MK-Ultra Longform Profiling and Programming (December 2018)

This book collection proves to me that the make-believe, super-terrorist creation known as Osama Bin Laden was clearly aware of the CIA’s shady involvement in his life. He was most definitely an MK-Ultra asset, most likely unwilling and highly intelligent. Could have been blackmailed or bribed to guarantee cooperation with the propagandized 9-11 narrative. They have tried to do the same thing to me and I have undermined their programming and refused to go along with any of the upcoming world stage nonsense and fakery. Instead, I am exposing it and receiving death threats and a daily dose of torture.

No mistake either that I met someone not long ago who claimed to know Bin Laden personally. She’s a Jewish TI who apparently comes from Illuminati roots. Further profiling that I quickly nipped in the bud.

The books he was reading, if this is indeed his actual library in the compound, show that he was highly aware of the corruptions and conspiracies that drive the world and that were surrounding him. I invested in many of the same books since this began in order to try and understand exactly what was going on in my life and how it connected to world events.

It’s obvious this is a kind of prepackaged profiling script for these intel goons. CIA and Mossad fingerprints all over the operation that formed around me in the last few years. Very subversive tactics to try and profile me, blackmail me, bribe me, mind control me, and coercively persuade me to “cooperate” and do things against my will while under extreme duress from extreme marginalization, isolation, torture, and trauma. All deeply criminal. All grossly illegal.

And a number of the highly visible people within the TI “community” are involved. They are agents and handlers and I have firsthand experience of their manipulative ways.

The uppermost Jews and Masons like to profile and frame people of Middle Eastern descent. We’re the latest and greatest manufactured enemy.

The Bin Ladens are worth billions and were internationally known among the world’s wealthy long before Osama was “discovered.”   My family overseas personally knows the Bin Laden family.  Some of my family most likely had a hand in  putting me in this lifelong MK-Ultra program. Did they do the same thing to Osama? I don’t put anything past anyone anymore. The level of evil and depravity I’ve experienced in the last few years changes a man.

Whatever the case, it’s obvious that the Jewish and Masonic CIA and Mossad get their hands dirty in every one’s business, including those in the Middle East.

They hijack and destroy people’s lives as a rule. They are criminals.

What was on Osama Bin Laden’s bookshelf?