My targeting went overt back in the spring of 2015.   Since then, it has become clear that I am in a lifelong, trauma-based Monarch MK-Ultra program that has strong connections to the uppermost levels of power in our government and the secret societies that drive this world.

Below is a log containing many of my observations from the last couple of years.

Jan 10, 2017

This is a complication of several different examples of the train harassment.  This is a major anchor for me and is used in different ways to attempt to negatively reinforce my actions.  The frequency, intensity, duration, tone, and style of the “whistleblower” often varies depending on intent.  This is a key component of Behavioral and Operant Conditioning.  The trains are used all over town to maintain presence around me.   They are heavily involved in this MK-Ultra Trauma-Based Program.

Noise Campaign Compilation – Trains

April 30, 2017

Scripted Conversation moment from Starbucks patron: 

“Yeah, he’s a lost cause.” 

“What was it about a month and a half ago they were trying to get rid of him?”

Man and woman get up and leave in my line of sight and make sure I see the book they are carrying entitled “Money.”  This is a part of what I call the bribery or buyout narrative.   The idea  is that if I get rid of my evidence and stop exposing what they are doing, they will pay me off.   CIA and Mafia vibe.  

As the couple leaves, another guy passes me with a book entitled “Queen Elizabeth.”  This guy has been in here numerous times and his behavior is purposeful.   The Masons and the CIA communicated ideas indirectly and covertly, never directly.   Some are legitimate, others aren’t.  

Xfinity WiFi throughout parking lot with dozens of connections attached to them when scanning with Open Signal app.

May 2, 2017

Pulsing in the walls while documenting.

Pulses in headphones while documenting.

Train whistling multiple times throughout day.

Toxins pervading kitchen.

Woman standing in front of me when I walk in to Barnes and Noble wearing a “Love Pink” shirt.

Two women seated in cafe, one wearing a solid pink shirt, the other that reads “Fire” on the back.

Woman walking across the street in my line of sight while in cafe wearing pink shirt. Pink color programming is heightened today.  Being associated with “Peace” and  “Love.” Male, long hair, college kid maybe, seems to like getting into my line of focus while here. Gets tutored by older Asian guy. Both often do things to grab my attention. Tutoring and teaching, both of which I have done in the past, are being put around me thematically.  This program is often suggestive and controlling in terms of what it tries to focus a person on.  Part of their behavior modification protocol.  Seeing if they can get people to do things.

Older man sits down in the middle of them, sporting black and red headphones, another Satanic combo used often around me.  This is a typical perp move.  Every other table in the cafe around them is vacant, but he sits next to me in my dircct line of sight and in between two people as they are talking.

A lot of vehicular mobbing. Guy zoomed by me in left lane then cut in front of me, then got in right lane and took a right. Very deliberate and meant to intimidate. So I followed him in to the parking lot. He and group of guys and a girl pulled into a restaurant.

This is what they do if you follow them after something like this. Has happened on a few occasions. I waited for him to get out of the car. Very aggressive acting until I asked him why he zoomed past me and cut in front of me. Then he turned into a cordial demeanor. Typical tactics of informants in this program.

I stay neutral now in these moments though neural tech is working hard on me and trying to amp up aggression.  He was wearing a red shirt — Airforce — that said on the bottom, “Middle East 2016”. They recruit a lot of young people, many military, into this informant network. It is a military operation in  every way.  They have militarized the communities and instructed them to harass and terrorize innocent, listed civilians.

Two random transient, vagabond types driving three-wheel bikes with packs on them on as I passed. Almost hit them. An often-used tactic of this program is to put pedestrians or cyclists in your way and then create distraction using RNM in those moments to catalyze an accident. Very dirty tactics. When I asked them what they were doing and mentioned that I could barely see them and almost hit them, they told me that they were biking 1800 miles across country from North Carolina. North Carolina has been a state that has come up for me often since this began. My ex-wife is from South Carolina and her brother lived in North Carolina for a while. We visited him once.

Policeman zoomed passed me with lights on at about 100mph on Ellerbe road when driving home.

May 3, 2017

Major HAARP-managed weather.  Lightning, heavy rain, very unnatural and loud rolling thunder.  Not natural at all.

May 4, 2017

A lot of pulsing the walls yesterday.

Whistleblowing train several times.

Heavy Directed Energy assault last night. Kept up until 7am.

Consistent and loud pulsing of walls in last few weeks.

Cars revving in the distance.

At Barnes and Noble, guy in orange shirt sitting in cafe when arrive. Later went outside for a second and same guy pulled up and got out of car.  Orange translates to 33 in Gematria and is the primary color of Masonry.

Extreme coughing fit after food went down the wrong way. Throat is raw and voice is hoarse afterwards. This is the day before doing a big podcast on targeting that I will be co-hosting, which leads me to believe that it wasn’t accidental. They worked on my throat often while doing the radio show last year. This neural tech can control all kinds of things, including physiological functioning.

May 5, 2017

Podcast fell through today. Hacking and interference throughout day. 

Train blowing whistle several times and cars revving engines and zooming down street while waiting for guest, who ended up not showing up. 

Super loud landscaping as well.   The neighbors use equipment that is obnoxiously loud and coordinate this as if they are reacting to things that I am doing (e.g. Podcast), as they surveil me twenty four hours a day. 

Family member started to lose temper over nothing while eating.  Neural tech-induced.

May 7, 2017

Found a dent in the back of the car a family member rented. This is the criminal informant system at work, trying to create problems for people in a concentrated fashion.  The car’s in the shop after almost flipping over, now the rental car gets dented in a parking lot hit and run.

Guy at restaurant had on shirt that said “savage” on the front. A number of people arriving with babies. This has been a theme for me. One couple sat next to us with their baby and in my line of sight.

Getting pulse pops to my headphones every time I open Skype now, especially when communicating with fellow Targeted Individuals.

May 8, 2017

Getting pulsed and shocked throughout the day from ceiling fan and vent area. The fan makes noises that are not typical. When this happens, at times I will feel a shock to my head.  Same with the AC vent. Not clear whether something is in the fan but it’s possible. Because this is not my place, I can’t get to the bottom of it in the way I typically would. This house is rigged from top to bottom, though.  That is without question.

May 9, 2017

At Barnes and Noble, changing trash in front of me again. “Get rid of it” theme that is promoted around me all the time, implying that I need to get rid of all the evidence that I have of my targeting.

Truck that said “ATI” in the side as in “A TI” turned in front of me on way over.

Guy with “Vandals for hire” t-shirt sits in between me and a girl when there are tables available everywhere.  Typical crowding tactic.  When I asked him about that, he said it was because of the plug. I told him that both plugs were being used and he pulled out a surge protector.  They come prepared.

Made a phone call after he sat down and pointed the camera in my direction in an exaggerated fashion.

They hire people who don’t really know what they’re doing beyond what they’re told to do. It’s sad and pathetic and exactly how fascism takes over a country. Focus on the most desperate and most impressionable. And give them a sense of false power and superiority and they will do anything you ask them to do.

Other guy in Barnes and Noble is having some long, drawn out directed conversation to about “strategy.” And playing a game with black and white tiles, which is a Masonic nod. 

Barnes and Noble clearly uses its book displays for programming purposes. Every time I come in here they shift things a bit to reflect themes that they have woven around me.  You basically have a system that is in place on every level and has already indoctrinated the country into a kind of programming haze. When the veil is lifted, the focused, purposeful, and agenda-driven intent becomes obvious.

May 10, 2017

In room with fan on high and cannot feel the air. That is a clear indication of being microwaved.

