before my targeting went overt.  I didn’t realize that he was a big NWO player.  Sal Khan is also from Louisiana, my hometown and where I found myself again after being run out of Los Angeles in 2015.  His creation, Khan Academy, received a lot of money from Bill Gates. The “One World” Schoolhouse means his educational agenda is aligned with the One World Communistic Agenda.

I have had a number of “Con” codes embedded in names of people on Facebook whom I come across.  Many of these people are perps pretending to be targeted.  This guy requested friendship right around the time I started putting together a lot of the name coding.  One of the local informants in my neighborhood, his last name is Condon, so this is an intended mirror.

All of these screenshots were taken over the course of a few days.  The idea is to establish a narrative of thought for me, then reinforce that idea through symbology, verbal exchange, media, and so on. My life is treated like a film with handlers as scriptwriters. It does not stop but can ebb and flow depending on how much they want to ramp up the surreal and unnatural synchronicity. All meant to overwhelm, dominate, and control a human being.

I cannot do anything or interact with anyone without the potential presence of this. The influence is active no matter what. The narratives that they have woven throughout my life are sophisticated and connect to the world in different ways. There are micro and macro approaches to there simulations. They also take advantage of the Masonic and Satanic infusion of symbology into our culture because this world is layered in this way. Sometimes it’s that. Sometimes it’s pointed and specified for me. Depends on the situation.

Nov 22, 2017


“The cynical plan has been met, in some media quarters, with condemnation, but for many in the western press, MBS’ self-serving power grab is the action of a bold ‘reformer’, a roguish bad boy doing the messy but essential work of ‘reforming’ the kingdom – the ‘anti-corruption’ pretext of the purge…”

This is a coded narrative.  I get anchored in people (both local and in the media) to telegraph future trajectory.  It can also be used as a passive-aggressive and highly deniable psych warfare and veiled threat weapon.  It is a technique that is used on me often.   The level of evil that comes from the Illuminati and CIA is stunning. They have no boundaries whatsoever.

For two and half years, they have been tossing around blackmail and death threats. Threats to me and my children.   They take as many everyday and neutral or positive experiences and weaponize them. This could be a conversation, a thought, an activity, anything.  They anchor me in the idea with repetition and subliminal reinforcement. For example, family member grabbed some Chinese food today and when I went downstairs, two egg rolls were situated on top of the rest of the food and wrapped. When I see this, instead of just seeing egg rolls and thinking egg rolls, I get “Your sons. Dead.”

They use food a lot but also other things in one’s environment. Once they do this enough, I am anchored in perceiving certain shapes in twos in this way. But that’s not enough. I am getting subliminal injections and telepathy in the moment that reinforces threat of terrible consequence to my kids. If they can anchor it in something that I see every day, they do, as that keeps it fresh in my mind.   Another one is blackmail that they will then try and associate with anything that I do.

So today, I was thinking my son and I could edit video together online as something fun to do and started researching. As I came upon the site, I got an injected thought of them hacking my account and putting compromising photos or footage of me in a project we were working on together.  This will also pick up in conversations around me when they decide to ramp up that threat.  They are shameless dirtbags.   This is one of the ways the Illuminati attempt to control people, especially if they have an agenda attached to you. Absolutely any pressure point they can find, they will use. They compromise and blackmail to control. They do it to every single politician and anyone else of influence. They are terrorist thugs.

Nov 24, 2017

The goal of mass deception is to get people to point where they can no longer distinguish fact from fiction. And the top of this Satanic, Zionist, Masonic system are masters of it.   Would you be able to tell from the picture below whether those are real injuries or fake? How about a real tragedy? A real explosion? A real court case? A real assassination? A real celebrity death?

The CIA works harder on faking reality than anything else and they have been doing it forever and in every walk of life. And they use the media to entrain you with it. Now the special effects are so good that they can turn real events into a Hollywood production and people can’t tell the difference. And technology that can work on you subconsciously to convince you they are true. Innovations for them are not motivated by improving humankind. They are motivated by deceiving and controlling the population at all costs.

They are snake oil salesman, actors, scammers, cons, cheats, and thieves, and they will do anything to pull one over on the public. It’s a part of the mockery to reinforce in their minds that everyone else are idiots but them. They are laughing in our face. Hollywood, government, the judiciary, corporations, enforcement. They are all collusive. They are all caught up in the stranglehold of this corruption.   The world has become a persistent, fear-based psychological operation and very few see it. Even the disclosure of truth is hijacked. That’s how deep this deception is. It’s bottomless.

Be smarter than them, fight the good fight, and throw their lies back in their face. They deserve nothing less.

“Rogue” code.  Deborah Weber recently told me that she was related to Albino Luciani.  This an anchoring narrative as well, as it seems he was attempting to go up against corruption.  Whether the story is true or just world stage theater is impossible to say.  A day before seeing this, I said when getting tortured hard that these people deserve to put in front of a firing squad.  I get Mahdi references a lot.  I was turned onto Zero Hedge a while back.  Definitely managed by Intel.

A lot of the comments below articles serve in the same was that Scripted Conversation does. The person who made the Mahdi comment goes by the name Luxifer. Loaded. Person I was in a chat room with is talking about his court hearings and how he could serve “3 years jail and 3 years suspension of driving license.”  Struck me as pretty deliberate Masonic 33 coding.

Cannot say whether this was witting or not, but I have had a few unusual exchanges from this person.     One eyed symbolism…Pervasive.  “King” code.  This was a person that showed up in my feed.  Notice also the “Legacy High School.”  The word “legacy” has also been put around me quite a bit.  Social Media is a huge component of Masonic Military and Intel Pscyhological Operations.

Nov 25, 2017

When they took my life down in the summer of 2015, they were already profiling me for years. Started in 2010 when I went to Saudi Arabia to see my family. I had not seen most of them for over twenty years.  My grandfather was in very poor health and I was trying to get over there before he passed away. I was also trying to get dual citizenship in case I needed to deal with anything legal from my grandpa’s passing, as my dad does not fly anymore. I thought a little bit about how that may be construed but not much because my family was known in the United States and I rarely went over there, so there was really nothing to be suspicious of.

It’s clear now that the entire experience was orchestrated and influenced with tech and Intel. I was kept there for several weeks longer than I desired because they were having “issues” with my application for citizenship.   When I came back, unusual things started to happen here and there. This culminated in 2015 when my entire life was taken down. All of this was a cover for the lifelong CIA Monarch and MK-Ultra programming and agenda that they had attached to me. My life was orchestrated in order to list me and put me in this formal Targeting Program.   I was placed in a trauma-based program intended to marginalize and isolate me so that it was harder to fight back and easier to warm me up to their brainwashing and programming goals.

For most, I believe our overt targeting is a red herring. The real truth is they put us in these programs from birth or not long after in order to fulfill agendas.  Programmed opposition.  Sleeper agents.  It’s a massive Monarch MK-Ultra operation.   The targeting and profiling disguise the long-term agendas that they prefigure decades before. If and when they look to guarantee the inability to fight back with any credibility, they will move into heavy profiling mode. When that happens, they influence a person’s behavior to set them up. It’s all designed with the goal of discrediting and isolating so they can marginalize and guarantee more persistent control over a person.

