Celebrity Anchors (February 2019)

The Masons and Illuminati turn certain people into celebrities to then anchor us in their rhetoric and manipulate us toward their agenda-driven objectives.

This is why they make celebrities out of everyone: scientists, businessmen, religious figures, politicians, doctors, life coaches, engineers, thieves, killers, lawyers, athletes, singers, actors, directors, producers, writers, chefs, moms, dads, families, ad infinitum.

They make sure they have a representative for everyone within the population. That’s the nature of anchoring and programming. They create models for us, then spread those models constantly throughout the media, and use them to manage perception and control the trajectory of society, especially the youth. It’s a form of conditioning and population control.

The most celebrated rarely get there because that person achieved that status all on their own but rather because they were chosen most likely at birth or not long after and then programmed to fulfill a particular role. That along with how well they do what they are told. Those most talented at selling agenda and without any moral compass whatsoever tend to get the most publicity and push.

They may or may not have awareness until they get older and are moved into the limelight and onto the world stage.