Dogs start barking when I enter the bathroom. AC clicks on as I exit. This kind of micro-control of one’s environment reinforcea the idea of everything being tightly controlled and surveilled.  It is a form of Chinese water torture that also anchors action in sound, which has programming motives.  These kinds of synchronous events ebb and flow in frequency depending on how hard they are working on me.

Half dozen one-light bandits on the road while in town.  Fire medic and police SUV  in lot when I pulled into Starbucks. Heavy vehicular mobbing. They pulled out all the stops today.  Aerial presence as well. Two vans in a lot had “Zion” on the side of them.

May 11, 2017

For the last year and a half, the CIA has been using the media in conjunction with neural influence to make sure that I catch a pointed period of television that a family member keeps on around the clock.

This has been used as a part of the psychological warfare protocol, including reinforcing a programmed narrative, sending veiled threats, intimidation, and psychological harassment and terrorism in general.  This is then coupled with forced speech commentary by my family while watching a particular program.

All media possesses a weaponized layer to it, so I could walk in at any time and possibly feel somewhat psy-opped by it, but these moments are timed with purpose. It is a confluence of impulse control in me, forced speech in my family, and a chosen moment on television communicating an idea covertly that reinforces a theme which has already been established.

Family watching a show very much like Dateline, involving a man who killed his wife.  These CIA-owned shows are used for psychological warfare purposes and are used to plant the seed of me being framed as a criminal of some sort.

Forced speech moments from family today:

“He only got 6 years (in prison)?”  (I get threatened with prison as a consequence often)

“She only got 75000 for being disabled for the rest of her life?”  (The idea of “settling” has been thrown at me in different ways.  75000 was an initial number used around me when the bribery angle started being used.)

“He deserves to pay all of that back and then some for what he did. Probably take him the rest of his life.”

Leaf blowers from nearby neighbors. The equipment that is used is always louder than normal.

Incessant and loud bird chirping today. This is due to remote influence tech.

Massive hits in the last few days in the head and chest areas. Body is being shocked so hard that my entire body jerks when this is done.

Heavy hit to chest just now. This is energy. When it happens, it feels like a heart flutter and I experience a temporary loss of breath.

Pulsing of window rail after messaging a person I know who is targeted.  Coupling the pulsing with an action is a form of programming reinforcement and often used to emphasize thought or action.

May 12, 2017

Family member ran into the garage door.  First time that has happened.

Tech-driven neural disruption and distraction while trying to organize evidence of crimes and targeting.

Few minutes of overhearing news: Knee replacement and pain.

Woman in Barnes and Noble wearing “Love Pink” shirt standing in front of me when I walk in

Guillotine on TV when going into family member’s room.

Barnes and Noble often has books on display that relate to my life and what I am going through. Book titles are used as commentary often and are a form of indirect communication and programming.

On display in Barnes and Noble: You are a badass. I use the word badass often.

On display in Barnes and Noble: Girlboss. I just started watching this series last night.

May 13, 2017

The last several nights I have experienced extreme assault to the head and chest. These attacks feel like they are at an intensity where they can do permanent damage. I have had extreme assaults before, though the intensity of these shockwaves and pointed attacks feel like they are at a higher level.  Huge pulses that cover a decent amount of surface area envelop my head and chest area.

On more than one occasion in the last few years, I have knocked liquid over and damaged my computer. This is something that as an IT consultant I am very careful not to do. What I know now is that this is a result of subconscious neural influence that affects one’s focus and physical coordination, as the patterns and techniques have become clear over time.

Today this happened again. I reached for my water and knocked it over on a number of hard drives that have evidence of harassment stored on them. I was able to retrieve them in time, but this is clearly a tactic used in this program to get a person to destroy their own evidence.

That is how insidious this targeting program is. If they don’t break in to destroy evidence, then they will attempt to manipulate a person’s behavior in order to accomplish the same goal.

A family member is talking about “cooking” shrimp in a “toaster oven.”  These trigger words are often used to telegraph the idea of being cooked by microwaves, as if you are in an oven. They have been used countless times on me and are a result of neural influence of a person’s speech, as this person is not aware at all that those words possess double meaning for someone targeted.

May 14, 2017

Injections of misery and extreme agitation today. This is a form of internal torture that is put into me in varying degrees of intensity and discomfort in order to punish me for doing certain things like exposing these crimes against humanity.  It always happens when I am pushing back hard, which is exactly what I am doing now. That, along with severe disruptions in natural cognitive flow are signature of my torture protocol.

When playing basketball outside, absurd levels of barking from a neighbor’s dog. At its peak, multiple dogs would bark in tandem or staggered when outside for hours. Also, various neighbor’s kids start screaming at high intensity. It’s unclear whether they are influenced with tech into doing so or instructed. Probably both.

The neighbor behind me is clearly complicit, but whether he tells the kids outside to do this is questionable. The parents may suggest they go out and play while I am outside. Not possible to determine. All I know is that this is a tool of psychological threat that is used often because I have kids. It’s a very cowardly tactic used by intel to associate their yells and screams with potential harm to my children.

Heavy disruption of focus which I believe is based on impulse injections and subliminal directives. It’s like a synthetic version of ADD, where it becomes extremely difficult to concentrate on any particular task for an extended period of time.

Toxins in bedroom. Seems that there is some sort of release system within the ventilation system. They can flood the kitchen and bedrooms with it at any given time. It is always in relation to what I am doing and is a punitive consequence. It’s also some kind of nerve agent, that I think is intended to make me more excitable, which they will couple with neurally induced misery and anger so that they can maneuver me into a preconceived behavioral profile.

May 15, 2017

Kids screaming outside again.

A lot of degrading and threatening telepathy today. Also, when I focus on documented crimes and organizing evidence, which I am doing now, I experience neural disruptions and interference as well as emotional agitation, all accomplished with real-time neural interference.

Severely blasted last night with DEW, the night before doing a podcast on targeting. This is a clear tactic that has been exacted on me many times. The jolt was so hard it felt like a blunt physical object hit my body and head. Kept me up all night.  Another tactic. When I do something that these lowlifes want to prevent, they further destroy my sleeping patterns so that I wake up extremely late.

May 17, 2017

I have been waking up feeling sick, very out of it, most likely due to a combination of DEW-induced radiation.

Noise harassment. Neighbors using loud skill saws and lawn equipment.

Repetitive chirping near window.  Same tech used on people is used on animals. Both have been used often for me.

Upload of noise harassment failed. Trying again…

May 18, 2017

Heavy attacks last night. Keeping me up later now.  Waking up later. They plan sleep and waking up with precision.

Sleeping patterns are conditionally controlled and used as consequence. Making me wake up later in order to fulfill slanderous “deadbeat” profile.

Louder pulsing in wall throughout the day.

Firetruck, police SUV, and undercover cop while out. Undercover cop made sure to exit Circle K so I could see his gun.

Employee working at Circle K wasn’t at register when I entered. Came out of back room and said “I’m not dead. Not yet.” I responded, “I like living on the edge.” wanted to gauge her response. When I say things like that, I will often get a telling reaction.

May 19, 2017

Family members are acting way off today. The tech will shift mood entirely in people but it seems to limit the personality and lessen dimensionality of behavior. Feels like sampling because it’s almost identical each time. It may also incorporate brain-to-brain influence.

Kids in house behind ours screaming in backyard.

Room heated up and uncomfortable all day.

Upload of pics continues to fail from tablet. Now showing as grayed out when typing tex

This is an example of imagery used around me to resemble a wrapped body.  


This kind of imagery has been rampant around be since my targeting became overt.  Remote Neural Manipulation is used on family members in this case to make sure that these kinds of items are in my line of sight.  Very precisely timed so that I will see it.

The same kind of imagery is also used in public in multiple ways. I have dozens and dozens of these and it is clear this a purposeful psychological terrorism tactic. CIA,  Satanic, deliberate.  Death Cult modus operandi.