These people are the shadiest, most devious, conniving, people imaginable. Zionazis who see deception and manipulation as two overarching values that give them the edge over good, ethically grounded individuals. They use it to their advantage always.

Watching EDM Producer course on Lynda. Garret Chow is the instructor. Talks about the song “Jolene” and Dolly Parton when talking about music rights. Jolene has been a theme since this began for me.   At one point, multiple instances of Jolene came up in a single day. I found myself listening to Ray Lamontagne’s song “Jolene.”  Then I talked to Jolene Seebacher, who recently came into my life when all this began.  Then a family member asked me about the “name of that song by Dolly Parton,” which is “Jolene”.  Soon after that, I came across Miley Cyrus singing it online.   Then another Facebook friend sent me a Christmas song by Dolly Parton.  Later another friend Lee tells me that she turned the TV on to Dolly Parton singing “Jolene.” This is tech-driven and synthetic synchronicity.

Dolly Parton I believe is a high-level CIA asset and handler and connected to me on some level.  The Country Music Industry is a known major CIA front.

Nov 27, 2017

DOD has 750000 civilian employees. Between DHS and DOD, that is one million. Add Citizen Corps, Community Watch Groups, and a number of others, and you are getting into the millions. That is the US infrastructure. These people are military-trained. If you look at the job descriptions, they will emphasize that former military experience is preferred. Trained in psychological warfare as well, which is also a form of Crisis Acting and psych terrorism. Rolling out the equivalent of Jade Helm.

Local law enforcement interfaces with DHS, Fusion Centers, Infraguard, Intel, Military Intel, and oversees the local gangs of Stasi informants and community watch groups is my sense. They recruit from the military because most vets are conditioned not to ask questions, they just follow orders. If they do, they are targeted.   There are 22 million military veterans in the United States and 22 percent are under 45, 62 percent under 64. That’s almost 5 million under 45. That’s the pool that they pull from. And Masons. Masons number about 2 million in the US.

DOD Number of Employees:


DHS Number of Employees:


Interesting site, all things considered:


Nov 29, 2017

Watching a video that a highly visible today just put out today and she talks about more than one space after a sentence signaling something covert and masonic. This is a couple days after another known TI pointed out that I had a number of spaces after my sentences in my Skype posts. Both are a part of the same Skype group. I find that unusual. I had no idea I was doing it. For me, it’s without doubt neural influence, one of many things they have done to me to invade and interfere with my behavior.

Nov 30, 2017

A known TI talks about humiliating, exposing, and painful rituals of Secret Societies. This is days after this guy Alexander on FB posted about how “This is a humiliation ritual. If you survive it, you will become King” to paraphrase.  That quote plays into the Slave to King narrative that was established for me a while back.  The idea of overcoming Monarch Slavery is central to my experience and their deranged agenda.

Dec 2, 2017

Blowout between two known TIs in a Skype group. Orchestrated to break apart the group. Typical intel shenanigans.

Dec 4, 2017

I am now getting a lot of people on FB who make comments and friend requests that are wearing cat costumes in pics on their profile. This is a nod to Beta programming. I get leopard prints quite a bit too in public. As well as butterflies on pages and elsewhere. All Monarch references.   This program anchors a person in themes and ideas via repetition. This is usually coupled with a suggestive subliminal. It’s a kind of psychological propaganda, a brainwashing technique, as well as a form of coded communication.

Dec 7, 2017

Ramola’s interviewed a guest named Natalie Moore. The woman who is almost certainly from an Illuminati family and whose page I showed before, who was one of the main perpetrators and informants in my apartment complex, is named Natalie O’Moore.  I think that’s a notable reflection.  Doesn’t mean the individuals have any idea that this is the case.  The Illuminati casts the world in roles and can create these kinds of synchronicities without awareness.

Report #33: Natalie Moore – Remote Control, v2k, Non-Consensual Neurotech in London:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNwseJRQejQ

In this open conversation, London-Based Natalie Moore, a young mother, former school administrator, and author of the ground-breaking book Remote Control.

Dec 8, 2017

I have to assume things are true when people say they are.  Unfortunately, this murky MK-Ultra world of intel is saturated with professional, paid liars.   Because of this, many of the narratives that are woven around me are exactly that.  Stories.  Long-form and sophisticated fabrications, very much like the world stage theater that fools the masses into believing propaganda.

Dec 9, 2017

One of the seasons of Survivor took place on Fiji. Fiji was the island that Truman always wanted to visit when he went to the travel agent. When this kicked into surreal city for me, I was playing a tennis game and chose Fiji as the birthplace of the player I created.   I thought it was a random and different choice. A few days later, I watched the Truman show and was reminded of the connection. A while after that, I started developing a script idea about this experience where all TIs are selected from birth as a part of the lifelong game of Survivor, unbeknownst to them. In the end, the final few come together to go up against the world.

Is fiction becoming fact? My life often plays out like a predictive program.  These psychos turn real lives and real tragedy into a gaming event.

The synopsis for Survivor:

The show features a group of contestants who are marooned in an isolated location, where they must provide food, water, fire, and shelter for themselves. The contestants compete in challenges for rewards and immunity from elimination. The contestants are progressively eliminated from the game as they are voted out by their fellow contestants until only one remains and is awarded the grand prize and is named the “Sole Survivor.”

The synopsis for Hunger Games:

The Hunger Games trilogy takes place in an unspecified future time, in the dystopian, post-apocalyptic nation of Panem, located in North America. The country consists of a wealthy Capitol City, located in the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by twelve (originally thirteen) poorer districts ruled by the capitol. The capitol is lavishly rich and technologically advanced, but the districts are in varying states of poverty. The trilogy’s narrator and protagonist Katniss Everdeen, lives in District 12, the poorest region of Panem, located in Appalachia, where people regularly die of starvation. As punishment for a past rebellion against the capitol (called the “Dark Days”), in which District 13 was supposedly destroyed, one boy and one girl from each of the twelve remaining districts, between the ages of 12 and 18, are selected by lottery to compete in an annual pageant called the Hunger Games. The games are a televised event in which the participants, called “Tributes”, are forced to fight to the death in a dangerous public arena. The winning tribute and his/her home district are then rewarded with food, supplies, and riches. The purposes of the Hunger Games are to provide entertainment for the Capitol and to remind the districts of the Capitol’s power and lack of remorse, forgetfulness, and forgiveness for the failed rebellion of the current competitors’ ancestors

The Synopsis for Truman show:

He doesn’t know it, but everything in Truman Burbank’s life is part of a massive TV set. Executive producer Christof orchestrates “The Truman Show,” a live broadcast of Truman’s every move captured by hidden cameras. Cristof tries to control Truman’s mind, even removing his true love, Sylvia from the show and replacing her with Meryl. As Truman gradually discovers the truth, however, he must decide whether to act on it.

