Since 2015, I have been consciously aware of a sustained and organized surveillance, harassment, stalking, terror and torture campaign meant to discredit, disrupt, and dismantle all aspects of my daily life.

In this time, I have experienced near around-the-clock hacking of every electronic device I own, myriad examples of psychological harassment and terrorism, and persistent electronic and neurological assault and manipulation in my own home and in public . This almost certainly has been perpetrated by government paid neighborhood informants and members of local law enforcement, with federal oversight coming mainly from the Department of Homeland Security Fusion Centers, the CIA, and the Department of Defense. This campaign of domestic terrorism against me, an innocent but wrongfully listed civilian, has be done so with a complete subversion of one’s civil and Constitutional rights. I am one of millions around the world.

The technology used in this program is military-grade that utilizes a combination of various patented techniques including synthetic telepathy, neurolinguistics programming, remote neural monitoring, extreme low frequency (elf), scalar and microwave frequency induction, and BioAPI among others. Because of this, it is possible that the sudden shift in attitude around me in my neighborhood and city – my home of nearly twenty years — involved a combination of conscious compliance and unaware influence. In other words, the same technology that has been used on me to manipulate emotions, attitude, even subconscious thought could have also been used to influence the perpetrator without their knowledge. It is most likely degrees of both.

I challenge anyone who reads what I have to say below with a question: If you were committing a crime that you wanted to be certain you could get away with, would you design it in such a way as be easily spotted or next to impossible to detect? The most ingenious crimes are the ones that no one ever sees; the most ingenious criminals are the ones no one ever catches. As heinous, inhumane, injurious, debilitating, torturous, and arguably diabolical as my experience has been, this program is clever and has been refined decade after decade for at least a half a century. I wish it no one. It will go down in history as a dark stain on humanity. In the end, the truth always comes out and that truth will be a terrible one.


Everything I have observed I have done so from firsthand experience. The insights that I glean over time come from tireless analysis and research of everything that has been done to me and others while in this horrific program.

One of the things that they do in this program is attack your psychology across the boards. So if they want to establish something negative, then they will hit you with it in multiple areas of your life. On the road, you will be stalked, tailed, flanked, and let by caravans of vehicles who drive around you with aggression. Once they have established that they are doing this to you, they apply the same concept of ganging up on you in as many areas of life as possible. Online, they can mob you in, for example, social media . In public, you might get mobbed or slandered in a situation that is orchestrated beforehand. The idea is to create collective, negative, and aggressive presence around you wherever you go and whatever you do. Also, they might reinforce a bad experience with some form of timed noise harassment as a way of taking credit. They are sadistic terrorists and bullies that operate in secretive and cowardly ways.

If the handlers can’t get you caught up in their mind games or fear and tortured based control tactics, they lose a lot of their power.

This program is built around a Hegelian Dialectic in the same way the world is. The Neural Manipulation and Mind Control Tech establishes a synthetic duality and plays both sides of the same coin. Whether it’s internal manipulation and entrainment into a particular idea or narrative, or its externalized with the people around a target who are also often being influenced, the result is contrived and unnatural.

The rewards and punishment Operant Conditioning model has roots in behavioral modification, the Monarch program and Mengele-style Trauma-based mind control.

The remote handlers are repetitive scriptwriters. This is purposeful because from their experience, repetition is a key component to successful programming. The repetitive internal and external torture and trauma also operates from this standpoint.

Spaced repetition of thought, action, behavior, interaction, conversation, experience is a staple of this modern day MK-Ultra Monarch Program.

These people come from a place based on bloodlust for power, greed, money, and all things material, with the overall goal of control of everything. They are projectors of their own depravity and perversion, and they attempt to program people in this broken and distorted image.

Today’s MK-Ultra operatives work hard to establish an action/reaction environment for the individual that looks to move a person out of any semblance of natural existence and into a world enslaved by the actions of people who have no business controlling anyone or anything.

Both positive and negative reinforcement are used in this program to suggest action and thought in a person. Once this is done many times, this will anchor the person in an association between the thought or action and the external trigger, most often a sight or sound.

A trademark of this program involves playing into the polarity of experience. There is a back and forth dynamic that moves between the bookends of degradation and exaltation.