This imagery is also coupled with increased frequency of weaponized directed conversation and direct to speech. Words like, “Death, killed, murder, and other types of injuries and illnesses run in tandem with this kind of imagery.

It is always proportionate to how much I am pushing back against these deranged criminals.

Psychological terrorism is a favorite tool of theirs in my case.  The telepathic terror doctrine is also incorporated along with the external terror doctrine.  It is not pleasant but I have desensitized myself to just about all of it. Because of that, they tend to increase torture as well.

Big pulse in wall when trying to use CrashPlan, a backup program that stored my data and got hacked when my life was taken down.

May 20, 2017

When I came into Starbucks in Barnes and Noble, a kid similar to my son’s age was playing with a stack of books. When he walked away, the one book with the spine in my direction said “Stalin and Hitler.” I looked at the stack and there were books on the Greek islands and Hitler.

May 27, 2017

Took a break from daily logging so I will summarize the last week. The assault has continued and has increased in intensity. The hits to my chest and head at times have been massive, to the point where my entire upper body is electrified for several seconds. When I wake up after a night of this, my body feels damaged.

The neural manipulation also has been persistent. Persistent telepathy, often times degrading and agitating, as well as persistent synthetically induced down states. This is not depression. This is satellite-based and localized directed energy focusing on me throughout a day.

The direct-to-speech doublespeak has also picked up.

All of this is predictable and I have experienced a number of ebbs and flows in terms of degree of neural and physical attacks and torture. Because I am preparing to expose in detail what the perpetrators of these crimes do, I am receiving consequential torture.

I moved back to my original bedroom two nights ago, as the attacks were getting more substantial in the room that I was in. This could have been a remotely influenced choice, as the attacks have gotten worse. Still, I will stay in here as I moved all my stuff and need to protect it from break-ins, which have been frequent in the past and may increase again because of what I am doing.

Lawn being mowed today. Landscaping equipment used around a target is done so with unusual frequency. At its height neighbors were mowing their lawns or something else that involved noise almost daily.

Family member makes it a point to say that the AC is out in the game room and then makes sure to drop targeting keywords like “hot,” “burned,” and “fire” while explaining it to me. Makes it a point also to say I shouldn’t mess with the thermostat because turning it on could cause a fire. This is a typical veiled threat, meant to plant the seed that someone could break in (which they have done often), turn on the thermostat, and start a fire. What a bunch of nonsense. Typical fear based psychological tactic often used in this program.

May 29, 2017

Power got cut off for over twelve hours after speaking with another target.  This has happened before as a retaliation tactic. The power has gotten “cut off” for me ten times in the last two years and in two states, at one point for 24 hours in the heat of the summer. This often piggybacks on severe HAARP weather as a cover story, though not always. These are Fascist tactics that have been used on numerous occasions with me.

A heated verbal altercation as well with a thug informant who nearly hit my car, which was an “aggressive” profiling setup and one they used on me as well in Los Angeles. Neural tech is always used in these moments.

Almost ran off the road when a remotely influenced raccoon darted in front of my car. They have used animals on many occasions to get me into an accident.  A while back, three deer darted in front of my car with my kids in it and one swiped the side door where my youngest son was sitting.  I had four animals at one point dart in front of my car in a span of several minutes.  Anything with a pulse can be influenced with this tech, and my environment is heavily simulated in this manner. There is mapping and scripting technology involved.

June 5, 2017

Family member talking to her cousin over the phone when I walked into the room:

“How does that song go? Deeper in debt,” 

Because of neural distractions, I have not been keeping up on logging.  This is typical of the way this tech is used. It can create hyper-focus and then severe distraction. They model it on symptoms of ADD, which I though a few years back I might have. Clear to me now that it has always been symptomatic of neural tech.

This became particularly clear when I noticed that specific patterns were being set for me and then I was given telepathy reinforcing that the remote handlers were establishing and maintaining these patterns.  For example, I would get “You’ll wake up in four hours” and four hours later, with no alarm, I would wake up. Several days in a row I would wake up at nearly identical times, then it would shift depending on how much punishment they wanted to exact on me for what I was doing in terms of documentation and exposure of what they do.

The last several days have been full of distractions. I have been sleeping better since I tried some new protection for my head but because of that, the people who assault me retaliate by hitting harder other parts of my body. I can tell that neural tech  is being used on me to make me late on deadlines, in particular my taxes. It’s like putting a wedge in between me and things I need to do. This can also be accomplished by dissipating energy and maintaining down state with frequency combos.

The neural tech is being used on me often to degrade or augment as a tool of control and conditional reinforcement. I try hard to ignore this and move through my days without any kind of conscious attention paid to it, as it is clear that the perpetrators want to entrain me in that paradigm. Just about everything in this program is meant to establish a false paradigm of behavioral response that takes one out of their natural existence.

Dogs have started barking throughout the day again.

June 8, 2017

Loud leafblowers throughout day, especially when working on solutions for how various TIs can document and collaborate.

June 15, 2017

A lot of influence in the last few days.  Mapped out synchronicities have picked up.

Severe shocks to my body, namely head. They are also violently jerking my body around with the pulse weapons.

Talk of fires has increased again. Death talk as well. The usual fear porn, psychological terror tactics.  Which will all be outed soon enough. These lowlifes will be exposed for what they do.

Extreme ringing in ears in the last couple of weeks as well. I read recently that this indicated scanning of your brain. Not sure of all that it’s used for but there could be some merit to that. The reality is they are scanning and influencing my brain any time they want.  Even when the ringing subsides.

Few seconds of walking into kitchen, overhear on TV in den:

“When going into cardiac arrest”

June 16, 2017

Heavy synthetic dreams the last few nights. Seems to be a correlation between the dreams and the level of influence the day after. This would make sense in terms of hypnotic programming occurring while sleeping.

Family member asked if the WiFi was off when it wasn’t. This is typical of how these lowlifes operate. Sending indirect threats of potential outcome, as in the wifi and internet will be turned off by them, which has happened before.

Train has come by five times today. The harassment and neural interference is conditional and picks up when doing something that is not preferred, like uploading the podcast that exposed these criminals.  It follows an Operant Conditioning model.

June 17, 2017

A good amount of neural interference today, especially gesture influence. This tech emphasizes off-kilter gestures that are meant to jar a person and give them the sensation that the gestures are being imposed on them. This is an insidious practice that is employed by these sadistic military and intel agents often in my case.

It’s possible as well that the days when I sense more influence that this is a result of pre-programming that occurs while sleeping. The reason I say this is that it seems there is a direct correlation between the level of synthetic dreaming and disrupted sleep and the influence that I feel that day. I think it is a combination of pre-scripted programming and real-time interference.

june 19, 2017

Family member tells me she’s going to bed early because her ear is bothering her. Typical of this program is for the people around you to start experiencing health issues when documenting and being proactive.  This was coupled today with extreme vehicular mobbing, terror doctrine telepathy, and media and directed conversation psych warfare.

june 20, 2017

Been getting hit a lot lately with shocks to my right forearm when I am controlling the mouse.

Took a nap and woke up at 333.

Book I am proofreading is heavily coded with Masonic overtones.  Got shocked in the arm when highlighting the codes.

June 21, 2017

Siren in the distance outside the city limits.  Deliberate and after a morning of doing activism.

June 23, 2017

A lot of remote influence since my sons have been here.

While playing basketball, truck pulls into next door neighbor perp’s driveway, stays there for ten minutes, person briefly opens the door, then backs out, and leaves. Have never seen that truck in their driveway.

June 24, 2017

Very unusual HAARP thunder tonight. Rolling for a long time, up to a minute or so each time.