These people work very hard on me to make the world around me feel exactly like Truman’s.  To make this experience even more bizarre than it already is, Truman as a child in the photo album has a strong resemblance to me as a child.  He is shown in an album that Truman is looking at with his wife and mom.

In the photo, Truman is in a crib and looks like he’s behind bars.  He is wearing what looks like a clown suit but with pepperoni-like circles on it.  Could be a Child Sex Slave Monarch Programming reference.  These kind of references to pedophilia are a part of the sodomite programming ritual and are everywhere in TV and film. I get telepathy often to reinforce this programming narrative saying “You are the True Man.”

Dec 10, 2017

Any day I have some kind of concrete social or work commitment, I get hit extremely hard to make it difficult for me to follow through. That is a trademark tactic of the playbook of sadistic abuse and torture. I see now that they have been doing this for much longer than I thought. In subtler ways throughout my life but never like this. It’s one of the ways they make a person seem irresponsible or insensitive over time to others if and when you have to cancel. It’s also a way to fry a person’s nerves and brain so that they struggle to perform well in situations or on the job.  If they are looking to orchestrate an event to discredit me, they will almost certainly keep me up all night prior to the event.

This pattern is also followed as a rule.  My eyes are getting ripped up these days and then I get telepathy about blindness. Commercials and ads on the internet are used to reinforce this as well. The neural tech will influence a person into seeing ads like these. The handlers will map out your day to make this part of your experience.

Dec 11, 2017

Posted in Social Media:

The technology must be firmly embedded in family and close friends when they move you into the takedown phase. This is how they guarantee wrongful slander so if and when you come forward, they will use family to profile you as mentally unstable.   My family in essence has become the eyes, ears, and often brains of the State. Sometimes family members could be compromised or complicit, but most of the time, they aren’t in my case. They are under the same umbrella of technology as us.

If you are targeted, so is your family.   The difference is we are aware of it and they aren’t. It’s a psychological isolation technique used by remote MK-Ultra handlers. If they didn’t have the tech on those around us, especially close friends and family, then they wouldn’t be able to take us down and keep us there in such an effective fashion. This always kicks into high gear when I fight back hard and fight to prove what they have done. And the tech will then be used on me to impel behavior that further feeds into a bogus and slanderous profile that was predetermined years before the targeting went overt. It is arguably the dirtiest, shadiest, most inhumane program ever created, and most insidious because of the subversive deniability of these long-form tactics.   They win the grand prize for absolute and utter scum of the universe.

Dec 18, 2017

Harder torture in the last few weeks. Made sure to ramp it up with extra sadistic torture the night before my kids arrived. Hitting my body in all kinds of ways. They lift my eyebrows using DEWs, pulse and move my teeth, hit my sinuses so I lose breath, among others.

From a Skype chat room:

Attacking my vision hard again. These people are truly evil. They are anti-family because they are all Delta programmed, militant gay or transexual.  Real human bonding for them is minimized. The point of these movements is to undermine family because bonds between parents and children is primal in its strength. They want to remove that from the equation.   Doesn’t mean all people who are gay or transgender are on board but many are being used to promote this Orwellian State-As-Owner-Of-All-Things agenda.  The mentality trickles down. That’s how they infect a cult-ure. And they spin it as progress and anyone who speaks out against it as bigoted. I am the opposite of that.  A cousin I was very close to died of AIDS.   They will move toward lab babies in an overt fashion at some point.  This is an attempt to supplant cultural ideas of a natural family unit. The point is to dehumanize in order to dominate. Totalitarian, hive mindset. Anti-nature, anti-family, anti-human.

The film “The Giver” represents a potential ideal for them and is used for programming reinforcement on me.  They tried to associate me with that central character after influencing me to watch it. My older son today told me that my younger son has gotten ten bloody noses in the last week. He has had nosebleeds as a child growing up. It now seems to me this was not accidental. The threat of harm to one’s children as a means of control is a trademark of these scum. They have use it on me for two and half years. And then they take the upper fascistic layer send veiled threats to use CPS to take your children away if you expose what this totalitarian government is really up to, which is nothing less than a totalitarian state as tyrannical, abusive, and even murderous parent.

They harm our children when we fight back. This is a control strategy. They are cowards and thugs.  They have tried to reinforce an idea for me that the more I do for all children and humanity, the more my own children will suffer. Sick and twisted double bind.  CIA written all over it.

My mom used to work on the board of this theater. I have met the artistic director.  Many of their season’s plays this year relate to “Death.”

I have family that put items in the same spot on the kitchen island in order to communicate ideas, usually threat-based.  Textbook psychological warfare.  This is an example.

The idea of “fearlesness” and “fearing nothing” has been put around me a lot in recent times. These are Monarch Programming Super Soldier tactics. This needs to be exposed. They believe that they can do this and turn us into something without the world understanding that they have programmed the experience.

Dec 19, 2017

My younger son mentioned “Fiji” today, a “Truman Show” theme that has been reinforced for me often. When I ask him what makes him think of these things, he has no idea. This is an indication of remote influence.   There are countless examples of my children saying and doing things that indicate neural influence and programming. I aim to expose this. To violate children in this way to me is the most egregious crime against humanity. That they are actually turning that into a narrative is even more egregious. The evils of their deceptions know no bounds.

Only pathetic, psychopathic people would harm children in this way.

Dec 20, 2017

The handlers will reinforce and take credit for what they are doing to me by coordinating intricate and specific theater. This has been done in public as well as with family. It’s a blend of being tech and agent-driven.  They like to hit what they consider pressure points. They will look for anything that bothers me and then heighten it.  They specialize in degrading a person in every way they can.  It’s a form of Ritual Abuse that attempts to break the person down.

For example, I was fixing my son a sandwich.  Every time I do this, I get an overlay of behavior and telepathy as if I am a servant and slave, which in turn makes weaponizes the act of making a sandwich for my son, something I would gladly do and without thought prior to this.

Dec 22, 2017

Battery went dead while fishing with my sons. This is typical of orchestration I have experienced before. And we just so happened to all leave our phones behind which means it was pre-planned and neurally mapped out. Had to walk in the dark with no houses directly nearby for over a mile.   A stalker terrorist drove past us down an empty street and would not stop though I tried to wave him down.  Instead of helping us, he made a U-turn and zoomed past us.  Typical of what they do.

If they want you to know they are responsible for something, they do stuff like this. Like terrorists taking credit for their terrorism. People a mile up from the fishing damn, the closest house, just so happened to be home and outside. When we walked up, they were hanging out in their car. Doing the things that Masons do in these situations. They set you up and then they help you out of it while engaging in psych terror tactics along the way. Good cop, bad cop routine. Nuclear version of the Hegelian Dialectic.