The tactics that are used on a micro scale with a Targeted Individual are the same tactics used on a macro scale on the masses. The same New World Order flavor. The goal for both is full spectrum control.

This program establishes a parasitic environment for a human being. They actively trespass on a person’s brain, property, and life and maintain their presence in insidious ways.

The program always operates using a degrees of consequence behavioral conditioning model. The consequence can be physical, neurological, psychological, emotional, situational, environmental, social, financial, among many others. Once this is established for a person and they are aware of this, then the perpetrators attempt to control the person’s behavior by bringing back degrees of consequence and associating those degrees with what a person is doing or not doing. If synthetic telepathy is overt as well, it will be used in sadistic ways to reinforce what has been done or what will happen. Over time, this action-reaction model saturates a person’s existence to the point that the paradigm of experience shifts from natural to synthetic. This practice defines modern day MK-Ultra Monarch Programming and will be the primary technique of future social control. It’s modern day enslavement. It defines evil.

If a person is placed into this lifelong MK-Ultra Monarch Program, their families most likely are as well. The only difference is that the TI knows it and their family members don’t. This gives the sadistic handlers the chance to psychologically destabilize a person to an even greater degree. Lack of support or belief in the horrific targeting experience is a key component to successful isolation and programming.

This technology makes a TIs internal and external environment a surreal and reactive Truman Show. The idea is to destabilize and discredit a person by connecting sights and sounds around a person in ways that seem incomprehensible to the average human being. The tech drivers play into the Matrix model at all times.

Every facet of this program puts itself through a filter of plausible deniability. Every crime committed comes armed with a cover story. They apply a concept of blending into everything they do. Push the boundaries just enough to make it clear for the TI that what they are experiencing is abnormal but not so much as to disturb for others the illusion of a “natural”event.

The CointelPro and MK-Ultra program specializes in establishing a profile for a human being and then using technology and psychological terror tactics to provoke them into particular types of behavior that play into the slanderous preconceived profile. Profiling through provocation. Tech and terror induced.

In order to degrade a person’s psychology over time and to weaponize with persistence a person’s day to day experience, the sadistic handlers of these programs will attempt to anchor a human in as many negative ways as possible to as many experiences throughout any given day. These can be internal, external, interpersonal, environmental, thoughts, emotions, actions, pretty much anything. The idea always is to take a human being’s typically neutral internalizations of their internal and external environment and look for ways to weaponize those moments. Psychological subversion, master slave methodology, Satanic Ritual Abuse, trauma based mind control and programming.

This program is the most disruptive and invasive program ever created. It disrupts one’s life on every level imaginable and invades one’s brain in every way conceivable.

The CointelPro aspect of this program bleeds into relationships of any type. If the technology is working on you, then it will be working on the people around you and it can be used to weaponize and sabotage any interaction and relationship.

Setting up opportunity and then undermining that opportunity is a technique from their playbook that is used often. It is a form of psychological sabotage and gaslighting. Giving one false hope and then serving up failure in a sadistic attempt to undercut any sense of hope, change, or positive momentum. This is a form of Zersetsung or erosion over time of one’s spirit. Also a Monarch MK-Ultra technique meant to break a person down so that they feel left with no choice but to “give in” and“obey.”

These people are misery creators. It’s their specialty.

The new slavery is slavery of the mind. The shackles are invisible, the slaveowner unseeable.

The more you understand what these people do and why, the more pathetic they become. Knowledge disempowers them.

When this program and the Satanic movement behind it are fully exposed, make no mistake, they will go down as the darkest hour in the history of humankind.


To dismantle a person’s emotional, psychological, financial, and social life over time and and do so at a time when it may seem plausible to those around the person that the chain of negative events is their own doing or “undoing” more appropriately.

To infiltrate all aspects of a person’s life, both internal and external, so to monitor and track any and all activity and to isolate the victim with the ultimate goal of total control of environment, experience, and behavior.

To use trauma-based, fear-based, and punitive-based control tactics to induce extremely high levels of stress, anxiety, fear, and trauma in a person with the goal of neutralizing all forward progress, which makes it much easier to control and condition behavior at will.