Being tortured hard and kept up through the night by Satanic, Nazi, Masonic neighbors. The pulses are directional, ground and house level, and powerful.  Just got shocked so hard that my entire body lifted and straightened out. This is while my kids are here for vacation.

Extremely heavy influence and programming of family these days.  Keeping me up late as well in order to profile and discredit as parent.  These vile human beings will be exposed in the gravest of detail. They will go down in history as a black stain on the human race.

June 25, 2017

Massive jolt to head last night. Hard electrocutions and pulses to body the last several nights. These pulses are forceful and reverberate throughout the part of the body they hit.

Direct-To-Speech is being used often these days on family as well. They are tapped into people’s brains at all times.

Painful dew hit to right side of head.

Internal and external harassment, computer interference, aggressive vehicular driving and mobbing, neural influence all has picked up since my kids arrived. I am dealing with CIA criminal Mafioso tactics always. These people do not care about anyone or anything. This is the precedent and they remain loyal to it.

June 26, 2017

Toxins have been in the house since my sons got here. This particular toxin I believe is a nerve agent. The smell is not pleasant.

Have been getting violently hit in the head after laying down to sleep in the last several days as well. The only way to curb this is to film it.

This technology affects everyone around a person who is overtly targeted. In that sense, families are targeted but the only one who is able to see it is the one who becomes aware of what’s happening and becomes overt. I don’t believe this is an accident. It is rooted in MK-Ultra methodology. Those around an overt target are used often as remote handlers. Others are tapped into in order to shut them down to the reality of what’s going on, which is necessary for psychological isolation.

Lots of triggers being used throughout days: lawn equipment, train, Directed Energy pulses around house, Scripted conversations, various techniques of psychological warfare.

June 27, 2017

Looked at watch at 911 pm. This has been happening often. The remote influence is used on me to reinforce Masonic coding.

911, 333, 444, 555, 33, 55, 66, 77 among others are popular numbers used as codes for me. The techniques used with neural tech in addition to the symbology placed in public reinforce these numbers often for me.

June 30, 2017

At Shreve memorial library. Library assistant comes over to where we are seated and starts putting books away very loudly. Drums with hands on the book cart. Ask him to keep it down and he continues to do it. Starts whistling, shelving books loudly. Typical of this fascist program of agitation. The point always is to bother a person who’s targeted no matter where they go. Invading one’s space or maintaining proximity is a constant.

July 6, 2017

The time that my sons have been in Shreveport has been great but not because the terroristic perpetrators stopped doing what they do. On the contrary, they have ramped up just about every aspect of their criminality. The vehicular mobbing has been relentless and dangerous on many occasions but I have ignored as much of it as I can.

On one occasion, an idiot on the freeway started jerking back and forth in front of us and driving on the shoulder. When I passed him, he later zoomed up next to us, stayed there for several seconds, and maintained close proximity, in order to scare my children. This lowlifes should be behind bars along with all these other criminals who have been given license to operate like terrorists and thugs with impunity.

Yesterday, an older man zoomed past us as I was pulling out of our driveway. Almost slammed into our car. Again, with my kids. I have been assaulted nightly and they have also injected frequencies into the room where my kids are sleeping, inducing insomnia. This is a repeat from the other times that they have been here.

The neural influence is palpable in all of my family. The tech is used on targets as well as all family members, including children. They do not care who they violate. Everyone is fair game. I also found myself with my kids at three different parks that are run by the Army Corps of Engineers. That’s no accident. The writing is on the wall regarding military influence in my life. It has been there since birth, along with the CIA, the Masons, and law enforcement. Generational and obvious.

Everything in my life has been influenced, including the people. This is coupled with a blending in of agents and complicit informants who are duplicitous. As long as I sense the influence in me and others around me, I will expose all that I can. These are massive human rights violations that go back decades, maybe longer. I can say for certain with my experience that it has legs going back to the 70s and probably in some form post World War 2.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 1.48.18 PM.png592K

I get CIA-driven spam as well. “Sharks” is a thematic idea in this program and I was influenced to pay attention to these people for a while. Mark Cuban in particular. Note the pyramid hand sign.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 11.22.42 AM.png660K

Monarch Butterfly pic in reference to monarch programming

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.11.31 AM.png696K

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.11.45 AM.png586K

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.11.57 AM.png469K

Last few pics have blatant Satanic and Masonic symbology and come from a Facebook account of a guy who was suggested to me as a friend from someone I knew in Los Angeles who may be involved on some level.  

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.11.06 AM.png591K

Another Monarch Programming reference. I find it disturbing when they use kids to signal to me in this way, but it’s clear to me that I have been in this program since birth.


This is symbolism that is used on me around the house to plant the seed of being taken to court. The CIA handlers use the neural technology around a person’s house in order to generate these kinds of theatricalized and weaponized ideas. This is coupled with telepathic or subliminal reinforcement. It’s a form of psychological warfare that is also used in attempts to psychiatrically profile.

Jul 7, 2017

Guy in pink shirt crossing the street when pulling up to light on inner loop. Then got in white car that stopped in the middle of the street while traffic was passing him. Clearly done to grab attention.

July 9, 2017

Plane flying overhead day children fly back to Los Angeles

Phone flashed on at 11:11

Family member makes sure to emphasize that “there’s some concern about the weather today.”

The CIA and DHS thugs who terrorize me know that I am aware of the capabilities of HAARP, so this is meant to provoke anxiety that something will happen to my kids on the plane. I know this because I get threatening telepathy as well as other types of veiled threats regarding my family and this has increased lately. This is the day that my children fly back. The last flight experienced “mechanical issues.” When they arrived this time, they were delayed in the plane for an hour. When my kids arrived this time, they also mentioned to me that the plane landed really hard and it was kind of scary.

This is psychological terrorism and it is used on me all the time. They will blend these tactics into “natural” behavior and conversation as cover.

Several dangerous situations on the road when taking my sons to the airport. These thugs specialize in orchestrating accidents and they don’t mind if children are in the car. One van zoom behind us in the passing lane then switched to the left lane with a truck just ahead and to the right of us, then jumped back into our lane. This was so blatant that my oldest son commented on it. A number of others passed us going fast, with one moving to the right a bit right as he passed us. When merging onto the freeway, a silver car zoomed up next to us as we merged. This is also a trademark tactic that has been used on me often. When we were driving down the nearby main street, an oncoming car jerked into our lane for a moment over the yellow line. These people act like Nazi road terrorists. There aren’t enough bad words in the dictionary for them.

When in the airport, there were DHS perps all over the place as well as TSA and security making their presence known around me.  When I was seeing my kids off through the security check-in, I found myself standing in front of a trash bin. That is neural tech at work, which I am now instinctively aware of.  While standing there, a number of people threw things in the trash aggressively, which is persistent innuendo in this program when a person has evidence that they want destroyed.

Thunder again on a sunny day. Lights just flashed on and off.  The lights went out two times while my sons were here, one time was for six hours. We had to go to a hotel for the night because of it. All orchestrated. That’s 10 or 11 times since being in Shreveport. Fascist tactics of intimidation and control.

Several shocks to my legs with the same jolting sensation every time. This happened three times in a span of a few minutes right after closing my eyes because I was feeling tired. This is coming from neighbors who think they have the right to exact Nazi MK-Ultra tactics on me at will.

July 10, 2017

In a synthetic dream right before waking up, I was saying that I felt like my balance was off. Then when I woke up, I was physically off balance. This is a clear indication that things are being done to my body and brain when sleeping that affect me when awake. Using content of dream manipulations to telegraph what happens when waking up.

Ringing in ears is more pronounced of late.