His place had flashing lights all over it, which were there long before Christmas. Flashing lights are trademark, too, and these kinds of lights resembled police lights flashing.   I always suspected that place when driving by, as the vehicles he owns are similar to the vehicles that are often around me in this program. Had one of the buggies that they haul around me often and a monster truck, among others. When he took us back to the car, we got in the back seat and a toy rifle was on the seat pointed in our direction.

As we drove over, he talked about some guy who had been shooting a neighbor’s cattle. That’s a PsyOp meant to associate a target with cattle or Goyim. We jumped the car and he and a couple of others were around us on vehicles, flashing their lights and revving their engines. Trademark tactics.

On the way back, as I pulled on to the street next to our residence, a tow truck zoomed by right at the intersection with a white car on the flatbed. Tow trucks are around me often and are heavily involved in this Fascist program. This is an example of orchestrated theater used to threaten a person and their family with consequential and harmful outcome.

Dec 23, 2017

These POS handlers are giving me extreme internal misery today.  This is purely driven by tech.

Dec 24, 2017

If you are in this program, legitimate people of pure intent around you as well as you may get mind-controlled by handlers so that the relationship gets put into question. People who are duplicitous intel agents and handlers use the same techniques to destabilize and weaponize interactions.  If a person is complicit, they will never admit they are because that would expose their criminality. If a person is not complicit but being influenced to say questionable things, things that relate directly to one’s life or situation, things they shouldn’t know, then they will never admit they are because they don’t realize they are doing this.

For those who are consciously deceiving and manipulating you, they will pretend to be offended when this is pointed out or they will play mind games, feign ignorance, slander and counter-accuse. Typical CIA psych warfare technique. For those who are innocent and influenced, they will feel alienated or wrongfully perceived by being questioned and often will then be influenced into strong, negative reactions, which will give rise over time to alienation and sabotage of the relationship. The goal always is to isolate and sabotage, divide and conquer, in order to drive a person toward abject hopelessness so that they are more likely “submit.”

All of this is destabilizing to one’s psychology and well-being. It is a crazy-making formula, a diabolically impossible equation. And a perfect recipe for driving someone over the edge. Which is the point of the psychos who perpetuate this madness.   It’s extremely inhumane, extremely abusive, extremely sadistic, and extremely wrong.   May it all be exposed for what it is…Pure evil.

Dec 25, 2017

On Christmas day, in front of my kids, my dad was basically taken over, went berserk over nothing. Told me he wants me out of the house. Calling me all kinds of names. Completely handled. Said he was going to call the cops. All because he told me to close the curtains in a room where I was playing a game with my sons and he didn’t like that I had a smile on my face when I did it.

This is CIA psycho madness. Almost got in his face because of it. If he weren’t my dad and old, it would have gotten bad. On Christmas no less. This is the abusive time-bomb bullshit I deal with daily.  These moments are orchestrated and scripted beforehand. Nasty as can be. Evil. They have isolated my dad his entire life. He is under heavy MK-Ultra.

They have tried to the same to me in the last several years. They create parallels of experience. Most evil, sadistic pieces of trash imaginable. Anyone who has taken part in this operation that has centered on me is connected to that kind of evil.   Severe forms of psychological abuse taking place in front of my children to increase trauma for them.  May these ingrates burn in hell.

Dec 27, 2017

My eyes are getting attacked hard while sleeping. Wake up and can’t see well at all. Getting shredded while my children are here. These lowlife idiots inject memories from my past, times of struggle, any negative memory, which I think are essentially archived footage, and then they use it to threaten me, to smear me with some dirty spin, while of course denying that they orchestrated my life to create crisis and struggle.

They will then reinforce this with innuendo in Directed Conversations around me, done so wittingly or unwittingly.   This is what they do when they feel threatened by your understanding and exposure of what they do and have done, if they have agenda attached to you, and need leverage to keep you in line.  Typical Monarch tactics.  None of which are working. Still, they hit from multiple angles.

For example, they put license plates around me with things like “DVD” on them. Then I will get the same thing in pointed conversations.  One person at one point said “they have tape, Ahmad” which I though was an absolutely perpish thing to say.  Tape of what?  Me having sex?  Partying with friends?  They basically throw my entire life and threaten me with anything and everything.

People around me reinforcing these kinds of ideas with Scripted Converstation is a persistent attack on trust because it makes it seem like the people around me have invaded my privacy in the way these perps have, which makes them scumbag criminals. Mind you, this can be accomplished with tech, too, but it’s a shady experience either way. They continue to reflect my life in conversations, films, television, all media, to such an intense degree that the world around me starts to become a persistent reflection, a kind of mirror. I would liken it to an externalized Monarch Program.

That, to me, IS The Matrix.   “The world is your Monarch Program” is a telepathic statement I have gotten often. The CIA has manifested this idea enough with tangible experience that it has stopped striking me as completely illegitimate, at least within the floating box of control that they maintain for me.  This idea has been reinforced globally.

Dec 30, 2017

This is what the client Ellishka wrote to get out of paying me:

I really don’t know where to start, because we will not be able to work together if this energy exchange continues. Firstly u brainwashed me. Then I felt people working on me, because I was coming into your, which completely stopped me from doing anything. U are in fact trying to manipulate my energy now, because that’s how u feel u can get things. My intuitive friends had to take long tentacles out of me, because your energy was on like hot potatoes!! U would come and sit in my fucking living room remote viewing, don’t fucking lie because I’m more tuned in than u. This happened a few times. Them I had to deal with your demonic friends at night, more than once. Maybe drop the story.  Drop the drama queen, and they will fuck off and leave u alone, which is what I want to do. But I’m not finished. I think the thing that got me in the end, was u sitting in my living room.  And again this happened more than once, you threw a dog biscuit at me. I have no interest in a man that is bi-sexual. None! Your ego just could not get that I was not happy with the script.  You were tying to tell me it was ok. It was not.  Why the hell should I pay for something I’m not happy with.  And you did not seem open to listen.  This has not messed with my energy.  So I am unable to move forward with art. You’re a complete mind fuck, and because of this it has been a complete waste of my fucking time. So the next time you want to brainwash someone, manipulate!!! As u do to get what drama queen wants, I would think twice, that maybe u might actually be fucking with another witch!! One that has more power than u. The holidays have been hard because I lost a family member. And I have not wanted to deal with this because my blood has been boiling, I have had to step back. Maybe you can get rid of your anger, firstly by being honest with yourself. Which I think is very hard for u to do, your so in your ego and drama queen you also looked at my energy, like I was something u had picked up on your shoe. You were not able to read that I was in fact being overshadowed. And that I am in fact Octurian. Really how do you think that felt for me. It seems that u create this chaos where ever you go.  The people took my family out. When maybe the pot has made u paranoid. U have wasted my time, you also in invaded my space, that blocked me from doing my work. You hurt my feelings, so the next time you want to throw a fuckin dog biscuit at someone, go to the park, and send it to a real dog. But really be honest with yourself. This was my experience with you. What happened here was that some pothead told u that I was a bad soul, and because u believed him, you treated me this way. That is the the truth.