To use techniques rooted in deception that create so much chaos and confusion around a person, all of which is deliberate, that they are unable to figure exactly what is going on or demonstrate exactly what’s happening, why, or how.

To leave no trail of evidence that can link the covert harassment to anything or anyone in particular.

To employ psychological terrorism tactics around the target with the intent of mirroring symptoms of delusion, paranoid schizophrenia, and other related mental disorders.  This is done to discredit the person so that if they come forward and recount in detail the harassment being perpetrated against them, they will not be believed.  Also used to generate such a heightened level of reactivity to seemingly normal experiences that the person is wrongfully and slanderously labeled as mentally questionable and socially unfit.

To utilize psychological conditioning, brainwashing, Neural Tech entrainment techniques to alter a person’s behavior and ideology either temporarily or permanently.

To utilize patented electromagnetic and other forms of remote and invisible technology to manipulate a person’s emotional state, attitude, level of productivity, perception, thought processes, words, and actions in order to control intended outcome. This can also be used on people around the individual (strangers, friends, family) to create antagonism and negative experiences as well as to shame, guilt, degrade, and demean the person, especially when they are trying to explain truthfully what’s going on. People not aware of the technology but covertly targeted will insist they are behaving normally and making their own choices and become impossible to convince otherwise regardless of presentation of facts to substantiate this possibility.

To operate as remote handlers on the people around an overt target in order psychologically to isolate and demoralize the individual through subversive, manipulative, and often psychologically abusive interactions with others.

To utilize electromagnetic, directed energy weaponry to assault and induce physical pain on any area of the body desired, externally and internally. This is to increase fear of consequence and to instill in a person the possibility of severe permanent torture, injury, and even death. It is also a form of shock treatment that is typical of MK-Ultra methods and is used to wipe a person’s memory over time in order to make them more suggestible to programming. Patented technology of this sort can be lethal if used with a certain degree of intensity, frequency, and duration.


One of primary tools used in this Targeting and Torture Program is Directed Energy Weaponry, which forms the basis of daily and nightly shock and torture sessions.  A person is typically staked out in their own home by terrorist informants and MK-Ultra torture specialists. These criminal thugs either move in or are already in place and reside in nearby homes.  Though the attacks can also come from more remote sources, it is without dispute that informants have staked me out in two different residences and two different states in precisely the same way.

These weapons are no joke.  They can kill a person with one hit or over time with cancer-causing radiation. I have received threatening innuendo many times of either conclusion.

This program goes way beyond electromagnatic harassment and assault. It ventures into evil sadism that employs the same ritual abuse methods of torture and trauma used on programmed children within Satanic Illuminati families.  These methods were later formalized in the CIA’s covert MK-Ultra Projects but were never shut down, despite the media and courtroom spectacle surrounding these nefarious crimes against humanity.

As of today, this torture program has been moved to the homes of innocent civilians across this country and can now be fully achieved from a distance and with deniability.

DEW Breakdown

  • The pulse weapons heat up a person’s body like a microwave oven and if they are on you for an entire night, you wake up dried out like a prune.
  • The DEW assaults come in the form of Microwave pulses or beams and vary in intensity, duration, size, and type of hit.
  • These are military grade weapons and can hit a person with pinpoint precision.
  • I experience sudden and violent jerks around my body while awake.  The attackers will aim the energy at your bones, which can cause jarring movements all over your body.
  • I have had attacks that have knocked me off the bed, jerked my entire body around, violently jerked my head across my pillow, tossed my limbs around like a rag doll, created extreme burning sensations, electrification, blurred vision and severe eye pain, dizziness, migraines, and soreness and pain in most parts of my body.
  • The attacks can be subtle or they can be so vicious and intense that a person may feel their life is in danger. They are used day and night.  I am attacked most often and most intensely after I lay down and try to sleep.
  • The frequent assaults are also a main aspect of MK-Ultra shock treatment and sleep deprivation protocols. This is done to make a person more suggestible to programming and to affect memory in such a way as to keep the person locked into day to day survival mode. It has reached a point for me that my sleeping patterns are one hundred percent controlled by Directed Energy and frequencies to induce fatigue or wakefulness. If I ever try and fall asleep earlier than they desire, I will get shocked and kept awake. If I ever try and take a nap during the day because of what they did the night before, I will get shocked and kept awake as well. This usually occurs less than a half a minute after I close my eyes. If I still move toward falling asleep, right before I do, I will get a hard shock to my body to wake me up again.  Depriving a person of sleep is a torturous experience alone and wreaks havoc on a person’s life.
  • The weapons, like every other aspect of this program, are also used to control a human being’s behavior using punishment as negative reinforcement. Over time, a person becomes conditioned to the attack corresponding to the degree of punishment for what they are doing, the most violent of these occurring almost always when the Target is exposing in a proactive manner the crimes being committed against him or her. Once this is established, the perpetrators can then use degrees of assault and torture to attempt to negatively reinforce a person’s behavior.