Air conditioning is being turned off abruptly throughout the day.  Not sure how they are doing it but this place is rigged.

Painful pulse to my right temple multiple times yesterday and today.

Train has already come by twice today.  This marks he third time.

The train “whistleblower” is a persistent auditory trigger and a form of covert and deniable psychological harassment.

Fan turning on and off all day long. Either accomplished using Directed Energy focused on fan’s mechanics and wiring the wiring is rigged.

July 11, 2017

Woke up and the fan had stopped working entirely. I find this curious as it has stopped working again entirely in the dead of summer. As I went to turn the AC on, the second I reach the thermostat, it makes a clicking sound to turn on before I can change the temperature. Then when I come back to the room, the train blows its whistle. This is an example of multiple coordinated, synchronized triggers in a short period of time to increase agitation and give one the sense that their environment and lives are being micro-managed.

Pressure on eyes feels off again. They use DEWs to work on my eyes and have done so many times.  

When I wrote that about my eyes, I got an injected thought of going blind. Then I closed my eyes for several seconds and got the sensation again. This is impelled by the neural tech and is typical of how they try and reinforce an idea to provoke a reaction and instill fear of potential outcome.

Body and brain feel worked on upon waking up. Back is somewhat sore.

Family members are speaking very loudly downstairs right after waking up. This is another agitation trigger, as the lowlife intel agents who influence them know that I am aware of this.

Loud ringing in ears today

Train has gone by six times today

Billing customer rep’s name from Inmotion hosting is Jenny, my ex-wife’s name.   

One of the CVS cashiers for the CVS near where I live is also named Jenny. I have had a number of women named Jennifer and Jenny since the targeting became overt. This is my ex-wife’s name. Her parents typically call her Jenny.

Yes, it’s a common name but the frequency with which it is used on me is not natural.

July 12, 2017

Train eight times today.

Train came by ten times yesterday.

There is nothing normal about that. I increase activism, the “Whistleblower” comes by more often. Negative reinforcement and Operant Conditioning model.  Plain and simple.

Woke up feeling worked on hard while sleeping. Body feels worn out and sore. Having trouble focusing my vision as well. Also getting injected thoughts of blindness.  Messing with the pressure on my eyes. A person’s eyes don’t suddenly do this though I am sure a doctor would explain it away just like every other cover story for what this tech does to people.

Here’s an example of veiled threat and psych terrorism using email (I have had hundreds):

Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2017 21:25:49 -0500

From: Burial-Insurance <SophieDickensi825i@yahoo.com>

Subject: Get peace of mind for you and your loved ones


Sophie Dickens, the name also seems to be aligned with a lot of the name coding I get.   Sophie and Sophia connect to the mother Gaia New Age themes being pushed.  “Dick”ens is a Sodomite Programming sex code.   This I have broken down in other documents.  The world is saturated with these codes.  It’s a Satanic practice that goes way back.

What is clear is that all of the sound harassment, directed conversation, terror doctrine telepathy, negative neural influence, all of the various negative reinforcement triggers that the targeting program anchors a person in are used as degrees of punishment and consequence depending on what a person does. It never fails. This torture and terror program is clearly based on an action reaction model.   Degrees of conditional consequence.   Militant and fascistic.

Right arm being shocked and jerked with DEW when I close my eyes to rest for a minute. Pulses also waving over my head to give me a pressure headache.

Several pops in headphones while trying to get Lynda.com videos to load, which is typical of the methods of reinforcement that these terrorists employ. Just like the stereotypical terrorists, these sadistic intel agents are always looking to take credit for things that they do to you but in such a way that is deniable and untraceable.

Tech-induced anhedonia tonight

July 13, 2017

Family member asked me about the song by Freddie Fender “Wasted days and Wasted nights” which is coding meant to comment negatively on what I am doing.

Also mentioned another song by Johnnie Ray who she made sure more than once to let me know was blind.

Neural tech agitation today

July 14, 2017

Sat down to computer after waking up from nap at 2:22 pm.

Louder ringing in ears yesterday and today

July 15, 2017

Today had a couple changing the diaper of their baby when entering a local park. The dude made sure to light a cigarette when I got out of my car. While running, another couple was in my path with the woman carrying a doll that looked like a real baby.

The baby theme has been persistent.  This ties into bloodline and lineage programming agenda.

July 16, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 1.27.51 PM.png

I get Lincoln references often in different ways.

My son on a basketball game on the PS3, for example, named the basketball player he created Abe Lincoln.  (This is also proof that my son is being influenced with the same technology.   I have hundreds of examples to prove generational MK-Ultra.)

The idea of ending mind control slavery has been a persistent one via telepathy and in other ways.

The theme of blindness has been persistent of late as well


Screen shot 2017-07-16 at 1.37.03 pm.Png

This message says I can’t include my name or email address in my password when I didn’t include either.

July 19, 2017

Insect crawling on keyboard after doing podcast with TI Activists.  Remote influence of insects is a persistent theme used by the sadistic military intel gamers and programmers. The idea always is to try and associate me with being an insect. Same reason they put pest control vehicles around a target. My 80 plus year old dad at one point when being heavily influenced called me an insect and an outsider.  He is being handled by CIA intel at that point.  This is a thematic narrative an an example of the psych abuse and degradation protocol that is often used.  

July 20, 2017

Heavy irradiation last night. Wake up and have to take time to adjust to the day. Hypnotic programming while sleeping is coupled with this.

While on the road, two policeman made their presence known. One past me at the intersection and right behind him was a commercial vehicle that said “House Call” on the side of it. This is covert communication and threat and is how they attempt to threaten and intimidate a person with potential outcome. This happened before when they impelled via tech an argument between me and a family member who got extremely irrational and called the cops. The remote handlers who oversee and orchestrate these situations are pure scum.

Another cop car was directly across from me at a light. Typical intimidation tactic.

Extremely long and loud train whistle tonight. The fascist train conductor will vary the intensity, frequency, duration, and rhythm of the whistle to signify level of anger.   Same is done with the revving engines of the tricked out cars that Tis find around them all the time.

These kinds of triggers that I have been anchored over the last couple of years are rooted in Monarch Programming methods that are designed to provoke a particular behavioral response. This is negative reinforcement behavioral conditioning.

July 22, 2017

Waking up barely functional from the programming while sleeping. Coupled with bizarre synthetic dreams and Directed Energy as well.

I have been getting hit very hard while sleeping again. Shutting down people around me too, which increases psychological isolation. They follow a conditional and consequential playbook. They follow a cycle in order to condition me to the punitive consequences when I speak out and get proactive, which I am doing. It’s very predictable now.

I liken it to a conditional prison and torture chamber, on the inside and out.

Hell on earth.

Telepathy when watching footage of me sleeping and looking for visible moments of getting shocked with Directed Energy:

“We’re going to have to destroy it,”

(referring to the video camera that I use to capture the pulses to my body while sleeping.)

Telepathy when watching footage of being shocked in bed:

“It’s what we do when you fight back.”

Telepathy when typing previous comment:

“It’s getting dangerous.”

These people are one hundred percent terrorists

July 23, 2017

Waking up again with blurry vision and unusual pressure on my eyes. This is DEW focusing on my eyes. I have gotten a lot of telepathy and Scripted Conversation regarding blindness over many months.  It ebbs and flows and now it’s picking up again. Typical of the terror doctrine that is employed throughout this abuse and torture program.

HAARP storm with heavy rain. This is often used as an opportunity to knock the power out.

Family member comes up to my room to let me know that “It’s soup and sandwich night.” This plays into the theme of being in a detention or concentration camp or a soup kitchen for the homeless. I say this because this theme has been reinforced in various ways. For example, family members starting making soup in a big vat rather than a regular sized pot. They claim that it’s because the pot broke but why wouldn’t they buy a new one rather than cook in something that is way too big for the amount of soup they are making.

