Signs and Symbols (Posted Februrary 2019)

For a solid two years I was in the most aggressive crosshairs of a ritualistic Masonic initiation and intelligence operation, which I reject and expose every day because it’s criminal and deceptive.

I was getting ritualistically signaled to in myriad ways online and in public. Intel handlers started to influence my family as well to use similar gesturing and signaling. Even tried to induce gestures in me using the same technology. Colors too. Phrases. Words. You name it. It’s a form of Masonic and Satanic branding and programming. All disturbing. All criminal.

The 666 sign (A-Ok cover excuse), pyramid sign (steeple cover excuse), diamond sign, devil’s horns (‘love” or “longhorns” cover excuse), V sign (“peace” cover excuse), among many others, were used on me nonstop. Masonic black and white duality combos, black and red satanic combos, masonic orange, plus a few other colors are still used daily on me. I have been anchored in so many different signs, symbols, colors, words, and phrases that I had to focus a lot of my time on just desensitizing myself from the trauma-based psychology and programming they were attempting to inflict.

These techniques of communication are pervasive online and throughout all forms of media. They have indoctrinated culture using the same signs and symbols on the masses and amid the consumer culture. If you look around, you will literally see it everywhere. That’s not an accident. Anyone who tells you it’s just a “sign of the times” is naive and ignorant or complicit. We are in the midst of a Satanic and Masonic global ritual.

Beyond the basic signaling of allegiance, it is also done to let those in the know that anyone arguing against the Masons and Illuminati are actually on the same side. They signal to make it clear they are playing along the controlled dialectic, that they are still beholden to the brotherhood (or sisterhood) regardless of what they say.

Maybe some other reasons too. There’s a psychological dominance element to these tactics that is deliberate and is used on people they focus on in the way they did me. Different signs, colors, words, and phrases, also may be used at different points to communicate a particular intent. Some of these tactics and the motives behind them I am still trying to deduce.

Regardless, it’s designed to be impossible to nail down and to keep deniability high. It’s grounded in values of confusion, elusiveness, deception, and manipulation, which is never a good thing. That alone should make people question the integrity of the people behind it, but when you add to it the dark programming motives and ritual abuse and torture that accompanies it, it becomes a very evil practice.

It will all be exposed.