Areas of Body Affected

  • The main foci of the attacks on me are the head — mainly the temples and base of the skull, the chest (namely the heart area), the limbs, the quadriceps, the feet, the eyes, the ears, and the mouth, the nose, the genitals, the back, and the buttocks. These energy attacks run across a spectrum of intensity and pain. They range from almost untraceable to levels of extreme and unbearable pain.
  • Head – The focus on the temples is persistent throughout the day and can increase in pressure to the point of causing migraines, which I have no history of experiencing prior to heavy targeting. For ECT therapy, electrodes are placed on the temples, and this kind of therapy has been known to create severe memory loss in patients. I also get hard hits to the base of my skull, hard enough to jerk my head when they hit. They can shoot a pulse also that envelops my entire head like a shock wave. All of these shots are very uncomfortable.
  • Back – These shots cover the entire back and create an uncomfortable, electrified, tingling sensation. They are also opted for when they don’t have a clear shot at my head. Used in order to keep a person awake.
  • Limbs –  The pulses have force to them, so when they hit limbs, they will flail about. They can focus on something as small as a thumb and jerk it in any direction they want. My arm has been hit so hard that it has flown up in the air and come back down on top of my head with force. These weapons are able to push and pull your body around, as if they are grabbing you. I believe this is also meant to insinuate that the victim is a Marionette programmed puppet being controlled by handlers.
  • Buttocks and Genitalia – These lowlifes are also perverts. They have attacked my genitals as well as my backside.
  • Neck – I have been attacked in the arteries and veins in my neck. They put pressure on the vein so that it starts to become painful. I get this sometimes when I am talking a lot about what they are doing. My throat gets hits as well, which can sometimes induce coughing. They worked on my windpipe long enough in one spot that it seems to have bore a tiny hole in it. If they focus the DEWs on that area now, it makes a whistling sound.
  • Eyes – If my eyes get attacked, which is usually while I am sleeping, I will wake up with swollen eyeballs and blurry vision. 
  • Mouth –  I have had DEWs take my teeth and jerk them back and forth in my mouth. The DEWs can also cause tooth pain if focused for a period of time. If they pulse inside the mouth, it makes a popping sound along with an electric shock.
  • Nose – When DEWs, are focused on the nose, they hit the cartilage, which makes a disturbing, fluttery sound. This has been used to wake me up or prevent me from falling asleep.
  • Skin – DEWs on skin can cause redness or surface burns,. They can also induce incurable itching. I have noticed the growth of numerous small cysts and moles since this went overt two years ago.
  • Legs – I have had all parts of my legs worked on to create anything from mild soreness to cramps. In order to keep me up, they are able to focus the DEWs on the inner muscle in a way that’s indescribable. It feels like something is crawling around, which could be nanotechnology that’s aggravated by the electromagnetism. I can’t be sure, but when it happens, I cannot find relief or get comfortable. This is another tactic used when they can’t get to my head the way they want.
  • Feet – When I was running, I would get hit on the soles of my feet so that running became a painful experience. The DEWs are often used to prevent you from doing things to improve yourself and stay healthy.
  • Hair – Since this began, my hair has started to thin at a rapid pace, due to the persistent radiation.


Since becoming aware that I was being harassed on a daily basis, it became clear to me that part of the harassment involved people around me using a technique called Directed Conversation or Forced Speech to intimidate, provoke, instill fear, and increase stress through the use of trigger words and phrases.  Over time, a person begins to hear particular words, phrases, and topics of conversation often enough that they become sensitized and anchored in these words.