That was written to me by a client who has never met me and knows next to nothing about me. Every time I talked with her, she seemed hellbent on getting personal and trying to give me all kinds of ridiculous and presumptuous advice.  This is typically what perps do.  She calls herself a witch too.  Looks like she is revealing the truth behind the façade.  Could be the most bizarre exchange I have ever had. And I have had a number.  This comes off of me asking her to call me because we need to resolve payment. I don’t smoke pot anymore, and I am not bisexual, have never met this woman (she lives in Ireland and I’m in the States), and certainly didn’t throw a dog biscuit at her (lol). Incredible what these scumbot intel goons come up with.

This is typical, by the way, of thematic narrative for me. I have a lot of people that they put around me who talk about being gay, bisexual, or transgender. Because that is what the people at the top are. And they are imposing it on everyone but there is focused energy on me in this way and anyone else they do this to at an individual level. If the CIA does this to you young, they will put that energy around you throughout your life. I have had many men come on to me in ways that were clearly orchestrated for that purpose. It’s trademark. I am not bigoted. But I don’t shy away from exposing the nefarious underbelly of what they are doing. This is the kind of thing I get in retaliation from people when I do. Her response to me had no basis in anything. It has been like this from the get-go. They will use people around me to push some bullshit narrative and when I don’t budge, I get this.

Jan 1, 2018

Nonstop perp action and dangerous driving while my sons are here. Frequent orchestration of theatrical DHS Crisis Actor skits. Frequent Directed Conversation. Frequent influence of family. They are working hard to provoke internally with tech and externally with weaponized interactions. This is done while my children are here even more so, because they are always working hard to profile and discredit me in front of as many family members as possible.   Over time, this will be proven. When it is proven, I will prosecute every one of these criminals around me who has taken part in this MK-Ultra Torture and Trauma nightmare.

Jan 4, 2018


I was influenced into paying attention to David Wilcock for a while.  He is clearly a Controlled Opposition shill just by the hand signaling alone.  Note the 666 and pyramid hand signs in this short interview.

Another one I was influenced into paying attention to was the rapper Prodigy.  This guy seemed also to go up against the Powers That Be, but it’s most likely he was Controlled Opposition as well.  His sudden death was seen by many as an Illuiminati “assassination.”  It’s possible, but it’s also quite possible that it was completely staged and he was playing a role.   In any case, when I sent a video link about him to another TI, he came back with,   “Listening to the Prodigy video. Sad that they probably killed a great intellectual.”

In the midst of this, I was getting a lot of veiled death threats.

I wrote back:

“I get influenced into watching things like that and then it gets reinforced subliminally. Persistent for two years. He seems legit to me but the deception is deep. They play duality. Most of these “deaths” are ritualistically coded. Could be real. Could be staged. They do both. 42 is a big number for them. If it gets a lot of publicity and mainstream traction, it becomes questionable for me. Like his style though.  They have worked hard to associate me with a lot of people on the world stage. Once they anchor me in this, then other people can talk about them and the interaction becomes weaponized. This is a typical CIA tactic when they have agenda attached to someone and try to gatekeep them when they know too much and rebel. Psych warfare and dominance tactic.  Monarch methodology applied to any person they consider for something. All figureheads I would speculate deal with this. They are all programmed in this way.”

Did this person do this intentionally or was it influenced?  I don’t know.

Jan 6, 2018

I started getting a lot of mockery of my situation through the CIA “Mockingbird” media (that name choice was no doubt intentional).   Zerohedge was used often on me in this way.  Tyler Durden is often listed as the “author.”  Tyler Durden was the central character of the Fight Club.  Monarch Programming themes of Alter Ego are rife in that film.  One technique was to communicate coded innuendo through the headlines in their article, especially what was enclosed in quotes.   They also aligned me a while back with the Trump narrative.  Trump is mocked severely so he is a perfect anchor in that regard.

The following is an example:


“…My two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart… I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius….And a very stable genius at that!”

Jan 7, 2018

In the chat rooms that I found myself joining in the last couple of years, I was often fending off perp behavior left and right.  A lot of alleged Tis would engage in psych warfare daily.  Some of this was tech-driven but not all.  At one point, I was getting a number of people throwing up the 666 “A-OK” sign emoji.  I started to get fed up and pointed it out.  Of course, they came back at me and accused me of overreacting and reiterating that these kinds of hand signs were natural.

This was my response:

That’s true, Yaman.  But I wouldn’t say it’s human nature.   It’s cultural infusion that has an occult layer.  We aren’t born doing hand signs. This is generational conditioning with purpose. Primitive people don’t gesture in these ways. Nor people in cultures that are away from westernized trends and thinking.   People have a hard time stepping outside of their own indoctrination. We are all conditioned and programmed in all kinds of occult ways without realizing it, and often not in ways that are in the best interest of one’s well-being. For Luciferians and the Illuminati, cult-ure is a very powerful tool for indoctrinating and conditioning the masses into their own ritualistic practices and symbology. Once this is done, the culture will defend what it grew up with. Because it “feels” natural. That also serves as a very effective cover for the true meaning beneath the surface.   If you have focus on you the way I do on me, these symbols take on an entirely new meaning. They have saturated my world with them and anchored me in their significance over time because of it. It’s not meant to be benign in my case. It is to signify allegiance to a particular ideology and is used as a weaponized tool meant to dominate psychologically by establishing presence around me in numbers. That’s a Monarch and MK-Ultra programming technique as well. Anchors and triggers, subconscious or conscious, are used to control or activate someone who is programmed.

A TI shared this today in his Skype room, saying he thought it was funny, which I found questionable and weaponized:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKbdInv2s2E

Jan 12, 2018


Bases 13 John Urwin, the Sixteen, SuperSoldier Part 1 Ver 003

Ur-Win seems coded to me.   There is a Kabbalistic Matrix aspect to this world that pays very close attention to names.  I have seen the word “win” in a lot of names around me (e.g. Godwin, Goodwin, Hadwin) since this went overt.

It seems to imply a coded outcome.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60HP-668rBE

Bases 10 the Sarah Stanga Blogs Part 1   “In what is the most traumatic and highly disturbing bases to date, we introduce Sarah Stanga, the subject matter involves ritual child abuse, shadow beings…”

I can’t comment on the legitimacy of all of these people but I have seen a lot of double initials as well in conspiracy and targeting circles as well as on the world stage.  It’s a way of embedding Masonic codes.  SS reduces in gematria to an 11 code, for what it’s worth.

Skype chat:   These handlers hit as many functional relationships as they can with this technology. The goal is dissolution of family bonds and strong, healthy friendships. They can make or break any relationship with this stuff and they do so on me all the time. The idea of a “snowflake,” someone who is too sensitive, Is also a setup to demean and dismiss what these scum are really doing. I am pretty thick-skinned but when you are hit this hard from this many angles, it can break you down as well as those around you. And then the handlers use that to further degrade a person by getting people to call you “overly sensitive” or “reading into things.” It’s double abuse. Very dark and sadistic practice.