This all plays into the psych warfare theater that is used across the boards to plant seeds of negative and consequential outcome. The neural tech will be used to create situations like this and look for a way to cover for them with plausible deniability or justification.

I am not sure how the previous pot broke, but I have personally experienced the destruction of a lot of my equipment due to break-ins and vandalism so that is always a viable option. They can use the neural tech to induce a loss of coordination in a person in order to get them to drop something so that it breaks.

July 24, 2017

The popping feedback in my headphones has been nonexistent for the last couple of weeks. This clearly proves that it is externally induced and is meant to trigger agitation.

Many of the triggers that are used in this program are subtle. It is often a preference, because if they can anchor a person in something that would otherwise be inconsequential, it works in their favor in terms of slanderously profiling a person as overreacting and being overly sensitive.

Reading Eleanor White’s TI Survey and when I got to this part of the survey I was jolted with DEWs:

“Serious lies told, such as the target is a dangerous criminal or child molester.”

The jolts I have determined over time are used to reinforce covert communication, which often comes in the form of threat-based psychological warfare.

AFNI debt collection. Customer Rep is named Cori, a Psy-Op refercence to woman who was clearly a plant and integral to the agenda-driven narrative connected to me.

Said her name was actual when asked. Fully name is Cori Thomas.

When I was at Bed, Bath, and Beyond a while back, a woman named Chantal worked the register. The only other Chantal I know I met on Facebook when getting active about posting about my targeting experiences. Met her through Steve Kelley, founder of TruthCat Radio, where I did a radio show for a few months exposing the Targeting Program and other conspiracies.

Also, a woman down the street at CVS who works the register, is named Jennifer, my ex-wife’s name. Yes, it’s a common name but when employees start popping up around you in different nearby places like this, it’s not accidental. It is indisputable that this program puts people around me with names that relate to people I know. This goes back before this went overt.

On a deeper level, mapping technology is being used to give rise to these types of synthetic synchronicities.

July 25, 2017

Body’s getting ripped up these days while sleeping. Wake up and can barely see. Hitting my eyes hard and using Direct-to-Speech to get people to talk about blindness. Happened before and always aligned to level of proactivity. Predictable lowlife playbook.

Got shocked when authenticating Outlook, another mail client, after not being able to get Mac Mail to work. Mac Mail also “Quit unexpectedly” which is typical of the kinds of nefarious hacking tactics that have been used often for the last two years.

Also pops in the headphones while doing this. If these intel informants and handlers want to increase agitation and reactivity, they will flood me with multiple triggers. The subtler and more seemingly benign, the better, as it serves for better cover and profiles a person as being ridiculous, hyper-sensitive, delusional, ad nauseum.

When I play back journal recordings, sometimes I will get an external source pausing the recording at pointed moments to heighten and reinforce. This time, right after I said “My life is scripted,” the recording paused. 

This is not a technical issue. They are able to tap into phones as well when WiFi is disabled, firewall is blocking all connections, no Sim card, and the device is in airplane mode.

July 27, 2017

Kept up all night with assaults and frequencies with hard jolts every time I start to doze off.

Anytime DEWs are used to keep me up all night, the protocol is to create antagonistic and agitating situations the next day using neural tech on me and those around me. This is standard protocol.

Sleep deprivation is integral to what these sadistic torturers and programmers do.   It’s an extreme form of torture that breaks the body and mind down over time.

Getting shocked and pulsed in headphones while looking at old screenshots and other evidence of crimes.

Getting shocked and jolted in the back of the head when I start to doze off. This is not long after getting telepathy saying “Go to bed early tonight.  We’ll let you sleep tonight.”

This is typical and predictable and is an MK-ultra and Monarch Programming tactic meant to set a person up with expectation that is unpredictable and undermines confidence in outcome by introducing conflicting information and action.   Unpredictability or gaslighting one’s expectations leads one toward learned helplessness over time.

I listen to none of it because their tricks are old and tired. Nothing new. Nothing creative.   Everything they do I simply perceive as criminal.

August 1, 2017

Several days of heavier torture and neural assaults and disruption. Today I feel sick, the same kind of feeling I have gotten when eating food that has been picked up somewhere. My food has been tampered with on many occasions. People have broken into my place to do so as well as tampered with my food in restaurants.

The sewage smell has come back to the shower, which had disappeared for months. This is once again proof that these “experiences” are examples of a consequential psychopathic playbook. These people are Satanic dirtbags who come onto our property, tamper with our food, and put sewage in the well.

August 2, 2017

Getting jerked around with DEWs every time I  close my eyes.

Part of the CoIntelPro/Stasi arm of this program involves creating problems for a person and then to build on those problems until your life unravels into absolute chaos. These problems on the surface will look minor, but those behind these programs are orchestrating negative events in insidious ways that are covert until it’s too late.  

Over time, the accumulation of these events will take down a person’s life.  These Zersetzung “Erosion” tactics are coupled with internal MK-Ultra programming and influence that encourages polarization between the overt target, family, and friends, who are also targeted but without their awareness.  

If an overt target begins to point these tactics out to a family member, he or she will be shut down and often slandered. This aspect makes what they do especially evil.  

At all times, the goal is control. It is a Master-Slave Monarch Mind Control model.

Same tactics. Same M.O.

August 3, 2017

Getting hit in the left eye today. Woke up with pressure and swelling of eyeballs again.

Clicks in my headphones often are used as a trigger to reinforce and heighten particular things that I do. For example, I can read something and if these handlers want to emphasize what I am reading (they are looking through my eyes and surveilling my thoughts), I will get a pop in the headphones.  The means of covert communication are many. This is one they use often when I working on my computer as I always have my headphones on.

When this is done it is jarring, unpleasant, and aggressive.  Almost all triggers and anchors in this program have an aggressive edge to them, whether it’s loud landscaping equipment, dogs barking, revving engines on vehicles.

This falls in line with trauma and torture-based tactics that are imposed on Monarch Slave children from age two to six. Same style and playbook and it’s clear these tactics carry over into adulthood.  Most who are targeted, especially those who are highly visible, are focused on in this way. These are military DOD and CIA operations.

August 4, 2017

Christie Aphrodite mentions Branson as a place she traveled. Branson is my son’s name.  These kinds of reflections are rarely accidental.



Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


I was influenced to watch her many months ago.

August 5, 2017

Loud pop in headphones when trying to get VPN to work, which seems to have been corrupted. This is nothing new.

Shocked in arm while trying to connect VPN.

Those who hack my computer do not like VPNs at all.

The AC vents clearly have something coming out of them or through that pulses me.  When I close the vents, the pulse gets louder. This tells me that whatever is in there or above the vents has the capacity to change intensity.  This implies remote control.   The most likely possibilities  are an overhead drone or onsite rigging.

Sewage smell in shower for the last several days. Someone is coming onto the property and putting something in the well or somewhere between the well and my shower to make this happen. This has happened before and then disappears for many weeks. It’s part of the psychological degrees of consequence protocol and another way of emphasizing displeasure in what I am doing.   Toxins, sewage smell, pulses during the day, among others. They will dial them up or dial them down depending. Degrees of conditional consequence.

August 6, 2017

Big pulse to head when looking at book “Pharmageddon” on Amazon. These criminals sit in their homes with their weapons watching you, watching what you do, and then taking aim and blasting you to emphasize moments throughout a day.

August 7, 2017

Pulse and clicking in headphones when installing Webguard, an app that gets in the way of these intel punks and hackers tracking my every move.

Getting hit with massive pulses to the heart and head. Aneurysm and heart attack level intensity. These degenerate murderous scum torture with impunity and freak out when a person puts together compelling proof of their extreme criminality.