This technique is meant to invade a person’s privacy and peace of mind in every way.  It’s also used to communicate veiled threats.  It’s one of the most often used forms of psychological warfare and terrorism in this program.

Informants are instructed to say certain words or phrases in a conversation that will feel weaponized to the target.   This same technique is also be achieved using technology only.  The culprits can be unaware of what they are doing.  Since my targeting and programming went overt, I have experienced this with persistence and from pretty much everyone I know.

The technology is used with success as a cover for the willful perpetrators.   Because it achieves the same weaponized language in an unwitting perpetrator, it effectively confuses the victim as to who is complicit and who is clueless in the harassment campaign.

It’s also plausible that even the informants have the technology actively working on them as well. I would say it’s standard.  If you become a part of this fascist network, you are going to be monitored. And when it comes to granular moment to moment influence of a conversation, remote handlers are active at all times in everyone around you, including those who are complicit and contracted by government agencies.

The following are examples of words, phrases, and sentences most often used around me to imply negative and/or harmful outcome (this is also reinforced via the media, namely commercials or violent moments in films):

  • Fire
  • Crazy
  • Death
  • Blind
  • Deaf
  • Accident
  • Killed
  • Poison
  • Drowned
  • Break your neck
  • Break your back
  • Paralyzed
  • Disease
  • Frozen
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s
  • MS
  • Bleeding Ulcer
  • Aneurysm
  • Brain Damage
  • Heart attack
  • Poisoning
  • Frozen
  • Prison
  • Burial
  • Funerals
  • Cooked (microwave reference)
  • BBQ (microwave reference)
  • Fried (microwave reference)
  • Toast (microwave reference)
  • Oven (microwave reference)
  • Hot (microwave reference)
  • Cancer (of all types.  This is coupled with Directed Energy hitting my body in that area)

