TI PsyOp (Posted December 2018)

This entire targeting experience is a CIA CointelPro operation that was mapped out long before our targeting went overt. All the shills, handlers, and programmers were in place and ready to go before we had any idea what a “Targeted Individual” was.
Fake fights and polarization, manufactured dissension, contrived behavior, psychological subversions, perpetual smoke and mirrors, ad nauseum, are tricks of the trade.
The Masons create polarity and manage it. This philosophy defines how they control opposition and hijack the dialectic.
A lot of visible TIs pretending to argue or even hate each other, then collude or buddy up in the shadows. Masonic signaling is rampant in the targeting “community.”
The contrived psych warfare theater that we all experience in public certainly doesn’t stop when we meet other alleged targets.
It’s just another phase of their pathetic intel games.