One of the most insidious aspects of this program is the way it emphasizes and heightens difficulties that you experience for which they are the cause. This is done in many different ways, all covert and deniable. They take credit for the bad things they do like terrorists.

Just now as I am writing about not having internet connectivity, the perps around me make sounds using DEW pulsing to reinforce. They can also do this by making popping sounds in my headphones. These are two of the most often used around my room. There are many that they will use to reinforce experience in negative ways. These include dogs barking, train blowing its whistle, planes flying overhead, directed conversation, telepathy, media of all types, to name a few.

August 8, 2017

The lowlife intel handlers try hard to establish an atmosphere of conditionality.  I am having nothing but trouble with my internet connection. Then suddenly, the speed will shoot back up to normal. If I start watching videos on something that involves exposing certain parts of the conspiracies that they try hard to suppress, then the internet will shoot back down again. This has happened too many times and in too many areas of my life to think that it’s just random. These are Monarch Programming Operant Conditioning techniques where the goal always is to establish a relationship that is conditional and dependent upon the behavior of the individual.

Getting shocked to body while locking down firewall

Beam burn to elbow while reading an article on deprogramming Monarch Mind Control Slaves

August 9, 2017

Beam burn to wrist of hand scrolling with mouse while reading the Monarch deprogramming document.

Synthetic dream last night of several white tricked out cars pulling into driveway with gangsters storming our house with guns. One of the gangsters burst into my room with a gun. I charged him and he shot at me. At this point, I woke up flailing about. Typical violence and fear-based dream that focuses harm on a person. Using dreams to threaten a person that something terrible is going to happen to them is trademark CIA.

VXP350 license plate lead me into town and then led me back to my place. This tactic has been used on a number of occasions. The perpetrator is local and lives off Ellerbe road.

August 10, 2017

Listening back to a verbal journal entry, the recording stopped abruptly when I said “Slavery at birth.”  This was 10 seconds before the recording ended. My recordings get paused to emphasize certain parts of them but they are never stopped outright. This is on a phone with WiFi disabled, an aggressive firewall, and no SIM card.

Pulse pop in headphones while editing footage of the pulsed shocks that I experience when trying to sleep.

Have observed that the telepathy I receive picks up dramatically when doing things like cleaning. The idea of being a slave (aka Monarch Slave) is in line with this. Any menial work that I do, like cleaning, is coupled with this idea via telepathy and subliminal suggestion.

The telepathy turns into a kind of chatterbot when I am doing this. These punk programmers will literally try and tell me what to do while I am doing it. Extremely intrusive and agitating tactics, though I ignore most of it. This also plays into the master slave model where the handler is always attempting to dominate the monarch.

These days, telepathy is a primary tool used by intelligence and military intelligence to reinforce this. If a person imagines that a physical human being is following you around and giving you obnoxious and degrading directives nonstop while you are doing something, it may drive home how lowly and infuriating these people are.

These people have spent a lot of time for decades refining psychological warfare and programming techniques.  It is all an evolution of the same techniques used within illuminati and satanic families on their children, which gave rise to the formalization of the same techniques in project Mk-Ultra and Project Monarch.

August 11, 2017

Not long after coming to Shreveport, the perpetrators around me started using Directed Energy on my throat and trachea. After a point, I started to hear a whistling sound coming out of my windpipe, so it seems that they bore a tiny hole there. Now, at times when I get upset, they will hit that area of my windpipe so that it makes sounds that sound to my inner ear like crying or wailing. This program specializes in the bizarre and macabre.  Typical Satanic CIA creep factor.

Listening to a conversation when the audio hung at a pointed moment. The lowlifes who hack my computer can control this at will do this to heighten moments of video or audio.  At the same time, I my headphones popped from a DEW pulse. Like terrorists, the perpetrators take credit for the problems they cause.  They have done this on countless occasions.

August 12, 2017

The popping of my headphones has become a frequent trigger.  All of these triggers are used to negatively reinforce actions and to generate a behavioral response.   Once the trigger is established, it can also be used to make a person think that what they are doing means something when in reality it means nothing. This can be used to move a person toward false conclusions or to make choices based on the triggers and what they emphasize. 

Typically, though, they are meant to control, impel, or deter behavior. They usually have an aggressive tinge, much like the rest of this program, and take a person out of natural moment to moment existence. These are Monarch Mind Control techniques.

August 13, 2017

The most intense shock to my body, focused on my chest and heart, happened this morning. It was so massive that it jolted me out of sleep with me yelling in pain and the cursing at the top of my lungs. Over twelve hours later, and I still feel the residue of the shock. I would call this a kill shot, meant to induce extreme fear in a person. These are MK-Ultra tactics.

The pulses are often used to intimidate, instill fear, and program.  High profile targets are hit every day.  They need to keep the day-to-day and week-to-week memory in perpetual reset. That way, they can more easily program a person into repetitive states and tunnel-visioned experience. If a person fights back to any degree, they keep pushing the replay button.

The persistent focus on my temples tells me that they are using these EMF weapons in the same way they use electrodes for someone who is being treated with ECT therapy. Patients prescribed ECT complain of memory loss, sometimes severe and over many years. This is suppressed by the psychiatric profession and the media.

When I get hit as hard as I got hit last night, it affects my entire day. Makes it difficult to get much of anything done. They lobotomize me for a period of time and deplete my energy and focus so that I move through the day like walking through quicksand.

April 11, 2018

When jogging, neighbor two doors down was walking his dog when I went for a jog. Said hello on way back and we talked for a minute. Said he saw the ambulances out front of our place (a family member suffered a minor stroke, which was most like induced via Directed Energy Weapons). Mentioned that his grandfather had a couple of strokes before he passed away.

This is an example of predictive programming and psychological terrorism that is used in this program all the time.  It is of course meant to insinuate that this family member, too, is going to pass away after a second stroke. He is without doubt involved as he has had signature vehicles parked in front of his place and has engaged in covert signaling in the past. His wife is red-haired, which is also a thematic Luciferian symbol that has been put around me with unusually high frequency in the last few years.

April 17, 2018

I am getting ripped up while sleeping. A lot of hypnotic programming.   I am flooded with thoughts and images that seem mapped out, as well as a neurological signature used to reinforce the experience. The Directed Energy can work on the body as well to give me an unsettled feeling, like a synthetic form of anxiety and dread.  It is very clear that this is  not coming from me.

Woke up today with injected thoughts that all the people around me are duplicitous and part of the intelligence operation that went into overdrive almost three years ago.  This is one of their often repeated psych warfare and paranoia profiling tactics, but it is likely true to some extent. The con and scam artistry goes all the way to the top of this power structure and the pyramid scheme that it operates within.

I get psych warfare from many in the targeting “community,” the same tactics that I deal with from obvious perpetrators and informants. Not everyone is as they seem. But that’s not news to me. It should be noted that the technology can mimic perpish behavior as well.   I always keep that in mind.  Either way,  there are clearly many two-faced agents posing as targets and activists.  We are in the throes of a global intelligence operation and Fascist movement that does not take chances when it comes to guaranteeing outcome.

June 14, 2018

Targeting Log Jun 14, 2018, 6_36_13 PM

June 29, 2018

Targeting Log Jun 29, 2018, 10_26_09 AM

July 18, 2018

During a forty minute span while hiking at a nearby dam and lake, the DHS and Masonic informants made their presence known:

One white vehicle pulled into the only nearby home.

A black vehicle pulled up to the gate of the home and a couple of children got out.  A boy, around four maybe, was wearing a bright orange shirt.  (This is an example of color-coded, Masonic signaling.  Black, white, and orange, are the three major colors used often to represent Masonry.)

