TI PsyOp

This entire targeting experience is a CIA CointelPro operation that was mapped out long before our targeting went overt. All the shills, handlers, and programmers were in place and ready to go before we had any idea what a “Targeted Individual” was.
Fake fights and polarization, manufactured dissension, contrived behavior, psychological subversions, perpetual smoke and mirrors, ad nauseum, are tricks of the trade.
The Masons create polarity and manage it. This philosophy defines how they control opposition and hijack the dialectic.
A lot of visible TIs pretending to argue or even hate each other, then collude or buddy up in the shadows. Masonic signaling is rampant in the targeting “community.”
The contrived psych warfare theater that we all experience in public certainly doesn’t stop when we meet other alleged targets.
It’s just another phase of their pathetic intel games.

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  1. Hi,
    Thank you so much for this website. I have experienced many, if not all of the same things you mentioned to various degrees. Interestingly enough while reading this in a public place, a guy with a army hat (a favorite reminder for them to display) shows up and randomly disturbs my writing this post.
    I hope to also soon share many of my experiences as well. I became overtly aware (only because they made it clearly evident) about my experience in 2016 in Richmond, VA. I now realize that my whole life has had much manipulation and believe that there is multi-generational situations stemming from involvement with freemasonry and witchcraft by some of my older family members, for how many generations I am unaware.
    I just wanted to take the time to thank you for being brave to speak out against the inhumane experimentation that is taking place worldwide. Truly it is a crime against all of humanity.
    I am currently in Charlotte, NC and I have personally firsthand witnessed many things that I never knew were possible. I believe this area in particular is of interest but am unaware of all the reasons why. I constantly see symbolism even with the street and business names that remind me of various concepts and seem to show some kind of planned matrix system. When I am driving around, I instinctively notice things but it is hard sometimes to connect everything together. “They” are constantly making me aware of things through virtually everything. In addition to colors, symbolism, street theater, directed conversations, there is also some kind of AI component using repetition that will guide me to certain subjects. For example, I have a customer service job and many days there will be a certain amount of people with a certain name. One day, it appears every other customer will have the name Seth and then later on I will be online or somewhere in a library where something about a doctrine involving Seth and Gnosticism appears.
    I will mostly go to resources I find more reliable like Now You See TV, Thomas Horn, Rob Skiba, Derek Gilbert, Anthony Patch, Katie Souza to name a few (greatly encourage you to view some or all of these individuals as I truly believe they put the information in the right context in terms of spirituality).
    I speak blessings of hope, clarity, peace, and a deeply satisfying knowledge of the one true God over you. Even though I understand much of what you are going through, I am not going through it with you and know your suffering must be great. I am sorry you have experienced these things. There are many others like you. Again blessings and encouragement over you and your family,

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