A few times here and there will brush off of someone but when every single conversation you have is either wittingly or unwittingly weaponized, you now start moving into extreme sadism as a persistent experience that packs a triple punch due to its deniability and the slander and alienation that one often experiences when trying to expose and call out the tactics.   If they can induce and then sample this kind of weaponized interaction between two people, then they can repeat it at will and loop behavior that will eventually erode the relationship until it becomes unbearable.

This is how they break marriages and friendships. Nothing organic about it.

This is my google plus profile page that has no pictures attached and no friends. I only use this account for email. And yet it has been viewed almost 80 thousand times. That increased by 30 thousand within a period of two months and then they stopped posting the number of views on the page as a design change. Intense focus.

This IP address was scanning my network. Points back to U of Washington.

Which is interesting considering this article:

University of Washington researchers have successfully replicated a direct brain-to-brain connection between pairs of people as part of a scientific study…


Jan 17, 2018

I would say overall telepathy is absolute garbage. Neural spam artists, spewing the same propaganda to one’s brain as they do in the media. If you are connected to extremely high intel or secret society members, the programming layer is always active. The play the polarity and duality that they manifest in the world, and it’s false. False paradigms and concepts, reinforced by sophisticated lifelong narratives.   These are also Monarch techniques, keeping a person locked into ideas that can be buffered by long-term cultivation of ideas and belief systems. The idea of “Choosing” is very much a Luciferian and Masonic technique, which has been played on me often.

They control both sides and specialize in occultic mindgames. This is their way, and they have imposed it on me. I see through it.  This guy on FB was suggested to me as a friend from a woman that was trying to work with me and my wife as a counselor. Extremely suspect.  I have tried contacting her in multiple ways her to talk about this and no response. Brazen and stupid to suggest this person to me. From a therapist supposedly trying to help me and my wife. All kinds of effed up.   This guy appears to be raising his kids in the spirit of Satan.  Here is what I guess is his son throwing up the Devil’s Horns. Here is what I assume is his daughter doing the same in a

This is a very deliberate Masonic pose called the “Distress Signal.”

In this one, she is wearing a butterfly on her shirt.  The Monarch butterfly is a known symbol for Monarch Programming.

The operation that formed around me is massive in scope.  This was emphasized often in such a way as to overwhelm and consume me with it, so that I submit at some point to the prefigured agenda. I’m not the kind of person who gets dominated by anyone or anything, despite the huge odds stacked against me. They have known me from birth. They should know this. But they persist. Wrong thing to do.

Jan 19, 2018

When I do things, like put evidence together, the psych warfare, neural, and DEW assaults of this program pick up in various ways. Since it’s picking up again, I will keep a log of how this persists and builds throughout a day.   Woke up to a barrage of telepathy, which seems to be induced by hypnotic programming while sleeping. These thoughts are negative and degrading. They are meant to throw a person off and degrade attitude, outlook, positivity, etc.

As I am making the bed, I can sense that the gesture overlay and influence is at work. This makes natural movement and activity feel stilted.   The people around me, online or in physical proximity, are used often to send veiled threats of potential consequence my way. Institutionalization is a big one in this program. Prison, death, permanent injury, harm to family, all of these have been persistent as well over the last two years. These tactics are trademark of this program.   Whether the person is legitimate or an agent is impossible to say. I get a lot of mirroring around me, reflections of my situation, and it’s certain I have agents playing these kinds of psych warfare games, but tech can accomplish this as well. They are at the point where they can sync experience between people and orchestrate relationships to serve as predictive programming for a human being. We’re talking true scum of the earth who do this.

Getting audible pulsed hits into ears while wearing headphones.   Loud ringing in ears today.   Jerking of limbs via DEW hits to body.   Typical of this program is to hit a person with neural and subliminal suggestions that attempt to move them away from something they are doing. This has been intense for me in the last two years. Once picking up on it, it is clear that this kind of programming was reinforced for me over many, many years. It’s a synthetic version of ADD or ADHD that will also be coupled with a type of down state that causes a person’s motivation to wane when doing something. Experiencing this a lot lately.

When the technology’s capabilities come out, all of these nefarious and sadistic practices will come out with it.   As I move through a day, the telepathy is used in various ways. It’s all intrusive and used in the most disrespectful, invasive ways with no regard for what a person is doing. Instead, they deliberately interrupt one’s flow of thinking and activity, which is a sadistic technique. The telepathy ranges from hardcore terror doctrine that involves very graphic and abusive threats to me and my family to degrading comments about anything I am doing to a kind of flattery or melodramatic compliments and then to a kind of cheerleading and coaching, or advisor type commentary. Imagine dealing with this throughout a day, which is what I have to do.

These handlers that wield this tech are neural perpetrators, trespassers, and terrorists who commit countless crimes and assaults on a person’s brain on any given day.   The handlers are also doing things now like inducing gestures, such as scratching one’s head, to then reinforce any given moment, often with a negative tinge. This program specializes in taking something subconscious, something a person wouldn’t pay attention to at all, and heightening a person’s focus on it so that one becomes anchored in it and the otherwise benign and forgettable act becomes weaponized.

I believe I have implants in my right arm but am not yet able to prove it. Seems thought that they have more control over my right arm and hand then left, though both can be influenced. Today, they are doing what they have often done in the past, which is to make that arm feel more limp. This is another weaponization using neural influence. Most of what they do is rooted in fear-based and trauma-based psychological warfare that then gets further reinforced by making tangible some of the threatened outcomes using the neural tech as a kind of predictive warning. Pure cowardice and worthless over time. I work hard not to base anything I do or don’t on their threats.

Dogs bark while reading about MLK being a communist.


They never quit because subverting you is their religion. (left, the Jewish owned and operated New Yorker portrays paid communist party instigator Martin Luther King arm-in-arm with multimillionaire players protesting the plight of black Americans. Monday was Martin Luther King day in the US.

All kinds of telepathy throughout the day so far as well as various types of intrusive influence.   Neural entrainment away from what I am trying to focus on today. Has been persistent throughout the day.   When a person knows that their life is being micro-managed, this adds a dark, weaponized layer to experience because you know that these experiences are not random and organic. They control the impulses and choices as well as the timing of experiences.

Apr 11, 2018

When jogging, neighbor two doors down was walking his dog when I went for a jog. Said hello on way back and we talked for a minute. Said he saw the ambulances out front of our place (a family member suffered a minor stroke, which was most like induced via Directed Energy Weapons). Mentioned that his grandfather had a couple of strokes before he passed away.

This is an example of predictive programming and psychological terrorism that is used in this program all the time.  It is of course meant to insinuate that this family member, too, is going to pass away after a second stroke. He is without doubt involved as he has had signature vehicles parked in front of his place and has engaged in covert signaling in the past. His wife is red-haired, which is also a thematic Luciferian symbol that has been put around me with unusually high frequency in the last few years.