Specific Examples

  • In Ralph’s an employee was talking to a another employee and said to him while looking at me: “Looks like tonight’s the night.”
    • At this time, people were breaking into my apartment on a regular basis.
  • Stranger in front of Guitar Center, talking to someone else as I passed: “Poison, man!”
    • As I entered, they said this and then walked away. Not long after that, I got sick after eating a meal. Food tampering has occurred on multiple occasions.
  • LAPD: “You need to be careful who you talk to out there. You might get shot.”
    • This was after I followed a car into 711 that I had seen following me on more than one occasion around my neighborhood. When I parked, another car immediately pulled in and parked next to me. A dude got out (also a perp) and was clearly meant to distract me from confronting the person following me and to cause a scene. It’s also a setup meant to discredit and intimidate. He then called the police after we exchanged a few words though I had done nothing to him. The cop who showed up let him go before me and said he wanted to “talk” to me. No reason for this except to profile, harass, and intimidate. The other guy left and used the cop’s first name when saying goodbye. The cop did not disclose his first name.
  • Dad: “You better be careful or he might get out of his car and shoot you.”
    • This was said when I lightly honked at a car in front of me who was driving fifteen to twenty miles under the speed limit.
  • Manager, Wells Fargo, TX: “We know you don’t trust us, but we’re not trying to hurt you.”
    • When speaking to my dad because he wanted a receipt for writing check. Doublespeak.
  • TSA employees (multiple), LAX: “You’re Done.”
    • When going through the security checkpoint
  • Starbucks, Employee, Shreveport: “Are you chipped. Get used to it.”
    • When referring to my credit card
  • Friend, Los Angeles: “You don’t realize it but I’m here to help you.”
  • Son, Shreveport: “Dad. What if my name were Lucifer?”
  • Son, L.A.: “I read a book for school and it was called The Cursed Child.”
  • Two different drivers who stopped next to me during one thirty minute run on the same road, Shreveport: “Need a ride?”
    • Because I was curious what these perps up to and because I was almost finished with my run, I said okay to one of them. When he dropped me off, he said after I got out of the car, “I didn’t put you in that ditch, did I.”  Said with a smile on his face.
  • Lowlife, Market, Shreveport: “It’s a good thing when you have beneficiaries.”
  • Dad, Shreveport: “You’re the cardinal.”
    • When asked what he meant, he said he was referring to the bird that comes to our feeder but in truth it’s Direct To Speech doublespeak referring to the Jesuits.
  • Don (neighbor of my Aunt’s), Vegas: “You gotta be careful when you trim those trees. You can fall and break your back.”
    • He was outside when I walked out to leave for the airport.
  • Employee, Staples, Shreveport: “Gotta be careful moving that thing. You might break you back.”
    • This was said when asking for the price of a metal filing cabinet
  • Customer Service Rep, Chase: “You know my dad used to say. When given the choice between a lemons and lemonade, I ordered the cheeseburger.”
    • When explaining that my identity had gotten stolen and finances destroyed.
  • Stranger, Office Depot, Shreveport: “Sometimes there are so many things that you have to do, that the best way to get started is to just choose one.”
    • Guy shopping for SD cards who talked to me out of the blue.
  • Stranger, Marriott, Burbank: “Sometime there are some friends that just aren’t worth having.”
    • This happened a few days after a possible perp took my license and possibly my money from a hotel room.
  • Stranger, Ralphs, LA: “We’re not paying any attention to you.”
    • Was staring hard at me with three other men and the security guard near the register and I asked if there was a reason he was staring at me.
  • Owner, Bed and Breakfast, Wrightwood, CA: “There was a big old rat. Had to kill him with rat poison.”
  • Owner, Bed and Breakfast, Wrightwood, CA: “I’d be scared.”
    • Said this when I told her briefly about my situation and asked her what she thought. She was definitely complicit and I was curious what her response would be.
  • Cop, Shreveport: “I’ve never seen you before in my life.”
    • This happened at a fishing spot with my sons. He arrived a few minutes after we got there. I approached him and asked him if he was there for me because I had had a lot of cops around me lately. He left a few minutes after I asked the question.
  • Bar patron, Wrightwood, CA: “Gotta go to bed. Getting up at 4:30 in the morning.”
    • Was staring at me when saying this to his friend.  I got other examples of this where people reinforced in scripted conversation how they had to go to be so they could wake up early in the morning.  Part of the conditioning component of this program.
  • Uber Driver, McDonald’s parking lot, driving a 730 BMW: “I could do between 60 and 75.”
    • Said this after I asked how much it would be from LAX to Union Station. This was part of what I call a negotiation narrative. Planting the idea in the target’s head that if they cooperate and get rid of their evidence, they will get paid a sum of money. 60-130 thousand was common initially and came from a number of people using typical code-speak tactics. Continued to increase over time to extremely high numbers when I held onto my evidence and ignored their mind games.)
  • Stranger in Military uniform, Horseshoe: “We’ve got 60 thousand ready to go.”
    • Happened as I walked in to the. He passed me in a overly theatrical way while saying this loudly into his phone.
  • Stranger, DFW airport bathroom: “It’s 100 now. Last year it was 60.”
    • Said this to his friend while drying his hands, then looked at me.
  • Stranger, airplane, Shreveport: “This thing’s so heavy you would think it’s full of money.”
    • Said to me when she removed her bag from the overhead bin while exiting the plane.
  • Son’s owner and girlfriend, Bar, Shreveport: “We’ve known you longer than you’ve known yourself.”
    • I as playing pool with the owner’s son and his girlfriend. She said this at one point to me in a very knowing way. Also said she was a dancer and played Tracy Chapman’s song “Talkin about a Revolution” on jukebox. I used to listen to this album all the time in college when I was dating my college girlfriend, who was also a dance major at Randolph Macon College.
  • People talking about other people or animals, especially dogs, in ways that are degrading and negative.  The idea is to get me to associate with that person or animal.   This is a form of anchoring and psychological warfare.
  • Baiting someone with a question that then leads into a scripted and weaponized response.  This happens more when a person doesn’t initiate conversation in order to create a psyop for a person.
  • People talking about other people getting sick, contracting a disease, or passing away.


