Judeo-Masonic Luciferian Agenda (Posted January 2019)

Intelligence and Military Intelligence and the most powerful secret societies behind them have turned the planet into a sophisticated simulation and control grid with predictive capability. Their goal has always been to enslave ALL life — both internally and externally — on a macro level, a micro level, and everything in between. The masses of this world, to them, are on this earth to serve them and nothing more.

The military and Freemasonry — which at the higher levels are one and the same — are ideologically aligned with the Judaic and Masonic Illuminati and their deranged perspective of humanity. They operate in a hierarchy where those below never question those above. It’s set up in that way to provide built-in protection for their depravity and criminal ways and to keep the truly good and humane from ever rising to the top.

Evil to these people is a valued commodity and one of their most often used tools of control. They have successfully turned the world into a persistent fear-based and trauma-based experience that is designed to intimidate and degrade the individual and one’s natural and free existence.

Even the toughest rarely go up against them because of their overwhelming material power coupled with centuries of psychological conditioning to instill the false belief that we are incapable of doing anything that will legitimately affect change.

The “revolts” or “rebellions” that do form are rarely if ever organic. They are managed by the same power and crafted with predetermined outcomes that benefit them and no one else.

This further adds to the deflation of the human spirit, which is the point. They want the world to hit rock bottom. The propagandized, MK-Ultra media is used to drill these ideas deep into one’s psyche.

They are dark psychologists and sadists who have refined techniques of deception over thousands of years.

They view the world through a cold lens, where the means justifies the end, regardless of how inhumane and malevolent. Life, to them, is expendable. The group, the collective, takes precedence. Always.

These tyrants have exacted near incalculable amounts of pain and suffering on this planet, all the while spewing out propaganda and lies that cover up and deny this truth.

It’s a Satanic and destructive power structure hellbent on preserving its own and destroying everyone else in the process, especially  those it deems most threatening to its everlasting dominion.

For those who do see beyond the deceptions, the outlook is meant to look grim. Evil always heightens and magnifies itself, which in actuality belies its true weakness.

In the end, they will fall.