Apr 17, 2018

I am getting ripped up while sleeping. A lot of hypnotic programming.   I am flooded with thoughts and images that seem mapped out, as well as a neurological signature used to reinforce the experience. The Directed Energy can work on the body as well to give me an unsettled feeling, like a synthetic form of anxiety and dread.  It is very clear that this is  not coming from me.

Woke up today with injected thoughts that all the people around me are duplicitous and part of the intelligence operation that went into overdrive almost three years ago.  This is one of their often repeated psych warfare and paranoia profiling tactics, but it is likely true to some extent. The con and scam artistry goes all the way to the top of this power structure and the pyramid scheme that it operates within.

I get psych warfare from many in the targeting “community,” the same tactics that I deal with from obvious perpetrators and informants. Not everyone is as they seem. But that’s not news to me. It should be noted that the technology can mimic perpish behavior as well.   I always keep that in mind.  Either way,  there are clearly many two-faced agents posing as targets and activists.  We are in the throes of a global intelligence operation and Fascist movement that does not take chances when it comes to guaranteeing outcome.

Jun 14, 2018

Targeting Log Jun 14, 2018, 6_36_13 PM

Jun 29, 2018

Targeting Log Jun 29, 2018, 10_26_09 AM

July18, 2018

During a forty minute span while hiking at a nearby dam and lake, the DHS and Masonic informants made their presence known:

One white vehicle pulled into the only nearby home. A black vehicle pulled up to the gate of the home and a couple of children got out.  A boy, around four maybe, was wearing a bright orange shirt.  (This is an example of color-coded, Masonic signaling.  Black, white, and orange, are the three major colors used often to represent Masonry.) A truck pulled into the dam and drove the distance from the entrance to the parking lot, which is a good quarter to a third of a mile.  He then made a U-turn and slowly drove back out.  This road runs parallel to where I hike, so the entire road is in my line of sight. A second vehicle, this time an SUV, pulled in and did the exact same thing, ten minutes after the first vehicle.  I hailed this person down and asked them what they were doing, as it seemed strange that they drove that entire distance just to make a U-turn and head out.  He had no logical answer, skirted the question, and then drove off.

Jul 19, 2018

I don’t just get what people call “street theater.”  I get home theater as well.  Really, life theater, as these handlers and programmers work hard to theatricalize and map out my life experiences.   When they do this in heavy-handed ways, it is meant to destabilize a person’s natural day to day existence and drive a particular point home (often degrading, often threatening).  They are also used on me as a form of predictive programming, which is a technique in which they presage my future by crafting theater around me to telegraph what’s to come.

Today, for example, I go downstairs, and a family member is cooking but starts describing what she’s cooking as if we are a couple of cooks in a kitchen. They make sure to use an unusually large metal vat to cook with, as if it’s some mess hall.  (Family members are under heavy neural influence and programming when this occurs)

This has been done many, many times, and each time it happens, the handlers inject in me subliminal sensations of being a cook in a FEMA Concentration Camp.

Jul 21, 2018

The recording below is an example of agent-driven psychological warfare, criminal profiling and potential framing by hacking into my computer and changing settings so that my Google search engine defaults to Saudi Arabia instead of the United States, where I was born and raised.   My dad was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  I went there for a family vacation, after not having seen my dad’s side of the family in over twenty years.  That was in 2010, and it is obvious that, despite being focused on since childhood, I got formally put on a more aggressive list right after that trip.

Profiling and Hacking Google

Went for a run in my neighborhood this evening and had numerous cars increase speed when passing me at dangerously close distances.  The tactic they use is to pass by you when another car is passing so that they can’t move over and give you space.  This can also be coupled with neural tech working on someone’s brain to distract them in the moment.

These DHS Nazi thugs are true road terrorists.  Diabolical and murderous tactics.  The “whistleblowing” train also made sure to be obnoxiously loud when passing, also during my run.   Timing is everything in this program.  It’s how the anchors remain effective.  If they string enough together while also working on the internal neurology of the target, this will greatly heighten a person’s stress levels and reactivity.   It’s called sensitization and I am bombarded by sounds and sights and often extreme aggression everywhere I go.

Jul 23, 2018

Tortured all night as punishment for the compelling proof that I am putting together of the local criminal operations around me:

Jul 23, 2018, 5_26_45 AM

Jul 24, 2018

Went to deposit money at my bank and was mobbed heavily the entire way there.   A woman almost ran into the back of me when turning left.  I then followed to grab the license plate and she quickly turned off.  These people are very aware of their dangerous and criminal  behavior and do not like their license plates documented.

After the bank, I grabbed a coffee at a newly constructed coffee house named CC’s.   Interesting coding there, as CC is also a Masonic 33 code.   After sitting a woman made a comment to me about “not being there for them.”  Became clear that this was an orchestrated situation.   Turns out she’s running for city council in my city.  I have had political innuendo around me often since this began.  We talked for a while, then another woman who works with her came over and joined the conversation.  As I got up to leave, the second woman flashed the inverted pyramid sign.   This is the day after making a few Facebook posts about Masonic and Illuminati Signs and Symbols.

Am I really making this stuff up?  Hardly.  No such thing as coincidence in my world.

Not smart, though, to keep playing these Masonic games around me while I put together proof of extreme crimes committed against me and my family.  I get terrorized, tortured, and heavily manipulated, and then I have people come around full of codespeak and theater, feeding into the major agenda that was clearly focused on me a long time ago.

This entire situation was mapped out, which means my brain is being criminally invaded and programmed for this event.

I am getting a lot of timed clicks and pops these days, which is a staple of the CIA programming playbook.  The pulse weapons are used to time these popping and clicking sounds when, for example, I leave one room and enter another.   It’s a techniques of provocation, like Chinese Water torture, but also serves other purposes.

They prefer to hit metal, as it makes a louder sound.   The AC vents are popular.  When using the bathroom, they hit the metal bar that holds up the curtains.  Plastic water bottles are also popular.  If I have one of those in my room, they will hit it.   Also popular are wood beams in the walls, gaming consoles, TVs, door knobs.

These clicks and pops are also auditory anchors used to reinforce a particular moment.  So if I am reading an article and the programmer wants me to pay attention to a sentence, they will pop my earbuds.   This can be used for covert communication but its main purpose is to reinforce behavior via Operant Conditioning and to program a human being.

If I drown it out with earbuds, they will pulse the earbuds so that they click.  That’s how parasitic this program is.  They look to overcome any and all remedies in order to move a person toward giving up any attempts to overcome their sadistic, controlling ways.

One of the best remedies I have found is to remain as neutral as possible when it happens.  Not always easy because they are also attacking a person’s neurology in an attempt to manage response.   But it’s doable.  They gauge your internal response to what they are doing.  If it loses impact, the tendency is to drop it.