It is hard to determine how much of the influence happens in real time and how much of it is preprogrammed and pre-scripted. I would say that there is likely a persistent combination of both. An individual’s life that is focused on in this way can be mapped out and scripted in the same way that the future is preplanned by those at the top of the power structure. The control methods are the same for individuals as for the masses. When they map out the next several decades for the world, they will also monitor the plans in real-time as time progresses. With individuals, the same methodology applies. The people who map out and program the world and the world population are the same people who handle individuals in this program. It comes from the same hierarchy of power and control.

Scripting of thoughts, actions, emotions, perceptions, expressions, pretty much anything that would fall under the umbrella of human behavior is achievable using this technology. Because they want to discredit someone that they’re attempting to program in order to make it easier to program them without them fighting back and credibly exposing what these criminal handlers are doing, they will use this technology on the people around you to try and drive you over the edge and make you feel like “Everyone is in on it.”


Reminders throughout any given day that my life is being manipulated in some way.

Granular control of my impulses and the impulses of people around me insert that unusual unnatural timing an intersection happens between me and other people.

All kinds of programming reinforcement when watching film or television.  This is used on me as a form of psychological warfare and predictive programming.

Varying degrees of telepathic terror doctrine that include threats of all types as well as techniques of degradation and abuse.

Influence of gestures and movement in a way that feels unnatural and is intended to bother and agitate.

I can talk about something that the handlers do and then as I talk about it they will attempt to manifest it in my behavior.  For example I can talk about influenced movement and then as I talk about,  they influence a gesture in a way that is detectable for me but not for others..

Anchoring me and hundreds if not thousands of visuals and sounds so that my environment has the capacity to be weaponized at all times.

Persistent covert communication and doublespeak using the people around me, media, signs, symbols, numbers, you name it.

Neurological signatures that can sustain extreme degrees of misery.  This could be considered a form of self-destruct and suicide programming.

Control of any and all aspects of internal and external environment in ways that are meant to be internalized negatively.

Dismantling of all aspects of life using technology and then maintaining severe financial stress and overall disarray in order to bring me closer to the edge.

Manipulation and interference in all relationships.

Parasitic, sadistic level of interference in my life on any given day. This interference is both external and internal.

Extreme and obsessive control of all relationships in my life. They can literally punish a person by making them aware that they’re able to control everyone around them and then shutting the people down to what they’re going through or getting the people to ignore the target. Even people who I know who are targeted and who understand this program have at times given me the cold shoulder. I do not have a single normal relationship since this started and kicked into overdrive. They don’t just handle you, they handle the people around you and they will make your life a solitary living hell on earth in order to try and control you. In that sense, every single person that is in your life becomes a potential handler once this program envelops your world.

My life gets predictively programmed by the experiences of people around me. Someone can go through something or claimed to have gone through something and then not long after that I will go through what they just talked about going through. Sometimes the people who share these things are lying I think. Other times telling the truth. It’s a mixed bag.

The CIA  uses the media to project potential outcome or consequence. They use that often on me in ways that are the equivalent of veiled threats. For example, I can watch a few videos and then I will find myself watching something where somebody gets shot or hurt in some way. And they are impulse controlling me to see things like that and that is without doubt a form of psychological terrorism that the CIA uses of people.  In the last three years, I have probably gotten several thousand of these  through conversations, media, telepathy, visuals and sounds.  It is unadulterated, state-sponsored terrorism of a human being.

This technology is always working on my brain to try and get me not to do things. And one of the things that it stands in the way of the most is documentation and evidence of this experience.

Constant subliminal suggestions, injected visuals, injected thoughts in order to reinforce whatever ideas they want to reinforce, whatever perception they’re trying to encourage, whatever association they’re attempting to trigger.  They don’t stop. They reinforce everything that they do externally with internal, neurological, behavioral mapping.

The absolute and total destruction of trust.  If someone starts to become trustworthy for me, then the handlers will do something, will coordinate and script some part of an interaction between me and that person to put them into question.   This is standard.

Attaching uncomfortable sensations to the things that I’m doing as a form of negative reinforcement of behavior.

Pulsing the walls or objects in the room, pulsing my headphones, pulsing my body, in order to trigger an association, to emphasize something that I am doing. This is a form of behavioral reinforcement.

Attaching influenced movement and action to a threatening idea, a potential outcome that is meant to be threatening to your well-being and overall life.