A truck pulled into the dam and drove the distance from the entrance to the parking lot, which is a good quarter to a third of a mile.  He then made a U-turn and slowly drove back out.  This road runs parallel to where I hike, so the entire road is in my line of sight.

A second vehicle, this time an SUV, pulled in and did the exact same thing, ten minutes after the first vehicle.  I hailed this person down and asked them what they were doing, as it seemed strange that they drove that entire distance just to make a U-turn and head out.  He had no logical answer, skirted the question, and then drove off.

July 19, 2018

I don’t just get what people call “street theater.”  I get home theater as well.  Really, life theater, as these handlers and programmers work hard to theatricalize and map out my life experiences.   When they do this in heavy-handed ways, it is meant to destabilize a person’s natural day to day existence and drive a particular point home (often degrading, often threatening).  They are also used on me as a form of predictive programming, which is a technique in which they presage my future by crafting theater around me to telegraph what’s to come.

Today, for example, I go downstairs, and a family member is cooking but starts describing what she’s cooking as if we are a couple of cooks in a kitchen. They make sure to use an unusually large metal vat to cook with, as if it’s some mess hall.  (Family members are under heavy neural influence and programming when this occurs)

This has been done many, many times, and each time it happens, the handlers inject in me subliminal sensations of being a cook in a FEMA Concentration Camp.

July 21, 2018

The recording below is an example of agent-driven psychological warfare, criminal profiling and potential framing by hacking into my computer and changing settings so that my Google search engine defaults to Saudi Arabia instead of the United States, where I was born and raised.   My dad was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  I went there for a family vacation, after not having seen my dad’s side of the family in over twenty years.  That was in 2010, and it is obvious that, despite being focused on since childhood, I got formally put on a more aggressive list right after that trip.

Profiling and Hacking Google

Went for a run in my neighborhood this evening and had numerous cars increase speed when passing me at dangerously close distances.  The tactic they use is to pass by you when another car is passing so that they can’t move over and give you space.  This can also be coupled with neural tech working on someone’s brain to distract them in the moment.   

These DHS Nazi thugs are true road terrorists.  Diabolical and murderous tactics.  The “whistleblowing” train also made sure to be obnoxiously loud when passing, also during my run.   Timing is everything in this program.  It’s how the anchors remain effective.  If they string enough together while also working on the internal neurology of the target, this will greatly heighten a person’s stress levels and reactivity.   It’s called sensitization and I am bombarded by sounds and sights and often extreme aggression everywhere I go.

July 23, 2018

Tortured all night as punishment for the compelling proof that I am putting together of the local criminal operations around me:

Jul 23, 2018, 5_26_45 AM

July 24, 2018

Went to deposit money at my bank and was mobbed heavily the entire way there.   A woman almost ran into the back of me when turning left.  I then followed to grab the license plate and she quickly turned off.  These people are very aware of their dangerous and criminal  behavior and do not like their license plates documented.

After the bank, I grabbed a coffee at a newly constructed coffee house named CC’s.   Interesting coding there, as CC is also a Masonic 33 code.   After sitting a woman made a comment to me about “not being there for them.”  Became clear that this was an orchestrated situation.   Turns out she’s running for city council in my city.  I have had political innuendo around me often since this began.  We talked for a while, then another woman who works with her came over and joined the conversation.  As I got up to leave, the second woman flashed the inverted pyramid sign.   This is the day after making a few Facebook posts about Masonic and Illuminati Signs and Symbols.

Am I really making this stuff up?  Hardly.  No such thing as coincidence in my world.

Not smart, though, to keep playing these Masonic games around me while I put together proof of extreme crimes committed against me and my family.  I get terrorized, tortured, and heavily manipulated, and then I have people come around full of codespeak and theater, feeding into the major agenda that was clearly focused on me a long time ago.

This entire situation was mapped out, which means my brain is being criminally invaded and programmed for this event.

I am getting a lot of timed clicks and pops these days, which is a staple of the CIA programming playbook.  The pulse weapons are used to time these popping and clicking sounds when, for example, I leave one room and enter another.   It’s a techniques of provocation, like Chinese Water torture, but also serves other purposes.

They prefer to hit metal, as it makes a louder sound.   The AC vents are popular.  When using the bathroom, they hit the metal bar that holds up the curtains.  Plastic water bottles are also popular.  If I have one of those in my room, they will hit it.   Also popular are wood beams in the walls, gaming consoles, TVs, door knobs.

These clicks and pops are also auditory anchors used to reinforce a particular moment.  So if I am reading an article and the programmer wants me to pay attention to a sentence, they will pop my earbuds.   This can be used for covert communication but its main purpose is to reinforce behavior via Operant Conditioning and to program a human being.

If I drown it out with earbuds, they will pulse the earbuds so that they click.  That’s how parasitic this program is.  They look to overcome any and all remedies in order to move a person toward giving up any attempts to overcome their sadistic, controlling ways.

One of the best remedies I have found is to remain as neutral as possible when it happens.  Not always easy because they are also attacking a person’s neurology in an attempt to manage response.   But it’s doable.  They gauge your internal response to what they are doing.  If it loses impact, the tendency is to drop it.

July 29, 2018

Targeting Log July 29, 2018, 4:06pm

July 31, 2018

My sons have been here on vacation for a little under a week now and the presence, harassment, and manipulation has been very aggressive.  That is standard.   The last three times that they have been here the power “went out” for several hours  (this time almost 24 hours), causing substantial discomfort, especially during the heat of summer.   This indicates a pattern of retaliation, and it is clear to me that these fascists use this as a punitive measure against people they target.

As I am writing this, my memory is being disrupted and I am being attacked my beams of directed energy, two standard tactics of retaliation in this psychopathic and criminal program.

August 7, 2018

Because the program is active in my life around the clock and every day, I could easily spend each day logging pages and pages worth of experience.  There is no shortage.

In the last week, I have worked hard to have a good time with my sons and ignore the stupidity and criminality of these DHS terrorists that do everything in their power to provoke a a human being.  It is not always easy, especially when they send veiled threats toward me regarding my children.

Every day that I have been on the road with them, these lowlife thugs drive with intense aggression.   In this program, a person experiences a much higher frequency of reckless and dangerous driving.  It is tactical and carried out with method.   People darting left in front of me at very close distances, zooming by at high speeds, driving in packs at high speeds, oncoming traffic nudging their tires over the yellow lines wen passing, oncoming semi-trucks blazing by, to name a few.  There are many tactics that they use, all meant to terrorize and threaten a person on the road.    They increase these tactics when my children are in town.

August 26, 2018

Aug 26, 2018, 8_59_35 PM

August 29, 2018

A short clip of coordinated Noise Harassment using dogs and trains.  (Recording ends at around 2:10)

Noise Campaign Dogs and Trains 18-08-29-15-24-35

September 4, 2018

This is long but will give people a clear picture of how landscaping equipment is used on a target.   Aggressive-sounding noise is used in this program as a rule.   It is then dialed up or dialed down in frequency, intensity, and duration to signify “displeasure” or “anger” with the MK-Ultra victim.  

This equipment, very much like the engines that are used to harass people on the road, is handpicked for its volume and intensity.  

Noise Campaign – Landscaping Equipment – 18-09-04-14-31-17

September 24, 2018

This is a good example of a coordinated Noise Campaign that in a matter of minutes incorporates many of the sound triggers that have been used on me on a daily basis for nearly four years:

Noise Harassment 18-09-24-19-45-28

November 5, 2018

This kind of “issue” is prevalent when targeted.  Sites will generate “technical difficulty” and other types of errors, especially when they don’t want you to accomplish something, like pay your taxes.