Jul 29, 2018

Targeting Log July 29, 2018, 4:06pm

Jul 31, 2018

My sons have been here on vacation for a little under a week now and the presence, harassment, and manipulation has been very aggressive.  That is standard.   The last three times that they have been here the power “went out” for several hours  (this time almost 24 hours), causing substantial discomfort, especially during the heat of summer.   This indicates a pattern of retaliation, and it is clear to me that these fascists use this as a punitive measure against people they target.

As I am writing this, my memory is being disrupted and I am being attacked my beams of directed energy, two standard tactics of retaliation in this psychopathic and criminal program.

Aug 7, 2018

Because the program is active in my life around the clock and every day, I could easily spend each day logging pages and pages worth of experience.  There is no shortage.

In the last week, I have worked hard to have a good time with my sons and ignore the stupidity and criminality of these DHS terrorists that do everything in their power to provoke a a human being.  It is not always easy, especially when they send veiled threats toward me regarding my children.

Every day that I have been on the road with them, these lowlife thugs drive with intense aggression.   In this program, a person experiences a much higher frequency of reckless and dangerous driving.  It is tactical and carried out with method.   People darting left in front of me at very close distances, zooming by at high speeds, driving in packs at high speeds, oncoming traffic nudging their tires over the yellow lines wen passing, oncoming semi-trucks blazing by, to name a few.  There are many tactics that they use, all meant to terrorize and threaten a person on the road.    They increase these tactics when my children are in town.

Aug 26, 2018

Aug 26, 2018, 8_59_35 PM

Aug 29, 2018

A short clip of coordinated Noise Harassment using dogs and trains.  (Recording ends at around 2:10)

Noise Campaign Dogs and Trains 18-08-29-15-24-35

Sep 4, 2018

This is long but will give people a clear picture of how landscaping equipment is used on a target.   Aggressive-sounding noise is used in this program as a rule.   It is then dialed up or dialed down in frequency, intensity, and duration to signify “displeasure” or “anger” with the MK-Ultra victim. This equipment, very much like the engines that are used to harass people on the road, is handpicked for its volume and intensity.

Noise Campaign – Landscaping Equipment – 18-09-04-14-31-17

Sept 24, 2018

This is a good example of a coordinated Noise Campaign that in a matter of minutes incorporates many of the sound triggers that have been used on me on a daily basis for nearly four years:

Noise Harassment 18-09-24-19-45-28

Nov 5, 2018

This kind of “issue” is prevalent when targeted.  Sites will generate “technical difficulty” and other types of errors, especially when they don’t want you to accomplish something, like pay your taxes.

September 27, 2020

Rattling the door with Directed Energy now to reinforce moments. Similar to snapping the walls. 


Woke up again and the camera that I use to monitor the hallway while sleeping was turned away from the hall. There is the slightest chance that the camera was turned last night but I have a distinct memory of making sure the lens was pointed at the hallway because the same thing happened the night before.

I have now taped the sides so the camera lens cannot be moved remotely through the software. If the perp criminals are hacked into the camera and moving the lens away from the hallway before entering, then this will make it harder. I am looking to force them to do something physical to the camera so it becomes obvious. 

Water in the last few weeks when in my water bottle has smelled and tasted like Wintergreen Skoal.

I also think someone spit into the sponge used to clean the dishes.   Had that consistency when washed.  Threw it out. 

Water when taking a shower for the last few weeks smells like sewage for the first few minutes. I have to let the water run to get rid of the smell. This has happened in two different states and two different residences. 

These people are such vile dirtbags.

Sep 28, 2020

Another target made a point to comment about my YT channel that I had 118 videos uploaded.  118 is an 88 code that I have mentioned often in the videos and podcasts I make.  Was this slanderous, profiling innuendo?  Incredible the wicked games being played.  No one is who they seem.

 I have already pointed out the branding and coding of my life, so this isn’t new. No one calls this stuff out the way I do.  I am holding nothing back.

 As a result, the satanic handlers continue to use the technology for granular control of my life so that they can then set me up and portray me in a slanderous light to conceal their satanic crimes.  Layered doses of sadism and abuse that any real victims will attest to.

I stay away from all their symbolism and so they go after my neurology and try to get me to do things like send someone a text at 9:11 or end a video that I upload at 3:22.  I often catch it and when I do, I avoid these tactics, but it is nonstop and exhausting.

Interfacing with my behavior and mapping out the granular moments to try and steer me into their Masonically-coded timeline is the objective that I aim to undermine every day.

Watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” again.  This is a heavily coded and suggestive film.  George talks about coconuts being from Tahiti and the Fiji Islands and how one day he’s going to travel the world and go on adventures to places like that.  Fiji is also where Truman dreams of going.

320 Sycamore Ave is his address in It’s a Wonderful Life.  I lived at 455 N Sycamore for over twenty years.

Used to watch it with my ex-wife during Christmas every year.  It was one of her favorite films.

Sep 29, 2020

Still getting toxins in room.  Car ventilation as well.

Dried out when waking.  Increased assault and torture for posting video evidence.

Getting pin-size burns on fingers again.

Also noticed in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” that two of the characters in the film are named Bert and Ernie.  Odd Sesame Street connection maybe.  Hadn’t picked up on that before.  This film is strongly connected to my life and this programmed timeline.  Jimmy Stewart films in general.

Sep 30, 2020

ExpressVPN on Thinkcentre desktop got attacked.  Was freezing and had to reinstall.  Keyboard is also repeating keys as before, which is a clear sign of interference.  This is done, too, when trying to enter passwords so to keep generating error messages and get the person locked out of their account if possible.  

Oct 1, 2020

Enola Holmes film on Netflix highly coded and saturated with actors that connect to my situation. 

Millie Bobbie Brown is the star and was also the star of “Stranger Things,” a TV series where she plays a Montauk survivor with extrasensory psychic powers.

 “We will break her to build her up.”

Fiona Shaw is in first episode and plays the school master who says that line.   Breaking someone in order to build them up is Monarch Programming language.  As in breaking down the brain, the life of the victim, and then rebuilding them into their programmed image.

I met and studied with Fiona Shaw in college in a three-week acting workshop at Vanderbilt University.  That was thirty years ago. She also played the witch and professor Petunia in the Harry Potter franchise.

Train is starting to come by and blow whistle loudly at timed moments and throughout day.  This was all but gone for several weeks, which is yet again proof that Kansas City Southern and their train conductors are Stasi Mafia Terrorists. 

Oct 3, 2020

Got hit hard last night.  Woke up extremely dried out.  Body is sore for no reason.   Brain is foggy and dreams were manipulated.   All indicators of Neurological and Directed Energy assaults. Neurological perpetration and terror doctrine is more vicious as well.   These types of ramped up assaults are both internal and external as a rule.  They are coordinated and full-spectrum. 

Oct 4, 2020

The Electromagnetic attacks to my body and brain are getting intense again.  I woke up again dried out, sore, foggy, and off.  My dreams were manipulated again.

Oct 5, 2020

Third day of intense attacks when trying to sleep.  They are hitting me with brutal sleep deprivation and electroshock assaults all night long.  They are also hitting me throughout the day with more pain.