Depravity Incorporated (Posted Februrary 2019)

The world is run by satanists, masons, luciferians, pedophiles, militant gay and transexual sodomite programmers.

The media is filled with their symbology to reinforce their sex and death cult obsessions. Their focus on children is particularly disturbing. These maniacs start young and are predatory.

The State as owner of all things, including children, is directly aligned with and connected to this ideology and the people behind it.

In their totalitarian, eugenicist, dystopian, inverted New World Order ideal, parents no longer exist in the natural sense. Babies will be designed and created in laboratory environments and the population strictly limited by those in power. Raising children in their minds to be loyal and obedient to the enslaved collective is the duty and right of the community and the State.

Adults will be able to have sex with children of all ages. Animals too. They look to normalize absolutely everything. Do What Thou Wilt is their motto. The cruder, dirtier, more depraved, morally bankrupt, the better.

These are the same people, by the way who are pushing the normalization of aborting babies all through the 9th month of pregnancy. Abortion is a cover for satanic ritual sacrifice and the harvesting of blood and trafficking of organs.

These truths are viciously suppressed for obvious reasons. They have to protect themselves and their masters. The media is their weapon for silencing dissension and discrediting those who try hard to tell the truth.

They have cornered the world.

And these very same people infiltrated my family and invaded my life at birth.

I get aggressively threatened and tortured because I expose the fine details of what they have done to me and my children and the fraudulent agenda they were connecting to me, the same one they are perpetrating throughout the world.